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Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Tummy Tuck

Why Choose Nip And Tuck Plastic Surgery For Lymphatic Massage & Cavitation

MLD, Lymphatic Drainage Massage after Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

Dr. Jones is a highly qualified and specialized plastic surgeon. With the highest care and regard for the quality of his work, lymphatic massage and cavitation can enhance your results and recovery, getting you back to your life with less discomfort and sooner results. By having your treatments under one roof, Dr. Jones can closely monitor your progress and customize a plan especially built around your individual needs.

What To Expect During The First Lymphatic Drainage Massage

During your first session, your therapist will ask you about your medical history as well as what type of surgery you have undergone. These details are necessary to treat the condition effectively. The massage itself is a simple process that involves only a massage table and a few clean towels. It will be a very relaxing experience. The therapist will use gentle, rhythmic motions all over your body to aid the drainage.

Once the massage is complete, the therapist will ask you to put on compression garments along with some post-care instructions.

I Hope This Info Has Been Helpful To Those Of You Who Needed My Help When I Could Not Be Of Service Due Tocovid

If you have questions that arent answered here, please feel free to send me an email via the contact page on this website. Ive tried to cover most of the bases, but there are likely a lot of questions that you guys still have. I would love the opportunity to answer them and add them to this site to help others.

If you are in or near the Albuquerque area and you found this resource helpful, I would love to see you when life gets back to normal after the COVID-19 virus situation gets under control.I look forward to helping you!Shannon

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Lymphatic Massage Does Speed Up Recovery

Post-op recovery is not a fun process, whichever way you spin it. But it can be made quicker.

See, the big part of the recovery process is about waiting until the swelling goes away.

Whether its eyelid surgery or liposuction, some post-op swelling is always expected as part of the healing process.

Lymphatic massage is the prime choice when it comes to reducing swelling, as it removes the fluid build-ups lying under your skin.

But that is not the only reason why you should be concerned.

These fluid build-ups, if untreated, eventually can cause your skin to harden, and for swelling and bruising to happen.

Otherwise known as fibrosis, it is considered one of the main complications after plastic surgery.

While it is definitely not a very common side effect, nor a particularly dangerous one, it can be unpleasant and very unaesthetic, causing pain and visible scars near the surgical site.

Since it unblocks your lymphatic system, lymphatic massage can help you kill two birds with one stone:

  • Speed up your recovery by detoxicating your body and reducing swelling
  • Avoid very unpleasant and unappealing complications by removing fluid buildups

In Dr. Tehranis experience, lymphatic massage is extremely helpful after:

  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast augmentation and reduction

In Dr. Tehranis experience, patients can expect 50% reduction in recovery utilizing lymphatic massage in the early postoperative period.

Should It Benefit Liposuction Patients

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Live!!! Post liposuction, Brazilian Butt ...

While many plastic surgeons recommend it, some dont. I noticed one plastic surgeon commented online that they didnt believe it was possible to manually push fluid through the lymphatic system. They went on to say that many patients describe lymphatic massage to be excruciatingly painful. Perhaps this could be the case if the technique was performed incorrectly, or by someone who is not certified, but otherwise it is easy to demonstrate that both of these comments are incorrect. Heres why:

Manual lymphatic drainage is a central component of CDT, which is the treatment recommended by the International Society of Lymphology for managing chronic swelling in patients with lymphatic insufficiency . Imaging studies confirm that manual lymphatic drainage massage significantly increases the flow of fluid in lymphatic vessels in normal individuals . This finding explains the large number of clinical studies and anecdotal observations collected over decades of use that demonstrate its clinical effectiveness . Its also important to note that pain is not described as a side-effect of manual lymphatic drainage massage in these studies, nor is it mentioned by any knowledgeable publication or web article. To the contrary, manual lymphatic drainage is more gentle than conventional massage and is frequently described as enjoyable. This also coincides with our own experience.

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Post Plastic Surgery Lymphatic Massage

It is in the best interest of a patient of plastic surgery to heal as quickly as possible after the procedure. Whether you have gotten a tummy tuck or a liposuction, you would want your body to recover fast so you can see the results. There are chores and responsibilities that you need to tend to for which proper healing is essential.

Apart from taking regular rests and following post-operative care, you should consider two types of massages to maximize results – lymphatic massage and scare care massage. If you live in Florida, Anna Bass is a licensed massage therapist and wellness coach whom you should visit. Her clinic is easily accessible to the residents of Tampa, Riverview and Brandon, Florida.

Duration Of The Session

Most people are curious about how long the massage will last. It typically lasts anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes. After your first session, you might be asked to come in every other day for the first few weeks. After that, the therapist will perform a massage once a week for four to six weeks. Eventually, it will be done only once a month for four to five months.

Please note that it is a general guideline. Your experience can vary drastically depending on the condition of your body and the therapist you see.

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Highly Effective After Tummy Tuck Lipo 360 Brazilian Butt Lift Standard Butt Lift Breast Surgery

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

is highly effective for draining the large volume of fluid produced during liposuction.Clients report the pain free technique is even relaxing.Breaks up painful lumpy knots and smoothes out hardening areas.Often requires fewer sessions than traditional lymphatic massage.Excellent for tummy tucks. Can soften surgical scars.Flushes out anesthesia, which may linger for hours, even days or weeks.

Lymphatic massage sessions generally begin within the first 3 days after surgery. They are critical to reduce the recovery phase and improve results.

A new client experiences the Tao Chi Massage Lipossage© lymphatic drainage proprietary technique in the initial session. If you are satisfied with the procedure and results, we schedule 6 more sessions right then and you pay for all 7 sessions.

After Lipo 360, a Brazilian butt lift , a standard butt lift, a tummy tuck, or other liposuction, a series lymphatic drainage massages are essential to soften and minimize scar formation, and reduce post-surgical swelling.

Lipo 360 removes fat accumulation in the midsection: front, sides and back. It may extend to the bra line and upper arms.

A Brazilian butt lift harvests excess fat from the midsection and injects it into the buttocks, to remove inches from the waist, and increase butt and hip volume, and so create a pleasing overall hour-glass shape.

Breast surgery can enhance or reduce breast size, and may lift or perfect breast shape or symmetry.S

Answer: Massage After Tummy Tuck

Lymphatic drainage massage and proper faja use after liposuction, BBL, or tummy tuck

Hello. If I understand you correctly, you had two lymphatic massage sessions beginning four days after your tummy tuck. Typically, lymphatic massages use very light pressure to encourage lymphatic drainage/swelling to resolve quicker. I see that you have two drains still in place in this photo. I would think there would be no reason to be worried at this point. I would refrain from further massages for at least a few weeks, as they may be uncomfortable and I would think not be all that helpful. You can also ask your plastic surgeon for further guidance about the correct time to begin these treatments. I wish you a speedy recovery.Cheers,Brad Remington, MD

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What Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage And What Does It Do

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is offered by registered physiotherapists and massage therapists who have received additional training and certification. Using sequences of gentle massage strokes, manual lymphatic drainage helps to stimulate the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system, thus relieving swelling. This technique is routinely offered along with compression garments and education as part of Combined Decongestive Therapy , the standard treatment for patients with chronic lymphatic insufficiency . But should we expect it to help patients recovering from liposuction?

Which Liposuction Patients Might Benefit Most From Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The patients who stand to benefit most from manual lymphatic drainage would be those with a lot of swelling, and/or with swelling that is difficult to reduce. Typically, these are patients where compression garments couldnt be used, werent used effectively, or werent used at all. Liposuction patients that experience fluid build-up away from the surgical site, such as in the legs, could also benefit. With respect to fibrosis, patients with more extensive procedures are more likely to benefit from the fibrosis-reducing effects of manual lymphatic drainage.

Other patients may benefit psychologically. Since it is a safe and enjoyable massage technique, it may be beneficial to consider it for patients who might otherwise wonder or worry that their recovery could have been easier, or their results better, or for patients who exhibit fear-based touch-avoidance after this sort of procedure, and who can afford the additional expense.

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Q: Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage A Form Of Deep Massage

A: No, MLD is extremely light treatment although it may feels uncomfortable in the first week after the procedure as the area is very sensitive to touch. MLD it is the most efficient way to reduce swelling, water retention and bruising. It is based on scientific knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the Lymphatic System. The Vodder Method is the most effective way to reduce swelling and bruising caused by the procedure. This method is used in hospitals and clinics all over world to treat patients with swelling, bruising and water retention.

Even though it may seem to you that a deep massage, therapeutic or other type of massage it may help decreasing the hardness following the procedure it is not. A deep massage is contraindicated after the procedure as it makes harder to evacuate lymph fluid and also could damage the surgery.

Who Is A Candidate For Cavitation Therapy

Lymphatic Massage After Tummy Tuck

Cavitation cannot be performed on patients in their first trimester of pregnancy, those with certain types of heart problems or a pacemaker, and those with certain types of metal implants. Further, cavitation is open to patients of all skin types and leaves no scarring. When scheduling your surgery, ask Dr. Jones if our best in Atlanta Cavitation is right for you.

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Tips For A Speedy Recovery

The bottom line is not to expect that recovery is the same for everyone. Take your time, eat healthy food and follow what your surgeon recommends for medicines, rest and when to resume work. If you follow these recommendations, your recovery will happen faster than you think. Your doctor knows best, it is wise to talk to them should you have any questions during your recovery.

Do You Have Tissue Fibrosis Or Lumps And Bumps After Surgery

Fibrosis is a build up of scar tissue that can occur as a result of cosmetic surgery which can cause lumps and bumps in the subdermal tissues. It can sometimes be found in the lateral torso, lower abdomen, and back after liposuction. While this consequence of liposuction is not ideal, not to worry. Fibrosis can be treated!

Through various techniques, fibrosis and scar tissue can be gently treated causing any lumps and bumps that may have settled during the recovery process to get smoothed out. Using warm oil and lymphatic cupping, myofascial decompression allows for scarring and edema build-up to gently be reduced allowing the patient to feel more comfortable and confident in their new body.

For more information about postsurgical MLD and how it can benefit you, give us a call!


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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Before And After: The Takeaway

Lymphatic drainage massage is highly effective, thanks to its ability to solve many health problems. Its ability to equip your body with disease-fighting mechanisms is exemplary. Take it as a way to communicate and coordinate body cells, and help them carry out their functions as required.

The secret was following the lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips. And we have unveiled it all here. lymphatic drainage massage before and after hacks are no longer a magic trick. There is no reason at all for you not to see real lymphatic massage benefits now.

Prepare For Some Rest

Lymphatic Massage and Scar Care after Tummy Tuck

Schedule a period of rest when you get home. After your massage, your body nutrients and resources will be redirected towards eliminating the toxins. You most likely will feel tired after the session.

This is why you need to give your body a chance to regenerate.

Have everything else like work sorted out before your massage.

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Doing The Back Of The Body

Before doing the back of the body, be sure that you have followed Step 1: Unclogging the Drain and Step 2: Clearing Your Lymph Nodes.

While these steps are on the front of the body, its where you will be moving fluid, so be sure to do them in order before moving on to the back. Also, if you have had work done on your front, you will want to do Step 3: Move Fluid to the Lymph Nodes for the front of the body first before doing your back.

When you are doing self-lymphatic massage getting to the back of the body is a real challenge. If you have someone to help, ask if they will do this for you. Be sure that they have clean hands !

If you are on your own, dont worry. While it is ideal to work on most of those areas directly, you will still get improvement by getting to the areas that you can reach.

Lymphatic Drainage works on the principle of creating a vacuum within the lymphatic system. As we work backwards from the area where the lymph dumps into the bloodstream at the collar bones to the area where there is swelling, we are creating a type of suction. Have faith that it is working even in places you cant reach.

Liposuction Causes Swelling And Tissue Damage That Needs To Be Managed For Best Results

During the early period following liposuction surgery patients will experience swelling, bruising and discomfort. This is to be expected since liposuction is a relatively invasive procedure . Common forms of liposuction involve either injecting a significant amount of medicated fluid into the area or using ultrasonic vibration or laser to liquefy the fat, before suctioning it out using a sharp-ended vacuum tube . These procedures can create significant tissue damage.

Figure 1: Abdominal liposuction being performed using a cannula connected to vacuum pump. Photo adapted from ref 1.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Lymphatic Massage

Dr. Brenner recommends 3-5 lymphatic massages in Los Angeles for his clients after abdominoplasty, liposuction, or other similar surgeries. The treatment should start a few weeks after the procedure so that there is minimal discomfort for the patient. Lymphatic massage is not suggested for clients suffering from liver or kidney problems, active infections, congestive heart failure, or those with a history of blood clots or stroke.

Q: Why Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Important After Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck Liposuction Face Lift Or Any Other Plastic Surgery


A: After a plastic surgery procedure, you many notice a hardness, water retention, swollen, hematoma or lumpiness to the areas treated. This is normal right after your surgery. This post-surgical lymphedema is caused by inflammation and trauma from the cannula used to suck out the fat. The channels that are formed by the cannula become fill up with fluid and the tissue around become swollen.

Manual Lymph Massage helps to move the fluid by gently pumping it back into the lymph vessels, reducing the swelling, retention of fluids and pain after the surgery. Without Lymph Massage the inflammation can evolve into fibrosis or a seroma . Many doctors prescribe Lymph Drainage Therapy after liposuction or other plastic surgery procedures to make sure their patients get the best possible results from their procedure.

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Use Ab Boards And Back Boards In Your Faja

Ab boards and backboards are super important. They help to make compression stronger, and if you have had a tummy tuck or a body lift, they help to keep your skin flat and in place so it will lie back down in a neater fashion.

Ab boards should ideally be worn with a piece of foam underneath to keep them from creating creases in the skin. Heres a link below to my favorite ab board that I recommend to my clients.

M& D 9104 Flattening Faja Ab Board After Liposuction

Back boards come in a couple of different varieties depending on your need. Many ladies who have had a BBL but no lipo up on their rib cage would best be served by this style of back board which goes in the small of the back.

Myth #: Lymphatic Drainage Can Help You Lose Weight

Even though the name of the procedure may suggest something to be drained from your body, in reality it is just a very methodical, non-invasive massage that shunts the tissue remains and fluid build-ups from the lymphatic system beneath your skin out of your body.

At that point, your body can easily direct the bad stuff towards the exit points in form of sweat and urine.

Patients do feel extremely refreshed and lively after the procedure, which often prompts them to lead healthier diets and exercise more. Which, in turn, results in weight loss and overall health improvement.

Lymphatic massage is also known for its many positive effects on the muscular system, such as improving blood circulation, increased flexibility and better posture, all of which can encourage patients to exercise more.

However, to say that lymphatic massage reduces weight on its own is wrong.

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