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Belly Massage For Constipation Baby

Keep Those Fluids Coming

Baby Massage For Constipation wind and gas

Fluids are key to keep things moving in your babys digestive tract. If you nurse exclusively, offer a breast to your baby more often. This might also be a good time to introduce a bottle or a cup for older babies. Thats because warm water is helpful for easing baby constipation. Bottle-fed babies can alternate formula milk with warm water.

How Do You Massage A Babys Stomach

The following techniques focus specifically on the digestive system to help promote healthy digestion, and help relieve gas, constipation, and colic. Just be sure not to do them too soon after your baby has eaten. We recommend waiting at least 45 minutes after a feeding before you do a massage.

In order to follow natural digestive movement, most strokes are done from their rib cage down. Likewise, for circular strokes, its best to use a clockwise motion , with your right hand in the lead and your left following behind. For each method, place your baby down on their back right in front of you. Repeat each sequence a few times in 15-minute massage sessions. Well get into the frequency in a bit.

How To Relieve Constipation With Abdominal Massage

This article was co-authored by Muhammad Khan, MD, MPH. Dr. Muhammad Khan is a Gastroenterologist, with over 10 years of experience. Dr. Khan specializes in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, and has a special focus in Therapeutic Endoscopy. He received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate of Medicine degrees from The University of Utah. Dr. Khan completed his residency training at Eastern Virginia Medical School, where he was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha honor society. He then completed his fellowship training at Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital at Stanford University. He is a Fellow of both the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition .There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 240,324 times.

Constipation is a common condition that affects people of all ages. Individuals with constipation have very few bowel movements, such as once every three days, or have stools that may be hard, dry, small, painful, or difficult to pass. Constipation is not typically dangerous and most people experience it only for a short time.

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Help Your Baby Feel Better

Constipation can be uncomfortable, especially for little ones who dont yet have the vocabulary to express themselves or the tools to relieve it on their own. But by giving your baby a massage for constipation, you can help them feel better in no time!

Now that you know the tips and techniques in this article, you can confidently come to your babys aid the next time you see them struggling to poop or showing signs of discomfort.

While giving your baby a massage, remember to use safe, healthy, and hydrating oils, such as our Baby Oil, to nourish their delicate skin and stimulate blood flow in all the right places.

While constipation in babies can be common, a little rocking, twisting, and gentle massaging can make this tummy trouble go away in no time!

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Massage Your Babys Tummy

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Massage can be used to help encourage your babys bowels to move. Before starting any massage on your baby:

  • Ensure the room is warm enough
  • Warm your hands by rubbing them together, or running them under some warm water for a few minutes
  • Create a relaxing environment by performing massage in a comforting room with familiar surrounding, such as favourite toys or music to keep your baby as relaxed as possible
  • Remain relaxed yourself

You can massage over clothing, but for tummy massage, we would recommend you use a little oil and massage directly on the skin. The warmth of the skin to skin contact can be very helpful for constipation as well.

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Kneading Your Belly To Release Constipation

  • 1Recognize the benefits of abdominal massage. If you have constipation, you may be uncomfortable and even in pain. Massaging your abdomen can not only help relieve constipation, but has additional benefits. These include:
  • Minimizing the need for long-term laxative use
  • Relieving gas
  • Reducing the likelihood that you’ll need medical attention for constipation
  • Relaxing you and your muscles, which may ease your bowels.
  • 2Find a comfortable spot for your massage. You may want to lie down to perform your abdominal massage. This can help further relax you and may be easier than standing. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get comfy and perform your massage. Rushing may cause you further stress, which can prevent you from relieving your constipation.
  • Massage yourself in a comfortable and quiet environment such as your bedroom. Turn down any lights and keep noise to minimum to help further relax you.
  • Consider lying in a warm bath. The warm water aids relaxation, which can help relieve your constipation.XResearch source
  • 3Start the abdominal massage. Your intestinal tract is between your hip bones in your lower abdomen. You can massage your belly in any motion or pattern you wish. However, using circular motions may better relieve your constipation.
  • Use the tips of your index fingers to massage the small intestines in clockwise, circular motions around the navel. Repeat a rotation of these circles 3 to 5 times.
  • Stroke your abdomen from the left side to the right
  • Hardening of stools
  • Some Safety Precautions Before Giving A Massage To Your Baby

    Try not to massage your baby right before or after a meal or when she is napping. Remove any jewelry that could catch, rub, or irritate the skin of your infant. Place your infant in the middle of the bed or on the floor, wrapped in a friendly, warm towel. Before contacting your baby, rub the cream or oil in your palms to warm both your hands and the cream. Be aware of your baby’s reaction to each movement, and if she doesn’t like it, stop what you’re doing and embrace her instead.

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    Using Massage For Constipation

    Most people can find constipation relief by drinking more water, getting more fiber in their diet, and exercising more often.

    An abdominal massage for constipation is best for certain people and causes of constipation. This includes:

    • Long-term constipation
    • Constipation with loss of bowel control
    • People with stable spine injuries or disabilities
    • People with brain disorders like Parkinsonâs or multiple sclerosis
    • People who are immobile
    • Older people

    Abdominal massage can help teach your bowel muscles what to do and ease some of your symptoms. Research shows that massaging your abdomen when youâre constipated can help:

    • Ease pain and discomfort
    • Lower the time it takes for waste to move through your intestines
    • Trigger muscle contraction and relaxation

    How To Give Your Baby A Massage

    Baby Massage Tummy Routine! How to Relieve your Constipated and Gassy Baby

    Rub-a-dub, dub!

    A chubby little smile from your baby may melt your heart. And moments of bonding like this can be some of the most enjoyable aspects of parenthood. They also set the stage for your child to forge healthy relationships throughout the rest of their life. Equally beneficial to bonding are routines, since their predictability provides your baby with a sense of security. Another way to strengthen your bond can be by adding something like baby massage to your regular activities. It does just thatand much more.

    In addition to sounding adorable, baby massage has numerous benefits. It can help foster healthy emotional, biological, and behavioral development in a range of ways. In fact, infants who receive regular massages make eye contact with their parents up to 50% more often, smile and vocalize more, and are three times more likely to express themselves in positive manners. Incredible, right?

    And thats just scraping the surface. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of infant massage and, most importantly, how to do six of our favorite baby massage techniques. Your babys tummy will thank you.

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    Tiger In The Tree Hold

    A great alternative tummy time movement.

    Hold baby with their head nestled in the crook of your arm, facing down, or facing out. Your arm should come over the top of baby’s shoulder, diagonally across their body. Hold baby’s opposite thigh gently.

    Try walking slowly around the room. You can also make gentle swings with baby in this hold. Standing straight and bending your knees up and down gently making little dips helps to ease colic, digestion issues and helps you and your baby relax . Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and your jaw soft to encourage your own relaxation. Your baby will respond if you are relaxed as they will feel secure and safe and begin to relax themselves.

    The gentle pressure on their tummy will help to ease your babys tummy and parents time and time again tell me how helpful this has been particularly for colic and reflux.

    A lovely lullaby would be great here so that your baby can hear your voice and be soothed- how about Twinkle twinkle little star?

    Please Remember

    Don’t practice yoga with your baby if they or you are tired, unwell or upset. It is best not to practice straight after a feed. Never force any movements for baby. Watch and listen for your baby’s cues and if they are not happy stop and try again later. Always get the advice of your doctor or health professional before undertaking any physical activity. Please read the medical disclaimer here

    Tummy Rub For Constipation

    Im using a poop massage a couple times a week to help improve bowel motility for Sam, as well. New research has actually shown that a regular weekly poop massage is likely to cut out the use of Miralax totally- no matter what the cause of constipation is. My mother is a massage therapist and while she is especially skilled at giving a poop massage anyone can learn how to do it with a little practice. Here is a simple picture tutorial:

    1. This is the overall direction that you will massaging in, as you move through the outline of the colon or large intestine. You will start your massage on the childs lower left side just in from where you fell their hip bone.

    ***Please note that there is another method for completing this massage, starting on the other side of the colon. Either way is effective, although many massage classes only teach one. This method is taught and used by licenses massage therapists.***

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    The Revelation: Causes Of Chronic Constipation In Children

    A few days later my prayers were answered, literally, when I came across the book, Cure Your Child with Food. The book is filled with solutions to many childhoods ailments including constipation. I couldnt read that chapter fast enough. I was relieved, validated, and mortified all at the same time when the author drove home the point that having a bowel movement once a week was NOT under any circumstances normal.

    As I was reading, Kelly Dorfman, the author sited several of the typical reasons kids often suffer from constipation :

    • Dairy intolerance or sensitivity
    • Low fiber diet
    • With-holding

    As I mentioned before, I had clearly ruled all of these causes out, but then I came to the last reason and all of the stars aligned, bells rang, insert appropriate cliche, and I finally had an answer: Sam was low tone. I cant believe I had missed it, albeit subtle low tone, but, nonetheless, I am an OT, I know all about muscle tone. And, that meant too much fiber was constipating for him, the opposite of what we expect.

    Collecting Data From The Massage Group

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    After placing the orogastric tube in the massage group, abdominal circumference and distension were measured before initiation of the first feeding. Once feedings started, before each feeding meal, follow-up weight, vomiting, GRV measurement, abdominal circumference measurement, abdominal distension measurement , and frequency of defecation, were assessed. Abdominal massage was then administered for 15 minutes at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. within the 5-day study period. The recorded measurements were daily documented on the Follow-Up Form in this period.

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    Abdominal Massage Techniques For Babies And Children

    As is the case with adults, infants and young children who experience stomach upset can derive a lot of benefit from frequent stomach massages. Massaging the abdomen of infants and young children promotes good digestion, can lessen gastric upset, can soothe the muscles and nerves in the area of the massage, and it can bring comfort to the organs that are connected to the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Aside from dietary issues such as food intolerances , the digestive process can become interrupted as a result of significant emotional stress or tension. Abdominal aches, gas, and a feeling of bloatedness are typical reactions to a sudden increase in a feeling of stress.

    How To Massage Your Baby To Help Relieve Gas

    Infant massages focused on gas relief may look a bit different than conventional baby massages. Traditional massage tends to be less focused and involves a lot less pressure. Use the following steps to determine when and how to safely give your baby a massage to relieve gas:

    Consult your doctor. If you suspect that your baby has significant health issues prompting gas, check with a doctor before beginning a massage regimen. Depending on the issue, other remedies may prove more effective. Otherwise, your doctor can provide suggestions for administering a safe massage.

    Massage at the right time. Avoid massages right after feedings, as these can cause vomiting. Massaging tends to be most effective as a gas preventative measure if your baby is already calm. Many parents prefer to incorporate massages in their babiesâ nighttime routine to promote a peaceful atmosphere to help them fall asleep.

    Use oil safely. Some parents prefer to massage their babies while using oil, which reduces friction. But, this is not required. Select an edible oil that will be safe if your baby accidentally consumes it. Coconut oil is a great option, but products marketed to infants may also work, depending on the ingredients. Be sure to test it on a small patch of skin to determine whether allergies might be a problem.

    Techniques for a safe baby massage. Use some of these techniques when you’re giving your baby a massage:

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    When Can You Start Massaging Your Baby

    You can start massaging your baby as early as you like. Just be sure to be extra gentle with a newborn.

    Here are some tips on choosing the right times to massage your baby:

    • Pay attention to your babyâs moods. If your infant seems calm and relaxed and not too sleepy, itâs probably okay to try giving him or her a massage. If your little one seems fussy or isnât in the mood to be handled, it might be best to skip the massage for now.

    • Choose a time thatâs good for both of you. Itâs up to you and your baby when and how often you do this activity together. You may decide to massage your baby in the evening, for example, as part of his or her bedtime routine.

    Donât massage your baby…

    • within an hour after a feed

    • if your baby has a high temperature

    • if your baby shows any other symptoms of illness

    • in the 48 hours after your baby has had an immunisation

    • if your baby has a skin infection

    • just after your baby wakes up.

    Baby Massage Courses Or Classes

    How To Give Baby Massage For Constipation And Tummy Ache

    If you feel hesitant about starting infant massage, or if thereâs anything youâre unsure about, talk to your midwife or health visitor. Besides offering advice about safe massaging techniques, they may also be able to tell you about baby massage courses or classes that are available in your local area.

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    A Belly Rub Brings Back Belly Laughs

    Your babys mood will soon improve after a baby constipation massage. The gentle pressure you place on her abdomen encourages bowel movements. The muscle relief the tummy massage brings also reduces gas pain. If done before nap time, this belly rub also soothes her to sleep.

    To perform a simple baby constipation massage, lay her gently on her back. Warm some coconut or olive oil in your hands. Put your hand an inch or two below her belly button. Massage her with circular, counterclockwise motions. Continue for at least three minutes, switching hands if you get tired.

    You may need to do these massages a few times a day to bring about a change. The good news? The soothing time with your baby is a bonding experience.

    When To Give A Digestion Massage To Your Baby

    Your infant may benefit from a digestion massage if he suffers from any of the following conditions:


    a lot of wind

    Common stomach issues.

    From the age of six weeks, you can give your infant this massage. To get started, all you’ll need is a warm, quiet, and peaceful setting. You also need some good-quality baby massage cream or oil that’s gentle enough for your baby’s delicate skin.

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    How Baby Massage Can Help With Constipation Colic And Gas

    I am the blessed mama of five children, and every one of my babies had tummy troubles.




    Thankfully, I discovered this simple tummy massage when our first baby was an infant, and used it for each of my little ones.

    This baby tummy massage is so effective for relieving discomfort caused by gas, colic, and constipation.

    I want to show you a super simple way to love on your little baby and help relieve his or her tummy ache.

    If your little one is suffering with tummy issues, I hope youll give this colic massage a try.

    Heres a simple tutorial:

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