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How Long Is A Massage Therapy Course

Howlong Will It Take To Complete Your Training

Vancouver Career College – Registered Massage Therapy Program – Long Version

Your massage school education is by far the most crucial component of your career success as a massage therapist. Without it you will have no authority or credibility without some kind of formal training and certification. So, you will need to find and enroll in a massage school program. The good news is that the training to become a massage therapist is extremely reasonable, particularly compared to many other professions dealing with health and wellness.

Massage therapy licensing is obtained through vocational school programs. Vocational training has a more limited scope than traditional degrees and the curriculum focuses exclusively on the job and the industry in question. This means that instead of needing a four-year degree to begin working in the industry, you could easily have your certified training completed in as little as 5 months if attending full-time. But exactly how long will it take for you to finish your necessary schooling?

Working As A Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work in a variety of environments ranging from hospitals and health clinics to private practices. Most have a wide range of duties that include:

  • Creating a peaceful environment for clients
  • Determining the clients needs, whether it is pain relief, symptom management, stress relief, etc.
  • Providing a massage that addresses the clients issues
  • Respecting each clients privacy and comfort levels
  • Monitoring the progress of clients over time
  • Managing appointments and other duties associated with the particular environment you are working in.

Getting Your Massage Therapist License

Before you can begin your career, you will need to pass an approved licensing exam. You must check with your state’s licensing board to make sure that you are taking the right exam before you schedule a test date or pay an exam fee. The MBLEx is the most widely used licensing exam and currently accepted in 43 states so if you aren’t sure where you want to work yet, this might be the best choice. The BCETMB is also accepted by many states. These are the two most widely-used exams.

Whichever exam you end up taking, you will see questions covering much of what you learned in your massage therapy program. However, since programs can vary significantly, it is important to spend a few weeks preparing by using a study guide designed for that specific exam. This will provide a comprehensive overview of everything you will be tested on, including any material that might not have been included in your training.

You will definitely want to review what you learned during your in-class coursework, including:

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Massage therapy ethics, laws and regulations

  • Client assessments and treatment planning

  • Professional guidelines

  • Pathology, areas of caution, contraindications and special populations

While there will be some questions on technique, licensing exams tend to focus on the knowledge and theory side of massage therapy more than the methods.


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Comply With A Background Check

The State of Illinois requires fingerprint-based background checks in order to receive a massage therapist license. Fingerprints must be taken 60 days prior to exam application submission and should be made electronically through a licensed vendor.

Out-of-state applicants may have their fingerprints made on traditional cards from the Illinois State Police.

Bba Health Services Administration

Training for Success As A Massage Therapist at Fremont College

Students who complete a 3 year diploma at Humber: Davenport University will grant the student 90 credit hours towards the completion of a bachelor degree program. You will need to complete a minium of 30 credit hours to meet residency and program requirements. Students must complete a minimum total of 120 credit hours to earn a bachelors degree.

Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution.

If you still have questions, reach out to the transfer admissions team at or 1.800.686.1600.

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Student Life At Carrington College

We know college is a big step. But education can be the first step in building a better future. Your instructors, administrators and fellow students are there to help if you ever hit a bump in the road along the way. Carrington College offers a lot of great student support services designed to help you succeed.

Student Finance

From scholarships and grants to loans, we will help you understand how to search and apply for financial aid.2

Tutoring and Study Groups

For help with schoolwork, your instructors and Student Success Center staff are often available for tutoring or you can join in an open student study group.

Externships, Clinical Rotations and Fieldwork

Most programs include an opportunity to learn in the real world before you even graduate! Youll earn impressive experience that looks great on your resume.

Career Services

After graduation, well help you with your career search with everything from resume writing help to job search support to interview tips.

Honours Bachelor Of Interdisciplinary Studies

Humber and Seneca Colleges have entered into an agreement that increases student opportunities for degree completion at both institutions. Humber graduates may transfer into Senecas Honours Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with entry into Semester 5, Year 3 of the program.


All applicants to Seneca degree programs are required to have successfully completed the related Humber program with a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 .

All applicants may apply through the Ontario College Application Service and must submit an official academic transcript for all course work completed at the postsecondary level. The application must be received no later than the stated deadline for the given term being applied for in order to qualify for admission.

For further information, please contact:

Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution. Please contact the institution for detailed admission requirements.

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Best Accredited Program: Sochi

  • Not fully online

SOCHi’s online massage therapy school features several videoconferencing and interactive tech platforms for live lectures and pre-recorded material. Students also gain hands-on experience by working with the direct supervision of a licensed massage therapist instructor locally.

Most massage modalities are covered in this program to enable a student to sit for ACCET or CAMTC certification. Over the course of nine months, students learn medical massage, kinesiology, physiology, spa treatment modalities, and lymph drainage. They also learn about proper hygiene, professional ethics, and business principles in massage therapy. In addition, the program enables students to earn first aid certification.

The total cost of the SOCHi program is $16,165, which is higher than most, but students gain excellent massage therapy insights and work with a licensed, experienced massage therapist instructor through an interactive online class. This cost includes equipment, supplies, books, and all registration fees. While not fully online, this may be the best combination of both learning methods when in-depth education is the goal. Financing opportunities are also available to some students.

Convenient Morning Afternoon & Evening Schedules

CDI College – Massage Therapy Program – Long Version

This program is designed to fit the needs of busy adult learners. We understand the lives our students lead, and how important it is to have balance. Many students are working, taking care of family and/or juggling other commitments while they attend school. Choose the schedule that best fits your lifestyle.

  • The full-time program can be completed in 8 months
  • The part-time program can be completed in 10 months or 12 months

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Texas Massage Therapy Careers

Average yearly salary for massage therapy in Texas

Some massage therapists are able to earn a full time salary working only part time. While the practice of massage therapy is fulfilling, equally important is earning a living wage doing something you love. The annual mean salary for a massage therapist in Texas is $40,090 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries in the Lone Star State range from $17,500 to $67,520 before tips. Texas also ranks third in the nation for highest employment of massage therapists. A career in massage therapy promotes health and healthier choices in massage clients. Is it time for you to investigate a Texas massage therapy school?

Job opportunities for massage therapists in Texas include spas, salons, gyms, wellness and health practices of all kinds, country clubs, sports teams and events, hotels, resorts and more. Many massage therapists choose to open their own business and see clients in their home or in the therapist’s private office.

Q What Does A Massage Therapist Do

A Massage Therapist applies pressure to muscles and tendons in order to relieve pain and stress from clients.

There are different styles of massage and different therapy techniques that a Massage Therapist can use to appease their clients.

An independent Massage Therapist will be required to provide a private area to apply massage, and all Massage Therapists are required to know sanitation rules and legal stipulations.

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Get Licensed And Certified To Practice Massage In Your State

Every state has different laws and regulations regarding the practice of massage therapy, but all but five require professionals to hold a license of some sort. Generally, youll need to complete a minimum number of education hours and hands-on training, as well as pass a national exam such as the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination .

Beyond licensing through your state, you can choose to pursue voluntary board certification through the NCBTMB. Certification symbolizes a certain level of expertise and commitment by demonstrating that youve gone above and beyond the entry-level requirements. Maintaining your certification involves a good amount of continuing education, so employers and clients will know that youre dedicated to staying on top of the latest advancements in the field.

Best Live Program: Whatcom Community College

45 Top Images Sports Massage Therapist Courses : Sports ...

Whatcom Community College

  • Requires commitment of 20 hours per week

  • Not as comprehensive as other programs

  • May require previous college experience

The massage therapist program at Whatcom Community College in Washington enables students with previous college experience to enroll in a 20-hour a week live-session educational program. Students wishing to obtain an associate degree will need to meet with a counselor to ensure they meet prerequisite educational requirements.

This hybrid program requires students to meet at specific times each week to engage in live training. The massage program starts each fall and runs for three quarters, allowing students to complete their education in under a year.

Through the Whatcom Community College program, students learn massage modalities and therapies along with anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology. They also learn safety, ethical, and legal applications to massage therapy as well as client communication skills. The program meets all guidelines set by the Washington State Board of Massage. At a cost of $9,540, its ideal for those who wish to switch career paths into massage therapy with some completed college credits.

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Q How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist

The length of time it takes to become a Massage Therapist depends on one thing, you.

Massage therapy programs can require around 500 hours and even up to 1,000 hours of classroom training and clinical training like massage-specific training.

Depending on how often you give massages under licensed supervision, and how many hours you spend in the classroom, you can take your exam in less than a year.

After you graduate from your program, you will need to become licensed.

Youll have to wait at least six months after graduation in order to take your exam.

Once you pass your exam, youll be a licensed massage therapist!

This can take from about one year and up.

How Long Does Massage Therapy School Take

Anyone whos ever received a professional massage knows that it can take a good 60 to 90 minutes to properly work out all the kinks and achieve the desired amount of tension relief. Its a time commitment worth honoring short-changing the process would lead to unsatisfactory results and unmet expectations.

The same goes for those administering the treatment. Professional massage therapists did more than fill out an application at the local spa they underwent hours of training sessions and educational courses to assume the level of licensed masseuse or masseur. The months spent at massage therapy school provide that firsthand experience and expertise to get a professional massage therapists career rolling. But if youre interested in this career path, youre likely wondering, How long does it take to get a massage therapy license?

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Q How Much Does It Cost To Become A Massage Therapist

The cost of to become a Massage Therapist really depends on the program that you enroll in.

Some programs give you an Associatess degree, which can cost around $5,000.

Other programs can cost around $1,000.

The licensing exam will cost around $200-$300.

Youll also be required to renew licensure every 2-5 years.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy : How Long Does it Take to Be a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists provide comfort and healing for their clients through the use of skilled massage techniques. It’s a great career for people who are passionate about helping people and want a job that keeps them physically active. In this article, we’ll talk about what a massage therapist does, how long it takes to become one and what skills you will learn as you study for your career in massage therapy.

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What Are The Requirements To Become A Massage Therapist

In states that regulate massage therapy , therapists must get a license or certification before practicing massage. State regulations typically require graduation from an approved program and passing an examination.

Some massage therapists obtain certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. To do this, they must meet specific educational requirements, undergo a background check, and pass an examination.

Learn About Your Earning Potential

Of course, another important consideration is how much you can make once you start working as a massage therapist. As with most other careers, the salary you can expect to earn varies widely depending on factors such as where you live, what type of massage you practice, how much experience you have, and the setting in which you work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapists across the country earn a median annual income of $43,620 in 2020. There may be some discrepancy in salary due to the fact that most massage therapists work part-time and, if self-employed, dont get paid for the non-massage activities involved in running a practice. The best way to up your earning potential is to get training in as many specializations as possible so that you can provide services for the widest range of clients. Youll likely earn more as you gain more experience, since youll be building a reputation and a base of repeat clients. Understand the work settings that tend to pay the most and, if theyre right for you, seek employment that takes you to these places. Massage therapists who pay visits to clients homes or work for resorts and cruise ships tend to the make the most per hour, while those working in massage therapy franchises or chains make the least.

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Q What Is The Average Salary For A Massage Therapist

The average salary for a Massage Therapist in the United States is around $51,000 a year.

People who decide to have their own business will likely make less money, to begin with, as their client base starts to grow they can make more money.

People with certification or specializations can make more money as well.

Those that have worked as a Massage Therapist for many years can expect to make around $60,000 a year.

Take The Massage Therapy Licensing Exam

First Steps in Swedish Massage

Multiple exams are accepted to receive a license. The exam in current use nationwide is the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination .

Registration for the exam can be completed via mail or online. The fee is $195. After registration is approved and payment is documented, students can schedule their examination. On test day, students will need to bring proper identification.

Exam results can be provided free of charge to one state licensing agency.

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Professional Accreditations & Recognition

Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation

The Massage Therapy Program at Humber has been granted official accreditation by the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation . View Graduation Requirements. View the Strategic Plan of this program.

Registered Massage Therapist

This program is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as meeting the academic requirements for eligibility to write the registration examination. Successful candidates of this examination will be entitled to use the professional designation of Registered Massage Therapist.

Additional requirements may apply.

Note: The requirements for the additional credential are determined by the granting body, which is independent from the College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling.

Physical Stamina And Strength

Now that you know how to become certified in massage therapy, its time to consider the physical aspect of the job. Due to massage therapists standing on their feet for long periods and working constantly with their hands, its important they have physical stamina. If you are strong and physically resilient, taking massage therapy classes could be the right path for you!

Massage therapists work with different types of patients and cater to their specific needs. Not all massage techniques are the same and require different levels of pressure and movement.

Before enrolling in massage therapy courses, ask yourself if you have what it takes physically. If youre not as strong as you would like, a massage therapy training program could help condition your body and strengthen you for this fulfilling career.

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