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Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

Various Massage Techniques And Modes

Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair Commercial

How many massage techniques have you tried so far? If you have this massage chair model, you will be able to experience 7 massage techniques that mimic human hands and moves. Whether you prefer Shiatsu or Swedish massage, or you want to try out a combination of Kneading, Clapping, Tapping, Rolling, or Dual Action, youll be able to satisfy your daily massage needs with the Ogawa Refresh.

And speaking of massage needs, would you prefer choosing from a pre-programmed list of full body massage options or would you like to go for spot massage to target certain problem areas? Whatever your answer may be, the Ogawa Refresh Plus can cater to your wants and needs. Hows this possible? Its because there are six full body massage modes pre-programmed into the system of this model, allowing you to pick one that suits your need for the day.

But if you want a partial massage? Thats what the adjustable rollers are for. You can target exact areas along your entire back and set the roller positioning accordingly. You can also control the roller speed and width to further customize the massage. You can even add the lumbar heating and seat vibration features.

And if you need an extra leg and foot TLC? The Ogawa Refresh also has the perfect feature for that. Equipped with upgraded reflexology foot rollers and airbags, your legs get acupressure, kneading massage, and air compression action simultaneously. Now you can bid goodbye to tired and sore legs and feet.

Where Are Osaki Chairs Made

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Have Your Own Massage Therapist At Home With The Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

Regularly visiting a massage therapist can become expensive quickly. For those of you who need frequent in-depth massages, having your own massage chair is a more cost-effective option than seeing a professional. However, you might not know which chair on the market offers the highest performance while still being affordable for the average consumer, or if such a desirable combination even exists. The good news is that it does and you dont need to read every massage chair review to find out what it is. The Ogawa Refresh Plus is the perfect balance of professional quality and reasonable pricing. This Ogawa Refresh Plus review will explain why this is the best chair for you to buy.

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Pros & Cons Of The Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

We like this chair. Its a solid design that offers features that are as good, and in many cases better than its competitors. In our view, its strongest features are these:

  • The presence of two advanced massage techniques
  • A high-quality air massage mode
  • Lots of massage customization options
  • The entertainment suite and tablet-based control system, as opposed to using a remote

Having said that, there are some things we wish the designers had included. In no particular order these are:

  • More extensive heat
  • Alonger track
  • 3D Rollers to make better use of the Zero-G seating

Are Vibrating Massage Chairs Good For You

Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair  TheMassageChair.com

While you may think your vibrating massage chair has some sort of magical, elite health benefits, youre wrong. While vibrating massage chairs, like the Savant BodyTech Omni at SLT, do deliver the pain-relieving benefits of an entire hour-long massage in the comfort of your own home, there are a lot of other serious health hazards associated with getting your massage from a machine instead of a human. We consulted a real human massage therapist, to find out the true health risks of using a vibrating massage chair.

More: This one person controls the entire TKL team. Yes, Thats a Risk. Theres no denying that vibration technology has increased the popularity of the massage chair, says Melanie Ludlow, owner of Therapy and Wellness Services of Dallas. However, these so-called experimental devices have only been on the market for about a decade. Before that, any kind of manual.

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Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair

Introducing the all-new Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair. Refresh your body and mind in an SL massage track, your body is cradled as each muscle along the spine is cared for. Kneading out tight neck and shoulder muscles, stretching and elongating the spine, soothing and relaxing the bottoms of the feet, the Refresh L Plus will promote total body wellness. Combining humanistic, smooth massage with the comfort of Air Compression, Heat Therapy, Zero Gravity, Foot Rollers, Bluetooth Speakers, the Refresh L luxury massage chair has everything you need and more.

Full Body Air Compression

What can strategically-placed air chambers bring you in one massage session? Air compression massage is applied with gradual pressure to release the tension on your tight muscles. On the other hand, acupressure nodes take care of your sore muscles by strengthening and lengthening them. And in which areas can you experience this? With the Ogawa Refresh Plus, you can enjoy the blood-circulating benefit of air compression massage on your shoulder, arms, hands, calves, and feet areas.

Looking forward to a massage session at home yet? Heres another reason to get one in the Ogawa Refresh Plus massage chair:

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D Massage Roller Technology

The Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair combines the latest in Quad Style Roller Technology and Body Scan Technology to deliver a more humanistic massage that is tailored to your height and body type. The Refresh L scans the body for precise placement of the Quad Rollers along the spine, perfectly targeting each muscle group.

Warranty And Customer Service

Ogawa Refresh Plus – Massage Chair Review Video

OGAWA hold the following warranty:

  • Smart 3D and upholstery provide a one 3 year in-home service parts & labor warranty, and a 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • OGAWAs Active and Refresh chairs provide a one-year in-home service warranty, two years of parts coverage, and a 5 years framework warranty
  • OGAWA foot massager provides a 1-year in-home service, labor, and parts warranty
  • OGAWA goods will be repaired by an in-home technician and free shipping for parts
  • Touch 3D Chair Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty. This warranty includes Parts, & Labor, and in-Home Service for the 1st year at no cost. This warranty includes part costs covered for the 2nd year for free. This warranty includes framework coverage for 5 years at no cost to the buyer.

Consumer service will not be providing RMAs for products.

All repairs, shipping, parts, handling, tax, and fees will be charged for non-warranty repairs and support calls.

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Ogawa Refresh Vs Infinity Escape

*Please note that the Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair has been discontinued! Visit here for more Infinity Branded Massage Chairs!

The Ogawa Refresh massage chair and the Infinity Escape massage chair have their fair share of similarities and differences. In this comparison we will cover the different aspects of each chair. We hope to make your massage chair buying experience as easy as possible.

Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair Black

  • Proposition 65

Treat yourself to a luxurious massage in the comfort of your own home courtesy of the Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair. A built-in touch screen tablet makes it easy to control the speed, intensity and duration of your massage. Choose from several built-in programs and techniques to target problem areas.

  • Overall Dimensions: 44-1/8H x 30W x 30D.
  • Weight capacity tested to support 300 lb.
  • Smart curve technology.
  • 5 levels of strength and speed.
  • 3 levels of massage width.
  • 3 intensity adjustments.
  • Back and leg angle adjustments.
  • Foot rollers.

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Massage Chair Expert Overview

My ratings for my Ogawa Refresh Plus review are based on the massage chair and also the price point it is at.

Massage For not having 3D, the massage is actually quite amazing with a fantastic neck massage. Like I said in my review, I ended using the Refresh Plus for my daily go-to in my home because I enjoyed it that much. If you are interested in an L-Track, definitely check out the Ogawa Active L Plus massage chair.

Air Compression Massage The compression was very good and the air compressor is actually pretty quiet compared to most massage chairs, even high-end chairs. The only things I would change is adding seat airbags and having the shoulder airbag actually grab the shoulders for the stretch massage, but those are found in more expensive massage chairs.

Features For this price point, the Ogawa Refresh Plus is packed with features.

Customizability For a 2D chair, you can customize many things. You have control at your fingertips with the touch screen tablet and can even do a custom massage to massage exactly where you need it. Control the heat, vibration, air compression pressure, chromotherapy, and more.

Get A Massage Anytime In Your Own Home

Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

After reading our Ogawa Refresh Plus review, you can see why it is the best massage chair available for the price. The combination of advanced technology, customized settings, and ultimate comfort built into the Ogawa Refresh provide you with all the benefits of human touch and personalization and in the privacy and convenience of your own home. The icing on the cake is its exceptional price so you save money both on the chair and on cutting out weekly visits to the massage therapist.

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Master Drive Ai Chair

now we come to Ogawa master drive ai is different from other massaging chairs out there. The fixed arm and the large wheel are perfect setups for massaging. this chair provides the massaging of the upper back, shoulders, neck, face, and hands. this chair is the best product and there are more than 10 beautiful ogawa master drive ai reviews that can tell you all about this high-quality chair. this ai chair offers 6 modes of rotating axis, 8 different modes of massage, and a huge massage capacity. When youre on vacation and your back is aching, take a drive ai and give your back the massage you deserve

After doing a bit of research on it, I bought this Master Drive Ai. Its currently retailing at $9999.99 at retailers around the world, but I am going to review it in installments here.

OK, its actually not much different from the other fancy heated chairs that are going at a high price. It comes with a large base, two back massage nodes, a rollerball that we are still finding out how to use and you can adjust your recline from 180 to 230 degrees. A nice thing is you can customize it with a selection of different massage types. You know, the Type A massage for shoulder pain, Type B for back pain, or Type C for lower back pain. The more muscles you trigger, the more you get a positive effect. The client can also choose the intensity of the massage, ranging from gentle to very deep.

Buying Guide Of Top Models And Alternatives

Remember that the excellent OGAWA brand manufactured all the models we examined in this article.

OGAWA is an industry leader in the luxury massage chair market and has several years of massage experience.

The brand is an excellent example of the type of company that you should seek out for purchasing your new therapeutic lounger.

  • Smart 3DOne of the absolute best models in the industry. A huge variety of features. Numerous techniques and intensities. Samsung tablet remote control system. Its the most advanced massage chair ever created.
  • Active L The Ogawa Active L is one of the newest massage chairs on the market. Its an incredibly advanced piece of technology, contains a vast array of features and functions. The Active L model isnt quite at the top of the line, but its very close. Its Ogawas newest model and offers an impressive amount of features, innovations, technology, and most importantly, comfort!
  • Touch 3D Touch 3D can be described as a simpler version of the Smart 3D model. The two models are quite similar to each other, but the Smart 3D contains more features and is more sophisticated. The Touch 3D is an outstanding luxury. However, if youre going to invest in a high-end model, we recommend that you spend the extra cost bump up to the Smart 3D.
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    Full Body Compression Massage

    The Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair comes equipped with 32 airbags with 3 intensity levels that provide a humanistic pressure massage for the rest of the body that the massage roller cannot reach. The Refresh L uses arm & hand, outer shoulder, as well as foot & leg massage compression which helps to loosen up all of your muscle for a full body massage.

    Buyers Guide: The 10 Best Massage Chairs For 2022

    Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair | Massage Chair Planet

    Not all massage chairs are created equal! The brand and model your neighbor swears by might not give you the rest and relaxation you need, so researching all of your options is the only way to find the best fit.

    But were here to tell you everything you need to know about the top-rated massage chairs from the most reputable brands in the industry. Check out our list of the best massage chairs below, including special features, prices, warranty information and color options.

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    Massage Chair Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much should I spend on a massage chair?

    A: This will depend entirely on your budget. As you can see by our list, most high-quality massage chairs can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $15,000.

    Just keep in mind that a lower budget will limit your options and you may miss out on certain features. A lot of companies offer financing options with 0% interest for a certain amount of time, so you can find the massage chair of your dreams without breaking the bank!

    Q: What should I look for in a massage chair?

    A: This is another question that will depend on your personal preferences. Do you have your heart set on zero gravity, or is that just a nice-to-have feature? Check out the features we detailed above and ask yourself what your absolute must-haves are. From there, youll be able to narrow down your options and find a massage chair that fits your budget.

    Q: What company should I buy a chair from?

    A: The company you choose to buy your massage chair from is just as important as the brand and model you select. Avoid companies that offer minimal warranties , as they can be difficult to deal with if anything happens to your massage chair.

    And although massage chairs do offer many health and wellness benefits, companies shouldnt promote their chairs as cures for anything. If a company makes any claims about medical or health improvements, take it as a red flag.

    Q: What if I dont like the massage chair I buy?

    Is A Massage Chair A Good Investment

    Massage chairs are making some of the best gifts for the entire family during the holidays this year. Not only are they stylish, affordable, and useful, but they are also portable. With their ability to change from a sitting to a standing position, it can easily be taken from the living room to the kitchen or from the dining room to the bedroom or office. Some have dual reclining capabilities so that two people can enjoy a back massage at the same time. The chairs can also transform from a straight sitting position to a reclining position, giving you plenty of options for a position that works well for you. If you are looking to purchase a massage chair for yourself, youll want to first check out the different types on the market before making your purchase.

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    Is Massage Chair Worth The Money

    Well, one positive about traditional massage chairs is that they do work wonders on those aches and pains you encounter after you spend hours at the gym. On the other hand, the benefits of spinal manipulation massage therapy are much more sought-after, so its understandable that many people would rather pay more money for the benefits that massage chair therapy can bring. Still, its worth noting that traditional massage chairs can be expensive and are often a waste of money for certain types of aches and pains. In this post, well run down some of the pros and cons of massage chairs, so that you can make the best decision for your individual needs.

    Spot And Partial Massage

    Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair  TheMassageChair.com

    The spot feature allows you to easily target exact areas along your entire back. Adjust the rollers to your targeted pain area and let the rollers do the rest. The partial feature allows you to target a region along the spine for massage. Simply select a location and the rollers will massage 6 in your targeted area.

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