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Can I Buy A Massage Chair With My Hsa

Can You Use Your Hsa To Buy A Massage Chair

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An HSA is a medical insurance plan all its own, while an FSA is typically offered as an added component of a traditional healthcare plan. Having said that, both are as their name implies: Savings accounts into which you can deposit pre-tax earnings as part of your health coverage via a provider such as Allstate, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield , United Healthcare, and many others, or in the case of an FSA, a plan available through your employer. These accounts allow for flexibility in spending that money, so long as the expense is related to medical needs.

For the HSA, both the policyholder and your employer can make deposits into the account. Of course, the IRS cant help themselves when they smell taxpayer revenue, so they enforce contribution limits given the tax haven nature of these plans. For 2015 the limit was $3,350 for a single, $6,650 for married couples, plus $1,000 extra if you are over 55.

Since funds in an HSA roll over each year and those funds are always your property as a policyholder, its easy to see how enough can accumulate to pay for the cost of a massage chair. And this equates to nice savings for the policyholder who saves up to 30% on the massage chair as well as the insurance company who enjoys the relatively low cost of massage therapy from a chair that keeps on giving massages year after year.

If you have an HSA for your medical coverage, all youll need to do is contact your insurance company to inquire if a massage chair is eligible.

What Does It Take To Get These Things Covered

In most cases, your insurance company will require some sort of documentation or prescription for either the chair or the massage treatment.

They will never just automatically reimburse you for these things.

Youll need a prescription or documentation from your doctor, as well as a detailed receipt for any chair or massage visit youve paid for, to be reimbursed properly.

Even in these circumstances, youll likely only receive reimbursement for 80% of the costs and not the entire amount. Still, this is much better than paying for 100% of the costs yourself.

After all, both massage chairs and visits to massage therapists can be very expensive, so getting reimbursed for most of what youre paying is much better than receiving no reimbursement at all. The more money you get reimbursed in the end, the less out-of-pocket money youll have to come up with.

You also need to know that before you purchase that massage chair or schedule that first visit to the massage therapist, youll need to check with your insurance provider first.

Youll want to know upfront what they do and do not pay for to be prepared for the amount youll have to pay yourself. If you want no surprises later on, youll consider this a crucial step of the process.

Understanding Flexible Spending Account

This can provide you with a bit of leeway wherever you want to spend your savings. Thus, its a good option when purchasing a massage chair. Its more flexible than any other. It lets you spend your money on more. It also opens up the door for more unconventional purchases, such as a massage chair.

It comes with similar tax advantages to the HSA. You can also set it up with insurance policies. Your money in this account is not subjected to payroll taxes. It allows you further to gain a considerable amount of savings in taxes. But as compared to the HSA, some of your money in this account rolls over during the year-end. This is because the PPA Act or Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act lets you carry up to 500-dollars for the following year. This is even without losing those funds.

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Can I Use An Hsa Or Fsa For Massage

In many cases, a massage will be covered by your insurance plan, whether you use an HSA or FSA. Follow these steps to make sure youre qualified.

1. Start with HR

Before you do anything else, reach out to your HR department or your medical insurance carrier and ask if massage therapy is considered a covered treatment. In some situations, an insurance policy wont cover massages, even if you get a prescription from a doctor.That said, at Zeel weve found that the majority of customers who have an FSA or HSA had no trouble covering their massages.

2. Doctor visit

Once youve gotten the go-ahead from your insurance carrier, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Pro tip for this step of the process: Dont start by just saying you want a massage. Youll need to first explain your specific symptoms.

There are a wide variety of mental and physical conditions that could qualify for a massage. Stress-related symptoms, circulation issues caused by diabetes or hypertension, sciatica, arthritis, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and chronic back pain are all examples that could qualify for massage therapy.

Preparation is key to this discussion. Dont be afraid to bring case studies of people whove alleviated similar symptoms through the power of massage therapy. You could also suggest specific massage therapy options, which can help you illustrate the legitimacy of this type of care.

3. Get a prescription

4. Use Your FSA or HSA for Massage

Massages With A Doctor’s Note Of Necessity

Mini Massage Chair  TV Shop

Sometimes, a massage is much more than a therapy for stress relief. Therapeutic massages can help people deal with depression, pain and other medical ailments. In certain cases, the massage is deemed medically necessary, and can be classified as a qualified medical expense. In a case like this, accountholders can use their HSA to pay for the massage.

For you to use your HSA to pay for the massage, you must provide a letter of medical necessity from your doctor that therapeutic message is really needed.1 Talk to your doctor if you think this situation could apply to you.2

4. COBRA premiums between jobs

COBRA is a program that allows those who lose their jobs to continue coverage under their previous employer-sponsored medical plan until they secure coverage elsewhere.

If an HSA owner enrolls in COBRA benefits, they can use their HSA to pay COBRA premiums during unemployment. And if the COBRA plan is an HSA-qualified plan, they can continue to make contributions to the HSA.

Make sure that COBRA coverage is the best option. If the medical costs would surpass the premiums and deductible based on your coverage, it might make sense to buy COBRA. If not, using your HSA to just pay out-of-pocket could make more sense. You typically have 90 days to retroactively elect COBRA coverage so it could make sense to wait until you have more information. This is the best way to work the system if you find yourself needing to enroll in COBRA and you have an HSA.

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Why Would You Want An Hsa Or Fsa

There are a wide variety of benefits to these health accounts. First, HSAs and FSAs help you automate your savings for medical expenses. People rarely expect a medical emergency to happen, so these plans help you prepare without having to think about it.

And then there are the tax benefits. For both HSA and FSA, any contributions you make are pre-tax, so you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

HSAs also roll over, meaning you can take any savings youve made for the year and apply them to the next year. FSAs, on the other hand, do not roll over. The set amount you put aside will go away if its not spent before December 31.

There are a few differences between FSA and HSA overall, but as it pertains to paying for a massage, they work the same.

Amounts Paid For Certain Personal Protective Equipment Is Now Treated As Qualified Medical Expenses

On March 26, 2021, the Internal Revenue Service released IRS Announcement 2021-7, which states that personal protective equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes that are purchased âfor the primary purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19â are qualified medical expenses under Section 213 of the Code.

Health savings account participants may use the funds in their HSA to pay for masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes on a pre-tax basis. Sponsors of flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements may also allow these expenses to be reimbursed from their plans. Plan sponsors should review their plan documents with their legal counsel to determine if they need to make any amendments in light of the new announcement.

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How To Get Insurance To Pay For A Massage Chair 3 Easy Steps

How to get insurance to pay for a massage chair? Its with checking out first if the insurance policy covers it. The policy that has a clause on the medical massage will mean theyll pay for it. While you may use your budget to buy a massage chair, youll still want an insurance provider to cover it.

Face the reality that some insurance companies wont cover massage. Thats true even if its been prescribed by a doctor. Thats when they may not also pay for your massage chair.

Its always better to save more money on a massage chair. Get insurance to pay for a massage chair. Follow this guide below to explain how to do it with simple and easy-to-follow tips below.

How Do You Use The Money In The Account

5 Best Massage Chairs for Your Home 2021

While you may have a special debit card from your health account, specialty items like ergonomic office furniture including chairs and desks will likely require you to pay out of pocket and submit your receipt for reimbursement to your company or your FSA administrator. It’s a good idea to pre-verify with your employer or the insurance provider. To satisfy their requirements, you will very likely need a Letter of Medical Necessity from a doctor or chiropractor, which we will discuss in this article.

The first thing you can do is to contact Ergo Impact and request for us to email you the template information that can help you obtain the Letter of Medical Necessity. By having that information ready, you will make it much easier for your doctor to understand the documented benefits of the LeanRite and for them to write you an approved letter.

The second thing is to purchase your LeanRite Elite from theErgo Impact website . Assuming the LeanRite is in stock, you will expect delivery in 2-5 business days.

We will automatically email you a receipt so you can submit a claim to your FSA/HSA administrator so you can be reimbursed for your eligible purchase. Assuming you have a prescription from a doctor, you should be in good order but check first.

To summarize:

  • Date of the last exam performed by the physician


Recommended Treatment

Relevant Medical History

Demonstrate Medical Necessity

Summary Section

Physician Signature

Supporting Literature

Sciatica Treatment Options

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Office Sanitation And Safety

Our massage clinic adheres strictly to sanitation procedures. All tables, light switches, pens or anythingelse that is touched by you and others are sanitized after every visit. The area you put your clothes onwill be sanitized. Your therapist will greet you wearing a mask and will take your temperature beforeyour massage. We require you to wear your mask when entering the building and meeting yourtherapist. When you are lying face down you can lower the mask under your nose but must be aboveyour nose if lying on your side or face up.

What Is A Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Accounts give you a bit more leeway with what you can spend your savings on making them a better option for purchasing massage chairs. Because they are more flexible, they allow you to spend your funds on more, opening up the door for somewhat unconventional purchases like massage chairs.

Flexible Savings Accounts also have the same tax advantages as HSAs but can be set up with many insurance policies. The money in your Flexible Savings Account is not subject to payroll taxes, allowing you to gain a substantial amount of tax savings.

However, unlike the HSAs only SOME of the money in your account is rolled over at the end of the year. You can now, because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, carry up to $500 into the next year without losing any of those funds.

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Understanding The Health Savings Account

This type of account is an individually-recognized medical account. It enables you to deposit all your pre-tax earnings. They then can be utilized as a part of the health coverage through an insurance company. In addition, this account will enable greater flexibility regarding what the funds may serve.

Both the employers and policyholders may deposit into their HSA accounts. However, these are considered tax havens with limits. The limits can go as a few thousand dollars for every person. Let the funds roll over every year in this account. This allows your money to accumulate. You can then use this on the purchase of a massage chair. Thus, this fund helps buy a massage chair. Policyholders can save up to almost thirty percent due to a tax benefit.

A Comprehensive List Of Eligible And Ineligible Expenses

Human Touch HT

Health Reimbursement Accounts , Health Savings Accounts , and Flexible Spending Accounts can be great cost-savings tools. You can use them to reimburse yourself for eligible health care, dental, and dependent care expenses. But it’s important to know which expenses can be reimbursed.

Its also important to keep a record of the expenses you pay with your HSA, HRA, or FSA in case Cigna asks you to prove that an expense was eligible for reimbursement from your account, or in case you are audited by the IRS. Examples of records you should keep include: receipts, Explanation of Benefits , medical diagnosis/physician diagnosis letters, and prescriptions.

Important update: Due to the passage of the CARES Act, starting January 1, 2020 the following items are eligible:

  • Menstrual care/feminine hygiene products are now reimbursable.
  • Over-the-counter drugs no longer require a prescription to be reimbursed.

Please note that the list is subject to change based on regulations, revenue rulings, and case law. The list is intended only as a general guideline for covered expenses. All items on the list may be subject to further restriction. An employer may limit which expenses are allowable under their FSA or HRA plan offering.*

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What Is A Health Savings Account

A Health Savings account or HSA is an individual medical account that you can deposit pre-tax earnings into to use as part of your health coverage via an insurance company. These accounts allow for greater flexibility in regard to what health purposes you can use your funds for.

Both policyholders and employers can make deposits into HSA accounts. These accounts, because they do act as tax havens have limits on them that are typically around a few thousand dollars a person.

Funds roll over each year in your HSA account, allowing you to accumulate quite a bit of money, which could be used on a massage chair. By using these funds to buy a massage chair, policyholders save up to 30% because of the tax benefit on the account.

Which Receipts Can I Use

You must submit an original statement showing date of service and type of dependent day care expense for reimbursement. The following receipts will not be accepted:

  • Bankcard statements

Disclaimer Individual and family medical and dental insurance plans are insured by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company , Cigna HealthCare of Arizona, Inc., Cigna HealthCare of Georgia, Inc., Cigna HealthCare of Illinois, Inc., and Cigna HealthCare of North Carolina, Inc. Group health insurance and health benefit plans are insured or administered by CHLIC, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company , or their affiliates . Group Universal Life insurance plans are insured by CGLIC. Life , accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and disability plans are insured or administered by Life Insurance Company of North America, except in NY, where insured plans are offered by Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York . All insurance policies and group benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative. This website is not intended for residents of New Mexico.

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Eligible Dependent Care Fsa Expenses

A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account uses your contributions to cover dependent day care expenses. Contributions are not subject to federal taxes, and not subject to state taxes in most states. For details about state and/or local taxes, contact your personal tax advisor.

Eligible dependents include children under 13 years of age, and a spouse or other dependent that is physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves.

How does it work?

  • During enrollment, estimate your annual out-of-pocket dependent day care expenses. This is your annual contribution to your Dependent Care FSA. The IRS allows a maximum of $5,000 for your annual contribution, but your employer may set a lower limit.
  • Divide your annual contribution by the number of paychecks you receive annually. This is how much money will be deducted from each paycheck and placed in your Dependent Care FSA. Remember, you’re saving money because no federal taxes are taken out of your contributions.
  • Pay your dependent day care expenses out of pocket, and then submit the expense to Cigna for reimbursement using the Reimbursement Request Form
  • You’ll be reimbursed for eligible expenses using the dollars contributed to your FSA.

Unused dollars cannot be carried over into the following year, so think carefully about how much to contribute.

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