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Is Foot Massage Good For Gout

Warning Signs Of A Gout Flare

Foot Massages for Gout

Gout flare-ups tend to come on suddenly.

A flare-up will usually occur in one localized areausually the big toe, but it can also affect other joints like the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, or fingers.

Some symptoms you may experience include:

  • Joint pain
  • Loss of mobility

When it comes to gout prevention, get to know your familys general medical history.

Genetics plays a big role in your chances of developing gout, so its a good idea to get familiar with your family history of gout.

Other risk factors include:

  • Sex: Men are three times more likely than women to develop gout.
  • Age: Men over 40 and post-menopausal women are more likely to develop gout.
  • Weight: People who are obese are at a greater risk of developing gout.
  • Medical conditions: People with high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin resistance, or heart and kidney diseases are at a greater risk of developing gout.

If you have a family history of gout or fall into multiple risk factor groups, discuss prevention with your doctor.

A low-purine diet is typically recommended to help keep uric acid levels in your body low.

Can Massage Help With Neuropathy In The Feet If Not What Can

And the answer is.absolutely massage can do a ton of good for those who suffer from foot neuropathy. However, it is important to note that massage does nothing to heal the damaged nerve. It provides relief in that it increases blood flow to the area of concern, thereby alleviating pain and the tingling/numb sensations.

Dietary And Lifestyle Modifications For Gout

  • Dietary modifications include avoiding alcohol, meat, coffee, and protein rich foods.
  • Patients should increase their water intake every day to prevent gout. This helps in the function of the kidneys and flushes out the toxins in the body.
  • Along with these dietary and lifestyle modifications, massage therapy helps in alleviating pain and swelling in the affected joints.

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Other Treatment Option For Foot Arthritis

There are other physical treatment options available gout and arthritis other than getting the best foot spa for arthritis. Going for medical treatment is great and should never be neglected. It is also very important you seek your doctors opinion before trying these physical therapies and getting a foot spa.

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What Is Gout In Your Heel

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Can You Massage Gout Away

I must repeat that massaging a joint during the gout flare is a big NO. You must avoid this at all costs or you will end up with even more damaged tissue inside. On the other side, you should massage the join daily, before and after the attack.

The pressure you need to apply depends on you. Try to find an optimal pressure that will help you, but wont inflict any pain. Start with low pressure and gradually increase it on a weekly basis.

Besides the obvious, you will have a great time and you will be more relaxed and enjoy more. Gout and massage can be defined as good or bad, depending on when and how you massage yourself. I recommend you to massage only the affected join once per day. Full body massage is beneficial as well and it can help you with uric acid when done by professionals.

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What Is A Gout Massage And Can It Actually Help

Question: I woke up one morning and couldnt bend my knee or even put any weight on that leg without excruciating pain. After a nervous trip to the doctor and some additional testing, I was diagnosed with gout. Ive instituted some changes in my diet and am taking medication, but flare-ups still seem to occur for no reason. I know massage is frequently used to treat other forms of arthritis is there a massage that could help my gout?

Answer: Gout is a fairly common form of arthritis. Between 1 and 2 percent of the US population suffers from this disease. The Arthritis Foundation recommends regular massage to significantly reduce the pain associated with all forms of arthritis. Regular massage also decreases stiffness and improves your range of motion for an overall improvement in the function of your joints.

Despite this rousing endorsement, massage therapy has received a rather lukewarm reception in the relatively few medical studies of its effectiveness. One review of studies published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation noted that there was only low- to moderate-quality evidence to suggest that massage therapy was superior to other therapies in reducing pain, and concluded that it was unclear whether massage therapy was more effective than any other form of treatment.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: Massage for Gout,

Ready to book your massage?

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Exercising Helps Control Gout By Lowering Uric Acid Levels To Prevent Gout Attacks

Researchers have found that fat in the body carries more uric acid than muscle. Thus, when you reduce body fat, you can reduce uric acid levels in your blood, Dr. Iversen notes. Building cardiovascular health through exercise is also very important for people with gout because they have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, according to Harvard Health. Gout is also strongly associated with developing coronary artery disease.

Hot And Cold Compresses

A Foot Massage to Boost Balance and Stability as You Age

Switching between a hot compress for three minutes and a cold compress for 30 seconds on the affected area can help reduce pain and swelling that occurs during a gout attack.

In most people, a first acute gout attack comes without warning, and there arent any other symptoms of high uric acid. Prevention efforts for gout are focused on preventing future attacks or lessening their severity.

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What Are The Benefits Of Foot Massage

1. Improves blood circulation

Because most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles in our feet rarely get exercise. And tight or uncomfortable shoes dont help with circulation. Massage stimulates blood flow, and a 10-20 minute daily session before going to bed can significantly improve circulation in the legs and feet. This is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes.

2. Lowers blood pressure

In recent years, high blood pressure has become pretty common, often caused by stress, poor diet, genetics or environmental factors. Placing pressure on the acupressure points over the sole of the foot can help relieve much of the tension that builds up there. Studies have shown that people in high-stress jobs benefitted from regular 10-minute foot massages each week, which resulted in lower blood pressure, less anxiety and improved mood.

3. Encourages better sleep

Just as with any massage, a few minutes of foot massage before bed can help you relax and improve your quality of sleep.

4. Reduces the effects of anxiety and depression

In addition to relaxing you during the massage, frequent sessions of foot massage can have longer lasting effects as well. Some studies have shown that regular foot massage can help reduce anxiety by as much as 50%.

5. Speeds recovery in foot injuries

6. Reduces edema during pregnancy

7. Boosts energy levels

8. Improves immune function

9. Improves sex drive

10. Keeps your feet in healthy condition

  • Sores

Easing Back Into Walking And Exercise After A Gout Flare

After a gout flare subsides, Dr. Iversen suggests aquatic exercises may be a good way to start re-engaging in exercise because the buoyancy of the water will reduce the impact on the joints.

Low-impact aerobic exercises can be helpful, too, such as on an elliptical machine. She says its important to keep your joints flexible by incorporating stretching and range-of-motion exercises once the gout flare subsides to promote good joint movement.

Be careful not to overdo it once you ease into post-flare exercise, she cautions. Patients should not be experiencing pain when walking once the flare has subsided. If you do experience pain with walking after a flare, go back to using a walking support and reduce your planned exercise until the pain subsides.

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What Is The Best Way To Treat Gout

For almost instant pain relief from gout, consider localised massage at the point of pain. You can get a qualified healthcare professional such as a massage therapist to treat you or even try giving yourself a foot massage.

Massage therapy is well known to increase blood circulation in and around the areas to which it is applied. If you have a damaged joint, then knots in the surrounding muscles can further irritate and increase the level of discomfort that you will feel during a gout attack. Using gentle massage strokes is an especially effective technique for relaxing those muscles and reducing any tension around tight spots.

In areas like fingers, which can also be affected by gout, massage techniques similar to those used for treating repetitive strain injury can help relax the body and mind and begin to ease suffering. The most popular treatments for treating gout are Physio-style massage, Shiatsu and Classic Swedish massage.

An extended course of massage treatments over a period of time can provide additional benefits beyond short term pain relief and relaxation. The increased rate of blood flow through the affected areas may help to shift some of the built up crystal deposits away from the damaged joints. Massage therapy is known to promote a healthier lifestyle attitude. Getting a massage once a week for example can convert you into a calmer person who cares more about living a healthier lifestyle.

What Are The Essential Oils Used For Foot Bath

Gout Foot Model

The essential oils you can use for your next essential oil foot soak detox include the following:

1. Cedarwood Oil: It is an antifungal and antiseptic agent that is a good choice in treating Athletes Foot. Say goodbye to foul or smelly feet odor with cedarwood oil foot soak.

2. Cypress Oil: This essential oil is a natural deodorant with antiseptic properties. You can just add a few drops of cypress oil to your foot soak if you have an unpleasant foot odor or blisters.

3. Juniper Berry Oil: The juniper berry oil can reduce muscle aches and the pain and discomfort due to arthritis.

4. Lavender Oil: Lavender Oil is one of the most favorite essential oils for relaxation because it has natural pain-relieving properties. That’s why it is perfect for easing sore muscles and painful joints. Feel great comfort and relaxation with lavender oil foot bath.

5. Rosemary Oil: This essential oil helps in soothing tired muscles. Rosemary oil also has antiseptic properties which are good for treating foot infections.

6. Wintergreen Oil: This essential oil is considered natures aspirin. Wintergreen oil helps reduce swelling and pain. It has a cooling sensation which is extremely pleasurable if you have tired feet.

Step-by-step Guide to Make Homemade Foot Soak with Essential Oil:

1. Fill the basin or bathtub with warm water, deep enough to soak your entire feet.

3. Leave your feet soaked in warm water with essential oils in 15 to 30 minutes at least twice a week.

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Gout In Foot: Causes And Risk Factors

In about 90 percent of hyperuricaemia cases, there is impaired renal excretion in about 10 percent, there is a problem with overproduction.

  • Urate overproduction can be linked to lifestyle factors and certain diseases such as bone marrow cancers, psoriasis, and hemolytic anemia. Lifestyle factors include being overweight and ingesting excess amount of fructose or alcohol.
  • Renal impairment has multiple causes, including gene mutations, hypertension, diuretic drugs, lead exposure, and cyclosporine immunosuppressive therapy.
  • Gender and age. Men are twice as likely to develop gout as women. In men, the risk rises with age. Gout is uncommon in younger women but the incidence increases dramatically after menopause, due to falling estrogen.
  • Western diet. There is solid evidence from the Health Professional Follow-up Study of a link between gout and purine-rich foods. See gout diet.
  • Medications. Diuretics, antihypertensives, niacin, aspirin, chemotherapy and immunosuppressive drugs increase the risk of gout.
  • Other conditions. Certain conditions carry an increased risk of gout including: Recent joint injury or surgery, cardiovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease, anemia, psoriasis, renal disease, blood cancers, and metabolic syndrome.

Ease Gout Pain With Foot Reflexology

According to the National Kidney Foundation, Gout pain has been steadily increasing worldwide and is now the most common type of inflammatory disease of the joints in adults in the United States. The numbers have doubled between 1960 and 1990 and now estimated that 3.9% or 8.3 million adults suffer from Gout pain regularly.

Anyone who has or had gout pain knows how painful it is. A gout attack can last up for three days with treatment, and without treatment, 14 days. If Gout is left untreated, inflammation can happen more frequently.

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How Long Before You Start Seeing Benefits

According to Martinez, the majority of patients notice benefits after their first reflexology session.

Everybody is unique and heals in their own timing, says Martinez. In general, reflexology best complements natural healing already taking place.

While you may be able to feel the effects of reflexology after just one treatment, its advised to continue using reflexology alongside other doctor-recommended treatments for best results.

Asking The Awkward Questions

Acupressure : Acupressure for Gout

My natural curiosity prompted me to ask questions about this disease.

If uric acid leads to gout then why did I suddenly have too much uric acid in my blood?

Well, it makes sense that either I was suddenly producing too much of it or that my body simply was no longer removing it effectively.

And it turns out that the answer is b.

In fact, for 90% of gout sufferers scientists say it isnt over-production of uric acid that is the problem.

Its the under-processing of it.

In other words, somethings going wrong with the bodys ability to expel uric acid properly.

So I was quite puzzled.

Heres how I thought about it.

There was a time when I hadnt even heard of gout much less suffered from it.

Then I had gout for just over 3 years.

And then, two years ago, I experienced my last ever gout attack. And never suffered another one.

So. For a number of decades of my life my body handled the uric acid effectively.

Suddenly it could no longer handle that acid properly and so I found myself with gout.

Fast-forward after three years of gout and, once again, everything is fine. Im gout-free.

It doesnt take Sherlock Holmes to work this out.

Remember: its not that Im producing too much uric acid thats the problem.

Its that Im no longer removing enough of it from my body.

So at first, something in my body was working, it was getting rid of the uric acid.

Then it stopped working. So I got gout.

Then it started working again.

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What Over The Counter Medicine Is Good For Gout

What over the counter medicine is good for gout? Over-the-Counter Treatment for Gout. During the onset of the disease, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often recommended. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that also act as an analgesic.

What are the contraindications for gout? The use of pyrazinamide is contraindicated in patients with acute gout. Pyrazinamide inhibits the renal excretion of uric acid, which may frequently result in precipitation or exacerbation of gout.

Is physical therapy good for gout? However, if you want to speed up healing and prevent future flare-ups, physical therapy is another effective resource. While gout pain can make movement difficult, a physical therapist can help you stretch out affected joints to restore mobility in a way that doesnt cause further stress.

What are the symptoms of gout in the foot? Gout usually occurs when urate crystals accumulate in the affected joint. Symptoms of foot gout often include swelling, skin peeling and sudden, unexpected pain. Some people with foot gout may have inflammation and extreme pain in the joints of the feet.

Side Effects And Risks

Essential oils may be natural, but that doesnt mean they are harmless.

  • Never put essential oils directly on your skin. Dilute oil extracts into a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil.
  • Conduct a patch test. Place a small amount of your oil mixture in a discrete area. Wait one or two days to make sure you dont have a bad reaction.
  • Many essential oils are toxic, so avoid taking them orally.
  • Some herbs and supplements can interfere with your prescription medications, so discuss them with your doctor.
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and meant to be used topically or diffused as aromatherapy. They can cause unpleasant side effects like headaches.

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