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Where To Buy Massage Tools

Style Of Massage Heads

Dr. Berg’s Massage Tool: what is it used for?

Every device will have massage heads but they vary greatly between devices. For example there are massagers with soft silicone bristles and others with metal spindles.

Consider the style of scalp massage you want, soft and gentle, or powerful and intense? This will help you narrow down your choices.

A Rechargeable Massager With More Than Two Hours Of Power To Help You Get Through Seemingly Endless Conference Calls That Could’ve Been An Email Sorry My Wi

Promising review: “My husband was initially mocking my purchase as another gimmick but I’ve turned him into a believer! We both work from home and when I can tell he’s stressed out I just walk up behind him with this massager and start using it on his back and neck and he melts into a puddle. It’s far more powerful than I thought it would be. I use it for myself on the lowest setting but my husband prefers it on the max. We’ve had it for months and it works just as well as when I first got it. The charge lasts for a long time. Very impressed!” Amy K

Get it from Amazon for $45.99.

Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager

A strong and sturdy electric massager you can use in the shower

With two speed settings and a gentle vibration, this sturdy massager from Vanity Planet is highly versatile.

It can be used dry or wet, as its waterproof, meaning you can enjoy the various settings while washing your hair, too.

With flexible rubber tips its gentle, however you can control the intensity easily as it fits neatly in the palm of your hand.

It was observed that it was the best scalp massager for long and thick hair due to the design.

Some did report a little rust after regular shower use, however it appeared to be easily solved simply by drying the battery compartment after each use.

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Other Products We Considered

Loptons Medical Stain Steel Gua Sha Tool is best for those with leg injuries or soreness. The tool arrives in a small pouch for safekeeping. Despite being somewhat thin, the stainless steel holds up to applied pressure. However, this tool is not recommended for those who havent used similar massage tools before.

Theraflow Dual Foot Massager Roller Tool

APTONIA Hand Massage Tool: Buy APTONIA Hand Massage Tool ...

The feet are one of the most neglected parts of the body. They get used constantly and barely get any love. And, they contain the nerve endings for almost every part of the body. But you can change all that with the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller. In the world of massage tools, this product is pretty unique because it allows you to work both your feet at once. Its a wooden product that has 10 self-moving rollers all you have to do is stand on top and move your feet backwards and forwards.

It works because each roller is covered in small, hard nubs that apply pressure to different parts of your feet. There are two treatment modes acupressure and kneading which offer different results. But to sum the product up, its one of the most effective ways of treating problems with your feet at home. If you have poor circulation, severe foot pain, or just spend a lot of time on your feet, youll absolutely love this product. You may also like some of these amazing heating pads from our list. Take a moment to check them out.

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A Foot Massager And Exfoliator It Can Feel Like A Total Treat Seriously Squirt Some Body Wash From Afar Onto This Brush Then Use It To Massage Your Feet Then Rinse You Don’t Even Have To Bend Down For It

Promising review: “A perfect shower complement. The FootMate anchors well, making it easy to use. The gel lathers up quickly and makes the foot massager more effective. All-in-all, soothing and energizing at the same time. Ahhhhhhhh! I highly recommend this.” KATHRYN

Get it from The Grommet for $39.95.

How To Choose The Best Handheld Massager For You

When it comes to figuring out which is the best handheld massager for you, there are some things to consider…

Versatility and focus areasSome massagers are only good for one or two areas of the body, while others can work a far greater number of muscle groups. Additionally, some massagers are only work skin deep, while others deliver a deep tissue massage.

Typically, the more powerful massagers are filled with more mechanical parts. This often makes them heavier so it might be difficult to hold them for long periods. They also tend to be more expensive.

Massagers built for simple relaxation usually use vibration or non-mechanical means in order to relax your muscles. These devices are lighter, so you wont strain your arms as much as you would with a heavy percussive massager.

Heat settingsHeat therapy helps to relieve pain in sore muscles, and it could help improve blood circulation to further reduce tension. This isn’t a common feature in massagers, but it’s very soothing.

PowerSome handheld massagers need to be plugged into an outlet while others are battery operated. Battery powered massagers give you more freedom to move around during a session since you won’t have to sit close to a power outlet.

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Why Dr Berg Developed This Unique Self

It all started when Dr. Bergs usual go-to person for massage in his clinic was out of the office.

He had been having some challenging problems, causing tension and pain to build up in his neck and shoulders. This happened from time to time, but he always had help resolving it quickly.

Not this time. She was out of the office and no one else was available. I wish I could just get another pair of my own hands, he thought.

Then the light bulb went on in his head.

Thats when Dr. Berg started designing his self-massage tool designed after his own hands and his knowledge of acupressure.

But in addition to being effective, it also had to be something that super-easy to use. Especially on the back and neck, which are hard to reach.

So he came up with his tripod design that would stay stable on any surface. So you can lean back on it in a chair or lay down on it in bed. Now anyone could use it anywhere on their body including their hard-to-reach areas. You can even use the tool on your feet.

Then Dr. Berg made it fit 3 different sizes. Because as a chiropractor he knew it had to fit every size and shape, just like his patients.

A Note About Jade Rollers

Gua Sha Tools – Which one is best for you?/ Massage Therapy/ Graston/ IASTM

Jade rollers have similar benefits to facial gua sha tools. They help drain lymph fluid which, when excessive, can increase the appearance of puffiness. Using a jade roller can improve circulation, increase skin firmness, and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. Jade rolling is less time-consuming than gua sha therapy and a nice on-the-go option if youre pressed for time. In fact, some gua sha scraping tool sets include a jade roller.

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Healthandyoga Palm Urchin Massage Tool

If youre looking for a budget self-massage tool, the HealthAndYoga Palm Urchin is one of the best. Its a uniquely-shaped tool that has been scientifically designed to relieve muscle pain. When you pick it up, youll notice immediately how well it fits into the palm. Its designed this way to give you maximum control, even when youre using oils and creams. Then, there are four legs with angled knobs on the end to work different muscles at the same time. It is kind of hand-shaped but is much more effective because its so rigid.

Its made from acrylic, which not only makes it strong but means that its easy to wash. This is especially important because its designed for both self-use and for professional massage therapists. When you are using oil and have to wash down the equipment after every use, it needs to be easy to clean. The only small complaint that people have is that it breaks relatively easy when its being transported. Because of the shape, this is to be expected. Just make sure you wrap it up carefully and dont knock it around in your bag.

Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller

Foam rollers can improve flexibility and mobility in a muscle, fascia, or joint by decreasing muscle tension or tone, and by increasing blood flow in the treated area. The TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller is exceptionally well constructed, durable, and dense. It holds up to endless hours of myofascial release rolling, and the textured ribbing helps work through knots and adhesions in your tissue. Its ideal for massaging your calves, quads, hamstrings, IT bands, back, and shoulders.

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Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Prices

Gua sha scraping massage tool prices range between£2 and £32 depending on the quality of material and the size of the set.

You can find a number of quality gua sha tools under £10. Most of these options are made from jade or rose quartz. On the cheaper end, there are more individual tools and fewer sets. While its perfectly possible to use one gua sha tool for the body, its beneficial to have a set if you plan on doing gua sha facials. Pieces with smaller ridges can better accommodate the ridges on the face, such as the nose bridge and jawline.

For £10 to £20, you can purchase a multi-piece set. These sets often include a larger scraping tool for the body, a smaller tool for the face, and a jade roller for the face. Along with jade and rose quartz, youll encounter gua sha tools made from stainless steel in this price range.

For £20 to £30, you will find gua sha scraping tools of very high quality. Some tools at this price are made of medical-grade stainless steel. You will also find sets with multiple pieces. Few gua sha tools cost greater than £30. Those that do are usually made of the highest quality of jade or stainless steel. However, you dont need to splurge to get good results.

A Pair Of Massage Balls To Roll Over Tense Spots Or You Can Bribe A Loved One To Use To Work On Those Knots You Can Also Pour Oils In It For The Rubdown : Buy Natural Jade Facial Massage Roller ...

Promising review: “Oh wow. I had such a crick in my neck and shoulder that I couldnt relax my arm. My husband worked the area with the roller and what a difference it made. It really worked on that muscle and feels so much better. I definitely recommend trying this if you have a knot or tight muscles.”

Get them from Amazon for $11.99.

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Shop Massage Machine Online

Discover the amazing deals Jumia Ghana brings to you on Massage Tools and Equipment. Buy a Massage Body Machine today and Relax your tissues and decrease pain. Find your preferred Head Massage Tool, Head Massage Machine , Hand Massage Machine, Trigger Point Massager, and many more high-quality massage tools and equipment at affordable prices.

A Nubby Massage Ball To Roll Under Your Old Dogs To Help Relieve Pain From Plantar Fasciitis And Just General Soreness

Promising review: “One of the great benefits this is portableI I use this at my desk at work for my plantar fasciitis and then I slip it in my purse and use it at my computer desk at home or while sitting and watching television. I find these much better than using golf balls, which are about the same size, because this doesn’t slip, doesn’t roll away, and it doesn’t feel quite as hard against my heel bone.” katjane

Get it from Amazon for $5.06.

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Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick Combo

This set from Physix comes with a roller stick and two massage balls that you can use to reduce muscle soreness, increase blood flow, maintain muscular strength and improve your range of movement by simply rolling over trigger points. You can also trap the balls between your body and the floor or wall to achieve a release by applying a consistent amount of pressure. A godsend for recovery, this is an excellent quality roller set that is especially useful for athletes but will be no less joyful on average aches and pains.

Best For Neck And Shoulders: Naipo Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

Massage Tools that I use in my practice

While it may look like a scarf at first glance, it does much more than keeping your shoulders warm. Complete with three levels of intensity, Naipos Shiatsu Massager features both heat and Shiatsu kneading functions.

Primarily originating from Japan, the Shiatsu technique focuses on pressure points, aiming to restore balance in the body. While its ideal for shoulders, it can also be used on your back, neck, or thighs.

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Breo Idream3 Head Massager

A handsfree scalp massage? What more could you want!

If you dont want to have to roll a massager around your own scalp, then invest in the Breo iDream3 and itll do all the work for you.

This fully adjustable wearable scalp massager focuses on three areas, your scalp, upper neck and your temples for a truly enjoyable massage.

You adjust the device through a separate remote control, using the air release button to get the fit and then the intensity youre looking for.

The battery life of the device is impressive, and purchasers of the product liked the array of settings once they got the right fit.

You also have the option of music, both built in or your own via USB, that is played in to the incorporated earphones to enhance your relaxation experience.

A Percussion Massage Gun With Seven Massage Head Attachments To Help You Zero In On The Right Fit For That Pain In Your Neck Or Your Arch Or Your Calf You Get My Drift

Promising review: “Excellent quiet massage gun. Ive been looking at these for a few weeks now and decided to pull the trigger. Nice and quiet, lots of attachments, and battery life has surpassed my need! Comes with a nice zip-up carrying case that holds all the heads and the charger.” Nolan

Get it from Amazon for $99.99.

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Tap To Play Or Pause Gif

Promising review: “The massager is very flexible as you can easily adjust where you want it to be on your back to get the exact spot you are looking for. It’s also very convenient, and can easily be taken with you anywhere . The pressure and rolling of the massager is just right and very relaxing. The only downside is that it is not very quiet when in operation.” TechUser

Get it from Amazon for $39.96.

Renpho Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massage Tool : Buy Wooden Handled Massager Body Brush ...

The Rephno Percussion massager is constructed from ABS plastic considering its price, yet it has one of the most effective working systems that money can buy. Sufficient for personal use, this tool relieves pain in major muscle areas, ranging from the shoulders to the back and even to the soles of the feet. Amazingly, this massager can reach up to 3600 pulsations per minute, which is high enough to penetrate into deep tissues and muscles. Whats more, the convenience this tool brings to all users emanates from its sleek cordless design, which ensures an ergonomic hold and utmost efficiency. Furthermore, having a cordless design also means this tool requires no direct access to electricity for operation and the built-in lithium batteries retain enough power to last up to 140 minutes comfortably. Even better is the fact that this massager can be conveniently carried along for pain or stress relief while on the go. And weighing just 1.8 pounds, its one of the most portable massage tools recommended for use.

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Breo Mini Scalp Massager

A mini scalp massager you can throw in your bag and use on the go

Reviewers of this product describe it looking like a weird sea creature!

Unlike lower priced scalp massagers, this device is electric, meaning it takes the hard work out of it for you.

You can choose from three different massage settings regular, gentle and combination to find the one that works best.

With four massage heads, each with 24 individual scratches you can get excellent scale coverage during each treatment.

Breos mini massager contains a rechargeable battery, plus its completely waterproof so you can also use it in the shower as a scalp massaging shampoo brush.

Each massage node can be removed, making it easy to wash, which was a draw for many users.

However the size of this device was its most attractive quality, as it can easily be popped in a desk drawer and pulled out when needed.

Best Portable: Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager

If youre constantly on the go, a portable massager may be your best bet. Renphos Handheld Massager features five various head attachments, including round, one-point, three-intensive, three-point, and curved. Equipped with four percussion modes, you can customizable intensity based on your bodys needs.

Lasting 140 minutes on a full charge, its complete with an extra-long, ridged silicone handle to prevent any slipping. Even better? Its cordless so theres no need to mess with wires.

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