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Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Massage Heads Targeting The Neck

Zero Gravity Recliner India Shiatsu Massage Chair Relax The Back Using JSB MZ22

The EC-06C Massage Chair features uniquely situated massage heads. These were built in attempts to mimic the full professional spa-like massage therapy experience.

The massage heads are specially designed. They target the Tsubo points within the neck. This helps in effectively eradicating or lifting any stress-related energy that is trapped within the body.

The massage heads of The EC-06C also target the area surrounding the tailbone. This further de-stresses the entire body.

Having technical functions and buttons is never a good idea. Massage chairs are used by varying individuals, which is why they should be user-friendly.

Another important feature of the EC-06C Massage Chair is that it is extremely easy to use and handle. It is extremely user-friendly. It also features a built-in control screen that has self-explanatory functions. As a result, it is easier for users to use this chair.

Features Of Massage Chairs

The different functions and features of massage chairs can be overwhelming.

Below, weve broken them down into different categories so you can be sure youre choosing the ones that are right for you.

If you need more detailed info, you can read about the different considerations when choosing a massage chair here.

Massage Medik Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Features:

3D Massage Results

3D massage technology is a new type of roller that allows the roller heads to protrude from the track in an effort to bring your massage to places that are typically neglected by your average chair. Since they can protrude from the track, this also allows the roller heads to massage deeper into the muscles.

Full Body Massage

Starts in your neck and shoulders and finishes at your toes for a full Shiatsu massage leaving you relaxed & rejuvenated. Provides relief in your shoulders, back, hands, arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves and the bottom of your feet!

Shiatsu Results

Use post-workout helps reduce muscle pain, increase growth hormone, burn fat during your training progress. Feel loose and invigorated from this deep tissue massage.

Zero Gravity Reclining

This highly reclined position takes stress off your spine and elevates your feet and legs over your heart while the chair massages your entire body.

Massage Variations

You have the choice to use many of the automated massages currently in the chair or set up a personal massage just the way you prefer.

Built In Thermal Heat Therapy System

This chair offers heat to help relax and ease you body during the massage. Turning on the heat option can help you fall further into relaxation.

User Friendly Remote Control

Your massage just the way you want it at your fingertips with the push of a button on our user friendly remote control.

36 Air Bags & Intelligent Roller System

Bluetooth Audio

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Smagreho Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This post will give you review of the highly rated SMAGREHO Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair and let you know exactly what to expect from this very popular zero gravity massage chair.

If you are looking for something that will give you a full-size automatic chair that you would normally only find in a shopping mall then this will be the perfect choice for you.

This product will also see people that currently have massage a lot and want a system that will actually save them money over time as well as giving them a real shiatsu massage.

We will let you know what features you get with the chair, also about the standout features that would have to do with comfort. So you can simply check out this review and then make a better buying decision.

The other thing that we will do is to let you know who this is for. This is really based on the features that you get with the chair. What to expect and we will also let you know of any alternative choices that you can check out at the same time.

This will help you because we will let you know how this fits in with the previous reviews of best massage chairs that we have had a look at.

We will also give you a rating for this SMAGREHO brand. The way we have come up with the rating is by looking at the reviews from around the web.

However, one of the things that you will want to look at, instead of just the main ratings of the massage chair, is what people are saying about the product.

Full Body Zero Gravity Smagreho Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Our Rating 4/5

Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner ZERO ...

We rate the SMAGREHO Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair very highly because it gives you everything that you need that you can expect from a massage chair.

If youre looking for something that does not compromise on the features but also comes in at a very good price, then you cannot go wrong with this choice.

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Oways Rocking Massage Chair And Recliner

A massage chair that looks good, and feels even better

The black lazyboy style massage chair isnt for everyone, and might not fit in with the styling of your home.

Oways rocking recliner offers a more simplistic and contemporary look.

Built on a wooden rocking frame, it contains massage nodes and vibrating motors that combined work to relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

Users confirmed that the built-in function buttons are discreet and easy to operate, with an adjustable footrest adding to the comfort.

Those struggling with neck pain will love the neck massage pillow that can be adjusted to help you hit the spot.

Reclining the chair significantly is not an option, so if you want to lie back and relax then something more traditional like the Real Relax, might suit you more.

In fact, you will have to compromise on a number of features to benefit from this more simplistic design.

You dont get zero gravity functions or a host of different massage styles for example.

However it is much more affordable than traditional chairs, while still delivering a relaxing massage.

Electric Zero Gravity Smagreho Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Who Is It For

Quite simply, if youre looking for a massage chair that gives you everything that you need in a very good package then this is the one to go for.

While it is expensive it does not come at the high-end of these shiatsu massage chairs. You will also find out that this is very well received product and it has gotten lots of rave reviews.

The main reason to buy this, is if you are looking for a real full-sized, comfortable massage chair with all of the features that you need and you do not want to compromise.

We would put this at the top of our list in terms of the number of features that you get from this product, and that we will further explore below.

This allows you to get a really good SMAGREHO massage chair that you would normally find in a professional basis. These sort of chairs that you find in the Shopping mall will charge you anywhere from $1 to $5 to use them in a few minutes. But once you are able to get this chair in your home, you can use them for as long as you like.

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Blood Flow And Pressure


Hypertension, which leads to heart disease and stroke, causes the sufferer to have high blood pressure. Massage as a therapy is proven to help reduce a patients heart rate and stress levels.

Increase Blood Flow

Regular massage can help to increase blood flow within users, ideal for helping with a number of different conditions.

Irest Sl Track Massage Chair Recliner

Hi5 Manton Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

An intense massage tailored to your body

If youre a small or slim person then you may have felt swamped by massage chairs youve tried in the past.

Typically theyre made as large as possible to accommodate all body sizes.

Slip into the iRest SL Track Massage Chair and you can adjust the width, so no matter what your body shape you can get your massage just right.

Similarly to the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus, it will detect your height, shoulder width and weight, to deliver a targeted massage just where you need it.

With calf rests that extend up to 20cm, its suitable for people of all sizes. Though it is worth noting that some taller shoppers did feel they would benefit from the chair being a bit longer.

One of the best features of the iRest, that you wont find on many other massage chairs, is the SL track system.

Manufacturers typically opt for an S or L-Track massage system, which refers to the way the massage nodes move up and down your back .

However amazingly you get the option of both directions on this model, giving your back the best coverage it could ask for!

You still get plenty of other features too, like six massage modes including a full body airbag massage and lower back heat function.

Like the Real Relaxs latest model, you also get built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers to create an even more relaxing environment.

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Bestmassage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity W/heat 55

In stock.7-9 days

  • The use of time is limited in 30 minutes, the same parts of the use of time limited in 5 minutes. The use time is too long, can cause muscle pain and nerve pain.

Hip Compression AirbagsFoot Roller massage and shiatsuArm Airbags and compression8 massage Points in backrestFull Wrap Leg Airbag Massage

1. Promote the blood circulation and eliminate the body waste by sweating. 2. Ease the joints pain on people with joints problem such as stiffness, pains or chills.

Shoulder Airbag Massage

Best Massage Chair: Reviews For 2022

The Good Body Updated: December 10, 2021Pain Management

  • References
  • If youre looking for the closest thing to your own personal masseuse then youre going to end up searching for the perfect massage chair.

    We understand that its a big investment, not just financially but also in terms of space within your home.

    Each massage chair offers its own unique mix of features and settings, which can be tricky to compare if you havent owned one before.

    To help, weve highlighted the features of the top 10 massage chairs and also included a handy buying guide later in this article so you can make the most informed decision.

    The massage chair was first introduced to the market in the late 1980s!

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    Additional Features Of Cost Effective Massage Chair

    Back Heat Therapy: Built-in waist heater, provides warm massage to waist and promote blood circulation.

    Foot Roller Massage: Foot roller scrap massage, help relieve foot sore, adjutable foot roller massage speed .

    Diverse Massage: 6 preset auto modes, represents different massage conbianations, prepare a suitable one for you.

    Customize Massage Methods: use remote to choose massage methods or specific body part, adjust roller and airbag strength and speed.

    Footrests extended for taller individuals.

    Comes with 3 boxes, Bluetooth Music player, seat vibration, detailed user manual guide, easy to assemble.

    Equiped with two wheels, easy to move.

    When it is out of power, can be used as a recliner to take a break.

    Timer of 15 minutes, height limit:6.1 foot , weight capacity:380 pounds .

    100% tested before leaving the factory.

    Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

    New Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Heat Stretched ...

    Coming home after a long, exhausting and stressful day, you want nothing more than to sit back and relax. Right? And a relaxing massage is the best way to relieve that stress! However, going to a spa every day isnt possible, and not an economical idea either.

    So, youll agree that a full body massage chair is the next best option for you!

    But finding a full body massage chair that too, at a reasonable price can be difficult!

    However, you dont have to worry. BestMassage knows what youre exactly looking for! The brand has a vast variety of options for you. You can choose one that fits your requirements.

    Our rating:

    The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is the brands number one seller. We have reviewed this product in this post. Continue reading this Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review to find out!


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    Bestmassages Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair And Its Features

    BestMassage is a well-known brand. This brand has a wide range of massage chairs. These massage chairs are made using high-quality materials. Not only that, but they also include features that help in providing users with a spa-like experience.

    One of the top sellers of this brand is the EC-06C Massage. This machine is a huge favorite amongst people.

    When buying a massage chair, youd want to make sure that its not only budget-friendly but also includes core features.

    Here are some features that the EC-06C Massage Chair, also known as the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair includes. You can go through them to see whether this massage chair is the right one for you or not.

    Like every other massage chair on the market, the EC-06C Massage chair also comes equipped with automatically pre-set massage programs. Each of these programs includes different levels of intensity.

    The programs also include varying massage motion intensities as well.

    The EC-06C Massage chair features four different massage settings. Each of the programs is specially designed. These programs provide an optimum level of relaxation and refreshment. They also support extended recovery periods of the user as well.

    The EC-06C features about almost 30 inbuilt airbags. These airbags ensure that the highest level of comfort is being provided. This air-bag massage technology also allows the machine to work flawlessly in a harmonious pattern.

    This particular feature is one of the reasons why the EC-06C stands out!

    Conditions Of The Nervous System


    There are many benefits to fibromyalgia patients from using massage therapy, including decreased stress hormones and increased serotonin levels.


    Massage chairs are suggested as an effective therapy for those suffering from sciatica.

    Those with ottomans in particular are ideal as sciatica sufferers can experience a lot of leg pain.

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    Human Touch Wholebody 71 Massage Chair

    The perfect mix of style and substance

    If a big and bulky piece of furniture isnt exactly what you had in mind, then you might prefer the styling of the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1.

    Unlike its competitors, it offers a much more streamlined design without comprising on features.

    Sink into the seat and use the BodyMap PRO feature to select the area you want to treat.

    Then choose from 5 programs, including a Sleep function, designed to help you get a better nights rest.

    Warm air massage technology provides a soothing touch for the lower back pain, with a simple to use remote giving you control over all the features.

    If youre looking for a way to boost your circulation, then the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 has just the setting.

    Powered with Figure-Eight Cirqlation technology, it massages your calves in an upward, wave-like motion to get your blood pumping.

    Practically it comes in three different colors so you can select the one that fits seamlessly into your home.

    The WholeBody 7.1 also reclines and swivels, so it serves as a comfortable chair even when youre not using a massage program.

    Snailax Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager With Heat

    Ootori Zero Gravity Electric Massage Chair Full Body Shiatsu – Review 2022

    Turn any chair into a massage chair

    If you dont have the budget or space to accommodate a massage chair then consider the next best thing!

    The Snailax Shiatsu chair pad can be fixed on to your office chair while youre working from home or a comfortable seat in your bedroom to relax before bed.

    Snailaxs Shiatsu pad delivers an intense neck massage through four nodes that penetrate deep into your tissue to unwind tight muscles. They can also be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

    Snailaxs Shiatsu pad delivers an intense neck massage through four nodes that penetrate deep in to your tissue to help unwind tight muscles. They can also be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

    When it comes to your back, choose the soft rolling setting or experience the pleasure of massage nodes traveling up and down your spine, using the Spot feature to target your pain.

    If youre concerned about the massage being too hard, then this chair pad also has an intensity control flap so you can limit the pressure of the treatment.

    Users loved how compact the pad was, meaning they could carry it with them to use in the office.

    Spot feature was also mentioned repeatedly as people felt they could effectively get to the source of their pain.

    Lets talk about the neck:

    Soothing heat and massage nodes work on your neck for extra comfort, making the pad a perfect gift for someone in desperate need of a massage.

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    Not All Massage Chairs Are The Same

    How do you know what massage chair will be worth your time and hard earned money? There are many massage chairs out there. Picking the correct chair is important, you don’t want to pick a chair that is too small and not built to correctly massage in a way that provides relief, poking around and never actually massaging correctly.

    There is also no reason to spend $5,000, $8,000 or more on a overpriced chair that can trick you into thinking you are getting benefits you can get with our chair.

    A MassageMedik chair is priced right with all the functionality you will need in a massage chair. We offer an affordable chair that can give you a zero gravity full body massage that can be customized to your needs. This is why our chair has sold out so many times.

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