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How To Become An International Massage Therapist

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What Does An International Massage Therapist Do

As an international massage therapist, your job is to provide massages and other spa treatments for each client at your facility. Unlike regular massage therapists, international spa therapists usually travel abroad to learn a variety of different skills and techniques. In this role, you may discuss healing and therapy options with each client, suggest additional products or procedures, and adjust each technique as needed to account for the client’s preferences. Some international massage therapists focus on a specific technique or style, while others try to offer as many options as possible. Some international therapists work nights, holidays, or weekends as necessary.

Introduction To International Massage Diploma

This course is industry-recognized diploma and it comprises of nineteen modules. Each module is brimming with valuable information, techniques, advice and more to help you achieve success as a massage therapist. The modules include the convenience of video tutorials, providing you with advice and assistance when it comes to various techniques.

The complete course takes around twenty hours to complete. This can be studied in your own time, at your own pace and wherever you feel most comfortable. You can access your course modules on any device, whether its a desktop computer on your desk at home, your tablet or your mobile phone.

During your studies, you will have access to an online tutor who is always on hand to assist you as you may need. Further good news regarding the International Massage Diploma is that it is open to anyone, there are no entry requirements.

What You Will Learn In This Massage Course

During this course, you will learn everything you need to know when starting a career as a massage therapist. On completion, you will be awarded a certificate as proof that you have the knowledge and insight you need to secure a position within the massage industry.

Benefits of the International Massage Diploma Course

Anyone interested in working in the field of massage therapy will benefit from completing this information-packed course, with the advantage of video tutorials to teach you essential techniques.

The course is overflowing with benefits, these include:

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Get Professional Certificates And Licenses

The fastest way to earn that extra knowledge and credentials is to apply for certifications and licenses in your profession. In addition to a license, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork can also issue a nationally recognized certification for massage therapists. An NCBTMB certificate is the highest attainable designation in the industry. To apply for an NCBTMB certification, you first have to complete 750 hours of education, including core programs and electives . Then, within six months of your training, you need to have gotten at least 250 hours of professional massage experience. Only after that can you take the test.The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards offers a licensing exam you can take too, which is accepted in at least 38 states across the country. Unfortunately, they do not offer other certificates.Aside from that, you should also apply to become a Certified Massage & Bodywork Educator to increase the validity of your teaching background. We at the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education offer a portfolio-based credential that illustrates you are familiar with best practices in teaching adult learners.

Study Mode: Online Learning

How to Become A Massage Therapist

This entire course is carried out via Distance Learning . Distance learning is ideal if you need to adapt around work, family, or other commitments. It is also extremely beneficial should you simply wish to fast track your studies and not be locked into a timetable.

Our course content and learning experience ensure that your course is relevant and interesting. Learning, tutorial assistance and assessments take place whenever and wherever you are in the country or world. It takes place at your own pace on your own terms to fit your lifestyle. As an ICI student, youll never endure a pop quiz, spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars travelling, and never be late with an assignment or for class.

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International Student Enrollment Process

We recognize that international students may need additional assistance with enrolling in our massage therapy programs. We have dedicated admissions advisors for international students to make the enrollment process easy.

Please complete the form below so that a member of our International Admissions Team can contact you to answer your questions and assist you thorough the enrollment process.

Our admissions team will work with you to create an 1-20 document and guide you throughout the Student Visa process.

What Is The Typical Path To An Online Massage Therapy Certification

Students typically complete a massage therapy program teaching them the material needed to take a certification exam. This often includes in-person, hands-on training supervised by a licensed massage therapist instructor. These programs most often include topics such as physiology and kinesiology, as well as medical terminology, massage technique practical skills, and business-related courses. These programs may follow a specific course of study or be self-paced, allowing students to take courses as they desire.

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Travel The World As A Massage Therapist

Imagine a future in which you travel the world and make good money while helping others. It wont take an MBA, JD or Ph.D. to make this vision a reality. All you have to do is go to massage school to become a massage therapist.

Armed with your degree, you will have the opportunity to travel the globe and practice massage therapy at all sorts of facilities.

Certain Personality Types Do Well In Massage Therapy

Regulating Massage Therapy In T& T

Personality types that do well in the massage therapy profession are those who have an interest in the Building and Helping areas, as per the Holland Code career classification scale, which matches interests with appropriate careers. Building means you enjoy working with tools and machines and take joy in making or fixing things. Helping means you enjoy assisting, serving, counselling and teaching others.

You also must be an empathetic person, and able to build trust with your clients you need to have physical stamina and dexterity, as you may be giving several massages in one day and will be on your feet a lot you also must have time-management skills, both in terms of keeping track of your appointments and keeping track of the time while youre in appointments while still tailoring to your clients needs and, of course, excellent communication skills are paramount.

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How Can I Start My Own Massage Business

  • Massage therapy businesses can be developed in a variety of ways.
  • you create a legal entity to manage your massage therapy business.
  • It is important to register your Massage Therapy business with the IRS.
  • Make sure your business has a business bank account and credit card.
  • Accounting for your massage therapy business should be set up.
  • Research The Program That Is Right For You

    Schools for massage therapy can be found in all provinces across Canada. Before choosing a school, you have probably wondered how much it costs to become a massage therapist.

    Robertson College offers the Massage Therapy program at the Winnipeg and Calgary campuses. The right program for you can depend on several factors such as where you live, the beginning and end date, tuition costs, and the program itself.

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    Hear What Our Students Have To Say

    Learn more about the Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Career College.


    Icd No Longer Accepting Paper Applications And Payment

    About National Holisitic Institute
    ICD only accepts digital applications and online credit card payments. Checks, money orders, and paper applications mailed to ICD will be sent back to you.

    International Consultants of Delaware3600 Market Street, Suite 450Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651 USA

    Please note, for the safety of our applicants and employees, visitors are not permitted in the ICD office due to the ongoing pandemic. We are happy to assist you via email or phone.

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    Massage Therapists Are In Demand

    This is one of the reasons why more massage therapists are in demand as the desire for massage therapy increases, more certified massage therapists are needed to help all those new patients. Not to mention our high-stress lifestyles have made the desire for relaxation treatments increase all the more.

    As far as tools of the trade are concerned, your hands will be one of your most important assets . Other than that, youll have a massage table or chair, in some circumstances and a range of lotions and oils ready to suit your clients needs.

    A massage can last anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour that will depend on what your client hopes to achieve and your plan for getting them the results they desire.

    Rehab Clinics And Hospitals

    In a rehabilitation clinic or hospital, your focus would be on healing injuries and soothing pain. Youll be working with people who likely have reduced mobility, are relearning physical skills after an accident, who deal with chronic pain or injury-specific pain and those who may be well on their way to full recovery who just need a bit of extra help when it comes to stress reduction and muscle tension.

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    The Iaim Training Program Includes:

    • 4 days intensive training with our highly experienced IAIM certified trainers
    • practical teaching experience during the training
    • preparation and ongoing support for a take-home written exam and practicum
    • a comprehensive instructors’ manual
    • the book “Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents” by IAIM founder Vimala McClure
    • a compendium of research and resources related to infant massage
    • first years’ membership to the IAIM Canada Chapter providing access to a supportive network, as well as knowledge and materials for your work
    • ongoing support from the trainers and course coordinators after your qualification
    • refreshments and snacks during the training session

    If you would like to sign up or find out more about training to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, please contact us. To view a list of upcoming IAIM Infant Massage Instructor Training sessions, please .

    Complete Massage Therapy And Educator Courses

    Colorado School of Healing Arts, Massage Therapy School featured on “Lakewood Open for Business”

    The certificates that you get from completing courses pales in comparison to the ones above, but they are a great way to focus on subjects you want to specialize in. For instance, from reflexology to sports massage, online learning platform Udemy has many online classes you can take, depending on what you want to learn more about. Meanwhile, instructor website Teachable will help you navigate the world of online classes, allowing you to teach your profession from the comfort of your home.

    For educator courses, you can look into Michigan State Universitys education website called TeachOnline, which, as its name suggests, offers lessons in creating online course content, course structure and design, and hybrid courses. Coursera, an online learning platform run in partnership with renowned universities, may also have some courses you might be interested insuch as Relay Graduate School of Educations Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms and the University of Cape Towns Disability Inclusion in Education: Building Systems of Support.

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    Who Do Massage Therapists Work With

    Massage therapists take on various clients, including those suffering from physical pain or tension and people who are just looking to relax. Depending on where you work , you are likely to see one type of client more than others. However, some of the most common reasons people go to massage therapists are to help with a sports injury, relieve the pain of conditions such as sciatica, relax and relieve general body tension, and help with back and neck pain. For some, massage therapy can even help with anxiety and depression.

    Ways To Use Your Qualification Overseas

    Once you have your massage therapy qualification, youll need to decide how to use it. There are a number of different ways to use your new found skills, but we suggest:


    When deciding where to go for adventure, search local employment sites and job aggregators such as Spa Hundreds of employers from over forty countries use this site to find great candidates, and positions range from casual and part-time to full-time. Jobs can be categorised by job title or country, making your search super easy.


    Every cruise ship needs qualified massage therapists, so before you leave, send your CV off to as many as you can. Cruise ships are excellent ways to see the world and youll have your accommodation all worked out too.


    Just like cruise ships, most resorts have their own in-house massage therapists. Positions at resorts come with all sorts of perks, including beautiful surroundings and potential access to resort facilities. When arriving in a new destination, pop your CV in and let them know youre available, or tell them to send you an email should anything come up.


    Massage therapists with an interest in sports massage should consider applying for a position as a team massage therapist. Many teams would love to have a qualified massage therapist on the road with them, and sharing your skills could land you free travel and accommodation.





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    Honours Bachelor Of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Humber and Seneca Colleges have entered into an agreement that increases student opportunities for degree completion at both institutions. Humber graduates may transfer into Senecas Honours Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with entry into Semester 5, Year 3 of the program.


    All applicants to Seneca degree programs are required to have successfully completed the related Humber program with a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 .

    All applicants may apply through the Ontario College Application Service and must submit an official academic transcript for all course work completed at the postsecondary level. The application must be received no later than the stated deadline for the given term being applied for in order to qualify for admission.

    For further information, please contact:

    Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution. Please contact the institution for detailed admission requirements.

    Nhi Welcomes Students From All Over The World

    Massage Therapy Can Strengthen Preterm Infant

    We believe international students, like you, enrich the diversity and culture at each of our beautiful, California campus locations.

    At NHI, you will be mentored and trained by a dedicated and passionate team of massage therapy professionals that are committed to your success, many of whom are NHI Alumni.

    We are authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. The following NHI campuses are currently approved to accept international students in the Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, at our Emeryville campus location and in Southern California at our Studio City/Los Angeles County campus location. These campuses offer our comprehensive Massage Therapy Training Program and our Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program.

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    Bba Health Services Administration

    Students who complete a 3 year diploma at Humber: Davenport University will grant the student 90 credit hours towards the completion of a bachelor degree program. You will need to complete a minium of 30 credit hours to meet residency and program requirements. Students must complete a minimum total of 120 credit hours to earn a bachelors degree.

    Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution.

    If you still have questions, reach out to the transfer admissions team at or 1.800.686.1600.

    How To Become A A Massage Therapist

    If you want a career that is all about relaxation and helping others, then massage therapy could be for you. Massage therapists are essential to the lives of many, helping to ease out those knots, aches and pains from everyday life. Find out more about becoming a massage therapist and how you can be a part of the wonderful world of massage therapy.

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    How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist

    As we have touched upon above, there is no legal requirement when it comes to becoming a massage therapist. This means that technically speaking, you could set up a massage therapy business tomorrow. However, if you want to learn your trade professionally and gain qualifications to demonstrate your competence, this will take a bit of time.

    According to the governing body for massage therapy here in the UK, the Council for Soft Tissue Therapies , to be confident of starting out as a properly trained, competent massage therapist, it is recommended that you take a course that lasts at least six months full time or 12 months part time. For context, the BTEC level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy course typically consists of 12 weekend workshops a year , while university degrees can take either three or four years .

    Already In The Profession Or Industry

    5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Into Massage Therapy

    This course and qualification is a great way of consolidating existing knowledge via Recognition of Prior Learning , updating your industry skills and contributing towards your professional development. It is also one of the most practical steps you can take towards working towards gaining a promotion or better-paid position.

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    What Are The Requirements For An Online Massage Therapy Certification Program

    Some require students to come into the program with some college education already completed while others do not. Many programs are available to those 18 years of age or older with a high school diploma or the equivalent. Requirements for certification vary based on the state but may include completing a certain number of course hours of study .

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