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What Makes A Good Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists Are Usually Really Busy So Get To Your Appointment On Time If You Want To Have The Best Experience

Massage Therapy : What Is a Therapeutic Massage?

We often have hectic schedules because we tend to book clients back-to-back, so if your appointment is at a certain time, get there at that time, because we’re still going to finish working on you at the designated time. Coming in on time will guarantee a better experience, since we’ll be able to go through the motions of a massage, like warming you up and cooling you down, without a time constraint.

Always Be Open To Learning More

As mentioned above, each client is different. Therefore, you are sure to run into injuries, pain, or requests that are new to you. Never be afraid to ask questions, learn from other massage therapists, and take chances. Treat each day at work as an opportunity to learn something new and you will continue to improve at your craft.

Massage Therapists Know A Shit Ton About Anatomy And Physiology And Lots Of Different Techniques

It takes about two years to finish massage therapy school, and the requirements are different in each state. But no matter where you go, you’ll learn about anatomy and physiology, and all the different massage techniques from shiatsu/Thai and Swedish massages to deep tissue, hot stone, and reflexology massages. This training gives us a good base to work with before we decide which techniques we want to focus on, such as lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, or sports massage. You can search specialties in this database if you’re looking for someone specific, or if you’re shopping around the internet, just be sure the therapist is licensed by the state.

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Massage Is A Rewarding And Enjoyable Career

Another defining characteristic of a good career it that it is rewarding. And massage therapy is a rewarding career. As a practitioner, you get to help other people and make them feel better. Clients love to come see you because they know you will make them feel better. Compare this to so many other careers where you just tow the company line and you cant really tell if your work makes a difference to anyone.

In fact, massage therapy made the Top 100 Best Jobs in the 2021 U.S. News & World Report. It came in at number 58, just between Respiratory Therapist and Web Developer. Massage therapy also came in at number 5 in Best Jobs Without a College Degree, and number 9 in Best Health Care Support Jobs. The majority of massage therapists report being very satisfied with their career.

Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Mark Twain

Being a massage therapist is challenging because every client has his or her own individual problems and needs. This keeps your day-to-day work from getting too monotonous. Imagine spending the day working with a variety of interesting people rather than being isolated in a cubicle staring as a monitor all day. You get to solve problems as you help people overcome pain, stress, anxiety, depression, debilitation, trauma, and injuries. The massage or bodywork you provide can ease suffering and support clients as they deal with chronic or degenerative conditions as well.

Ways To Succeed As A Massage Therapist

What Makes a Great Massage Therapist?

Here are 12 ways to succeed as a licensed massage therapist. Whether for health reasons or to relax people, the massage therapy business is a great choice for success. This type of service has become increasingly popular. Therefore, if you wish to know how to get more customers and succeed as a licensed massage therapist, these tips will help:

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Tips For Choosing The Right Massage Therapist For You

Not all the massages weve gotten in our past were what we were looking for.

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by Edan Harari, LMT

Lets face it. Not all the massages weve gotten in our past were what we were looking for. Either we just wanted to relax and had a therapist dig their elbows in our back, or we wanted some deep work and the therapist was giving us a Swedish massage that was way too light. But I have good news for you. It doesnt have to be that way in the future. All you need to do is a little prep work and you can ensure that you only enjoy the session but that youre also satisfied with the results. After all, youre spending time and money on the session, you might as well have it meet your expectations. If youve ever had to withstand a full 60 or 90 minute massage with a therapist who simply wasnt to your liking, you know that it can ruin your whole experience. Heck, Ive even gotten a massage that made me more stressed than I was before!

Here are some tips to choosing the right massage therapist for you:

1. Know your goals

Were all looking for something different from a massage. Its important to ask yourself what youre specifically looking to get out of the treatment. Are you looking for pain relief in a particular region of your body , treatment for a medical condition such as tennis elbow or an entrapped nerve, or are you just looking for some stress relief or just want to enjoy the simple yummy-ness of getting a massage.

3. Figure out what your preferences are

Do You Have What It Takes

So, there you have it. Do you have some or all of these key traits to go out and earn your diploma and massage therapy certification? Basically, it comes down to proper technique, an affable personality, and commitment to the profession and your clientele.

If you think you possess these qualities and that you might be interested in a rewarding career as a massage therapist, go to the website and learn more about Concorde’s Massage Therapy programs in Memphis and Southaven.

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What Formal Training Do You Have In Massage Therapy

Bring to the interview information about the massage school you attended, your training, and when you graduated. They may also want to know about the clinical experience you received at the school and what you have been doing since graduation. Also, talk about any previous experience you have that might help you in this role.

Pro Tips For Every New Massage Therapist

JING & Ask The Muscle Whisperer – What Makes A Successful Massage Therapist?

Our guest author today is Allissa Haines. She runs a massage practice and collaborative wellness center in Massachusetts. She partners with Michael Reynolds to create business and marketing resources for massage therapists like you at Check out the Massage Business Blueprint podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or at the website.

There are a million different kinds of massage therapists. We work in spas and hospitals and do home visits. We wear jeans and scrubs and button-down shirts. We work with athletes, new moms, construction workers, babies, people with cancer, people with anxiety, and people who just think massage therapy feels great. But every single one of these massage therapists has one thing in common: they were all beginners once. And being a beginner can be scary as heck. Even if youre also feeling well-trained and excited!

If youre a student and preparing to start your new career in massage therapy, congrats! Allow me to offer you a little graduation gift: some solid advice that every massage new therapist should know before striking out on their own.

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Massage Is A Valid Therapeutic Modality With A Long History

Massage therapy and other forms of manual therapy and bodywork are some of the oldest healing traditions on earth. These natural remedies have been used for as long as there has been recorded history, and probably long before that.

In the US, massage therapy is a respected career. Massage therapists are recognized by most states in the US as health and wellness professionals. They are required to have received hundreds of hours of specialized training, passed the MBLEx board exam, and obtain a state license in order to practice.

The body of research is growing as ongoing research efforts continue to determine the effectiveness and applications of massage therapy in treating health conditions. Current research indicates that massage can be beneficial for people with various conditions including back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, injury recovery, and anxiety, just to name a few. And since massage therapy is such a low risk intervention, many people are willing to try it to help mitigate their problem. Physicians are also becoming more willing to recommend massage to their patients in order to provide a more holistic treatment plan.

Hometherapeutic Massagewhat Makes A Great Massage Therapist

The difference between exceptional massage therapy and a mediocre or uncomfortable experience depends very much on having a great massage therapist. There are many qualities of a good therapist that can be identified at first glance while others may take a little time to determine. If your previous experience with massage therapy hasnt been what youd hoped for, here are a few qualities to look for when searching for the right therapist.

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Master The Soft Skills To Succeed As A Massage Therapist

As with all professions, softskills characterize an excellent massage therapist. We summarize some ofthem below:

  • Empathy: A professional massage therapist should be able to make their clients feel relaxed. Empathy is the key to support clients emotionally. It is a must-have personality if you wish to become a successful therapist.
  • Be a good listener: Good practitioners listen well. Clients who attend your place have not only physical but also emotional needs. To understand them well, you have to be a good listener. Listen to what they need, find the problems, and make a priority of which muscle problem you want to solve first.
  • Great Commitment: Dont be satisfied with what you already have right now. Instead, keep learning new techniques and approaches to serve your clients better.
  • Professionalism: A massage therapist should convey professionalism at all times. In this case, never be late for appointments, dont be nervous while doing therapy, etc.
  • This one is an essential skill to grow market your business. We will discuss this later on.

Massage Therapists Are In Demand

What makes a good Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists are in demand now more than ever. In fact, It is one of the fastest growing careers in the US. There is a low unemployment rate among massage therapists at 2.1% according to U.S. News report. Companies are hiring and in most areas of the US, new massage therapists can find employment very soon after graduating from massage school and getting their license. Massage therapists can also enjoy excellent job security because of the high demand.

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Massage Therapy Is A Fast

The massage industry and profession is growing fast and shows no signs of slowing down. The number of massage therapists is projected to grow by 21% between 2019 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you define a good career as one that is fast-growing and in demand, then massage therapy is a good career for you.

The 2019 Massage Profession Research Report published by the American Massage Therapy Association, showed that approximately 47.5 million people in the US had a total of 214 million massages in 2018, up from 179 million massages in 2017.

Research published in the 2018 IBIS World Industry Report estimated that massage therapy is a $18 billion industry.

This is an exciting time to be a massage therapist. People are learning about the benefits of massage as physicians and other healthcare providers are becoming more likely to refer their patients to a massage therapist.

It’s Cool To Not Know What You Want Or To Know Exactly What You Want Either Way Communication Is

Tell us exactly what you need work on and how much you want us to focus on that. Some people will come in expecting an overall massage with some extra time focusing on a single area, while others want us to focus on a specific area for the entire time. Likewise, let us know other things, like if the pressure hurts or if we can use more. Being clear with your needs throughout the session ensures you’ll get the most out of your time on the table, so that you’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Don’t be shy!

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Let Your Personality Shine

Being personable is essential in the massage therapy business. Because your attitude and demeanor may either attract or repel clients, this is something that an employer will look for. Most firms want to recruit someone they believe will be an asset to the team.

Being enthusiastic about what you do and the people you help will undoubtedly get you recognized. During your interview, emphasize how passionate you are about becoming a massage therapist and working with your customers. When someone is enthusiastic about their objective, it is easier to say yes and hire them.

Top Reasons Why Massage Therapists Are In High Demand:

What Makes a Good Massage Stone and Stone Massage Techniques with Pat Mayrhofer
  • People are seeking ways to relax in an increasingly stressful world
  • Therapeutic massage is becoming more recognized and accepted as a valid treatment option for many health conditions
  • Increased popularity of massage for routine health and wellness maintenance
  • Sedentary lifestyles and work environments are contributing to more pain and deconditioning
  • Massage therapy is offered in approximately 40% of hospitals in the US
  • Aging population needing relief from aches and pains, and recovery from injuries and surgeries
  • There is even more need for human connection in this time of social distancing

Theres no need to worry about market saturation from too many therapists any time soon. Plus, there will always a need for good massage therapists. There are always massage therapists who are retiring, transitioning to part-time, or moving to a new career for various reasons. This makes room for new therapists. The average length of a massage therapists career is about 5-8 years.

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Why Do You Want This Job

This is where your knowledge of the interviewer and company will be an advantage. When doing your research, look for things that resonate with you. For example, if you apply at a spa, maybe make an appointment for a massage there yourself to get a feel for the place.

You can use that experience when answering the question. Tell them why this job is a good fit for you.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Massage Therapist

Are you interested in becoming a massage therapist? Do you have the qualities it takes to be successful? If you want to obtain the qualities and knowledge to become a good massage therapist, do some research about your local vocational schools massage therapy program. Find the school that fits your work and life style for just the right fit. You can start earning in as little as 5 months as a massage therapist. Start a career that is satisfying, helping yourself earn while helping others improve their quality of life. There are many different qualities that will make you successful as a massage therapist. Here are just a few:

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Is Becoming A Massage Therapist Worth It

Massage therapy is a rewarding career that enables you to relax and heal your clients. Clients may come to you because they need to unwind and relax, or they may be experiencing muscle tenderness and soreness. Becoming a massage therapist allows you to help your clients live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

If Youve Never Had A Massage Before You Might Be Worried About How Your Body Will Respond And Appear To The Therapist Kate Bartolottas Advice Is To Relax

What makes a good Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy has become pretty mainstream in the U.S., but there are still many people who are nervous about it. Will I feel weird being naked? What will the therapist do? What if I fall asleep and drool? Will it hurt?

If fear of the unknown has kept you from getting a massage, here are a few things you should know:

  • If you want to get the most out of your massage, plan on being completely naked. We are professionals everything that needs to stay covered is going to stay covered. If your lower back or hips are stiff, do yourself a favor and skip the boxers so we can really address those areas. We will move the sheet around to access the areas that need workwere not going to move your underpants. Most good therapists will treat that as a boundary and leave areas that you choose to keep covered alone.

  • On the flip side, you are welcome to keep as much on as is necessary for you to feel comfortable. Most people go through that scary inner dialogue at their first massage: Should I take everything off? Do I seem like a perv if I take everything off? Do I seem like a prude if I keep something on? The answer to both is no. The massage is about you and helping facilitate your healing and relaxation. If you are going to be a nervous wreck in the nude, keep your underwear on.

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    Listens To Needs Of The Patient

    A good massage therapist will be able to interpret signs from the patient and adapt treatment to any changing requirements throughout the massage. A massage that is too hard in certain places is counterproductive as it causes the patient to tense their muscles. A good massage will be performed by a therapist who is a good listener and is intuitive to the patients needs.

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