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Massage Envy Franchise For Sale

The Market For Massage & Skincare Franchises Is Huge And Rapidly Growing

Rapid Expansion for Massage Envy Franchise Program
  • Consumers spend between $11 and $12 billion annually on massage therapy.
  • The estimated amount of skin care sales in the U.S. by 2019 is $11B
  • They visit Massage Therapists 140 million times per year.
  • Those who seek therapeutic massage from trained professionals average 7 visits per year.
  • 21% of all Americans have had a massage in the past year.
  • The percentage of Americans using Massage Therapists has doubled since 1997. Doctors are increasingly including massage therapy as treatment.
  • 14% of Fortune 500 companies now offer massage as an employee benefit.
  • The growing population of elderly and aging baby boomers continues to fuel an unprecedented demand for massage therapy.

The Woodhouse Day Spa

The Woodhouse Day Spa goes the extra mile to pamper its customers with a comfy robe, reflexology sandals, and some time in the Quiet Room for a cup of tea before they experience one or more of its many services. The offerings include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, body treatments, sleep treatments, and more. It even spells out 99 Elements of The Woodhouse Experience so customers know theyre getting the same experience at any location.

Founded by Jeni Garrett in Victoria, Texas in 2001 and franchising since 2003, there are now 64 locations , of which two are company-owned and all are located in the US.

Massage Envy Franchise Opportunity

Massage Envy:The demand for massage therapy is booming!The market for massage is huge and growing rapidly.Why Massage Envy is a great business to own.A Truly Unique Approach to MassageInnovative Facility DesignAttractive Membership Pricing StructureAggressive Marketing ProgramsFully Computerized OperationsProfessional Working EnvironmentMultiple Revenue OpportunitiesThis franchise is not currently accepting inquiries.

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Find Out Who The Franchise Owner Is First


Many exciting new changes over the last year with multiple new services added, much needed technology upgrades, and new revenue streams. It has been a year of explosive change and growth as related to services, policies, procedures, and technology that is anticipated to pay off.


Just be careful to investigate who the franchise owner for the clinic is before you go to work for them. Most franchisees are excellent and are very invested in their clinics, while some have zero involvement with their clinics, have NO passion for the business, and no interest in the employees or their futures. These type of owners only care about the money we are making and how fast they can spend it. It is a real shame that this amazing brand allows franchise owners like this in the system. It is a disservice to the brand! The owner of our locations has visited the clinics 3 times in 4 years for 20 minute visits. Sends a pretty clear message to the staff that the owner does not care about them and does not even care to know who they are,

Massage Franchises For Sale

Massage Envy

Massage franchise can offer many job perks compared to self-employment. First of all, the employer handles a substantial part of legal permits, taxes, costs for running the business including for marketing and advertising. Secondly, a lot of massage franchises for sale have a familiar, trustworthy and successful franchise brand name as well as many client loyalty programs like gift card, first time client discount, discount for massage package and others which help attract and retain clients. Thirdly, massage therapy franchises provide flexible scheduling and opportunities to collaborate with other franchisees, sharing the best ideas during seminars and other events organized by a franchisor. And lastly, the franchisor is ready to give a piece of advice and support at every stage of starting the business.Massage services have always been in demand because people look for the ways to relax after tough working hours. Besides, massage is one of good ways to improve health and even cure some of diseases. If you feel like you are ready to own a massage franchise, have a look at our massage franchise list. You can find many spa franchises which offer various massage services. We believe you will choose exactly what you need!

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Franchise Cost And Profitability

According to Entrepreneur, Massage Envys initial investment ranges from $481,400 to $898,700 and a franchise fee of $45,000. Its ongoing royalty fee is 6 percent, and its ad royalty fee is 6 percent.

MassageLuXe is more affordable, requiring a relatively low initial investment that may range from $443,000 to $558,500 and a franchise fee of $42,000. Its ongoing royalty fee also is 6 percent, with an ad royalty fee of 3.5 percent, significantly lower than that of a Massage Envy franchise.

That all means higher profit margins for MassageLuXe owners. On average, each mature MassageLuXe location produces more than 20 percent in profit margin each year based on the information provided in their current Franchise Disclosure Document. Massage Envys website states that franchisees see an average unit volume of $1.21 million annually, but percentage of profit margin is not noted.

How To Open Massage Envy Franchise

Massage Envy Franchise Year Business Began: 2002 Franchising Since: 2003 Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona Estimated Number of Units: 1,170 Massage Envy is one of the national leaders of affordable and convenient Total Body Care services and this could be your chance to join the leading franchise. The continued growth being experienced by Massage Envy makes now

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C Dismissal With Prejudice

As we have explained, the district court was correct to grant Massage Envys motion to dismiss. Still, we must determine whether it was error to dismiss the complaint with prejudice. We review that decision for an abuse of discretion. Gonzalez-Koeneke v. West , 791 F.3d 801, 807 .

Haywood and Holt argue that they can cure any infirmities in their complaint by amending and fleshing out the details of their claims. Crucially, however, they did not request leave to amend their complaint from the district court. They contend that their lack of an explicit request is of no consequence, citing the generally liberal approach to granting leave to amend under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15. See, e.g. , Runnion ex rel. Runnion v. Girl Scouts of Greater Chi. and Nw. Ind. , 786 F.3d 510, 519 .

We disagree. Nothing in Rule 15, nor in any of our cases, suggests that a district court must give leave to amend a complaint where a party does not request it or suggest to the court the ways in which it might cure the defects. To the contrary, we have held that courts are within their discretion to dismiss with prejudice where a party does not make such a request or showing. See Indep. Tr. Corp. v. Stewart Info. Servs. Corp. , 665 F.3d 930, 943 see also James Cape & Sons Co. v. PCC Constr. Co. , 453 F.3d 396, 40001 .

For the foregoing reasons, the district courts order is AFFIRMED.

Sykes, Circuit Judge, dissenting.

* * *

* * *

* * *

A Franchise That Takes Care Of You

Holly Lassak, Franchise Owner of Massage Envy of the Desert, Talks Boost

Franchise Development has available a very rare opportunity for a few qualified prospective franchisees to acquire one or more existing Massage Envy Spas in selected areas. Massage Envy is the pioneer and national leader of affordable and convenient Total Body Care services and this could be your chance to join the leading franchise. The unprecedented growth being experienced by Massage Envy makes now the ideal time to acquire an existing Massage Envy Spa.

We are seeking experienced business professionals to join our franchise team and knowledge of massage therapy is not required to acquire an existing Massage Envy Spa in the following areas ONLY at this time: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Albuquerque, New Mexico, California and Washington. Today Massage Envy has about 1,160 locations in 49 states and 2 international, making it the largest massage therapy franchise in the industry – join us as the brand continues to expand!

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Considering A Massage Envy Franchise Dont Overlook These 26 Important Franchise Fees

Last updated on September 5, 2021in Franchise Fees, Massage Franchise

If you are considering a Massage Envy franchise, dont get blindsided by these 26 important franchise fees .

1. Initial Franchise Fee: $28,000 to $45,000

  • Massage Envy currently charges an initial franchise fee of $45,000 for the right to operate a Massage Envy Business. If this is your second or subsequent Massage Envy franchise, your initial franchise fee for the new Massage Envy Business will be reduced to $35,000.
  • Massage Envy participates in the International Franchise Associations Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, otherwise known as VetFran. As part of VetFran, Massage Envy offers U.S. military veterans discounted initial franchise fees. If you are a veteran, the initial franchise fee is $36,000 for your first franchise. If you are a veteran and you are purchasing your second franchise, your initial franchise fee for the new Massage Envy Business will be $28,000 .

2. Additional Training Fee: $250 per day per person

  • If your Managing Owner fails to satisfactorily complete and pass the required initial training program, then Massage Envy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to require your Managing Owner to attend additional training and Massage Envy will charge you an additional training fee of $250 per day per person.

3. Royalty: 6% of Gross Sales

  • Due Date: Due on the day of each week Massage Envy specifies.
  • Based on Gross Sales during the previous week.
  • Due Date: As incurred.

Join A Growing Movement With The Brand That Does It Best

Steady revenue & membership model

Massage Envy has a consistent, predictable, and recurring revenue through its membership model.

Strong national member base

The self-care movement is growing and so are we. Massage Envy has a strong national member base.

Industry leading average unit volume

Massage Envy has a strong average unit volume in the industry a business of $1.19M. *As per our current FDD.

Largest market share

We are the first and largest massage and spa franchise in the world, with over 1,100 locations.

Strong support & structure

Profit coaching and robust reporting structure focus on unit level economics.

Retail & growth opportunities

Take part in retail growth opportunities that exist through partnerships and global skin care leaders.

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Hand And Stone Massage And Facial Spa

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa offers a monthly membership that saves customers more than a third of what non-members would pay for the same services. It includes one hour-long massage per month , along with discounts on other services and gift cards. In addition to massages and facials, locations also offer hot towel treatments, hair removal, scalp massages, cold stone face massages, and an array of add-ons such as aromatherapy. The company recently adopted Zenoti Software for its point-of-sale, digital marketing, and analytics needs.

Founded by John Marco in 2004 and franchising since 2006, the number of locations has grown rapidly from only 10 in 2008 to the current total of 473 , of which two are company-owned and 31 are located outside the US.

Massage Envy Franchise Opportunities

Massage Envy Franchise Information: 2020 Cost, Fees and ...

What are the massage envy franchise opportunities?


Massage Envy is the first and largest massage and spa franchise in the world, with over 1,180 locations and 2 international as well vastly expanding franchise Opportunities


Retail opportunity through strategic partnership with global skincare leaders


more than 1.51 million


A business of $1.18 million.

  • Over 1.1 million massage sessions performed per month

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An Important Note About Our Methodology

The franchises on this list were ranked according to the number of units in the franchise system. If you are a prospective franchisee searching for franchise opportunities that meet or exceed certain performance benchmarks for sales, profits, and return on investment, please check out this list of Americas Most Lucrative Franchises.

Franchisee Support And Training

MassageLuXe provides franchisees with a turnkey experience, including guidance in all stages of start-up. The company assists with site selection, facility design, third-party financing resource relationships , and more, to make owning a franchise straightforward and relaxed.

Hands-on training starts at MassageLuXe headquarters and flows through franchisee spas prior to opening. The company also provides manuals, videos, and supporting materials through seasoned trainers.

The company gives its owners a big marketing advantage by working with professional marketers to promote locations across the country. This benefits each owner in the form of lower marketing costs and increased marketing reach.

MassageLuXe also supplies franchise owners with management software to coordinate all aspects of the business, including scheduling client services, membership and sales tracking, financial management, and reporting to the owners and the franchisor.

Owners of MassageLuXe franchises also buy into a network of experienced entrepreneurs. Fellow owners are an excellent resource for networking and problem solving. Massage Envy holds classroom and hands-on field training, as well as online training and webinars. Like MassageLuXe and most franchise models, Massage Envy offers owners customized management software and financial administration tools. The brand also provides assistance with site selection, therapist recruitment, and marketing.

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Recent And Expected Growth

The most recent growth figures show MassageLuXe having expanded its reach by 12.3 percent over the last year and by 48.8 percent over the last three years.

Global sales are more than $47,680,081 across 68 units.

MassageLuXes explosive franchise expansion plans involve having 250 spas open by 2024.

According to, Massage Envy is trending downward. The company expanded from 457 units in 2008 to a peak of 1,189 in 2017 but since has dropped to 1,161.

Strip Mall Spa: How Massage Envy Created

Healing Hands are in Demand – Catherine, Bedford Hills Franchise Location

This story appears in the June 28, 2015 issue of Forbes.

For years Rick Davis was a tech executive who helped raise millions of dollars in venture capital. Then he decided to try a different kind of investment. In 2004 he considered buying a fast-food franchise before choosing an alternative: the massage-and-facial franchise chain Massage Envy. In fast food, Davis reasoned, you never know how many customers will walk in the door, but Massage Envy sells one-year memberships for $59.99 to $79.99 a month, which means recurring revenue.

Today Davis owns five Massage Envy clinics in the Seattle area and says 70% of his revenue comes from those membership fees. “I’ve raised big money in Silicon Valley,” says Davis, 59, who went to high school with Steve Jobs and was employee No. 10 at Apple spinoff Claris, “but this is the most successful and fun business venture I’ve ever been in.”

In some ways Massage Envy’s biggest challenges now involve overcoming its own success: For one, it has gotten a lot harder to find qualified massage therapists–its growth has coincided with a decline in massage-school enrollments. More important, the chain is besieged by a slew of fresh competitors.

Massage Envy Spas has grown into the biggest massage franchise, but several competitors have major… expansion plans.

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From The Franchise Disclosure Document Of Massage Envy That Was Issued On April 16 2021

Massage Envy Franchising, LLC offers franchises to operate a personal health business under the name Massage Envy® that offer professional therapeutic massage services, Massage Envys proprietary Total Body Stretch service, hot stone massage therapy, customized facial and/or skin care services , all utilizing a unique process and high-end product line, as well as related products and services through a membership-based program in a distinctive, clean and friendly environment .

Investiment Amount

Massage Envy Franchise Information

Massage Envy Franchise Start-Up Costs Liquid Capital Required

Massage Envy:The demand for massage therapy is booming!The market for massage is huge and growing rapidly.Why Massage Envy is a great business to own.A Truly Unique Approach to MassageInnovative Facility DesignAttractive Membership Pricing StructureAggressive Marketing ProgramsFully Computerized OperationsProfessional Working EnvironmentMultiple Revenue Opportunities

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Massage Retreat And Spa

Massage Retreat and Spa employs only licensed professional therapists to provide a range of spa services such as massages , waxing, facials, and eyebrow/eyelash tinting. Customers can sign up for a month-to-month membership program including either a one-hour massage or a custom facial along with discounts on other services.

Founded by Lee Oberg in 2007, there are currently seven locations. One is franchised and the other six are company-owned locations recently acquired by another company Oberg started called Life Time Fitness. All locations are around Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Haywoods Icfa Claims

Massage Envy Franchise

We analyze ICFA claims of deception under the heightened pleading standard of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 9. Id. Although Haywood brings one ICFA claim alleging unfair practices, that claim still sounds in fraud because it relies upon the same baseline allegation that Massage Envy intentionally misled consumers by hiding information on the length of massage time. Therefore, it too is subject to Rule 9 s requirements. See id. at 737 ). Rule 9 requires the complaint to “state with particularity the circumstances constituting fraud.” Fed. R. Civ. P. 9. That means that it must specifically allege the “who, what, when, where, and how of the fraud.” Camasta , 761 F.3d at 737 .

To state a claim under the ICFA as a private party, Haywood must plausibly allege: a deceptive act or promise by Massage Envy Massage Envys intent that she rely on the deceptive act the deceptive act occurred during a course of conduct involving trade or commerce and actual damage as a result of the deceptive act. Camasta , 761 F.3d at 739 see also815 ILCS 505/10a . “Actual damage” in this context means that Haywood must have suffered actual pecuniary loss. Camasta , 716 F.3d at 739. Additionally, the deceptive act must have been the “but-for” cause of the damage. Mulligan v. QVC, Inc. , 382 Ill.App.3d 620, 321 Ill.Dec. 257, 888 N.E.2d 1190, 1199 .

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