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Happy Ending Massage For Women

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Happy Endings – Inside suburban Thai massage parlours | Investigation | SBS The Feed

However, according to IBIS World, there are an estimated 21,000 spas in the U.S. where a predominantly female clientele spend more than $10 billion dollars annually in services. These women average more than 110 million visits per year, so it’s not surprising that juicy tales of women receiving happy-ending massages are increasing. The truth of the matter is far more women receive erotic or sensual massages than the public is aware of.

Some women are seduced by the massage process and decide to have an erotic experience then and there, while others set out to nd a place where they can get a happy ending. Some women present themselves as “ripe and ready” for an explicitly erotic experience by indicating their desire through body language and other thinly veiled alluring behaviors.

I know this because I’m a male sex-positive pleasure provider, and I facilitate happy endings for women for a living.

My experience in this eld spans several years. It started when I was a massage therapist and found that several of my female clients, most between 19 and 49 years old, indicated to me that they wanted something more than a regular massage.

Obviously, this was not one of the massage “options” I gave her, and I was a bit taken aback. I asked if she wanted the massage uncovered. She said that’s what she prefers, so I proceeded the massage session as she liked it but asked her to lie face-down and placed a hand towel over her midsection.

Select And Enjoy An Erotic Massage For Ladies That Would Suit You

  • Classical erotic If you like traditional Swedish massages, you will like this one. Especially if this one entails a good portion of erotic stimulations on top of it.
  • Tantric Gentle and sensual, tantra can offer you not just a supreme erotic experience, but the gentleness with which it is delivered will leave you feeling appreciated and catered for.
  • Nuru A rather unusual Japanese body to body massage. You can look forward to a close, intimate contact. Ample use of a pleasant nuru gel will ensure everything is smooth as silk.
  • Kleopatra This will require four hands to treat you instead of two. We’ve designed this variation of a classical massage to suit the needs of our most sybarite clients!
  • Lomi Lomi In Hawaii, this technique is referred to as “gentle hands” and once you try it, you’ll understand how it earned itself that name. While the Hawaiian version is non-erotic in nature, ours will be a bit of a different story…
  • Relaxation Special techniques designed to grant you maximum physical relief, and leave you sexually satisfied on top of that. Grant yourself both!

Soapy Massage Parlours Versus Body

In a way, body-to-body massage parlours conquered ground from soapy massage parlours in the past 1-2 decades or so. Soapy massage parlours are in fact the most direct way of selling sex-on-demand in a shop like manner: you walk into the building, have a look what meat you like in the fishbowl, pay at the counter and take the girl to a room inside the premises. The standard formula inside the room is always the same: girl takes off clothes, you both have a bath, she washes you with strong Lux soap, cleans your penis, only sometimes gives you a little blowjob in the bath, then dries you up and you both lay down on the bed. She spreads her legs and you do your thing. Off you go to your next errand.

The word soapy refers to the bath, but in a perhaps distant past there were airbeds and the girl would perform some more erotic exercise on you, sliding up and down your body with her pussy approaching your face like a train nearing destination. The airbeds have long been abandoned. In Chiang Mai, only Icha Icha still uses airbeds, and the place has foreign management, but even there the treatment is not so convincing.

Soapy massage parlours in Chiang Mai used to be big, with perhaps 50-100 girls in one place, but when you walk in now, all you see is past glory.

The concept of the body-to-body massage parlours was perhaps a big newer than the archaic soapies, but it quickly has become mechanical and programmed due to poor training.

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Some Masseuses Will Give A Female Happy Ending Massage

She first discovered erotic massage during an in-room rubdown at an upscale Miami hotel. “Initially kept it very clean, but I was really turned on and I let him know it by moaning and saying how good it felt. He started slowly touching my thigh, then going higher, and it turned into a game of how far each of us would take it. One thing led to another and he ended up finishing me off, which was great.”

Occasionally, a spa’s reputation for sensual goings-on will precede it, as with New York City’s famed Russian & Turkish Baths on 10th Street. An East Village fixture famous for its massive steam rooms and women-only days, it once drew celebrities from John Belushi to Frank Sinatra, and now attracts a cross-section of New Yorkers from Russian sexagenarians to downtown fashionistas.

“At first you’re on your stomach, so they’re just massaging your back,” said Trish, a 29-year-old marketing manager who frequents the Baths. “Then they turn you over. started massaging my breasts. My nipples got erect, so that must have sent him a signal. He started rubbing me on the pressure points around my hips. He never actually touched my clitoris or vagina it was just all around the area. I did afterward, people kept stopping me on the street to say, ‘Oh my God, you’re glowing.'”

Chemistry with your masseur is a key factor, and one that can’t always be controlled. But if it’s present, the possibilities are endless.

A Slow And Sensual Start To The Massage

Happy Ending Massage for Women

Your massage therapist will begin working on your back. They may use hot oils or lotion, and you may be asked what you prefer. They could be clothed, topless or in some cases, naked. This may be discussed beforehand, with you stating your preference. You might notice your masseuse slowly and gradually incorporating your erogenous zones into the massage. A full body massage can last anything from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, with the length likely to be agreed beforehand.

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The Massage Is Taken Up A Notch

Halfway through the massage, youll be asked to turn over onto your front. This stage of the massage may involve your neck, face, thighs, chest or breasts. They may clearly ask for your consent when moving towards your erogenous zones, or they may look for non-verbal cues from you such as moaning and opening your legs slightly, for example.

Outcalland Incall Tantric Massage

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We can also arrange your Hen Night to have a happy ending . Our adult Hen Night service has become extremelypopular for making any adult Hen Night unforgettable.

It is so easy to book one of our gorgeous erotic massagetherapists. Just use our easy to follow online booking system oryou can call one of our friendly and helpful operators. They canalso help you with questions or special requests.

Our five star London massage treatment is the safest and bestyoni massage service London has to offer. We bring the spaexperience to you, with added spice. So don’t rely on yourimagination to keep you warm tonight … call us.

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Erotic Massage For Women Performed By Skilled And Attractive Professionals

Are you still doubtful or worried how will things turn out?

Don’t be. From the moment you enter, you’ll be entrusted to our professional male masseurs with a long expertise in delivering sensual massages for women of all ages and shapes no need to be overly body conscious, if that’s what bothers you!

Our guys are attractive and understanding of your needs, and they know how to please you’d be amazed!

Ranking Of Best Body To Body Masssage Parlours In Chiang Mai

Massage for teens with happy ending ð¤²ð?»ð§?ð?½â?âï¸?ðð?»â?âï¸? | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo English

As you can see, most body-to-body massage parlours don’t perform so well as compared to the happy ending massage parlours. This is because they don’t really understand the concept of sensuality and mostly operate according to a rather outdated business model. In most places, the girls are generally lazy and rush to a quick wank after a very short rub with their body, or simply aim to spread their legs which is easier than to perform a real service. So there is actually not much left of the so-called body-to-body massage, but if full service without courtesy and a game of temptation is your thing then that’s a reason to go.

If you’re interested in a nice body-to-body massage experience, you may consider All about Touch’s Himalaya scrub package. If you’re lucky with the right masseuse and tip her to take off her clothes and rub her body on yours, you may get an experience similar to or actually better than the standard body-to-body massages in town, and carried out in a much more fun way.

There are plenty other B2Bs that I didn’t test, such as Mossa Hue, Phoenix, Loverspa, Vida Spa and so, but most likely they are just average and don’t stand out from the rest.Do leave a comment or share your experience below if you think it will help others.


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In Japan Sex Work Including Erotic Massage Is Legal

Sex work is legal in Japan, but under strict guidelines. The Japanese use the word “fuzoku” to refer to erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, call-in escorts, bathhouses, and brothels, which are all legal because they suggest the client and service provider are acquaintances at the very least.

Prostitution, on the other hand, is considered illegal because it involves paid sex with a stranger, according to The Japan Times.

For their erotic massages, Kocak and Alexandra used an agency that hires and trains thousands of men in the art.

“You can pick a guy off the website,” after looking at their bios, Kocak said. “They have little tidbits about what they like to do for fun, and, you know, it’s kind of hilarious. My guy had a small dog in his profile pic.”

Alexandra said the man who owned the agency trained all his employees.

“He trained all of the guys in these techniques of how to essentially make women come,” Alexandra said. “And they had to take tests and the tests were, basically, they have to make a woman come. The woman rates them and based on her rating, they pass and work for the agency, or they fail and they don’t.”

Instead of picking their own men like a client typically would, they asked the company to send “two of your best and brightest,” Alexandra said, adding that when they looked at their profiles following the massage, they had little crown icons next to their names to signify their prowess.

Preparing For The Massage

Like with any massage, youll be taken to the location and asked to remove your clothes and lie down on the massage bed. Its common courtesy to shower beforehand. Typically, massages will start with you lying face down. Some masseuses will explain clearly whether to remove your underwear and cover up with a towel, which is known as draping. If youre unsure, just ask.

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Before Setting Up The Massage They Called Their Partners

Both Kocak and Alexandra are in long-term relationships, so they discussed the prospect of erotic massage with their partners before booking the sessions.

Alexandra called her husband, who she’s been with for nearly a decade, first.

“I called him and I was like, ‘Hey, so this is for research, obviously, you know, this is what we want to do.’ And then he kind of laughed and he was like, ‘Sure, go come.’ And I was like, ‘Coolest husband ever,'” Alexandra said.

Kocak went next with her boyfriend of 3 1/2 years and decided to text him because she thought it’d make asking easier.

“I sent a little bit of a manipulative text where I said, ‘Hey, is it cool if I get an erotic massage?’ then I just added in, ‘Max said Sofiya could do it,'” Kocak said. “And he wrote back, ‘LOL. Yeah, sure.'”

I Give Happy Ending Massages To Women For A Living

Happy ending massage Mbarara,

Happy ending massage stories are pretty common, a mixture of truth, half-truth and urban legend that captivates the imagination of men, even in this age of casual sex and unlimited Internet porn. Most of these stories are about women providing such services to men as the high point of a massage.

According to IBIS World, there are an estimated 21,000 spas in the US where a predominantly-female clientele spend over $10 billion annually in services. These women average over 110 million visits per year, so its not surprising that juicy tales of women receiving happy ending massages are increasing. The truth of the matter is far more women receive erotic or sensual massages than the public is aware of.

Some women are seduced by the massage process and decide to have an erotic experience then and there while others set out to find a place where they can get a happy ending. Some women present themselves as ripe and ready for an explicitly erotic experience by indicating their desire through body language and other thinly-veiled alluring behaviors.

I know this because Im a male, sex-positive pleasure provider and I facilitate happy endings for women for a living.

My experience in this eld spans several years. It started when I was a massage therapist and found that several of my female clients, most between 19 and 49 years old, indicated to me that they wanted something more than a regular massage.

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Happy Ending Massage London

The main purpose of a happy ending massage is to arouse sexual stimulation and end up achieving orgasm thats why the term happy ending. You can ask for happy ending massage along with other erotic massage service. The masseuse has to be told about it before, so that she knows what is expected out of her. The process: While giving an erotic massage a masseuse as usual prepares the customer by massaging the entire body back and forth and gradually touching the erogenous zones. Many men feel aroused during the massage and that is perfectly normal. At this point one can request for a happy ending massage to finally end the massage session on a happy note to be completely satisfied.

Ranking Of Best Happy Ending And Body To Body Massage Parlours In Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.It contains information that some might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

Review of sex massage parlours in Chiang Mai

Certainly, how good your massage experience is depends a lot on the girl who does a job on you. If she doesn’t feel like getting tired, chances are that you’ll have a lame massage, while to the contrary, when she’s pretty and there is a connection, sometimes you can have a surprising experience even though the place looks so so.

However, on average, shops recruit from the same pool of girls and so get about the percentage of pretty or less pretty girls, skillful or less skillful girls.

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The Dark Side Of The Spa And Massage Industry

The therapeutic and massage industry is a $10 billion industry.

And the demand from women for happy ending massages is only going up. Just read some of these quotes below

I was getting a deep tissue massage and was enjoying it greatly when the masseuse started to go past the normal boundaries just a bit. He could tell I enjoyed it, and I subtly encouraged it, so it progressed from there

As he was working on my legs and working up my thighs, he’d ask if it felt good. Once he got to my groin, the pressure from his thumbs felt really good, and I noticed that my breathing and responses were changingAnonymous Woman B, Cosmopolitan

During the massage, he began to get closer and closer to my vagina and then brought me to climax. He said he loved how I arched my back in pleasure.Anonymous Woman A, Cosmopolitan

I remember he did my back, and then circulated around the body as they dothe neck, the arms, and you go to the extremities or whatever. And then he said to turn over. He did my face, then my shoulders and arms, and then my legs. At a certain point he undid my bikini bottom andhis hands were on my bikini lineit’s just like This feels good! Keep it going!’Elaine, Maxim

It’s pretty clear that women are secretly hoping and even looking for a man who’s confident and skilled with his hands to know exactly where to touch a them

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