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Human Touch Ijoy Massage Chair

Its A Compact Minimalist Design

Human Touch iJoy-100 Massage Chair – discontinued

Gone are the days where only a select privileged few could own a massage chair. For one, massage chair manufacturers have become more conscious about space saving and space constraints, and we see this in the designs and builds. Two, massage chairs have become much more affordable than what we were previously accustomed to.

But Whats So Special About The Ijoy Anyways

Well, heres a few things that standout for me:

For those who dont know, the iJOY lineup consists of 2 different chairs: the 4.0 massage chair & the 2.1 massage chair. In this review my focus will be mostly be on the 4.0, although I will also touch on the 2.1 a little later on. Enough messing about, lets dive right in!

D Rollers With A 30 Track Span

2D rollers are the most basic roller technology you can find today. Basic doesnt necessarily mean bad however! Because 2D roller technology has been around for so long, massage chair manufacturers like Human Touch have really understood what it takes to get the best out of them. In general, the massage chair industry as a whole is most experienced with 2D rollers!

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Human Touch Chairs At The Back Store

The Back Store is proud to be an authorized retailer of the Human Touch legacy. We offer over 40 products of the premiere quality guaranteed by the Human Touch brand. Be sure to check out the groundbreaking Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner a NASA influenced chair that showcases the ideal seating angles for the human body.

Check out our stock of Human Touch massage chairs below, and keep in mind that we offer free home delivery for many of our products in the greater San Diego Area. Feel free to contact us with any questions at 315-3496.

Wholebody 80 Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Cashew Home Massage Chair and Recliner ...

Soothe yourself: Mind, Soul, and WholeBody®. Surrender every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders into relaxation with the FlexG…

Soothe yourself: Mind, Soul, and WholeBody®. Surrender every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders into relaxation with the FlexGlide® 3D orbital massage technology to deliver soothing comfort just like a warm oil massage. The Human Touch® WholeBody 8.0 also features patented warm air technology to provide additional relief of muscle tension, and BodyMap PRO® so you can pinpoint where you want to feel better.

  • Headrest Pad with Sliding Pillow Adjustment
  • Base Swivels 55 Degrees
  • Retractable Ottoman with Foot and Calf Massager

WholeBody® 8.0 Massage Chair

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What Is 30 Roller Track Span

The roller track or roller stroke describes how far a set of rollers can traverse from the neck downward. The longer the roller stroke, the better! The iJOY 4.0 has a 30 roller track span. Again, for a chair that costs this little, definitely a bonus! Most chairs in this price range have a 26 track, so Ill more than gladly take an extra 4!

How Well The Rollers And Air Cells Function In Tandem And How Everything Jives Together

3 auto modes is quite a few to be entirely honest. I guess its what you might expect for a budget chair such as the iJoy, however. The 3 auto modes are full body, shoulder, and lower back. Good to see that theres at least a full body routine as one of the 3 auto modes!

Coming to the massage techniques.theres a total of 4 which is decent for a minimalist chair such as this one. These are kneading, percussion, rolling , and a combo of kneading and percussion. These techniques can be individually activated directly from the remote control.

In conclusion I do think that Human Touch does a decent job with the choreography of the auto modes, so I definitely dont have a problem with that. It wouldve been nice to see a few more auto modes though!

Some other noteworthy features are that the chair comes equipped with air cells , an extendable foot rest, and a body scan. These are all pretty standard features that one would come to expect for pretty much any massage chair.

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Why Do People Buy Massage Chairs

You might think that buying a massage chair would just be a matter of choosing the most expensive model you can afford and sitting down. But in fact, this selection process has a lot to do with psychology the key is in how you feel when youre in a massage chair. And no, this isnt the over-aroused reaction you had after being given a stomach massage as a child. As it turns out, the process is far more sophisticated and powerful. Here are five reasons people spend large amounts of money on massage chairs. The Positive Vibe. These massage chairs are intended to provide you with a sense of relaxation.

At the most basic level, the smell of the oils used during a massage is relaxing and the motion of the chair itself allows your muscles to relax. The Comfort. Most of the time, youll be sitting in a chair. That means youll be quite likely to have your back supported by a substantial amount of firm upholstery. Youll also be sitting down, which is great because you can relax your whole body.

Ht Ijoy Active 20 Massage Chair Technical Characteristics

Human Touch iJoy-300 massage chair – discontinued

Not many Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair reviews explicitly mention the devices dimensions, which I find extremely important. After all, how else are you going to determine if the chair will fit within the designated space?

So here it goes:

Chair Size : 35L x 27W x 37H

Chair Size : 42L x 27W x 31 H

Chair Size : 34L x 27W x 21 H

As you can see, the device is quite compact. I can also add that its very light, and unlike most chairs, this one can probably be installed by one person. For transportation purposes, Id still recommend ordering delivery or reaching for a friends help as relatively compact as it is, the device, being a modern massage chair with quite a few features, is still heavy.

Check for Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair best price on

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Are Human Touch Chairs Worth The Money

Is the difference between an armchair and a full recliner worth your hard-earned dollars? Is a comfy chair worth hundreds of dollars? It seems like everyone is investing in their home nowadays, whether that means putting in a new roof, installing a new bathroom, or upgrading the rest of the décor. Even the most humble of bachelor pads are likely to boast plush furniture in a wide variety of patterns and styles. And to make matters worse foot and calf model, armchairs are no exception. Some are for sitting while others are designed to swivel around for those lounging and socializing sessions. It can be hard to put an exact price on the life-changing benefits of a good chair. After all, theres the classic question: Are human touch chairs really worth the hefty price tag?

Ijoy Swivel 550 Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair

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iJoy Swivel Human Touch Massage Chair

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This Latter Point Might Be Because Of All The Competition I Listed Out A Few Brands Earlier But Theres A Lot More Than Just Those Key Players

The iJoy Total is very much a minimalists massage chair. As such, theres nothing fancy about what it can do when we compare it to other chairs, but it does the simple things right and is able to do so without much fuss or need for space.

Human Touch iJoy Total A Compact Solution

If youre looking for an ultra compact massage chair, the iJoy might just be up your alley.

D Flexglide Rollers On An S

Human Touch Ijoy Robotic Massage Chair Espresso

Quite a bit to talk about here, so lets break it down piece by piece.

Starting with the rollers on the iJoy, these are your typical 2D quad rollers that can move up and down along the vertical and side to side along the horizontal. This 2-dimensional movement is illustrated best in the image below.

Now that you know what 2D rollers are and how they function, lets quickly touch on S-Track. S-Track is essentially a type of roller track where the rollers are able to tightly follow the characteristic S shape of the spine.

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Final Words On Human Touch Chairs

The Human Touch XT2 is the best option and top model as of now.

Thats because the Novo XT2 is the most versatile recliner reviewed, it provides an intense back massage, its customizable, fits a wide array of users, and boasts a built-in music system

Luraco i7 Plus is its closest competitor and is considered the best massage chair right now.

However, if youre looking for a budget alternative, the Kahuna 6800 or Kahuna 7300 are reliable therapeutic chairs.

Human Touch Ijoy Active 20 Massage Chair Features Overview

As Ive pointed out earlier in this Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 review, the selling point of the chair is mimicking the hand techniques of expert massage therapists. There are three ways of motion available: Stretch, Orbit and Glide. Combined, those deliver remarkable results, utilising a range of styles:

  • Stretch relieves tension and muscle aches, which is achieved by lifting and stretching muscles at the same time. There are multiple benefits of stretching, from improving lymph circulation to promoting healthy blood supply to the extremities. The chairs creators also claim that stretching helps flush out toxins and pleasantly stimulate nerve tissue in the area.
  • Orbital strokes present a complex, satisfying combination of seamless glides over the entire spine, reducing back pain considerably. There is absolutely no annoying pinching or excessive friction here, only soothing motions promoting blood circulation and releasing muscle tension.
  • The glide massage techniques deliver constant pressure while also moving up and down your spine. This helps warm up and loosen the muscles, preparing you for a deeper massage session.

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Easy To Use And Master

Speaking of the remote, its got all of a dozen buttons, making it less complicated and easier to master than your average TV remote. The buttons are:

  • Power
  • Stop – Immediately stops the massage.
  • Home Stops whatever massage program is running and returns the chair to its default, upright position
  • Auto-Massage Programs A button associated with four LED lights. Each press of the button will cycle through to one of the four pre-programmed massage options.
  • Range Once your massage has begun, you can use the range button to tweak the vertical massage range, controlling how far the rollers travel along the track.
  • Width This allows you to adjust the rollers to better hit your pressure points. Combined with the range button, these two take the place of the more advanced 3D body scans you find in more expensive massage chairs.
  • Position When using the chair for a kneading massage, these two buttons allow you to adjust the position of the rollers to focus on specific muscle groups.
  • Buttons to select the massage technique for both the upper and lower sets of rollers .
  • And a retract button that retracts the seat massage mechanism into the front of the seat.

The bottom line here is that it will probably take you longer to decide where you want the chair to go and get it ready for first use than it will to master the remote. Youll be enjoying your first massage in no time at all!

Human Touch Ijoy Active 20 Massage Chair Price

Human Touch iJoy-250 massage chair – discontinued

Of course, my Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair review would be incomplete without discussing the price! In the beginning of this review, I promised that the price is significantly below $1000, but just how significantly?

Well, I suggest you grab a seat.

Ok, I warned you! According to my research, on average, the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair retails for $550. Thats right no missed digits anywhere! Theres even more: if you lurk hard enough, you will likely find this device even cheaper, although I wouldnt hope for a discount greater than 10% if youre looking for a brand new massage chair.

As the chair is on a cheaper side, be extra cautious when making a purchase online. Make sure youre dealing with a reputable retailer that will handle your personal details well!

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Pros & Cons Of Ijoy 40 Massage Chair

This is not what wed describe as a feature-rich chair. It doesnt offer heat, body stretching, or advanced massage techniques. It has no airbags, and it doesnt provide a calf or foot massage, so if youre looking for any of those things, this is not the chair you want.

Having said that, the market for the iJoy is pretty self-selecting. If you want the features mentioned above here in our iJoy Massage Chair 4.0 review, then this chair will be a nonstarter. On the other hand, if you:

  • Are a casual or hobbyist user.
  • Dont have a lot of money to spend.
  • And are looking for a chair that can deliver a good quality basic massage.
  • While looking fabulous in whatever room you put the chair in.

Then the iJoy 4.0 belongs on your short list. The more of those four bullets that apply to you, the more youll love this massage chair.

Human Touch Ijoy Total Massage Chair With Flexglide 360 Technology


Human Touch Warranty

What we cover:

Human Touch® products are backed by limited warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. The information provided here is an overview of our warranty program.

Warranty coverage begins at the time the Consumer purchases the product, and is non-transferable. Warranties are only valid within the United States and Canada, provided the equipment has been operated according to the instructions accompanying it. The warranty only applies to the product and does not include any accessories or enhancements. All Human Touch-authorized shipments that are delivered in original, new packaging are warranted to be free from defects in parts, materials and workmanship. The following warranty terms supersede any previous terms listed in Use & Care manuals for products purchased on or after May 15, 2014:

5-Year Limited Warranty 5 year
3-Year Limited Warranty PC-350, WB 7.1, WB 5.1, ZeroG Volito,HT-7120, HT-135, HT-275 , HT-5040, HT-3300, ZG 2.0, ZeroG 3.0, Forti, WB 5.0, WB 2.0 1 year 3 year
2-Year Limited WarrantyiJOY 2720, iJOY 2580, iJOY 2310, iJOY Reveal, iJOY Active 2.0, iJOY 2.1, iJOY 4.0, iJOY Massage Anywhere, iJOY Total Massage 90 days
Perfect Chair Series 2 WarrantyPC-410, PC-500, PC-510
PC-086, PC-085, PC-Rhapsody , PC-Tranquility, PC-8500, PCX-720 1 year
90 days
Targeted Relief Products
Relax The Back Zero Gravity Recliner Warranty Lito
3 year 5 year

What is not covered:

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Qualities Affecting The Price Of A Massage Chair

If you have a limited budget for the gift, you must make the most of it. Finding a massage chair that’s the best at everything yet affordable would be challenging, if not impossible. Therefore, think about what you want from this machine and what qualities of it you can compromise on. Here are some considerations for choosing a massage chair and what you’ll lose by compromising them for the Price.

Human Touch Ijoy Total Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Review * Robotic SALE!

You dont necessarily have to go through a complicated tutorial on operating a massage chair just to experience its benefits. If it can adjust to your physique and preferences, covers your whole body, and performs well, thats more than enough. Although, of course, extra features can make the experience more satisfying and effective.

However, at the end of the day, what matters is you got what you needed from the treatment.

One massage chair that can give you exactly that is the Human Touch iJoy Total Massage Chair. As a model manufactured under one of the top brands in the US, you can expect its design and durability. It guarantees numerous health benefits with simplicity in its system. With its intuitive LCD remote control, you can operate the massage chair and even control its settings.

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