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Full Body Massage Chair Costco

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Top 10 Best Budget Full Body Massage Chairs to Buy
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  • Snailax Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager With Heat

    Turn any chair into a massage chair

    If you dont have the budget or space to accommodate a massage chair then consider the next best thing!

    The Snailax Shiatsu chair pad can be fixed on to your office chair while youre working from home or a comfortable seat in your bedroom to relax before bed.

    Snailaxs Shiatsu pad delivers an intense neck massage through four nodes that penetrate deep into your tissue to unwind tight muscles. They can also be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

    Snailaxs Shiatsu pad delivers an intense neck massage through four nodes that penetrate deep in to your tissue to help unwind tight muscles. They can also be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

    When it comes to your back, choose the soft rolling setting or experience the pleasure of massage nodes traveling up and down your spine, using the Spot feature to target your pain.

    If youre concerned about the massage being too hard, then this chair pad also has an intensity control flap so you can limit the pressure of the treatment.

    Users loved how compact the pad was, meaning they could carry it with them to use in the office.

    Spot feature was also mentioned repeatedly as people felt they could effectively get to the source of their pain.

    Lets talk about the neck:

    Soothing heat and massage nodes work on your neck for extra comfort, making the pad a perfect gift for someone in desperate need of a massage.

    What Are The Benefits Of Slabway Massage Chair

    A Slabway massage chair will bring much-needed comfort into your life. It can help you deal with chronic low back pain, anxiety, shoulder pain, arthritis in the knee, migraine headache, high blood pressure, and more. Also, it offers therapeutic benefits like enhancing blood flow. You may use also back pain recliner, if you have lower back pain and upper back pain for many days.

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    Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

    A tall and wider massage chair designed to fit every body

    Combine a satisfying massage with the healing powers of acupressure when you take a seat in the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair.

    Kahuna offer just about every element you could possibly need!

    You can experience the stress relieving benefits of the zero gravity position and take advantage of a number of different programs and massage techniques including yoga stretching, to loosen your muscles.

    Acupressure points for your arms enter you into a deeper state of relaxation, plus your feet will feel refreshed after a wrap around squeeze massage.

    Incorporating seriously good space-saving technology:

    It needs only 3 inches from the wall when in zero gravity position, due to the way it slides forward as it reclines.

    Comparable massage chairs can need more than 10 inches of extra space when fully reclined, so its ideal if you want the features without it taking over your home!

    Kahunas superior chair really is an investment, and thought to fit everyone more comfortably as its taller and wider than many of the competitors.

    Purchasers enjoyed the intensity of the six back massage rollers, when combined with the airbags and foot rollers. Golfer setting appeared to be a particular favorite.

    The remote was also thought to be a valuable feature. People did feel a little frustrated that it didnt remember your settings after each use, but found it easy to operate and locate the options you love.

    Conditions Of The Nervous System

    Full Body Massage Chair Costco Uk


    There are many benefits to fibromyalgia patients from using massage therapy, including decreased stress hormones and increased serotonin levels.


    Massage chairs are suggested as an effective therapy for those suffering from sciatica.

    Those with ottomans in particular are ideal as sciatica sufferers can experience a lot of leg pain.

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    Where To Buy Your Massage Chair

    Massage chairs are available for purchase both online and in certain stores. Many brands have showrooms at their headquarters where youll be welcome to browse and sit in their massage chairs, or you can often find small selections of certain models in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    Most brands and models are only available online, so you may not be able to try them before you buy. However, using the information in this article and consulting with a massage chair specialist will ensure that you find the perfect brand and model for you! You can usually find free shipping and white glove delivery when you order a massage chair online.

    Massage Chair Store has many of the models featured in this article in stock! Contact one of our massage chair specialists and well help you select the best massage chair for your relaxation goals.

    Massage Chair Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much should I spend on a massage chair?

    A: This will depend entirely on your budget. As you can see by our list, most high-quality massage chairs can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $15,000.

    Just keep in mind that a lower budget will limit your options and you may miss out on certain features. A lot of companies offer financing options with 0% interest for a certain amount of time, so you can find the massage chair of your dreams without breaking the bank!

    Q: What should I look for in a massage chair?

    A: This is another question that will depend on your personal preferences. Do you have your heart set on zero gravity, or is that just a nice-to-have feature? Check out the features we detailed above and ask yourself what your absolute must-haves are. From there, youll be able to narrow down your options and find a massage chair that fits your budget.

    Q: What company should I buy a chair from?

    A: The company you choose to buy your massage chair from is just as important as the brand and model you select. Avoid companies that offer minimal warranties , as they can be difficult to deal with if anything happens to your massage chair.

    And although massage chairs do offer many health and wellness benefits, companies shouldnt promote their chairs as cures for anything. If a company makes any claims about medical or health improvements, take it as a red flag.

    Q: What if I dont like the massage chair I buy?

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    Conditions Of The Joints And Muscles


    Chiropractors and doctors often recommend massage chairs to help those coping with arthritis to improve their flexibility.

    Massage therapy can be an effective treatment for arthritis, however for certain forms of severe arthritis it can have a negative effect so its important to consult with your doctor.

    Back Pain

    Massage chairs are essentially created to help to deal with back pain. They are shown to have many benefits, including improving flexibility and decreasing muscle tension.


    Muscle knots are when the muscle tightens or contracts even when theyre not being used, massage helps to relax the muscle, in turn helping to loosen the knot.

    Tension in the muscles can also be relieved, whether in your neck, shoulders or back.

    Neck Pain

    Neck massagers mimic the hands of a masseuse stimulating the muscles and nerve endings. Research has shown that massage therapy is an effective treatment for chronic neck pain, and a chair massager is essentially simulating this technique.

    Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain is one of the most common pain complaints reported in the US.

    By stimulating the muscles with a massager it is believed that this provides relief.


    Massage chairs can help with the associated pain, improving your flexibility and your overall posture.

    Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

    A Costco Massage Chair Ate Me…

    A treat for the whole body

    Many massage chairs focus on delivering heat to your lower back, this Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair gives you a heat treatment on the soles of your feet too.

    Taking inspiration from Chinese heat therapy, it is thought to improve your circulation.

    With a range of different settings to choose from you really can tailor your massage, selecting from various styles including kneading, tapping and of course shiatsu.

    Containing 21 airbags positioned around your hips and waistline, it helps to support your lower back.

    Similarly to the Relaxonchair, it has built in sensors to detect the length of your spine so it knows exactly where to deliver the most satisfying massage.

    This chair is not real leather, and does have a cheaper look compared to other chairs. However people were still impressed with the quality and finish.

    For a lower cost, well under $1500, it offers a vast range of features which has made it a hit with shoppers.

    In fact, one user claimed it was the greatest possible investment for both health and comfort.

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    How Much Is A Slabway Massage Chair

    On average, you should expect to pay $1,700 for a massage chair on company website for few times. But Price may very time tome as like its highest price avg near $3500. you can check current price on Amazon. Most models give a respectable neck and shoulder massage, so you can be sure to get the experience you find in a massage parlor.

    Positive Posture Massage Chairs At Costco

    Throughout the year, we partner with Costco in-store and online, bringing you exclusive prices for a limited time.

    Our entire Costco show team is made up of full-time employees of Positive Posture. This means that everybody on our Costco team knows the massage chairs up and down, inside and out. And, theyre there to help answer any questions that you may have.

    Have questions about which chair is right for you, how purchasing through Costco works, or about one of our massage chairs? Talk to us on LiveChat, or email us at

    Available at from August 15th, 2022 through September 11th, 2022.

    Limited time offer. While supplies last.

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    Is Slabway A Real Company

    Slabway is an authentic company that has been around for a couple of years. It has a strong social media presence, so its legit. And considering the positive reviews by the users, you have no reason why you should not trust the brand. They have real address and you can check out, Slabway 858 S Automall Drive American Fork, UT 84003 United States. But I think Amazon is best place to for buy this product.

    Features Of Massage Chairs

    Osaki Massage Chair Costco

    The different functions and features of massage chairs can be overwhelming.

    Below, weve broken them down into different categories so you can be sure youre choosing the ones that are right for you.

    If you need more detailed info, you can read about the different considerations when choosing a massage chair here.

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    Oways Rocking Massage Chair And Recliner

    A massage chair that looks good, and feels even better

    The black lazyboy style massage chair isnt for everyone, and might not fit in with the styling of your home.

    Oways rocking recliner offers a more simplistic and contemporary look.

    Built on a wooden rocking frame, it contains massage nodes and vibrating motors that combined work to relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

    Users confirmed that the built-in function buttons are discreet and easy to operate, with an adjustable footrest adding to the comfort.

    Those struggling with neck pain will love the neck massage pillow that can be adjusted to help you hit the spot.

    Reclining the chair significantly is not an option, so if you want to lie back and relax then something more traditional like the Real Relax, might suit you more.

    In fact, you will have to compromise on a number of features to benefit from this more simplistic design.

    You dont get zero gravity functions or a host of different massage styles for example.

    However it is much more affordable than traditional chairs, while still delivering a relaxing massage.

    Panasonic Massage Chairs Now Available At Costco

    Throughout the year, we partner with Costco in-store and online, bringing you exclusive prices for a limited time.

    Our entire Costco show team is made up of full-time employees of Panasonic. This means that everyone on our Costco team knows the massage chairs up and down, inside and out. And, theyre there to help answer any questions that you may have.

    If you have questions about which chair is right for you, how purchasing through Costco works, or about any of our massage chairs, talk to us on Livechat, or email us at .

    • Intensity Focused Directly on Acupressure Points
    • Seamlessly Switch Between Massage Styles
    • Infrared Heated Massage Rollers
    • Hideaway Leg Rest and Arm Massage Units
    • Real Pro Ultra 4D Massage System
    • Full Body Air Massage

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    Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair Under $1000

    UPDATE:read our guide here for up to date massage chair models in under $1000 category.

    This is the best pick in terms of reliability and the number of features.

    The new 2020 model comes with Bluetooth and 6 automatic programs.

    While some people feel the shoulder massage is too weak, or the leg cushions too strong, the overall consensus us that, for the price, this chair is a very good buy.

    As with most cheaper models, a %150-$200 delivery fee applies in case of replacement, but overall customer service is good, and the chair is more reliable than the other chairs in its class.

    6 Auto Programs The chair has 6 auto programs that use different techniques to help you relax and unwind from the most common ailments.

    Back and Foot Heating The heating pads in the lower back and feet help relieve tension and promote circulation to increase the rate of healing.

    Foot Massage The foot massage includes both rollers and airbags for complete relaxation. The footrests are also extendable for people with longer legs.

    Easy to Assemble, Use and Move The chair is easy to assemble, even though the manual isnt the best. The control panel is equally easy to use, with adjustable timer and intensity features. And the handy rollers at the back of the base makes the chair easy to move,

    Zero-Gravity and Manual Recline Like most high-end chairs, the chair comes with a zero-gravity feature, and even if the chair isnt connected to a power outlet is can still be used as a recliner.

    Uenjoy Massage Zero Gravity Chair

    Insignia 2D Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Review – Purchased from Best Buy

    Uenjoy Massage Chair is the similar with Slabway massage that has great full body massage option and FDA approve zero gravity massage chair. It has similar benefit of Slabway. such as Shiatsu massage will help to relieve back pain & physical stress, back pin, neck pain therapy. You may checkout below.

    Get This Best Awesome Massage Chair

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    What Is The Warranty And Return Policy

    All Slabway chairs come with a friendly 100% money-back guarantee.

    If you choose to refund the product, you should fill out the forms on the website and get a tracking number. The refund policy is only valid for 30 days. You should read their return policy. Before you use the product, you should inspect it to ensure its in top-notch condition. This company customer service is very good and you will get support in office time instantly.

    Infinity Riage Cs Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair

    Little space, lots of features!

    Enjoy a full suite of massage styles for a great price with the Infinity Riage CS.

    Tapping, rolling, Japanese shiatsu, youll be able to give your whole body the relaxation it deserves.

    Take full control over your treatment, or opt for an automatic program then just sit back and enjoy.

    Four massage rollers are positioned on an L-track to deliver a focused, satisfying massage.

    Despite all these great features its one seriously compact piece of furniture at 23 wide and 38 deep.

    Its a space-saving massage chair ideal for smaller homes, as it requires just 2 inches of clearance from the wall.

    Thats one inch less than even the super compact Kahuna Superior below!

    Weighing just 87lbs its lightweight too, so it can easily be moved from room to room.

    Owners of the Infinity Riage CS love the size, appreciating how it fits in their home without feeling like its taking over the room.

    Intensity was also frequently mentioned, with many enjoying the way the powerful massage can often make you wince .

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    Where Can I Try A Massage Chair

    Did you know that in1983, the first Costco warehouse location was opened in Seattle? And, that in 2018, COSTCO remains the worlds most successful warehouse club! How do they do it, you ask? Their simple philosphy, “keep costs down and pass the savings on to our members.”

    They continue to innovate and usher in premium brands with the highest quality products, and that includes massage chairs. Costco has an established, highly coveted “Special Events” schedule, as well as their ecommerce sales platform, both of which featuring the most exciting, most innovative massage chairs to Costco club members. Brands like Osaki, Titan and Human Touch have established their working partnership with Costco.

    Costco’s warehouses, at last count, is a staggering 741 globally, with 514 in US and US territories. Club members purchase annual memberships in order to take advantage of Costco’s range of products, and their exclusively low price advantage. The membership revenues allow Costco to to continue to offer low prices on volume sales. James Sinegal, Costco’s CEO is famous for stating “Wall Street is in the business of making money between now and next Tuesday. We’re in the business of building an organization, an institution that we hope will be here 50 years from now.” And, they are still growing and more popular than ever with millions of new club members annually.

    Hope you enjoyed this post. Read more about massage chairs by reviewing our Massage Chair Wellness blog.

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