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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Grand Rapids

Post Surgical Lymph Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage | Deep Tissue Rehab Therapy in Michigan | Christopher Laughhunn LMT

After my lipo I have had a hard and lumpy abdomen . I went for a lymphatic drainage massage and I lust say my abdomen is no longer lumpy or hard I was so happy! I will be going back soon for another thanks so much! Very nice guy and he knows exactly what he is doing! I highly recommend.

Rob is wonderful. Very calming.

Get The Pain Relief Youve Been Searching For

Lymphedema can rule your life, but it doesnt have to. If youre dealing with lymphedema and are searching for relief, your search ends here. Call us at 866-320-3562 or click here to request an appointment at our Grand Forks, Grafton, & Park River in North Dakota or East Grand Forks, Park Rapids, & Detroit Lakes in Minnesota physical therapy office today. Achieve Therapy will help reduce your lymphedema symptoms and improve your daily life.

Welcome To Grand Rapids Wellness


Chiropractic work has relieved our patients from years of vertigo, back, neck, and joint pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, and headaches among many other ailments. Dr. Doug is well known for treating patients with complicated conditions.


Effective and safe, acupuncture treatments utilize fine needles to stimulate our bodys energy. Our practitioners have a minimum of a Masters degree and are trained to treat: pain syndromes, fertility support and womens health, anxiety and depression, sleep disturbances, and promote overall health and wellness.

Massage Therapy

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are professionally trained in medical massage as well as deep tissue therapy. Additionally, they utilize multiple techniques including: Range of Motion, Active Stretching, Cupping, Bamboo Fusion, Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy, Prenatal Massage, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

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Where Do I Start

The best part about lymphatic drainage facial massages is that they are simple and easy to perform on yourself however, you should have professional teaching you each step of the way. You can learn this technique through the Urban You for Me Content that comes with the subscription. Danielle Collins, a world-leading face yoga expert, is one of the professionals who will guide you step-by-step through lymphatic drainage techniques. All of our Urban You For Me experience boxes includes tools such a Jade Rollers and dry brushes for lymphatic drainage. Start your lymphatic drainage at home or at Urban You available at our Northville, MI and Grand Rapids, MI locations.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Is A Natural Approach To Staying Well Preparing The Body For Adversity And Healing After A Disruption In Physical Healththis Light Touch Therapy Is Used To Stimulate The Body’s Delicate Lymphatic System Situated Between Layers Of Skin And Muscle During Pregnancy This System Becomes Challenged As It Is Constricted Into Even Less Space This Why Swelling Comes With Pregnancy Sometimes: The Body Is Moving Fluid And Metabolic Waste Out At A Slower Rate Than Normal So There Is A Backlog

CranioSacral &  MyoFascial Release

Manually stimulating a challenged lymph system can optimize its efficiency and reduce swelling. Regular MLD therapy reduces the body’s risk of creating stretch marks, and can help prepare for, or recover from a Cesarean birth.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is most effective when done in a series by a Certified MLD Therapist.

Single treatments are available upon request at $110/hour.


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How Can A Physical Therapist Help

Your physical therapist will serve as an important member of your health care team and will work closely with you to design a treatment program to help control the swelling and meet your goals for returning to your activities.

In the early stages of lymphedema, when the swelling is mild, it can often be managed by compression garments, exercise, and elevation of the affected limb to encourage lymph flow. For more severe swelling, the physical therapist may use a treatment called complete decongestive therapy. The initial step often includes manual lymphatic drainage, which feels like a light form of massage and helps improve the flow of lymph from your arm or leg. This is followed by compression bandaging that helps to reduce the swelling. Your therapist will carefully monitor the size of the limb throughout your treatment sessions.

Once the limb has decreased to the desired size, your physical therapist will help you begin to take over your own care by:

  • Developing a safe and sensible exercise program that will increase your physical fitness without unnecessarily straining your affected arm or leg
  • Updating your compression garments to ensure proper fitting, working with you to find the type of garment that best meets your needs
  • Educating you about proper diet to decrease fluid buildup in your tissues and skin care to reduce the risk of infection

Best Therapeutic Resource Around

Rob is an excellent therapeutic resource and comes highly recommended. He performs massage, lymphatic, cranial sacral, and unwinding work just to name a few of his gifts/talents. Rob continues to educate himself on the human anatomy and physiology which has enhanced the entire therapeutic experience. I have been a client of Robs for several years, and have had the pleasure of experiencing his professional services and witty demeanor, thanks Rob!

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Wynne D Robinson Lmt Cnmt

After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, Wynne D. worked professionally in Corporate Fitness and Cardiac Rehab before earning her license in Massage Therapy. She worked for Memorial Hospital as a Massage Therapist for 9 years before opening her own private practice, BodyWisdom in 2008.

Wynne D. is certified in Neuromuscular Therapy which can significantly help in the relief of chronic pain due to injury or other chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, etc. She has training in Lymphatic Drainage, European Kinetic Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish as well as other modalities.

Wynne D is a proponent of massage for relieving physical as well as emotional stress and strongly believes in massage as a viable modality for enhancing overall health and well being.

Anna K Massage Client

Welcome to Michigan Clinical & Therapeutic Massage

Megan has been an integral part of my pregnancy & postpartum journey. She has an incredible knowledge of the human body and the changes women go through during this time. More importantly, I have always felt comfortable and cared for with her. Getting a massage from Megan is both a healing and self-care experience every new mom should have.

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The Beauty Of Lymphatic Drainage

Lets face it: Theres nothing sexy-sounding about the term lymphatic drainage. But its a critically important part of healing in order to achieve optimal health and beauty.

The bodys second circulatory system consists of lymph nodes, a connecting network of lymphatic tissues, and helpful components such as the thymus, spleen, tonsil and bone marrow. The lymphatic system helps to deliver nutrients and filter out water, proteins, waste products, and other debris of cell metabolism.

The body itself is an amazing machine and has the ability to naturally heal itself, providing that we dont abuse it, says Jennifer Burton, a licensed esthetician, massage therapist and OrangeTwist HydraFacial specialist. The problem is our lifestyles. We overdo, overstress and overeat, all in the name of overachieving. Also we dont get the required amount of rest to let our body repair itself at night. As a consequence our body begins to suffer, and we can experience poor health. Many of us dont even know anything about our lymphatic system and how we can unknowingly cause a shift in our health without even giving it a thought.

Chronic illnesses, surgeries, getting sick and cardio-pulmonary issues can affect the balance of the lymphatic system as well. Cancer, too, throws it way out of whack. In fact the very conventional therapies used to treat cancer can cause the stagnation of fluid buildup, as well as the cancer disease itself, Jennifer says.

With Mallory Feyen Nd

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

This therapy is a combination of surface and deep tissue work within the lymphatic system throughout the body to break up lymphatic congestion. The massage techniques are used to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid through the channels laid out throughout the body. For it is the lympathic fluid that is the natural filter to remove toxins and waste products from the body.

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What To Expect On Your First Visit

Before your first visit, please have your physician send your health history, as well as any relevant information regarding your main concern, to our office. Bring a list of current medications to your initial visit and be prepared to answer general health questions.

The lymphedema program is located in at Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion on Michigan Street at Coit Avenue. Look for parking ramp entry marker No. 5.

Complimentary valet parking is available Monday to Friday, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Although a physician referral is preferred, patients can make their own appointments. To make an appointment, please call Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Rachel M Massage Client

Inhouse Massages  Grandville Medical and Laser Clinic

I experienced a lot of aches and pains in my pregnancy, particularly in my lower back, and Megan was a Godsend in easing my discomfort. She was always very thorough and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Megan provides the peace and relaxation that all mamas need!

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Jill Kristin Berkana Lmt Bctmb

Professionals RECOGNIZE and RESPECT Board Certification. It symbolizes commitment, dedication, and expertise. Massage therapists who are Board Certified have gone above and beyond licensurethey have achieved more than minimum requirements. You can expect more from professionals who chose to become Board Certified.

How Is It Diagnosed

Your physical therapist will review your medical history and medications and perform a thorough physical examination that includes the following information:

  • Your actual weight compared with your ideal weight
  • Measurements of your arms and legs
  • How well youre able to do activities of daily living
  • History of edema, previous radiation therapy, or surgery
  • The time between surgery and when you first noticed the swelling
  • Other conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, or phlebitis

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What Kind Of Physical Therapist Do I Need

Although all physical therapists are prepared through education and experience to treat a variety of conditions, you may want to consider:

  • A physical therapist who is experienced in treating lymphedema
  • A physical therapist who has completed special training in lymphedema management and has advanced knowledge, experience, and skills that may apply to your injury

At Advent Physical Therapy, we have physical therapists specially trained to help you manage your pain and swelling from lymphedema. Want to know how physical therapy can improve your level of comfort and ability to participate in the activities you enjoy? Contact Us Today at Ada, Byron Center, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hastings, Rockford, Walker, Kentwood & Jenison, MI Centers. to schedule your consultation and start down the road to a better quality of life today.

I have been to many physical therapy offices and this one is the absolute best, hands down! Not only does the staff work on resolving the immediate problem but they also recommend ways to improve overall body functioning to prevent further injuries in the future. I wont go anywhere else.

Tiffany B

Megan Denio Lmt Reiki Practioner Cupping

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Downtown Austin

From a young age, Megan knew she wanted to be a healer. Hoping to establish a practice focused on mind, body and spirit as a whole, her journey into Massage Therapy began.

Megan graduated from the Institute of Sanative Arts in Grand Rapids, MI in 2016. During school she was trained in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Mind-Body Integration, Lymphatic Drainage and Stretching and Movement Therapy. Since then, she has been certified in Reflexology, Reiki, Cupping, Acupressure & Meridian Therapy as well as other various modalities.

Megan customizes each massage to allow for you to live your life with more ease and comfort. She believes in the benefit of individualizing each session according to your needs with the many modalities she practices.

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How Can Physical Therapy Help Lymphedema

Although there is no cure for this condition, physical therapy is a safe and natural option to manage lymphedema symptoms. A physical therapist can use several methods to help relieve your pain and teach you how to decrease the frequency you experience at home.

At Achieve Therapy in Grand Forks, Grafton, & Park River in North Dakota or East Grand Forks, Park Rapids, & Detroit Lakes in Minnesota, our physical therapist will complete a thorough analysis of your condition and will design a customized treatment plan to treat your specific case of lymphedema. This plan will be dependent upon your physical evaluation, health history, and the severity of your symptoms. For lymphatic treatment plans, the focus will be put strongly on manual therapy and light exercises for pain relief.

Our therapist may use manual therapy. One special type of manual therapy is referred to as manual lymph drainage, and is commonly used for patients with lymphedema. Manual lymph drainage encourages the flow of lymph fluid in your upper and lower extremities. This might also be accompanied by additional massages to increase circulation and provide relief.

Your exercise plan created by one of our Grand Forks, Grafton, & Park River in North Dakota or East Grand Forks, Park Rapids, & Detroit Lakes in Minnesota physical therapists will involve gentle contractions of the muscles to regain function and improve your range of motion. Exercising the affected limb often also encourages lymph fluid drainage.

How To Optimize Your Lymphatic System

When you keep your lymphatic system in good working order, you improve your overall immunity. The best way to do this is through exercise. Our bodies were made to move and walking fills this need perfectly, Jennifer says.

She also suggests:

  • Taking very hot or cold showers to help stimulate the circulatory system.
  • Eliminating dairy products, which produce mucus and result in increased stagnation.
  • Consuming apple cider vinegar, which supports the immune system.
  • Reducing protein intake to just 10% of your overall diet, because excess protein causes uric acid to build up in the body, which slows kidney function, forcing waste to seep out through the skin. At that point we are susceptible to skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne, cell mutation and many autoimmune diseases, says Jennifer.
  • Eating more whole, raw foods such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Sweating in an infra-red sauna is also a helpful detox technique.

And of course, regular MLD sessions help keep the system running smoothly.

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What Is Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your bodys immune system. Hundreds of lymph nodes throughout your body connect and coordinate to drain fluid and remove bodily waste. Sometimes, something can block your lymphatic system, and fluid can build up. Thats where lymphatic drainage comes in. In short, lymphatic drainage is a special massage technique that releases pent-up fluid and reduces inflammation. This method can be used anywhere on the body. When used on the face in conjunction with the lymphatic vessels located there, lymphatic drainage can give you a five-minute facelift!

What Is Lymphedema

Grand Rapids Wellness

Are parts of your body swollen, tight, or hard to the touch? In some cases, individuals with lymphedema are already aware of their condition. In others, they may need a bit of education to know where to turn for pain relief.

The lymphatic system is an essential part of your immune and circulatory systems, so when it is not working properly, lymphedema can occur.

Lymphedema is categorized as a swelling condition that typically occurs in the upper or lower extremities, due to an excessive buildup of lymph fluid.

Your lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system, and it is a network of vessels that carry lymph fluid towards the heart.

When there is a blockage in your lymphatic system, you may experience swelling of your arms or legs as the fluid is not able to drain properly. Improper drainage results in a build-up of the lymph fluid in your arms and legs, which can present possible health risks when it is left untreated.

Thankfully, there is an option available to you to manage your pain symptoms if youre dealing with this condition, physical therapy. Contact Achieve Therapy and Fitness today and request an appointment let us help you find the relief you deserve.

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What Can I Expect:

Depending on how congested your lymph system really is, the experience can range from relaxing to somewhat painful. Not really meant to be a relaxing massage, as the technique is to go deep and break apart any congestion. The more congested the lymph, the more uncomfortable it can be. It is a heavy detox for the body, as the congestion in the lymph is in fact waste or toxins that have built up and stopped the flow of fluid. So as it is broken up through the massage, and the fluid is allowed to flow as it should, it will carry those stored up toxins through the channels to the nearest elimination channel available. This is why it is important to drink lots of water afterwards to help that flow of fluids and flush it out as quickly as possible.

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