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Real Relax Massage Chair Manual

Waist & Feet Heat Therapy

Top 5 Best Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair full body zero gravity shiatsu Review buying guide|WORTH IT

Real Relax have done a fantastic job in ensuring the Favor 03 is equipped with all the popular features you find in the more expensive models out there. Theres a few examples of this: zero gravity, foot rollers, and last but not least.heat therapy.

Heat therapy is the application of heat to help release stress and tension in the muscles. Why is it important to apply heat during massage? Simply because doing so makes the muscle more easier to manipulate and therefore massage! I wont go into the details, but heres an interesting article titled Hot/Cold Applications In Massage Therapy. Well worth a read!

The Favor 03 model comes with heating elements that provide heat to 2 parts of the body: lower back, and feet.

For chairs that cost as little as this does, its uncommon to see any form of heat therapy, let alone heat therapy on both the lower back and feet! Kudos to Real Relax for this!

Q: How Long Is The Warranty Period And What Does It Cover

The warranty period for this chair is 3 years . The coverage during those 3 years varies. Year 1 includes free maintenance and repair to any workmanship defect. Years 2 & 3 includes only free shipment of replacement parts. The actual cost of parts along with the installation/replacement costs are not covered.

Problems In Massage Chair

You can find the following problems in the massage chair. We have found the following problems in the Real Relax massage chair

  • Sometimes the massage chair gets overheated and the temperature does not remain in the balance.
  • The auto timer of the massage chair is critical for time management. Sometimes, the auto timer stops working.
  • Some days we are using a massage chair and we have encountered problems with noise. The massage chair produced noise if you do not maintain it properly.
  • In some cases due to improper maintenance, the massage chair does not respond to the control and you feel annoying.
  • In some cases, the massage chair becomes unstable and starts to stop working altogether.
  • So you need to reset the massage chair for the solving of these issues.

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How To Choose The Best Massage Chair

Here are the most important questions to ask when you pick your massage chair:

Are Real Relax massage chairs any good?

Well, Real Relax has a huge focus on customer service!

Why do we love this?

It means that they ensure their customers are happy, no matter what!

This shows with the high 4-5 star ratings and many customer reviews on Amazon, the Real Relax website, and other online stores selling Real Relax massage chairs.

All of their products are certified by FDA, CE, ROHS and US patents.

Where are Real Relax massage chairs made?

Real Relax massage chairs are chinese-made and started selling in 2015.

So what does this mean?

Their massage chairs are made in China, just like ~95% of all massage chairs sold in the United States.

Massage chairs made in China tend to have a life expectancy of 5 to 15 years.

To be exact on the location, the Rotai factory in China.

Other brands such as Infinity, Osaki and Titan also have their chairs made in the Rotai factory in China.

How easy is the setup process?

Is there a white glove delivery service?

If not, is the manual easy to understand? Is customer service reliable?

Can it fit your body?

Make sure to check the height and weight limits of the chair youre considering.

How well can you control your massage experience?

How strong can the massage chair get?

Can it massage your entire body, or does it not reach certain muscle groups?

Does it use various massage techniques ? Or is it limited to 1 or 2 options?

Is the chair affordable?

Is Real Relax A Good Brand


And just how authentic is Real Relax? If you call somebody and say youre a brand that sells relaxing creams, will they believe you? In order to stand out, Real Relax needed to get a high number of media coverage and they made good use of Twitter and Facebook to do so. The key was they posted three times a day and had a good mix of interesting content, including tips for sleeping at night.

They also publicized their opening by inviting editors and bloggers to join them in welcoming the brand and its products. It may not be what your dad had in his loft for his Christmas tree many years ago. The acronym does actually stand for Relax And Rejuvenate, which is exactly what Real Relax will help you do. It is much more than a massage oil and while it is a good quality product, it is not necessarily one of the best for your body.

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Page : Preparation Before Using

  • Page 10 INSTALLATION STEPS 5Install the botton hook to the seat. 2When you hear a click,the backrest 1First, lift the backrest. is installed. 6Fasten the armrest with screw. 3Iinstall the hook to mainbody. 4Connect the airplug.
  • Page 11 10Wheels should be pushed firmlyinto the back of the chair. Secure the wheel with screws. 7Next, install the seat,connect the two air plugs,and the wire firmly. 8The chair pad is attached at the top witha zipper. 11Connect the remote to mainbody,install the remote bag to rig ht armest. Put the remote control into the bag,plug in the main power.
  • About The Company Review

    The company was founded in 2015 and retails made in China.

    But that doesnt mean these are bad products after all, most of them are certified by the FDA, CE, and ROHS and have a 1 or 3-year warranty.

    It features five massage chairs on its website, four of which have the Shiatsu massage option, plus two cushions.

    However, the return policies arent really clear, and various buyers claim to have had trouble returning the chairs.

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    About Real Relax Company

    Real Relax is a Chinese massage chair company founded in 2015. Here are some of my key takeaways from this relatively new company:

    • Certified by the FDA, CE, ROHS, and US Patents Im always impressed by companies that take the time to have their products certified by experts. Youll appreciate that all their products are certified by the FDA, CE, ROHS, and US Patents.
    • They are constantly working to improve and innovate their products. Youll appreciate that their products and features are patented, which attests to their innovation.
    • Superior Technology the company, takes pride in releasing high-tech massage products. This comes through in their line of models, massage cushions, and massage pillows.
    • The company has set on a path of experimentation since its foundation in 2015. The team behind these massage chairs have made it their mission to provide high-quality therapeutic chairs and products at an affordable price.

    Usually, people are wary of buying China-made products. In this case, though, RealRelax does have some interesting offers on the table. Their models are well-made enough and are reasonably priced.

    However, Im a little apprehensive about the numerous complaints against customer service. You also need to be careful because their return policies are somewhat blurry and unreliable.

    Despite that, the company does offer a range of warranties from a 1 to 3-year warranty But well get to that later.

    Fyi The Favor 03 Is Not An S

    Real Relax Massage Chair 2021 Review – Worth it?

    Does that make the Real Relax Favor 03 less effective compared to other chairs on the market? To put it very bluntly, yes the back massage is less effective compared to S or L-Track models. Then again, S or L-Track chairs cost quite a bit more in comparison!

    The biggest shortcoming with the massage heads is that theyre a static system. In other words, because they cannot move up/down, left/right/, in/out, they cant reach all areas of the back as well as an S or L-Track chair can. This one limitation in my opinion is what differentiates an average to mediocre massage to an incredible/highly efficient one!

    However, im not suggesting that you shouldnt buy the Real Relax Favor 03. Im simply saying be aware of this limitation and know what youre gonna be getting before you pull the trigger. This way youll save yourself from a lot disappointment.

    Note: Airbag as well as massage head speed can be adjusted. Remember, the faster the speed the more intense the massage!

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    Real Relax Massage Chair Final Verdict

    The Real Relax chairs Ive tried are more suitable for different users. If youre looking for a less intense massage, the Favor line will be perfect for you.

    However, if you want something a little more intense, consider the S-Track massage recliners with zero-gravity functions.

    Overall, Id say that Real Relax has a long way to go. Despite their best efforts, I find their units severely lacking. If youre looking for an affordable massage chair, youre better off purchasing a Kahuna LM6800.

    Do Massage Chairs Use A Lot Of Electricity

    This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. The answer is not really.

    Some models are very inefficient when it comes to power consumption. However, most massage recliners only utilize 150 Watts on average for every use.

    This is equivalent to using your LED TV and significantly less than using a curling iron.

    When you think about the costs and the potential damage to your energy bill, its a very reasonable concern.

    However, I like to remember a few things:

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    Do Doctors Recommend Massage Chairs

    A massage chair may be a great alternative to provide therapeutic massage. Research published in the European Journal of Neurology concluded that massages done using massage chairs were as effective as the traditional massage for alleviating pain and stress. Today a majority of people apply massage chairs for treatment. This has, of course, led to an incredible increase in the number of massage chairs on the market. A massage chair is a great way to soothe your body on a tight budget and in a simple manner. However, you should know that not all massage chairs are available at a great cost. Some massage chairs are quite expensive as compared to their other alternatives.

    Resetting The Massage Chair

    Real Relax® Favor

    Gone are the days when you would drive to a massage center and relax to your body. You can take full body massage at your home on the specially designed chair. Though you need a top massage chair in a good budget at home to get full fun of that. These massage chairs are specially designed to provide massage at different angles. Although there are amazing massage chairs in the online market if you manage to increase your budget and look widely. But the problem with these chairs is that if you dont use them properly, they bring you a lot of trouble. So, you need to take care while using them. If you are looking for some solutions on how to reset the massage chair we think this information will help you.

    When you assemble the chair, you can start the massage process by starting a program set on the remote. When you press the ON/OFF button, it starts the program. While pushing the button again, all the previous records get deleted, and the chair is reset.

    There is a STOP button on the most remote control. It is for emergencies. When the chair starts working improperly, immediately turn off the chair by pushing the STOP button.

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    Massage Chair Resetting By Factory Reset

    First of all, you need to turn off the massage chair for further proceeding. After turning the massage chair off, grab the power, remote, and kneading buttons. You need to perform this procedure for 5-10 seconds. In most of the massage chair, there will be an error sign on the extreme right of the remote screen. In addition to that, the chair will vibrate a little. It is an indication of the removal of previous massage section history. This is not common with all the massage chair brands. Some brands of massage chairs require a simple switch off button. The chair should not be in use during this procedure.

    In Case The Remote Is Not Working:

    Your massage chairâs remote requires a proper cable connection, and it is precisely why a lot of times it doesnât work smoothly due to the issues with the cable connection. So before bringing in a new remote, please ensure you have a stable cable connection.

    Also, a number of massage chairs these days offer LED remotes. One of the primary issues with LED remotes is that their LED light sometimes fails to respond. In the event of the LED light not working, you can either get it repaired or bring a new one home.

    Oh, and if a massage chair doesnât work, it is usually not the remote but the massage chair itself.

    Although massage chairs are pretty easy to manage, all you need to do is keep the tips and tricks Iâve shared above in mind, and youâll be good to go for years ahead. Rest assured, a massage chair doesnât really require much maintenance, so there wonât be an issue in keeping one. Have a wonderful day, my pals.

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    Real Relax Massage Chair Problems

    Real Relax Massage Chair has tough support. It is exactly what is recommended for older individuals with lots of health problems. The extra-tough frame and high back mean that this is the right chair for any age. For an additional extended lifespan, you need to exercise now but health and part of their routine often take a hit in old age.

    First, it is one of the few relaxation therapy chairs. Second, its direct positive feedback will have you feeling relaxed before youre even in the chair. So, it is recommended that you try this chair. It is crucial to check all details because your posture is created every moment of the day. The chair offers you a superb tension reduction, as well as an excellent option for meditation. At the time, in addition, can be used with e-beam therapeutic headphones in order to improve overall wellbeing.

    How Many Times A Day Can You Use A Massage Chair

    Top 5 Best Real Relax Massage Chair Review – Worth it?

    In general, its a good idea to not do more than three days a week with your hands in a manual massage. You may be tempted to do seven, eight, or even nine sessions a week, but this will eventually lead to tension in your muscles and if you dont get proper rest, it can cause you to overwork your muscles and cause long-term injuries or even permanent muscle damage. That said, you dont necessarily have to limit yourself to three days per week. Some people seem to get by on as little as two to three sessions per week, and others can go as many as five to six days with the right machine. Again, if youre just starting out, youll want to limit yourself to three days per week. There are so many ways that a massage chair can help you, both now and in the long run. The best way to get the most out of your chair is to use the right type of massage chair for your body. There are so many styles and options available today that youre bound to find one thats perfect for your situation.

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    Real Relax Massage Chair Review Ultimate Guide

    Are you looking for a cheap massage chair that will offer you a relaxing session and perhaps help you manage some types of pain?

    Well, it has been proven that massages are a great remedy for issues such as depression, chronic pain, stress and even high blood pressure eliminating the need for pharmaceutical interventions.

    The Real Relax Massage chair massage chair is an excellent pick for the budge-wary buyer.

    The Real Relax Massage chair is mentioned among the top best-selling shiatsu massage chairs with zero gravity options, an extendable ottoman and more features designed to enhance the therapeutic massage experience.

    Real Relax Massage Chair Troubleshooting

    Some of the problems which mostly occur in a Real Relax massage chair with their troubleshooting are given below. But be careful whether you can fix these problems by yourself, otherwise call the professionals.

    • If you feel the rollers out of alignment, dont worry, they are designed in such away.
    • If your rollers get stuck, it is because after using the massage chair, the system set rollers to such position, so they dont create discomfort.
    • The striking of rollers against each other during kneading and tapping function produces noise. This might appear to you as some fault, but this is part of the design of a massage chair.
    • You have attached the cord to power, but still, the massage chair is not working. This might be due to the reason that you have not turned on the button, or the cord is not correctly inserted in the socket.
    • Sometimes the massage chair cord gets overheated. This can be due to improper use of the chair or passing of high voltage through the cord.
    • In case the motor stops working, directly contact the manufacturer.

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    Real Relax Zero Gravity Recliner Review Heat And Foot Rollers

    This article contains affiliate links. If you click on these and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. to find out more.

    The Real Relax massage chair is currently one of the cheapest models currently available thats good enough to make our list. This massage chair offers 4 predefined massage programs, a zero-gravity feature, and it has 50 airbags capable to provide an immersive experience.

    You will need to assemble the chair when you receive it, but the whole assembly process is easy and the instruction manual provides enough information to help you finish in about 10 15 minutes.

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