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How Much Does A Deep Tissue Massage Cost

Swedish Massage Cost: What Can You Expect To Pay For A Swedish Massage

DEEP TISSUE FULL BODY MASSAGE | Head to toe treatment demonstration

A Swedish massage is one of the most common massage types. When performed by a licensed massage therapist, it can help relieve stress, reduce injury recovery time, and relieve pain. A common question is how much does a Swedish massage cost? There are many factors that determine how much money you will ultimately pay.

How Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Work

More or less, deep tissue laser therapy works similar to deep tissue massage. One of its greatest pros is that it concentrates directly on the exact damaged cells/ tissues. Therefore, it works by focusing high-energy light on the affected area that stimulates photobiomodulation process. Through this process, photons enter your tissues then are absorbed into the mitochondria through the cell membrane. These photons are then converted into chemical energy in the form of ATP. This ATP energy starts the healing process in the affected area, increasing your bodys cellular metabolism. It also stimulates cytochrome oxidase enzymes that fasten regeneration and healing of tissues. This helps to repair and heal any torn or strained tissues that cause inflammation, discomfort, or pain. It also enhances your bodys natural ability to heal.

Deep tissue laser therapy also encourages circulation of red blood cells towards the injured area. This increases oxygenation to that damaged area which in turn heals inflammation as well as reducing the pain.

Final Thoughts On Cheap Massages

As you can tell, there is no shortage of awesome options when it comes to finding a cheap massage near you. Make sure that you sign up for some of these deal sites so you never miss out on a deal. And if youre traveling, make sure to check out places in the airport, travel sites, and Spafinder.

Whats your favorite place to find great massage deals? Let us know in the comments in case we missed one!

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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Laser Therapy

Healing from laser therapy also depends on a number of factors. For instance, the nature, size of your condition, and the laser type used to treat your condition. However, the average recovery period should be between one to three weeks. Most laser therapy plans will involve 6-12 treatments, with more treatment needed for long-standing, chronic conditions.

How Much Should I Tip For A Massage


Tipping your massage therapist is a way of showing your appreciation for their work. Several factors should influence how much you tip. For example, a full-body, 120-minute session will warrant a much different tip than a quick foot massage.

A general rule of thumb for tipping is to tip 20% on services offered. However, you might find that you wish to tip more than this.

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How Much Does A Deep Tissue Massage Cost

A deep tissue massage will cost between $90 and $110 per session. The price of the massage will depend on the duration, travel fees, the experience of the massage therapist, and add-ons like hot stone treatment or aromatherapy. Some massage therapists offer package deals with reduced rates per massage.

Whether you have temporary pain, are suffering from a longtime chronic condition, or just love to feel good, deep tissue massage and massage therapy can bring you lasting relief. Science tells us that deep tissue massage both feels great and is a known medical solution. In fact, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says deep tissue massage is proven to encourage healing and relieve pain and discomfort related to health challenges such as cancer, depression, chronic headaches, chronic neck or back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, and more. Deep tissue massage is frequently used for relieving stress, managing pain, breaking down scar tissue, relieving muscle tension and improving health. Deep tissue massage has also been shown to be beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.

How Much Does A Massage Therapist Cost

Massage therapy is an amazing stress and pain reliever, but its worth knowing just how much you can expect to pay for it. After all, unexpected costs lead to stress, undoing all the good work of your massage therapy session. But dont worry, lots of people think a massage is a luxury when its more affordable than you think.

Massage therapists set their rates so there isnt one fixed fee. To give you a general idea, weve put together the average price per session based on the prices of local Australian massage therapy professionals:

Minimum cost
  • Experience

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How Long Does A Massage Take At Massage Envy

One of the best things about getting massages is that you can select how long you want the session to be. At Massage Envy, as mentioned above, you have three packages to choose from: 60, 90, and 120-minute massages.

Its up to you how long you want your session to go. If you want some quick pampering, a 60-minute massage would be fairly easy to squeeze into your schedule. If you feel like your body needs more to feel better, indulge in a 120-minute session.

How Much Should I Pay For A Massage

How to Massage Your Own Low Back Pain

This is a great question and one of the first you may be asking when you want to book a massage appointment.

To give you a fast and simple answer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour for a massage.

Wow Oak, thats a big difference in price range I hear you say.

And thats what the rest of this article is about.

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Are Percussion Massagers Worth The Cost

Now that you know a massage gun can be an affordable percussion massage alternative, you might be wondering if it is wise to invest in a massage gun.

Even if you get a cheaper personal massager, you will have to do the massage yourself .

Let us help you weigh the pros of a massager gun against its cons.

How Much Should I Tip At Massage Envy

Like in beauty salons, tipping at massage parlors and spas can be a bit complicated, especially if you had several professionals work on you. This can be true at Massage Envy if you chose to have several procedures done at once. Again, not because the brand hires these professionals does it mean that your tip will not be appreciated.

This query can be simplified by knowing the non-membership rates of the treatments you got. Its actually recommended by the brand that members and guests tip according to the regular non-membership prices. This way, your therapist/esthetician/stretchmaster can get more. Combine these facts to the standard hospitality rate of 20% for massages and you got yourself an ideal tip amount for Massage Envy employees.

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Setting A Budget For Your Massage Therapy

Relaxation $55 $105 average reported costThis massage is designed to calm you down and soothe tension. It usually consists of flowing strokes, kneading of the muscles and a gentle touch that is executed at your chosen pressure. Comparatively, its a pain-free way to clear your mind and relax your body. The benefits of relaxation massages include temporarily lowering your blood pressure.

Remedial $60 $105 average reported costThis kind of massage is aimed at treating pre-existing injuries or tension. These massages can be similar to relaxation, however, a remedial massage is more focused on relieving pain in a particular muscle region. Your masseuse should assess your muscles to determine where the problem or pain is coming from, and perform to relieve the pain accordingly. Remedial massages may involve some deep tissue techniques to relieve the stress effectively.

An example of a remedial massage technique. | Source: Wade The Massage Guy

Sports Massage $60 $110 average reported costSports massages target specific ailments of athletes. It is used to either prevent or treat sports-related injuries, as well as keeping the athletes body in optimal shape and condition. Sports massage services have three basic forms pre-event massage, post-event massage, and maintenance massage

An example of a deep tissue massage. | Source: Sara Jane Cleland

Simply Ask For A Discount

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  Massage Clinic Huddersfield

Sometimes in business, if you dont ask for a deal youll never get the deal. If you have a local massage business that isnt one of the major chains, ask about frequent discounts for regulars or if they offer reward programs.

While they might not have one yet, its a good idea to ask and maybe let you into the program once they start one.

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How Much Do Massage Therapies Cost

Nothing beats a soothing massage to relieve achy muscles and a weary mind after a long, exhausting day. Should you get a Shiatsu massage, a trigger point therapy or a Lomi Lomi? So many choices, and yet so little time. So, we list below an array of massage therapies you can avail and their average cost to ease the process for you.

Are Massage Envys Offerings Science

With the brands promise to improve your wellness through massage therapy and other services, its just natural to be curious if they have scientific basis on their claims. Truth be told, more research is required to confirm the benefits of massage. There is some evidence that suggests such but theyre not extensively studied yet so nothing is definite.

But since Massage Envy is truly dedicated to the craft, they have funded a massage therapy research that was conducted by the Massage Therapy Foundation with the University of Miamis Leonard M. Miller School of Medicines Touch Research Institute. The goal is to better establish massage therapys health benefits and learn more about the healing power of touch.

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Here Is What Our Customers Had To Say About Deep Tissue Massage On Groupon:


“At first I was hesitant to go to a man for a massage. But now I do not think I will go anywhere else. Michael made me feel at ease right away and really listened to my needs and went to work on them. The apartment complex he is in seemed a little scary at first because I parked in the front and had to walk through it past about 4 buildings so do not park until you see the main offices but other than that, super top notch..”-Rodney N.


“I am really impressed by Elite Med Spa in Hallandale and while I live 45 minutes away, it was absolutely worth the drive since Dr. Natalia Hegedosh is one is the best doctors I have come across!! She has such a gentle hand & a very keen eye to see exactly what you need in order to balance your face. While I originally purchased only Dysport , I trusted her enough to do more fillers!.”-Cindy B.


“I was just made it to my appointment in the nick of time as a empty Comcast truck that double parked, blocking my exit. The girl at the front desk checked me very quickly as the clock was ticking. And then I was off to my massage with Andrew. Andrew did a great job working on all my tense areas. He even found a few I wasn’t aware I had. I am glad I bought two. I will definitely go back..”-Carol M.




Massage Envy Membership Benefits

Try an Olive Oil Massage for Arthritis to Heal Joint Pain

Industry-leading Products

Massage Envy offers products and formulations that helps you build an effective self-care routine that supports a healthy wellness lifestyle.

Unlimited Discounted Sessions

Members get discounts on all their massage and facial sessions, paying even less when you book more than one each month.

Nationwide Travel Perks

A Massage Envy membership is valid at all franchise locations nationwide, so you can enjoy massages while traveling as well. Please note that prices for services vary slightly at each location.

Earn Free Massages With Referrals

With the Massage Envy referral program, you get a 1-hour free massage if you introduce a new member during the first 30 days of your membership plan. After your first month, you can get a free 30-minute massage upgrade each time someone you referred becomes a new member. See more details here.

Rollover Sessions

As part of your membership plan, you get one 60-minute session of a Wellness Massage, Total Body Stretch, or Healthy Skin facial session. For active members, your Massage Envy unused massages from this month will not expire, so that you can save them up as credit for next month.

Military Discount Program

Active military personnel can save around $60 a year with their membership. This discount is available only at select locations according to their local price schedule.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

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What Is Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique thats mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. This helps to break up scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduce tension in muscle and tissue.

It may also promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Read on to learn more about deep tissue massage, including how it stacks up against Swedish massage and what to expect during a session.

Do You Have Experience Working With My Health Condition

You should always discuss any chronic health conditions you have with your therapist before the massage begins. If you have any alignment issues or spinal injuries or conditions such as scoliosis for example, then you definitely want to work with a massage therapist who has experience working with these conditions in their past clients.

Get free estimates on Thervo from trusted massage therapists:

Jen K.

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Hand And Stone Massage Prices

Adults who are in need of some added relaxation or who need an hour to get away from the busyness of the world can head to Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa for some much-needed stress relief.

With over 400 locations across the country along with several locations in Canada, Hand and Stone specializes in bringing the indulgence of regular massages and skin treatments to the everyday world.

Rather than marketing their services as luxury treatments, management and franchise owners make treatments affordable through regular memberships and the Members Reward program.

Hand and Stone Massage prices start at $29.95 or $49.95 for a 30-minute massage and go up from there depending on the type and length of service.

  • Hand and Stone Massage Links
  • How To Hire A Massage Therapist

    Why you should choose a specialist for a deep tissue massage ...

    QualificationsProfessional masseuses undertake training and education to gain the knowledge and skills to provide a quality service. Hiring a qualified masseuse can be beneficial in the business determining your specific needs and tailoring their service to solve any complications.

    Whats their specialty?Hire a business that specifies which area they mainly perform massages in. For example, a massage business may specialise in sports massage or reflexology, and another in aromatherapy, hot stone massages, Thai or Swedish massages. These types differ greatly and its rare that youll find a masseuse that can do it all.

    Location arrangementsMost often, youll have to go into the massage business to receive the service. However, depending on the business, its possible that they can come to you if thats what you prefer. If you have to travel to them, make sure theyre within desired distance, and alternatively, if you want your massage in the comfort of your own home, make sure the business provides the option of a home visit.

    Past customer reviewsReading past customer reviews will give you the ability to effectively indicate if they are a competent and capable worker that can get the job done smoothly and brilliantly.

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    Are You Certified Or Licensed Massage Therapist

    Ask the therapist or esthetician if they’ve received a state license. Most states in America require massage therapists to acquire between 500 to 600 hours of training before they get their license. You’re always better off booking a licensed therapist because they will have a thorough understanding of the right precautions and procedures to help you relax and detox rather than accidentally hurting you on the massage table.

    For example, The massage therapist at Effective Massage in Providence, RI, is board certified in both medical massage and manual lymph drainage, and is currently working on oncology patients at the Cancer Institute of Rhode Island. Her prices start at $55/hour.

    Does Massage Envy Have Any Coupons Or Discounts

    Since Massage Envy aims to make what were once considered as luxury treatments more accessible and affordable to the general population, you can expect to get great deals on their services. Their memberships alone make their services a lot more affordable, letting you save on unlimited massages and other wellness services. So if you want to do more for your body without hurting your wallet, shelling out for membership can already be a bargain.

    Another great way to save costs at Massage Envy is by availing of their Paid in Full Wellness program. This will allow you to pay for a 6-month or 12-month membership in full which are priced lower than the month to month membership fee. This will also save you time since you dont have to bother with the regular payments.

    Aside from these, they also have regular promotions. They have a referral program which will give you a free 1-hour massage session if you get a friend sign up. New members also get a free 1-hour massage as a welcome gift.

    You can also find coupons for their services and products. Depending on the promotion, you can enjoy large markdowns on specific services and product purchases.

    Like with other chains, however, these coupons may have limited validity. Most of the time theyll only be applicable to locations within a specific region or area. This is why its important to read the fine print to make sure that you can avail of the deal you came across with.

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