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Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Reviews

D/4d Massage Technology With A Lengthy L

The Imperial 3D/4D Massage Chair | Infinity Massage Chairs

Whats better than an old traditional chair massage? Its getting a real relax massage chair experience from a massaging chair like this one. Unlike other models that have two-dimensional massage rollers, this massage chair from Infinity boasts of 3D rollers. This means that its massage rollers are capable of not just up, down, left, and right movements. They are also able to move in and out of the track, creating a third dimension.

And you know what else is great about this feature? You can choose from five levels of 3D massage intensity in this massage chair. So, whether you want a deeper and more intense massage or a gentle and soft one, you can always adjust the settings to suit your taste.

From your neck, down to your shoulders and back, the massage rollers traverse all the way to your glutes and upper hamstrings. Now, whats the best use for this great massage roller and track combination?

Does Massage Chair Really Work

Have you ever been massaged and wondered if the experience really worked? And more specifically, is it worth spending the money on a massage chair in a hotel room? Sun-News examined dozens of reviews on TripAdvisor and the various claims these tourists made in their reviews. The technology may be new, but so are the massage chairs. While not yet available in Australian shopping centers, the chairs are widely used in international hotels and resorts to give guests an advantage in the battle as often as possible with hotel room cleaners. To test its accuracy, Sun News did a blind test. Half a dozen trained medical professionals were given the same product to massage. The results may surprise you. Back pain. Stomachache. Restlessness. Aching muscles. Coughing and sneezing. All of these are symptoms experienced by guests of MCR. And we paid them for the privilege of trying it. Welcome to the world of massaging. Who would have thought you could pick a rotary chair with a handle and call yourself a certified massage therapist?

What Else Does The Infinity It

The new version has kept some of the classic features that help improve your overall massage experience. Some of these features include the heat therapy in the lumbar area of the backrest.

This feature helps loosen up the large muscle groups throughout your back so your massage is more effective.

You also get foot massage rollers that apply a kneading style massage to the soles of your feet, a full body airbag massage system, and spinal correction that utilizes the inversion technology to stretch out your spine and encourage your spines most optimal alignment.

Other popular models from Infinity: infinity genesis, infinity Imperial, therapeutics IT-9800, IT-8800, Presidential, Iyashi, Altera, Riage x3, Infinity Celebrity.

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Are Massage Chairs Worth Buying

Dr. Pimple Popper recently posted her review of the Massage At Home! Massager in an episode of her TLC show Dr. Pimple Popper, and her recommendation for the massage chair and the reason behind it may surprise you. Dr. Pimple Popper shared that she enjoys massaging her feet and legs and actually purchased this product to help relieve some of the pains that come with that.

To test it out, she performed her signature Pimple Popping and tried out a few different techniques of different people in the TLC studio. Dr. Pimple Popper stated that she didnt like the machine because the suction was too powerful, and she said that her skin didnt love it either. Dr. Pimple Popper said that she will only use it on someone elses back or head, not her own skin.

Delivery Process Is A Nightmare

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

I would love to review the chair but delivery process has been a nightmare so far. The chair was said to be in the area for about 2 weeks ago and its still not delivered. I was supposed to get it last week but that did not happen and I was supposed to get some follow up and I didnt hear anything back today. This is so frustrating as I do not have the chair I paid for!I will update the review once I actually get to use my chair

Reply from Infinity Massage Chairs

Hello,We are very sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience and we appreciate your feedback. We have a team dedicated to helping our customers with their massage chairs and if we can be of further assistance, please give us a call at 603-910-5383. Customer Experience – Infinity Massage Chairs

Is easy to use, I just wish that remote control keys would lite for easier use of commands.Music speakers quality is ok.I wish hand and fingers massage had small massage bowls instead of just pressure.

Reply from Infinity Massage Chairs

Hi Ramiro,We are very appreciative of your review. We have a team dedicated to helping our customers use their massage chairs. We would love to have you talk to our team, to improve your experience with your massage chair. The Customer Experience Team is here to help in any way possible and can be reached at 603-910-5383.Happy Relaxing!

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Handheld Remote: Lcd Display Screen Vs Strip Screen

While both the Infinity Imperial and the Inada DreamWave have handheld remotes, theyâre quite different.

The Infinity Imperial has a sleek, slim LCD remote. A bright screen displays all of the active massage functions and time remaining so you always know whatâs running. The remote has few buttons and most of the functions are selected through the on-screen menu.

On the other hand, the remote on the Inada DreamWave has a square-shaped top and a slim handle. At the top is a ticker screen that displays commands like âLoading Shiatsu Points.â But thereâs no real display screen. All of the chairâs functions are accessed with buttons on the remote and the manual mode options are located under the flip-down cover on the handle.

Both remotes are very easy to use. However, the Inada DreamWave remote feels a little outdated, especially compared to the design of the rest of the chair. Then again, some users will appreciate the simplicity of its design.

Massage Features Of The Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Now that we’ve covered the several features that make the Infinity Imperial really stand out, let’s dig into its core massage features.

3D Massage Rollers

Like other Infinity massage chairs, the Imperial features an advanced 3D massage roller system. The roller mechanism features four massage heads, spreading the massage pressure across a wider range on the back for more coverage.

With 3D functionality, the massage rollers move in and out in addition to the standard up and down and side to side movements. When the rollers move out away from the chair, they press deeply into the muscles of the back, creating a lifelike deep tissue massage effect. The inward/outward movement also allows you to adjust the intensity and pressure of the massage rollers with five levels of strength adjustment.

In addition to the standard automatic massage programs found on most Infinity massage chairs, the Imperial offers several special 3D auto programs. During the 3D massage programs, the chair takes full advantage of the deep-tissue action of the massage rollers resulting in some of the most invigorating massage programs of the chair.

49″ L-Track

Offering some of the most extensive massage coverage of any chair, the Infinity Imperial uses a 49-inch “L” shaped massage track. This extra long track extends from the top of the neck, down the back, and into the seat. This is much longer than the typical S-Tracks found on most massage chairs that only extend through the length of the backrest.

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Infinity Genesis Massage Chair Reviews

The Genesis is a beast when it comes to beating the stress and tension out of your body. Being an interior designer means that I have to travel a lot visiting clients in their homes, scouring the area, and coming up with new ideas takes a lot of work!

So, I would be pretty stressed and beat by the end of the day. When I finally decided to go for a 3D massage chair, the Genesis is what I chose, and I love every minute I spend on it.

My Experience

The Genesis is a top of the line massage chair that comes with all the latest features that you can think of. It helped me out tremendously with leading a healthier life, and I feel more energetic and fresher now than I did for a very long time.

The workload and the stress often pushed me to binge on fast food, which ultimately resulted in me gaining a lot of weight and experiencing poor blood circulation. I was at risk of having serious heart conditions until I decided to change my lifestyle.

I cant begin to explain how instrumental the Genesis was during the early phases of my weight loss routine. Thankfully, the advanced airbag design helped to improve the blood flow and circulation in my body. Not only did it get rid of my tiredness, but it also restored my damaged tissues by working on specific muscle groups.

It even comes with a rocking technology which I absolutely love it improves the overall experience of the massage and helps me unwind at the end of each stressful day.

  • Doesnt come with a stretch program


Is A Massage Chair Worth It

The Infinity Imperial Assembly Tutorial | Infinity Massage Chairs

To determine whether a massage chair is right for you, youll need to think about what type of chair youre looking for and your budget. Any Massage Chair Will Do: Using an old-fashioned chair with arms can be very uncomfortable and difficult, especially for beginners. If youre looking to try a different type of chair, youll want to try them first on an old, hard, or sloped surface like the carpet, kitchen counter, or office floor. Many new models these days come with a memory foam pad, which makes these more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.

Squeeze and Pull: There are two main types of massage chairs. The first is one where you adjust the legs and back of the chair. Then you can manipulate a massage head. The second is a motorized model, which uses a range of different pressure, speed, and modes to give you a professional massage. Some models also come with heaters, handheld massager tools, and other amenities, like wine racks and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Youll also need to ask yourself if youre interested in a reclining chair or one that is fully upright.

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Buy Our Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chairs With The Latest Technology Design And Comfort For The Ultimate Relaxation At The Click Of A Button

Infinity imperial massage chair reviews. Thats a small, but important distinction, and although we dont regard this model as perfect, it consistently gets among the best massage chair ratings in other reviews. It is all about best infinity massage chairs reviews. All these are the name of the best infinity massage chairs.

The hot rocks option allows you to heat the rollers for 30 minutes, and there arent a lot of massage chairs that do that. Before purchasing any massage chair, first look at your requirements and then decide which one is best you. The infinity evolution massage chair was easy to assemble in 3 parts, with just a few air ports, bolts and wired interfaces at the foot and calves section.

Before we end this post, let me give you a bonus name from my side: We haven’t even explored the multiple manual options to customize your massage. Infinity engineered the imperial to be as convenient as possible.

The cream of the crop in the under $5500 category, this massage chair recliner is a more affordable chair model than other products. Includes the same 5 year warranty as a new chair. Strongly recommend not only for oldies but also for young.

Check out our detailed review of the infinity it 8100 massage chair. There is a refinement to the infinity imperial 3d/4d massage chair that instantly draws you in. We are using it twice a day since purchased.

Infinity Iyashi Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Airbag

Price Range Of Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity massage chairs sit at the high-end of the market. Theyre premium products with premium price tags, so hold onto your wallets for this…

The price range of Infinity massage chairs is $1,599 – $11,999. Their lowest priced chair is the Infinity Riage CS at $1,599, and their most expensive chair is the Imperial 3D/4D chair at $11,999.

The bulk of the available chairs fall somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000, and their S-track range is typically more affordable than their L-track range so if youre looking for something a little easier on the wallet, that might be the way to go.

Note also that these are the current prices at the time of writing on the official Infinity massage chairs website, but they may change over time. Prices may also vary depending on the website/store/retailer you buy from.

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Three Different Methods Of Control

Remember when we said that the Imperial offered just about every feature under the sun? Well, heres another example of that.

Not only does the chair offer a well-designed remote in the form of a 7 touch screen control panel, but it also has a panel set into one of the chair arms to provide easy access to an abbreviated set of functions, plus an app for both iOS and Android devices you can download and use to control the chair with.

This is amazing and unheard of. Once again, weve not seen another model that offered so many different control options.

From a practical standpoint, while all are well-designed and easy to operate, youll probably find that the app controls are the easiest to use, even though theres an extra step involved initially. That is, downloading and configuring the app.

As with just about every other feature this chair offers up, this one is amazing. Another job well done by Infinitys design team!

Medical Breakthrough 4 V2 Massage Chair

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 has a few nice features. But before we get to those, I want to say a couple of words about the infrared heating pads. Theyre nice. They heat you from the inside. All good and well. But theyre a lot like microwaves. They emit Electromagnetic Frequencies. Personally, Im not very comfortable with this. I prefer my more traditional heating systems like air or ceramic plates.

That being said, heres the good stuff about the MB 4 v2:

Chiropractic Stretch This model has the best backstretch. It clasps your hips and leans your back to really relieve the pressure on your spine. I must admit its much nicer having your hips clasped than your ankles as most massage chairs do.

Similar Features as the 6 v4 Like the MB 6 v4, this model has advanced medical body scans. It works perfectly to pinpoint your unique dimensions and needs. It also has that amazing L-track that uses true deep-tissue massage throughout the track. Its also of a similar quality and also has extra padded cushions.

Toe Massage This model has a flappy thing that goes over your toes and massages them. Its unbelievably relaxing. This is one of the few chairs to offer this feature and makes me wonder why more chairs dont have it. Its nice. Manufacturers should take note.

But its missing:

  • Minimal Preset Programs
  • Still quite pricey considering what you get

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Dont Buy From This Company

Our first chair showed up and it had been used. It was out of the packaging and actually had holes in the arms. They were willing to get us a replacement of course. But that took another six weeks. I sent multiple emails during that time. I never got a reply back to any of them. So far using this chair I have not been overly impressed for the price. I think the $1500 one from Costco probably does the same job. I would not recommend this company or this chair to anyone.

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Review

  • 3 min read

Looking for the right massage chair can take quite a while since there are so many on the market. One of the most comprehensive models available is the Infinity Imperial massage chair.

Since this chair offers such an abundance of features and programs, reading this Infinity Imperial massage chair review might help you in your decision-making process.

Equipped with high-tech features like an air ionizer, zero gravity, and 3D/4D massage functionality, the Infinity Imperial is one well-equipped massage chair.

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Customer Service Was Great

I think we made a mistake ordering a reconditioned chair from the salesman at Costco. I know he was trying to be helpful because we were “on the fence” about purchasing, what was a significantly costly item for us. Obviously we loved the demo massage chairs when we tried them. We purchased a reconditioned chair at a price we could live with.The chair arrived within the time frame promised. The drivers unboxed the chair and there were a couple upholstery rips that occurred during shipping. I called customer service, sent them some photos of the damage and they said they could have someone out to repair the upholstery and we were fine with that. However, when they brought the chair in the house and started to assemble it they found they were short some bolts. I called customer service and the installers explained they could not assemble it, the drivers then left while I was on the phone, so I was unable to refuse delivery of this chair and Infinity sent out a replacement chair. Now, I went from unhappy to livid, I did not have room for storage.Customer service is one the best things about Infinity, they answered my calls and emails right away, worked with me to solve the problems. We arrived at an acceptable solution, where I would have a new massage chair shipped to us and the original chair would be picked up at that time. The exchange has not happened yet, but I was told it would be this week. I will update the review then.

Reply from Infinity Massage Chairs

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