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Massage Therapy Ceu Online Classes

The American Massage Therapy Association

Ariana Institute’s Introduction to Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage CE Course

AMTA is a fantastic resource for all massage therapists, no matter where they currently are in their training or career. They offer a wide selection of online training videos, an annual conference, and specialized guidance on best practices for working as a massage therapist. Additionally, they offer over 60 online CE classes on a range of massage therapy topics. As an AMTA member, youll have access to a selection of free courses as well as reduced prices for non-free courses.

Largest Selection Of Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Choose from the largest massage therapy continuing education course library on the web with 145+ home study massage CEU courses. The Institute is approved by the NCBTMB as a CE Approved Provider. Many of our CE courses are also accepted by ABMP, AMTA, and most state boards. All courses come with our 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Youre guaranteed to find massage therapy courses that will expand your skills, meet your needs, and pique your interests.

What Is The Difference Between Online Format And Mail Format

Our online format is available to you instantly after you make your purchase. This option allows you to print and/or download our courses to your computer immediately. Text courses are in PDF format which can be downloaded and printed. Online Seminar-On-Demand¨ courses are viewed streaming by clicking a link. Our online format offers the ultimate in convenience and saves you time and money.

Our mail format allows you to obtain a hard copy of the course materials. Text courses are sent in a booklet form. Seminar-On-Demand¨ courses are sent as a DVD-ROM. NOTE: DVD-ROMs can only be viewed on a computer or laptop. They are NOT compatible with standard DVD players.

When you choose the mail format, we will rush you your materials the next business day via Fedex Ground, Fedex Express Saver, or Fedex 2 Day.

Course exams may be completed in our online testing center, by fax or by mail for both the online and mail format.

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Who Is Seminars For Health

Founded in 2011 by Linda Hoppe and Bob Cross, Seminars for Health is a Canadian-based company that provides cutting-edge online and in-person continuing education. SFH has trained over 20 000 Massage Therapists and Health Care Providers across the globe. SFH is proudly endorsed and accredited across Canada, Australia, and the USA. Additionally, SFH engaged Faculty, led by Linda Hoppe, is the creator of SFH Dynamic Cupping, SFH Kinetic Massage, SFH Orthopedic Massage, SFH Intraoral TMJ, SFH Assisted Stretching Therapy, SFH Oncology Massage, and our latest course Target Muscle Release. Our world-renowned courses certify Health Care professionals to provide high-standard care to their patients, elevate their practice, and treat musculoskeletal conditions with lasting results.

Arizona State Requirements For Massage Therapists

Why In

Arizona requires 700 hours for a state massage license and a minimum of 24 CEU hours every two years. A licensee may complete a maximum of 12 of these hours from a correspondence or distance learning format.

The AZ State Board of Massage Therapy no longer requires proof of CEU classes taken if you received notification of your renewal by postcard. As such, SWIHA no longer automatically generates certificates. To receive a certificate by request, contact Student Services at 480-994-9244 or 888-504-9106 upon completion of a course. Please allow 10 business days for administrative processing to receive a Certificate of Completion.

In Arizona, all CEUs are subject to approval by the AZ State Board of Massage Therapy. However, it is generally accepted that NCBTMB approved courses are eligible.

Courses offered by SWIHA for vocational, personal development, or continuing education purposes have homework and competency requirements which must be met to receive a passing grade.

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The National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

This organization serves as a go-to location for reputable, high-quality CE providers. They possess a specialized search feature to help students locate approved providers of continuing education units. Select one of their home study course options to locate online classes that you can complete at home in your own time.

Are you looking for some top-quality CEU courses to further your career as a massage therapist? Reach out to Yomassage and take advantage of their amazing services today.

We Take The Stress Out Of Your Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Our knowledgeable and friendly course advisors are experts in NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP and state board massage CEU requirements, can make course recommendations, answer any course related questions, and help you every step of the way from selecting courses to receiving your certificates. They are so well informed and responsive that we actually have massage therapists call us instead of the NCBTMB to answer questions. They are here to assist you weekdays from 9AM to 5PM EST and, if you contact us after hours, they will actually get back to you the next business day.

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Massage Therapy Continuing Education & Online Courses

I need courses that are engaging and provide new, relevant information in the profession, and Massage CEU Monkey really delivered on this for me. On top of that, they made getting my massage continuing education requirements a breeze. By far my top choice for getting massage classes online.

Ryan, Licensed Massage Therapist

Ontario Massage Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Ariana Institute’s Introduction to Addiction and Massage CE Course

It is our understanding that Registered Massage Therapists practicing in the province of Ontario must complete and submit specified STRiVE components on an annual basis between September 1 and November 30. STRiVE replaces the previous continuing education program which was based on a three-year cycle.

The key components of STRiVE include:

  • An e-learning module which provides education on a topic that is relevant to the entire profession. RMTs are required to demonstrate their knowledge of the content each year.
  • A self-assessment that is comprised of performance indicators that will help the RMT assess their current level of performance every two years.
  • A learning plan whereby RMTs have to define their goals and objectives for professional development. RMTS will develop a learning plan with goals and activities. This starts by providing these learning goals and continuing professional development activities between September and November 30th of the first year in the renewal. In the second year RMTs will submit their progress report also between September and November 30th. This is where our courses fit in!
  • A yearly Experiential Learning Exercise which helps RMTs develop skills in reflective practice such that one can analyze ones own professional performance with the goal of enabling ongoing improvement and further developing areas of strength and expertise.

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Gwinnett Colleges Continuing Education For Massage Therapists

Be sure to use the filter across the top to search for specific classes, specific teachers or to filter by location. Just type in Lilburn, Sandy Springs, or Raleigh to see classes at those specific campus locations.

Gwinnett College offers a variety continuing education and professional development courses that are designed to be an add-on to existing knowledge and experience in the massage field. Applicants wishing to take one of these massage therapy continuing education classes must provide documentation that they have prior massage backgrounds, either through coursework or work experience. The massage therapy continuing education classes are intended to enhance a persons ability to work in their chosen field by adding additional skills and knowledge and are not to be considered as a direct path to a new career.

These massage therapy continuing education classes are not recognized by the schools accrediting bodies and do not quality for student financial aid. The schedules for these massage therapy continuing education courses vary and they may not be offered at all campuses. Please contact the college campus of your choice for current scheduling information.

Massage Therapy Ceu Requirements By State

Needed: Alabama MTs need 16 hours Deadline: Due every other year, on thelast day of the orginial licensure month.Alaska Massage Therapy ContinuingNeeded: No CEUs required. Deadline: N/A Read More Arizona MassageTherapy Continuing Education

Arizona MTs need 24 Rule R4-15-301.Aand B Deadline: Due every other yearon the licensees birthday

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Massage Therapy Ceu Final Thoughts

For massage therapists to be able to keep their licenses and certifications current, its critically important that they stay on top of their required continuing education units. Many CEU courses are available online from a wide range of quality providers, such as Yomassage and others. So take some time to browse the sources listed here to locate some top-quality massage therapy training courses. Not only will they allow you to remain certified and able to continue your massage therapy practice, but they will also provide you with a vast array of new information and techniques. You can easily incorporate these elements into your business to give yourself the best possible chance at success.

Do you need to complete some massage therapy CEUs to keep your license up to date? Check out Yomassagetoday to learn about what they can do to help.

Our Course Options Allow You To Study In The Format That Best Suits You

orthopedic massage therapy continuing education in costa rica

You can purchase physical texts, DVDs CDs, and testing materials, or have them made available to you fully online or a combination there of. If you have a tight deadline, we offer you 24/7 access to over 95 completely online massage therapy courses. With this option, you have immediate access to your materials through our secure online course center. You take your test online when you’re ready. You get your test results immediately and instantly print your certificate upon passing.

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The Center For Massage Therapy Ce

This massage therapy course provider offers a total of more than 75 different study classes that can be fully completed in the comfort of your own home. Participants can choose to take the involved tests online or have testing materials mailed to them to take on paper. All of their courses are NCBTMB-approved and are available in a wide variety of packages so that you can be sure that you’re paying only for what you need. Whether youre looking to spend $700 on 100 CEU credits, or just $12 for one credit, the Center for Massage Therapy CE has you covered.

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The Institute For Integrative Healthcare

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare provides students with an extensive list of online courses, with the additional option of having study and test materials mailed to your home. All of these classes have been tested and peer-reviewed for quality control, so you can be sure that each of their courses will be thorough and easy to get through with just a little time and dedication. You can also read through each course’s reviews to ensure that the content is compatible with your CEU needs.

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Educational Webinars And Courses

Increase your knowledge and improve your practice. Massage Therapy Foundation webinars help keep you up to date on the latest in massage therapy research.

Massage Therapy Foundation is an NCBTMB-Approved ProviderProvider #305254-00

Learn more about Hospital-Based Massage! Join hosts MTF President, Robin Anderson, MEd, LMT and Robin Miccio, MS, LMT, Integrative Health Program Manager at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, and additional guests from Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Ohio, and Blessings Hospital, Illinois, as they discussthe integration of massage therapy services in a healthcare setting.

  • Took place December 8, 2021
  • Recording available at:

Deep thanks to Handspring Publishing for their generous sponsorship of this webinar.

The Massage Therapy Foundation and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork are excited to offer a free Research Webinar Series. Join us to learn more about the definition of research, its impact on the profession, and what resources are available to help you better engage. Earn 1 free CE by taking the quiz at the end of each webinar.

Webinars in this series include:

  • Part I: Why Research?
  • Part II: What is Research?
  • Part III: How to Find Quality Resources
  • Part IV: Case Reports
  • Part V: Massage Therapy for Pain Management
  • Part VI: Massage for Recovery: Lymphatic Massage
  • Part VII: Sports Massage

MTF/NCBTMB Research Webinar Part VII: Sports Massage

Amta Members Save 40% On Online Courses

Ariana Institute’s Introduction to Ayurvedic Therapy CE Course

AMTA offers online massage therapy CE courses on massage for specific conditions, sports massage, ethics,research, self-care and business.

Rest assured knowing our courses are rigorously vetted and submitted for state continuing education to help advance your skills and meet massage license requirements.

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What We Can Do For You

RMT’s are responsible for selecting quality learning activities that meet their professional development goals set out in their learning plan. Professional learning activities do not have to be approved by the CMTO. CE providers are not required to have programs approved by the CMTO. Therefore, you can utilize any of our our home study programs to help you reach your goals!

If you would like to verify this information, or have further questions regarding your massage therapy continuing education requirements, we suggest contacting the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario directly. The telephone number for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is 800-465-1933 or visit their website at .

If you are a member of NHPC you may use any of our programs to complete your 20 Continued Competency Program credits toward your biennial membership renewal.

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider . All of our continuing education programs can be used for National Certification renewal.

You may also use our credits for other organizations you may belong to, such as the American Massage Therapy Association or Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals .

Enroll Risk-Free! We understand that you are fulfilling your CE requirements, but we feel you are also investing in your skills and professional knowledge, so we offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Learn more about our guarantee.

Approved Continuing Education Providers

All licensed massage therapy schools are also approved to provide continuing education, and may issue either continuing education certificates, or transcripts showing advanced course work . Search for a licensed massage school

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, is a recognized continuing education provider. Providers and courses which have been approved by the NCBTMB will be accepted for continuing education, but courses must be directly related to the acceptable course curriculum.

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Massage Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Its difficult to get too specific when talking about the requirements for massage therapy continuing education, because it can all depend on various factors:

  • The state you work in
  • The licensing board in your area
  • Local requirements, including city-specific rules
  • Even which licensing test you originally took

But we know this much: as a professional massage therapist, youll be required to complete continuing education courses. You have the option of attending courses in person or by taking online courses where you complete the class via computer and submit your test or essay online.

The kinds of classes you can expect to take online include:

  • Business and marketing
  • Advanced anatomy and physiology
  • Research

Given the nature of online courses, you will be tested more on your academic understanding of theories and ideas, rather than the practical application of new massage techniques or modalities. For that, youd need a hands-on training course.

Abmp Online Massage Education

CenterPoint Massage Therapy School Continuing Education

With ABMP, your CE is free!

The webinars are wonderful! Im not sure what I would do without ABMP.Sandra, ABMP member

ABMP membership gives you on-demand access to 200+ massage continuing education webinars with free CE hours! Not for a limited time. Not for some hidden fee. All of our 200+ webinars, featuring the biggest names in massage and bodywork education, are free and offer free, NCBTMB-approved CE hours for the duration of your membership .

Plus, ABMP Certified members now have access to more than 600 on-demand CE hoursthe most online massage and bodywork CE in the worldby combining more than 200 courses in the ABMP Education Center with 400+ CE hours from the World Massage Conference!

In the ABMP Education Center you can check out our full catalog of continuing education massage therapy courses and pick out the massage CE youll earn first. You can search by course subject, presenter name, and other keywords to find the online course that is right for you. Whether you’re looking to learn new hands-on modalities, study up on ethics, or gain new marketing ideas for massage therapists, we’ve got it!

ABMP webinars have been the most helpful tool since I’ve become a massage therapist. The other group I was with are not as involved with the success of their members, even though they try to look that way. Thanks for being the real deal.Anna

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Easy Places To Find Online Massage Therapy Ceus

Every few years, licensed or certified massage therapists are required to take continuing education courses to keep their credentials current. Continuing education units, or CEUs, include anything from a few hours of study to several days worth of hands-on practice, depending on the topic chosen.

The number credits and type of classes youll need will vary from state to state. Many massage therapy schools and other professional massage organizations will offer continuing education workshops that you can attend for a few hours or for a few days back-to-back. Its a great way to expand your skill set in an immersive hands-on training.

But sometimes its nice to take care of your credit requirements from the comfort of your own home. Thats why online CEU classes for massage therapists are so popular.

The trick is finding online massage therapy courses from a legitimate source.

In this article, youll get tips on searching for online CEU options yourself, as well as 7 great online CEU hubs to get started.

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