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Best Online Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Massage Therapy Credential Requirements Vary By State

Online Continuing Education for Massage Therapists Driving Talk

Because of the recent changes to practice standards, there is no federal regulation of massage therapy licensure. Rather, each state can outline the requirements for massage therapy licensing and continuing education. This interactive map is a handy tool for finding your states requirements .

In fact, some states do not regulate massage therapy at all. As of this writing, Kansas, Minnesota, and Wyoming have yet to establish statewide requirements for massage therapists. However, local governments in these states may regulate massage therapy at the county or city level, so be sure to check before you start your practice there.

For the majority of other states, however, to be a licensed massage therapist means not only accumulating a stringent set of classwork hours and passing a licensing exam, but also regularly renewing your license with continuing education.

How To Renew Your Board

The NCBTMB requires that board-certified massage therapists renew their certification periodically by taking continuing education courses. Unlike the process for license renewal, however, these steps are uniform regardless of your state:

  • Complete 24 CEs within a two-year period
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Apply for renewal
  • Agree to NCBTMBs Standards and Code of Ethics

Frequently Asked Questions About Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Are your continuing education courses for massage therapists taught in person?

Nope, these courses are in an online format that contain rich narration, videos, and other material to help get you through advanced material with ease. The curriculum has been developed by leading massage educators to be fun and engaging so that youre not just left clicking through a bunch of slides. These courses help you to learn and grow as a massage professional. Whether thats expanding your knowledge in sports massage or hydrotherapy, youll find extremely relevant coursework that fits right in with your present practice.

How much are MASSAGE Magazines continuing education courses by themselves?

When you purchase massage insurance through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, youll get free and unlimited access to Panda Massage CEU classes included as a member benefit. That means for just $169 per year, youll have complete coverage and exclusive access to online continuing education. You can also elect to get a benefits-only plan which excludes insurance but includes member benefits like the continuing education courses. A benefits only plan is just $49 each year.

What continuing education classes come with the catalog?

Are your massage CEUs approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork?

What does NCBTMB approved online continuing education mean?

How much does an online massage CEU cost?

What is the format for NCBTMB approved online continuing education?

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The Lymphatic System In Scar Wound Healing

Wound healing is acomplex, regulated process in which regulated collagen deposition, in responseto tissue injury, results in scar formation. Many chronic wounds are the resultof chronic inflammation. The lymphatic system is charged with processinginflammation. Why cant or wont the system do its job? And how do we, asmanual therapists, tackle the edema and scar tissue? The Scars and Inflammationcourse will take a look at the wound healing process and the most recentresearch that stretches across several disciplines to give us the criticalthinking wisdom to create a sound, client-centered plan of treatment.

Florida Massage: this course is approved as general hours. You will not receive hands-on credit for this course.Presented by HomeCEUThis course is a video, on demand course

Treating Plantar Fasciitis with Massage Therapy

Easy Places To Find Online Massage Therapy Ceus

Massage CEUs Online Courses

Every few years, licensed or certified massage therapists are required to take continuing education courses to keep their credentials current. Continuing education units, or CEUs, include anything from a few hours of study to several days worth of hands-on practice, depending on the topic chosen.

The number credits and type of classes youll need will vary from state to state. Many massage therapy schools and other professional massage organizations will offer continuing education workshops that you can attend for a few hours or for a few days back-to-back. Its a great way to expand your skill set in an immersive hands-on training.

But sometimes its nice to take care of your credit requirements from the comfort of your own home. Thats why online CEU classes for massage therapists are so popular.

The trick is finding online massage therapy courses from a legitimate source.

In this article, youll get tips on searching for online CEU options yourself, as well as 7 great online CEU hubs to get started.

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The Institute Of Somatic Therapy

The Institute of Somatic Therapy is committed to providing the best online home study continuing education courses available to massage therapists. Institute of Somatic Therapy is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a continuing education Approved Provider. Provider # 280672-00. Our massage CEUs/credits are also valid for AMTA and ABMP. We are approved by the Florida Board of Massage and CE Broker . Our massage therapy continuing education courses are valid for most state massage therapy CEU requirements. See our State Guidelines page for specific information about the continuing education laws in your state.

Some Notes On Registration

  • Registration for online courses ends on the Thursday before the start of the course. If the registration system allows you to register after this time, you will be refunded any tuition paid.
  • Those registering for online courses will be required to complete an orientation on our Canvas learning platform prior to the start of the course. Information for this orientation will be emailed to you no later than the Friday before your course begins.
  • All supply costs are non-refundable. Please contact Student Services for more information.

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What Is The Typical Path To An Online Massage Therapy Certification

Students typically complete a massage therapy program teaching them the material needed to take a certification exam. This often includes in-person, hands-on training supervised by a licensed massage therapist instructor. These programs most often include topics such as physiology and kinesiology, as well as medical terminology, massage technique practical skills, and business-related courses. These programs may follow a specific course of study or be self-paced, allowing students to take courses as they desire.

Online Continuing Education Courses

How Do I Become a Massage Continuing Education Teacher

These courses are an excellent opportunity for therapists to revisit the science or lecture-based curriculum of their massage therapy education.

CCMH-Halifax is currently offering two types of lecture series:

  • Mini-Seminar Series courses in Anatomy and Physiology , Regional Anatomy and three new Pathology courses!
  • Full-Seminar Series courses in AP, Neurology, RA, Pathology, and Professional Development.

Mini-Seminar Series courses can be taken at any time. Full-Seminar Series courses are offered at specific dates.

For course descriptions, contact Jennifer Stuart at. Once a completed form and payment is submitted to CCMH, the therapist will be sent an enrollment email message with details on how to enter and complete the course. There are no prerequisites for any continuing education courses open to massage therapists offered by CCMH-Halifax.

All CCMH-Halifax online continuing education courses incorporate evaluation methods that participants must successfully complete prior to obtaining a course certificate. Evaluations are typically in the form of quizzes or tests and a final exam. Successful completion is defined by achieving a minimum grade of 70 per cent overall. The grading scheme is outlined at the beginning of each course.

For more information on these and other courses at CCMH contact Jennifer Stuart, Executive Director, CCMH Halifax at

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Continuing Education Requirements For Massage Therapists

Whether youre licensed or board-certified, theres a good chance you need to complete some CEs every now and then.

Continuing education courses serve to help massage therapists brush up on skills, learn something new, and review policies pertaining to ethics, privacy, and good business practice.

You can find massage therapy continuing education courses on all kinds of topics: massage techniques, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, therapy history, population studies, ethics, self-care, and even taxes.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education & Online Courses

I need courses that are engaging and provide new, relevant information in the profession, and Massage CEU Monkey really delivered on this for me. On top of that, they made getting my massage continuing education requirements a breeze. By far my top choice for getting massage classes online.

Ryan, Licensed Massage Therapist

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What Are The Licensing Requirements To Be A Massage Therapist

Licensing requirements vary by state, and a few states have no licensure. To obtain a license, most states require a set number of supervised classwork hours, from 500-1000. You may also need to complete a CPR or Ethics course and pass the MBLEx . Note that if you live in Hawaii or New York, youll need to pass the state-specific licensing exam.

Meanwhile, massage therapists in Vermont dont need a license, but they do need to be Registered. And in place of a license, California offers massage therapists a Certificate for massage therapy practice.

Why Choose Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Classes in North Carolina

Alternative health treatments are increasing in popularity now more than ever before! According to the American Massage Therapy Association consumers received 214 million massages in 2018, with an upward trend from prior years.

Of all of the forms of alternative health treatments, massage therapy is among the most popular. And health care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. today! The ever-increasing number of patients and clients from all walks of life who take advantage of the benefits of regular massage therapy is the reason that professional massage therapists are in such great demand.

As a fully trained professional massage therapist, you can work for spas, resorts, clinics, health clubs, pro sports teams, or cruise lines or even start your own business providing massage therapy from your home.

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Ce Course Requirements For State License Renewal

Part of your board certification renewal includes renewing your state license, and some states are pickier than the NCBTMB on what types of courses will count. Other states make no specifications at all.

For example, to renew a license in Tennessee, you must complete 24 hours of CEs every two years. Of those 24 hours, two must be for courses in Tennessee law and regulation, and two more must be on massage business practice such as ethics and substance abuse.

Best For Specializations: The Professional Massage Academy

The Professional Massage Academy

  • Based in Minnesota, with online components

  • Some may need more training for state exams

The Professional Massage Academy offers an online massage therapy program with flexible online classes and some in-person learning. Those in Minnesota can sit for their state licensing exam after course completion. Some taking the program out-of-state may need more hands-on training locally to meet their state requirements.

It’s possible to take specialized massage therapy programs for one or two areas of focus in other courses and programs. Students have access to some specialization options included the program such as sports massage, advanced massage techniques, and specialized massage areas such as reflexology, medical massage, and deep tissue massage. This is taught through demonstration and practical application. Students also learn core topics such as kinesiology, medical terminology, and anatomy.

The Professional Massage Academy also offers personalization and flexibility by providing three learning plans with 15, 29, or 40 hours per week of study, allowing students to complete their education in as little as 15 weeks. At a cost of $7,500 and requiring 600 hours of completion, this program is a moderate choice across the board. There is also a $150 fee for online access to the program.

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Largest Selection Of Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Choose from the largest massage therapy continuing education course library on the web with 145+ home study massage CEU courses. The Institute is approved by the NCBTMB as a CE Approved Provider. Many of our CE courses are also accepted by ABMP, AMTA, and most state boards. All courses come with our 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Youre guaranteed to find massage therapy courses that will expand your skills, meet your needs, and pique your interests.

Online Continuing Education Classes

Insights on Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

The story may be slightly different for massage therapycontinuing education classes. If you are just taking a three-hour class on atopic that does not require hands-on learning, like insurance reimbursement or socialmedia marketing for massage therapy, online classes can be a great option.

Taking continuing education courses about massage therapycould also help you stay up to date on the latest techniques and research, evenif the courses are just online. But dont get into the habit of skipping out onin-person learning opportunities altogether.

If youre taking a three-hour class that does not require hands-on learning, online classes can be a great option.

Its so easy to do continuing education coursesonline, but you should still plan to set aside the money and the time to attenda class with a room full of other people who are as passionate as youare, McNeil recommends. Going to a workshop or class is reallyimportant. It gets you out of your bubble and opens you up to things you maynot know are out there. Youll overhear interesting conversations and get newideas that can point you in a whole new direction.

In McNeil s experience, in-person classes, workshops, and seminars are also a great way to network. Because massage therapists usually rely on referrals to build a client base, its a good idea to get to know other massage therapists, instructors, and medical professionals who will remember your name and can send you job leads or clients in the future.

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Best Live Program: Whatcom Community College

Whatcom Community College

  • Requires commitment of 20 hours per week

  • Not as comprehensive as other programs

  • May require previous college experience

The massage therapist program at Whatcom Community College in Washington enables students with previous college experience to enroll in a 20-hour a week live-session educational program. Students wishing to obtain an associate degree will need to meet with a counselor to ensure they meet prerequisite educational requirements.

This hybrid program requires students to meet at specific times each week to engage in live training. The massage program starts each fall and runs for three quarters, allowing students to complete their education in under a year.

Through the Whatcom Community College program, students learn massage modalities and therapies along with anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology. They also learn safety, ethical, and legal applications to massage therapy as well as client communication skills. The program meets all guidelines set by the Washington State Board of Massage. At a cost of $9,540, its ideal for those who wish to switch career paths into massage therapy with some completed college credits.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Classes Online

Welcome to our course catalog. Each class is designed to give you useful information you can apply in your massage therapy practice, in a way that fits your schedule. All classes include an e-book you can download immediately, so you dont have to wait for a textbook to arrive before you can begin enjoying your class.

Classes are nationally approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork . States that accept NCBTMB Approved Providers: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Although every effort has been made to keep this list up to date and current, please know that it is YOUR responsibility as a student and therapist to ensure that your state accepts CE from me. Youll need to verify with your States massage therapy board to be sure of the continuing education and provider requirements. First time renewals and lapsed or expired licenses may have additional requirements. Please see the State Info page for more information.

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Modern Marketing For Massage Therapists

This course provides guidance tomassage therapy business owners and solo practitioners on developing aneffective marketing strategy. The modern marketing tools outlined here areintended to be a starting point for defining a target market, or a niche, andnavigating the modern tools available, such as referrals, social media and Internetmarketing, to reach that market.

Oh My Aching Scar: Scar Tissue Pain

Best Massage Ce Provider

Elite Ceu Massage / School Nurses &  Teachers

The quality of a MedBridge CE course is top-notch. MedBridge films their online content with high-definition video, including multiple camera angles and 3D animations. When learning about the body and massage techniques, this attention to detail makes a huge difference on the quality of the course.

Additionally, MedBridge courses are taught by experts in the industry. Many include patient demonstrations, even in a live setting.

Whatever the topic for your online continuing education course, MedBridge has you covered. From tax basics to thai massage, MedBridge courses deliver quality content designed for optimal online learning.

For a special discount on MedBridge Massage subscription, click the link below.

This article was written by Naomi Benecasa, a cellist with a Bachelors in Music Performance and a Masters in Music Psychology. Fascinated by fitness and fermentation, she provides copywriting and editing services for PTProgress from her home in New York.

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Ce For Massage Therapists

AMTA is a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork continuing education Approved Provider. Every course offered by AMTA, in-person or online, is submitted for continuing education approval to each state, as required. These two processes ensure that AMTA continuing education courses are rigorously vetted for quality standards.

In addition, AMTA incorporates member feedback into the planning process. Our continuing education is designed for massage therapists, and by massage therapists.

AMTA members save 40% on online CE and more!

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