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Malpractice Insurance For Licensed Massage Therapists

Damage To Property Of Others

Insurance and Massage Therapy

This specific type of coverage is mostly tailored to massage professionals who provide their services at the residences or workplaces of others. If you are involved in an accident and damage someones property while on the job, your policy may cover the costs. An example of a situation that would be covered by this specific insurance policy is if you were to damage a clients piece of furniture while performing a massage at their home.

Alliance For Massage Therapy Education

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education consists of a nine-member board of directors. The board members serve two-year terms, and work to govern the direction of the organization

The AFMTE is guided by the notion that education is central to massage therapy, and therefore works to strengthen education within the field of massage. As they state on their website, their vision is for a credentialed instructor teaching every class on massage therapy and bodywork.

The AFMTE believes that massage education needs its own dedicated advocate in order for the field of bodywork to continue to develop. In order to facilitate this, the AFMTE works to promote a National Teacher Education Standards Project advocate for its members in dealings with other organizations offer educational opportunities and generally strengthen and improve education in the realm of massage therapy and bodywork.

For more information on membership with the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education, click here.

In My State I Am Allowed To Practice As Long As It Is Not For Compensation Can I Upgrade My Membership

If your state allows therapists to practice without a license if performing massage for no compensation, then you can upgrade your membership. Your insurance will not be in effect if you are found to be practicing for compensation.

Start enjoying the benefits of ABMP Student membership, and join today!

Note: The insurance coverage descriptions above are illustrative only. Refer to a copy of the policy for specific coverages, limitations, exclusions, terms and conditions. This insurance information is provided by our insurance agent and the insurance company underwriting our program and is not a contract it is a partial illustration of benefits, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. In the event that there is confusion or conflict between the policy language and any information provided, the policy language shall control.

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Massage Therapy Insurance Options

While you may think that having your license is all you need to practice massage, it is also important to make sure you are covered with massage insurance in the case of an unexpected liability, such as a client becoming injured, or damage to property other than your own as a result of something you may or may not have done.

An AMTA Professional Membership and AMTA Graduate Membership includes affordable broad liability insurance to make sure that massage therapists are protected in case of a loss.

With an AMTA membership, you’re covered for up to $2 million per occurrence/$6 million aggregate for professional liability, general liability, products and personal injury. Learn more about coverage for students.

Nerships Corporations And Limited Liability Companies

Looking For Liability Insurance For Massage Therapy ...

Licenses issued to partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies are non-transferrable following dissolution and reformation of a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company.

Requirements for Partnerships, Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies:

  • A Designated Establishment Manager ,who is a massage therapist with an active license without restrictions, who is responsible for the operation of the establishment in compliance with Chapters 456 and 480, Florida Statutes and Rule 64B7, Florida Administrative Code.Massage therapists who are establishment owners may also serve as the DEM for that establishment.
  • Background screening of every establishment owner completed through an approved Livescan provider. Establishment owners are:
  • Each partner in a partnership,
  • Each owner/officer of a corporation, and each interested party for corporations with more than $250,000 in business assets in the state of Florida, or
  • Each member of an LLC.

Your massage establishment owners will be verified using your most recent filing with the Division of Corporations. Massage therapists who are owners have already met this requirement in most cases you may be required to complete a new background screening if the screening required to become licensed as a massage therapist was not retained. Visit for additional information about the background screening process.

Background Screening

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American Medical Massage Association

Founded in 1998, the American Medical Massage Association was original created in order to serve the needs of medical massage therapists. In order to achieve its goal of promoting medical massage therapy as an allied health profession, the AMMA advocates for high professional standards, quality education, and rigorous testing.

One of the stated goals of the AMMA is to bring about the necessary circumstances such that medical massage becomes a valid, recognized therapy in health care facilities around the country. The organization also works to maintain the integrity of the medical massage profession.

To learn more about the American Medical Massage Association, visit their website

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Professional Liability Insurance for Massage Therapists

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Exceptional Massage Liability Insurance

Smart practitioners realize that, while being named in a lawsuit is unlikely, it’s not worth risking your career. In this sue-happy age , even when you’ve done nothing wrong, it’s expensive to defend yourself. Why chance it when excellent protection is so affordable?

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals offers liability coverage with the profession’s highest aggregate coverages available: $2 million per incident, $6 million total per policy year. And these coverages protect you no matter where, or how many places, you work. These totals are per member, per year, not a shared member aggregate like other associations offer. You never have to fear if the insurance coverage will be there for you.

Also included are legal defense coverage and no charge for obtaining an additional insured endorsement if requested by your employer or landlord. All this is covered by your basic membership fee.

Unlike the claims-made coverage offered by some other providers, the insurance included with your ABMP membership is occurrence-form coverage, which protects you from late-filed claims. This added feature helps safeguard your businessand your peace of mind.

In addition, ABMP has procured coverage for hot stone massage and cuppingtwo modalities that are not always covered through other associations.

Bottom line: ABMP’s liability insurance package is a comprehensive program specifically tailored for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

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Why We Careso Much

Instead of worrying about the specific modalities, which are nothing more that someones proprietary description of some combination of permitted treatment techniques, we defined coverage broadly based on the nature of the treatment.

You dont have to look for a name for a technique to know you are covered. For example, Yoga involves a practitioner guiding people through movements and hold positions. So does Pilates. Our policy doesnt say Yoga or Pilates, it just says Movement Therapy, defined as guiding Clients through a system of movements and hold positions.

That way, everything is covered without having to identify the label someone has put on it.

Tips On How To Find A Message Therapist In 1st Avenue Fox Creek Ab

RMT Insurance (Registered Massage Therapist) Online ...
  • Certification: The massage therapist you choose must be certified or licensed in the province they practice. When looking up massage therapist listings make sure you can identify either CMT or LMT next to their name. A registered massage therapist should also carry professional malpractice insurance.
  • Your needs: Ask yourself the following
    • Am I interested in physical rehabilitation or sport training enhancement?
    • Am I looking for relief from physical or emotional stress?
    • What areas of my body are stiff or in pain? What areas will I want the massage therapist to focus on?

The more specific you are about your needs, the better equipped your massage therapist will be able to handle your massages.

  • Experience and technique: Another question you may want to ask your potential massage therapist is what type of experience they have and how long have they been practicing. You may be interested to know that your potential massage therapist also practises reflexology.
  • Massage schoolsvs. private massage therapy clinics: If you are looking for a good price on your next massage, you may want to be a willing participant in the education of a massage therapist in training at a school. If your needs are specific, stick to a certified professional that will be able to focus on your pain and stress and conduct follow-up massages your back will be thankful for it.

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Massage Education And Exam Requirements

In all other states, massage therapists are required to get a license in the state where they’ll practice. Licensure requirements differ from one state to the next, but typically include 500 to 650 hours of massage education. Failure to do so means a massage therapist could face penalties associated with practicing massage without a license

Passing the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam is another common requirement. Here are the components of this standard test:

  • 12%: Anatomy and Physiology

Professional & General Liability Coverage Limits

Professional & General Liability Insurance limits are not all created equal. First off, everyone in our comparison except Insure Bodywork uses the industry-preferred Occurrence Form policy coverage. ABMP and MMIP/Insure Bodywork both deliver high coverage limits at $2 Million/$6 Million and $2 Million/$3 Million, respectively. Hands-on Trade massage insurance only provides a $2 million per occurrence limit so without an aggregate that would be all thats available.

While AMTA delivers high coverage limits at $2 Million/$6 Million, they have a Shared Annual Aggregate limit of $10 Million. This means, everyone insured under AMTA is capped at the $10 Million mark. If there are several large claims or many small claims in the same year and the Shared Annual Aggregate is used up, you may not be covered in the event of a claim.

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How Is Occurrence Form Different From Claims Made

Next, find out if your policy is occurrence form or claims made. An occurrence form policy is certainly the preferred form of coverage for professional and general liability, and for good reason, Naismith said. With a claims made policy, when your coverage expires, so does your ability to file claims.

People are still able to file suit with you long after an incident occurs, so why wouldnt your insurance policy mirror that?

Some insurance providers only offer occurrence form policies, meaning that the company will continue to honor claims filed after your coverage has expired, as long as the incident occurred during your policy period, giving you peace of mind even after you stop practicing, Naismith said.

In addition to understanding the type of coverage a policy offers, its also important to find out exactly what is covered. Its vital that you choose an insurance policy that will grow with you so that if you add modalities to your practice you will have continued coverage. Look for a policy that covers additional services like yoga, massage and esthetician services all at once to save money if you expand your offerings.

Events That Trigger Malpractice Claims Against Therapists And Counselors

Massage Therapy Insurance – AMTA vs ABMP Massage Therapy Insurance

Sometimes, the quality of your counseling or therapy services has little bearing on whether or not a client decides to sue. They could simply be upset because they didnt like the advice you gave them, no matter how helpful it may have been.

But in the interest of keeping your practice out of court, be aware of these legitimate triggers that could end in a costly lawsuit:

Excessive self disclosure. While many therapists and counselors use self disclosure as a treatment technique, you could be accused of crossing the line if you divulge for your own purposes.

Boundary issues. These can be instances where you entered a business or sexual relationship with a present or former patient. Out-of-office contact can also be considered overstepping professional boundaries . For example, a case study by HPSO and CNA outlined how a mental health counselors romantic relationship with a patient led to a $150,000 settlement and $11,780 in legal expenses.

Using techniques without proper training. Lets say you attempt to treat repressed memories without much experience in this technique. You could be sued for leading the client to develop false memories. This happened to a social worker who inadvertently led a patient to believe that her father had sexually abused her when he had not.

You can read more about malpractice lawsuits here: Liability issues for therapists who offer distance therapy.

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What Does Massage Insurance Cover

Massage insurance includes a large list of different coverage options the two most common being general liability and professional liability. General liability is in place to protect you against losses that may arise from bodily injury to a client, or property damage as a result of an accident. Professional liability coverage protects you from the effects of a lawsuit if you end up being sued for malpractice.

While these two types of coverage are the most common in a massage insurance policy, some other important coverage options to note are:

Top Causes Of Errors And Omissions Lawsuits

… to clients or businesses, Errors and Omissions insurance* might be a must … policy. Also known as Professional Liability insurance, this … any business providing services to clients or businesses, Errors and Omissions insurance * might be a must-have policy. Also known as Professional Liability insurance, this type of policy protects your business against …

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Why Do I Need Massage Insurance

There are many reasons as to why a professional in this industry should invest in Massage Therapy Insurance. Other than the peace-of-mind that having this policy will bring, this coverage also brings a lot of financial benefits and protections. If you are legally obligated to pay money to another party as a result of professional liability, you will be covered by this policy. Without this coverage, the costs will have to be paid for out-of-pocket. This could bring financial harm to your business, and could end up being extremely detrimental.

Other than financial losses, your business could also suffer any other type of loss that you will have to find a solution for on your own. Things such as criminal negligence lawsuits, or acts of slander or libel against your services will have to be taken care of first-hand. With this policy, your insurance company will take care of the situation, and may also cover costs associated with the situation.

What Am I Really Purchasing


When you purchase liability insurance, you need to know what kind of protection youre purchasing and whats covered under the policy. This can help you better understand the value of investing in liability insurance.

First and foremost, it is going to cover what is needed to provide assistance to the injured party, such as medical bills, explained MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus Agent on Record Jameson Naismith. Next, he added, there are legal considerations.

While most claims do not go to court, if they were it is the right and duty of the risk carrier to defend any claim or lawsuit brought within the U.S. seeking restitution from our insureds, which are payable under the terms of our policy, even if the claim and lawsuit are groundless, false or fraudulent, Naismith explained. It is unfortunate that in todays society there are individuals who look for any excuse to sue someone, he added. Luckily, some liability policies keep you safe even in such distasteful instances.

One of the first steps you should take when comparing policies is to determine the financial wherewithal of each policys underwriter, according to Ty Stewart, CEO and president of insurance broker Simple Life Insure. Also make sure youre choosing an underwriter with experience, he added.

Steven P. Mikuzis, a trial lawyer with Mag Mile Law, LLC, who has a focus on insurance coverage and class action litigation, said he always recommends clients work with A-rated carriers, as rated by AM Best.

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