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Where To Get A Swedish Massage

What Is A Swedish Massage

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A Swedish massage works by releasing muscle tension loosening those taut, knotted muscles that are under strain from work or exercise. It uses a combination of long strokes, kneading and circular movements to relax, stimulate and promote blood flow.

The result? Sheer bliss. As the Western standard massage therapy, Swedish massage is the perfect tonic to those aches and pains the sort you get from hunching over a computer for eight hours a day.

You can trace its origins to the early 1800s, when the founder of the Swedish gymnastic movement, Pehr Henrik Ling, created a regimen of pressing and kneading motions to relieve his own chronic muscle pains. But some also credit the treatments invention to Dutch practitioner Georg Mezger, who pioneered the specific techniques and motions we know today.

Whether or not Swedish massage is really Swedish is therefore debatable. But if youve got back, neck or shoulder issues, then forget about the origin story Swedish massage could be just what you need.

May Improve Sleep Quality

Relaxation techniques are recommended for sleep disorders, particularly those related to anxiety, according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. If Swedish massages help you relax, you may consider regular sessions to decrease anxiety and stress.

Over time, you might find improvements in sleep. However, more clinical research is needed to determine whether Swedish massage can actually help improve sleep.

History Of Swedish Massage

Contrary to its name, Swedish massage is neither originated in Sweden nor was it created by a Swede gymnast called Peter Henry Ling.

There is much debate regarding the origin of the massage therefore, it is highly common to mistake the origination between either Peter Henry Ling or the Dutch practitioner Johan Georg, who is with verified credibility considered as the man who systemized basic massage movements into what we know it as today Swedish massage.

The Swedish massage has its foundation based upon physiology as well as the understanding of western anatomy, unlike the Asian-massage which relies primarily on energy.

A universal label for Swedish massage is âclassical massage,’ a term much more commonly utilized not only in Europe but also in the United States. Somewhere along the 19th century, the Swedish Movement system became affiliated with the classical massage.

Since the Swedish movement system was run by Peter Ling, we come to know where the consistently inaccurate association between Ling being the inventor of the classical massage began.

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Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Massage: Class Dismissed

When it comes to Swedish vs deep tissue massage, theres room in the world for both modalities to co-exist. The question is: Is there room on your schedule for your next massage?

Whether you prefer Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, or another type of massage, youll find everything you want at Apres Massage & Facial in West Vail, Colorado.

Give us a call at 970-445-2114 to book your appointment or browse our massage menu to learn more!

What Is Swedish Massage And What Are Its Benefits

Swedish Back Massage

Swedish massage is the widely recognized and commonly used category of massage. The term Swedish massage is actually only recognized in English and Dutch-speaking countries and in Hungary. In all other countries, the style is referred to as classic massage.

In this article, well be looking at the history and development of Swedish massage, what techniques are used as part of it, and what their benefits are.

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Swedish Massage In Brea Ca

Considered the traditional modality of modern massage, Swedish massage has simply lasted the test of time thanks to the great benefits of healing touch. If you have ever had a massage, chances are you have experienced at least some form of Swedish massage.

The Swedish modality has one main focus: relaxation. However, through soft, long strokes and touches of effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement, Swedish is also therapeutically beneficial by relieving muscle tension, increasing blood flow to critical areas and breaking down scar tissue.

This modality was first developed by a Swedish doctor, Dr. Per Henrik Ling, though it possesses more than just Swedish influence. With techniques borrowed from several countries, including China, Egypt, Greece and more, Swedish massage is worldly in nature and combines many practices to create a massage experience that has become popular for good reason. Swedish massage is very therapeutic and very relaxing.

Each massage session at Elements Massage Brea is meant to achieve the same objectives, be therapeutic and relaxing. When a client requests a Swedish massage at an Elements Massage studio, they also have the benefit of requesting aspects of other modalities as well, such as deep tissue massage or hot stone massage. Rather than keep each massage session limited to one particular modality, Elements Massage studios customize each massage to the clients needs and blend modalities to ensure a truly personalized session.

Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Massage

Although the core foundations of Deep tissue massage can be found within Classical massage therapy yet there is a significant difference between the two each of which serves specifically set purposes.

The below-mentioned information can be of help to better understand which one would best suit you.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage or better known as âclassical massageâ aims at overall helping the body relax via a full-body massage experience by decreasing tension knots trapped within the anatomy of clients.

A combination of massage intensities, mostly subtle, as well as different massage types, are utilized to provide a full-body relaxing experience.

The entire body of clients is targeted by massage therapists during a Swedish massage.

Within the Classical massage therapy, a mixture of strokes including kneading, stretching, tapping, rolling as well as different length strokes are delivered to clients.

Sensitive body areas under the Classical massage are best managed with subtle massage pressure whereas core body-parts like the lower back are dealt with comparatively higher intensity to energize the body better while de-stressing it.

Circular hand motions are best utilized by massagers in trying to deliver optimal relaxation to their clients, and the utilization of knuckles happens very rarely since the objective is relaxation and comfort rather than recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage

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The Best Place To Get A Swedish Massage In Denver

Getting a Swedish massage can help you relieve the stresses of life. The long, flowing strokes of the Swedish massage are known to reduce muscle tension and increase joint mobility. These sessions can also reduce tension headaches and reduce stress. A regular massage will improve your quality of sleep, helping you feel more relaxed. A Swedish massage is a great way to help your immune system and restore your energy levels. The best place to get a Swedish massage in Denver is at Zen’d Out Massage. Zen’d Out Swedish Massage offers the massage services at the best rates.

It’s the best way to relax and rejuvenate your body after a long day at work or at home. The soothing strokes of a Swedish massage will leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and rejuvenated. Even if you’re not feeling well, a Swedish massage will improve your mood and relieve stress. It will also relieve tension buildup and allow you to rest more soundly. If you’re tired of sitting in front of your computer, you and your significant other should schedule a relaxing session at a Denver spa.

Reasons To Get Swedish Massage Therapy

How to Give a Massage

Taking a massage is like recharging your body and soul. You will wonder if you come to know about the enormous benefits of getting massage therapy. We all work only hard to have a healthy and happy life. Working without taking rest won’t give you a healthy lifestyle. Spend your precious time resting by getting massage therapy. In this blog, we have discussed the reasons to get Swedish massage therapy. If you are searching for a Massage in Anna Nagar, then get into Le Bliss Spa and enjoy your Swedish massage.

What is Swedish Massage Therapy?

Swedish massage is the only massage that includes almost all the massage techniques. The Swedish massage techniques are effleurage, strokes, compressing, pressing, kneading, pulling, circular movements, soothing, hitting, and tapping. Swedish massage has been followed for many years. This massage helps you in reducing body pain and relax your body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Per Henrik Ling is the person who designed this Swedish oil massage. Let us discuss the benefits of a Swedish massage. If you are seeking a Massage Centre in Velachery, then walk into Le Bliss Spa which renders you with the best massage service.

Know the physiological effects of massage therapy by booking your appointment today

Benefits of Swedish massage

Swedish massage has many health benefits and lets us discuss some things among them. Get all the benefits of a Swedish massage by stepping into Best Spa in Chennai.

Removes muscle pain

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The Father Of The Swedish Massage

The man credited with inventing the Swedish massage is Per Henrik Ling, who was born in Sweden in 1776. A colourful character, Ling was at various time a gymnastics teacher, a fencing instructor and a man of letters. As the story goes, Ling was eager to help the Swedish king of the time to get his troops in shape after a failed military operation. The method he developed focused on the benefits of specific physical movements, and although the relationship between instructor and subject at the time wouldnt have been very hands-on, Ling established what Swedish massage has become famous for: the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing, as well as the healing and curative benefits of the method.

Can I Use Digital Payments To Pay For A Massage

Many massage therapists accept digital payments through Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, Zelle and other online platforms. Even businesses that do not typically accept digital payments may be changing their methods to practice social distancing. Just check with your massage therapist before the appointment to see how they handle payments.

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Difference Between Swedish And Deep Tissue Massages

While the most commonly requested massage is the Swedish variety, deep tissue massages are best for small muscle injuries and chronic muscle problems, but that’s not the only way these two versions of massage are different.

Deep tissue massage, as the name would imply, focuses on deeper tissue structures of muscles, and massage therapists apply deep tissue massage will apply a strong, constant pressure against the muscle until it pushes back and relaxes, providing relief to deep areas of tension in specific muscles.

Deep tissue massages are better than Swedish massages for treating sports injuries, soreness from poor posture , and chronic spasms, but Swedish massages are often more comprehensive and relaxing than deep tissue massages.

Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Massage: Which Is Better

Swedish Massages In Tucson At Lotus Massage &  Wellness

by Amy Rogers | Mar 1, 2022 | Massage

Whats your usual response when someone asks you which you prefer: Swedish vs deep tissue massage?

If your stress levels are particularly high, you might reason that a Swedish massage is more relaxing. On the other hand, if youre more of the no pain, no gain type, you might argue that deep tissue is the most therapeutic type of massage.

The other possibility is that youve heard a lot about both types of massage, but youre still not sure which is best for your body.

Were here to set the record straight. Keep reading to learn about how Swedish and deep tissue massages are similar, what makes them different, and how you can decide which treatment to book.

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Massage Therapy Risks And Warnings

While getting a Swedish massage can improve your well-being, there are several conditions that may cause them to be harmful to your health. Individuals with active infections, skin diseases, osteoporosis, healing fractures, diabetes, hemophilia or cardiac conditions should check with their doctor before receiving a massage.

In addition, people with varicose veins, blood clots or women who are pregnant may be at greater risk if massaged. If you have any doubt, it’s always best to get medical clearance from your physician beforehand.

In addition, while the research remains inconclusive, many massage therapists feel that their techniques can lead to the release of toxins into your bloodstream. Because of this, it’s commonly recommended that people receiving a massage drink a lot of water for the remainder of the day to help their liver and pancreas process any excess toxins. Doing so may help you avoid feeling nauseous, fatigued or excessively sore afterward.


What Happens During A Deep Tissue Massage

Before a deep tissue massage, you will discuss your problem areas with your therapist. A deep tissue massage can be full-body or focused only on one area. You will begin lying on your back or stomach and under a sheet. Its up to you to determine your level of undress.

Deep tissue massages begin as a more traditional relaxation massage. After the muscles are warmed up, your massage therapist will begin to work deep into your problem areas.

In addition to their palms, finger tips, and knuckles, your therapist may use their forearms or elbows to increase pressure.

Its important to be open with your massage therapist about the level of pressure and discomfort you wish to endure. This may be different for certain areas and throughout the massage. Feel free to communicate with your massage therapist before and during the massage.

Some massage therapists find pain to be counterproductive to the process and expect you to speak up if the pain is too much.

You should expect a fair amount of soreness in the days following your deep tissue massage. Your therapist may recommend treating with:

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May Treat Low Back Pain

While Swedish massage may help with low back pain, theres conflicting scientific evidence regarding its benefits.

Some research suggests that massage therapy in general provides only temporary relief, according to the found that Swedish massage was indeed helpful in alleviating low back pain in nurses.

However, this may not be an ideal treatment for chronic low back pain, as determined by one that found massage reduced only the perception of pain. Another 2008 study suggests that Swedish massage may help low back pain only if people also exercise.

The Development Of Swedish Massage

How to: Back Massage – Best Techniques from a Massage Therapist

The original development of Swedish massage is often credited to Pehr Henrik Ling, a pioneer of the teaching of physical education in Sweden. While Ling did found the Royal Central Gymnastics Institute in Sweden and was instrumental in developing calisthenics and free calisthenics, there is little or no evidence that he developed a new system of massage.

The basis of Swedish massage seems to have been developed from Chinese and Geek massage techniques by the Dutch practitioner Johann Georg Mezger, who is also responsible for applying French terms to name the basic strokes.

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Usual Swedish Massage Time Period

If you are new to the world of receiving massages by professionals then it is best advised to opt for a classical massage since all other massage niches further, specialize in massage techniques utilized within the Swedish massage.

The ideal time for being able to reap the results of the Classical massage is divided between 75 to 90 minutes.

A typical Swedish massage session consists of an hour worth of massage which targets the entire body while the additional few minutes allow the therapist to deliver a more muscle targeting experience or aid in alleviating problematic body pains.

Is Swedish Massage Safe During Pregnancy

We often get asked whether Swedish massage is safe during pregnancy. Its not just safe, its actually the recommended type of massage if you are pregnant in your second or third trimester. Your massage therapist will put you into a comfortable seated position or have you lie on your side for your Swedish massage.

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About Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but it goes farther and is intended for a different purpose.

Deep tissue massage is best suited for:

  • athletes

Deep tissue massage targets the inner layers of your:

  • muscles
  • tendons
  • fascia, or dense connective tissue

Deep tissue massage uses many of the same stroking and kneading movements as Swedish massage, but theres far more pressure. This pressure can sometimes be painful.

In order to reach the deep muscle tissue, a therapist will massage layer by layer of muscle, applying more and more pressure and employing special techniques with the fingers, fists, and maybe even elbows to reach and stretch that deep tissue.

This type of massage facilitates healing by releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. It can help increase blood flow to the soft tissues and may help to reduce inflammation.

What Is A Traditional Thai Massage

Swedish Massage isn

Traditional Thai massage is a different experience if youve only ever had a Swedish or deep tissue massage. In Thai massage, you wear loose-fitting clothing and start by lying on a mat. Throughout the massage, the therapist moves your body into various seated and prone positions, which stretch and release your muscles and soft tissue. Although your body is moving, the therapist is doing all the work, making it feel similar to supported yoga. The massage therapist will bend, stretch, and compress and lengthen your body using their hands, forearms, elbows and even feet. Dont be alarmed by the feet! Many studios have overhead supports that allow the practitioners to safely walk on your back, releasing tight adhesions and promoting ease. Thai massage can be both invigorating and relaxing. It is an excellent option for keeping your muscles in good health if you regularly work out, or if you want to overcome a lack of flexibility. Studies show that Thai massage can increase blood circulation, improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension and enhance mental well-being.

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