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Titan Pro Series Massage Chair

Titan Pro 8300 Massage Chair

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair – Expert Overview

We guarantee the lowest prices allowed on Osaki & Titan Brand Massage Recliners. You can relax and unwind like never before with the latest in comfort technology and massage chair design. The Titan PRO series models are designed to take you miles away from the slightest trace of stress or tension. Call 888-486-9463 for details or place your order online now and let us deliver and set your new TP-PRO 8300 Titan Massage Chair at no additional cost to you.


Buy Comfortable Massage Chairs With Various Options

Titan Chairs lets you to buy from a wide range of massage chairs and choose from many options for your home and office. Our range include various types and models of massage chairs from all leading brands with different useful options and features. We can also explore our exquisite range of heated massage chairs which includes leather reclining heated massage chairs and the most unique and durable full automatic leather reclining massage chair. You can buy our chairs today and enjoy our discounted deals specially crafted for you so that you can buy the best and reasonable prices.

We know that a professional massage chair needs to have some unique features to cope the challenges of modern needs. Titan Chairs lets you to buy chairs with exciting all new features including roller direction, speed adjustments, width adjustment. These chairs can also offer foot and calf massages and are also equipped with automatic massage programs just a push of a button away.

What Is The Titan Pro Jupiter Xl

Titan Pro Jupiter XL is a high end massage chair thats famous for having 3D rollers with an extended tracking range . As far as overall intensity is concerned, this chair can do a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10.

Is it capable of doing deep tissue massage? Well, the answer is it depends. Deep tissue massage is not some fixed intensity that works for everyone. The intensity required for a 120-140 lb body is much less than the intensity required for a 180-220 lb body. Deep tissue intensities therefore vary from one individual to another. What I think is deep tissue may not necessarily be what you think.

That being said, this chair can massage at deep tissue intensities if you need it to. However, its probably not the best deep tissue chair you can find out there i.e. there are chairs that can massage at much stronger intensities.

Does that make it a bad chair? Absolutely not! The Titan Pro Jupiter XL is actually one of my favorite massage chairs, and once you read this review, youll be able to see why.

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Titan Pro Executive Review

The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair is one of the best deals on the market for a 3D massage chair. It features 3D roller technology and an expansive feature set, all for a great price. It is one of our top recommendations for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage chair for under $3,000. Let us check out our review on the Titan Pro Executive below.

Pro Executive Or Pro Maxim The Choice Is Yours

TITAN Pro Series Soho Black Faux Leather Reclining Massage ...

When youre choosing between massage chairs at similar price ranges, such as the Titan PRO Executive and the Osaki OS-PRO Maxim that both come in at $2,999, deciding which chair provides the features you need is going to be crucial. Both these chairs offer 3D massage, foot rollers, heat therapy, and zero gravity, but is there one chair that offers a bit more? Are you looking for something with a longer track or perhaps space-saving technology? Maybe you want something with two stages of zero gravity and memory settings?

To assist you with deciding which of these chairs might be better for you, lets take a look at their core features- 3D massage and their tracks. The Maxim offers an L-Track and the Executive offers an S-Track.

First off, lets take a look at the 3D rollers.

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Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

  • 3D Rollers Can Protrude 4.7 Inches. This Results In An Incredible “Human” Like Massage!
  • A Wide Range Of User Flexibility Means This Chair Can Accommodate Various Body Types
  • Hard To Find A 3D Chair That Costs This Little!
  • With 20 Foot Airbags & 3 Rows Of Foot Rollers, Foot Massage Is Incredibly Effective!

Three Step Zero Gravity Mode

Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When reclined into the zero -gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage.

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What Is The Titan Pro Executive

The Titan Pro Executive is a highly versatile mid to high end massage chair. Its biggest highlights are:

  • It comes with a staggering 61 airbags!
  • It comes with 3D roller technology.
  • Its incredibly affordable!
  • It can accommodate a wide user height and weight range.

As far as massage intensity is concerned, you can expect about a 7-9 from this chair.

Can it do deep tissue massage? Yes it can, but only just! Some of the other previously reviewed chairs such as the 4D JP Pro Premium can do a much stronger deep tissue massage.

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Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair Remote Functions

I recommend massage chair deals because they have a good selection of chairs to choose from, theyre very pleasant to deal with, and they offer a lowest price guarantee .

I always recommend you do your due diligence and research to find the best possible deal. Compare prices in the market, and use the discounts and seasonal sales to your advantage! These price drops dont last long, so if theres a chair youre interested in, make sure you act!

When youre ready, feel free to head over to massage chair deals by clicking the link below!

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Titan Alpha Massage Chair

Reimagined from an iconic Eames design, the iconic, sculptural Titan Alpha chair by Helios Instruments is an elevated workstation that can recline and swivel to support a range of postures and postures. The ergonomic chair offers a reconfigured micro surface design with perforated edges that are breathable and cooling, so even during long days, you can get comfortable. With a dual-tone color palette in a variety of shades of black and brown, the chair is tailored for a corporate work environment while embracing a friendly, modern feel that is modern and professional. The custom seat and back cushion offer upholstery in a combination of woven polyester fabric thats durable and machine washable.

The chair incorporates streamlined computer ports on the armrests, as well as USB charging ports, a laptop sleeve, a drink holder, and a media ledge. As if it wasnt already high-tech enough, the chair comes with a patented pedal system thats designed to distribute pressure on your lower back and hip bones to prevent long-term injuries. Designed to be paired with an upright monitor, the pedal system should help you work more comfortably.

Q5 How Can I Find The Best Deal For This Chair And When Is The Best Time To Buy

Finding the best deal requires some effort on your part. As is the case with anything you want to buy, you should spend time looking around and comparing prices at different stores. Dont limit your research to just online, see if the chair you want is available in a store near you. Too many people focus on either buying online or offline, but to find the best deal you should consider both. There is no best time to buy. The prices of these chairs change so frequently, its hard to specifically pick out the best time to buy. If the price meets your budget, buy now!Go to top

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Full Body Air Massage

There are multiple airbags located throughout the massage chair to offer a full body massage experience. The Commander offers a total of 12 airbags in the massage chair. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arms, feet, and the calf areas. This compression massage helps to continue increasing blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension.

Best Massage Chairs For Sale

TITAN Pro Series Soho Cream Faux Leather Reclining Massage ...

Sit back, relax, and destress with a full body massage at home with your ownpersonal massage chair. Whether you experience problems with your back, neck,head, legs, or arms, we have got the right chair just for you. In addition torelieving body aches and pains, massages can help relieve anxiety, depression,stress, and fatigue. The holistic benefits of a massage chair are endless!Choose from an array of high end, ergonomically designed massage chairs fromtop brands like Osaki, Titan, Human Touch, and Panasonic. Our chairs come withessential features such as rolling, tapping, kneading, and vibration, alongwith speciality add-ons such as arm and leg massagers, bluetooth connection,and infrared heat. Experience Zero Gravity functionality with the OsakiOS-4000, or enjoy a shiatsu massage with the Titan Pro Alpha.

We guarantee the best customer service and product care with our three yearwarranty and curb side delivery. Swing by our showroom in the Dallas area andexperience the wonders of a massage chair for yourself. Dont wait any longer your massage chair could be in your living room in no time. Invest in youroverall health and well-being and have access to the unlimited benefits of amassage chair from Titan Chair – a top wholesaler and distributor of qualitymassage chairs with the most affordable prices.

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Full Body Air Compression Massage

79 airbags are strategically placed on the chair and are located in the shoulders, arms, seat, hips, legs, calves, and feet. These provide a compression massage which is perfect for increasing the circulation in your body. The air compression is used throughout the chair in any of the programs, or you can use them independently in the manual mode. Air massage is necessary on any new massage chair to provide a full body massage, and the Titan Pro Executive is above average compared to other massage chairs in its price range.

Ability To Save Customized Massages

You can operate this massage chair in 2 different modes:

Manual mode is great if youre looking to target a specific area of the body. Its also great if you want to employ a specific massage technique such as kneading, shiatsu etc. A cool feature that you get with this chair is the ability to save customized manual massages into 3 different memory slots . This is especially useful for someone who discovers a manual mode that they like and wish to save for future use.

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Whats The Purpose Of A Massage Chair

Most will agree that the purpose of a massage chair is to simply provide an automated solution to the real thing. In other words, it aims to closely mimic a massage delivered by a trained, skilled therapist. Agree?

If like me you agree with the purpose above, you can see why manufacturers are always coming out with improvements to roller technology . Dont get me wrong, theres tons of marketing around these fancy technologies, but that doesnt make them marketing gimmicks. These technologies are actually effective and for this reason worth considering!

A Poorly Designed Set Of Rollers Usually Means An Ineffective Back Massage

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair – perfect for big and tall users

Rollers are for this reason the most important component to a massage chair, in my opinion.

Simply said, these are rollers that move up/down and left/right. If you were to visualize what this looks like, picture a set of roller wheels moving up/down and side to side along your back.

Are the exact same as 2D with one difference. 3D rollers have the added ability to protrude in/out. This extra dimension gives 3D rollers the ability to really push deep into the back muscles. The outcome is a very intense deep tissue massage.

Does that make sense? Its kinda analogous to 3D/2D movies in many ways.

In a 2D movie, the image is based on the TVs length and width. In 3D movies, the image still conforms to length and width, but also pops out, which is why you feel its so real!

The same analogy can be applied when discussing 3D/2D rollers. Hopefully that really drills the idea home!

The 3D rollers in the Titan Pro Executive massage chair can protrude in/out by up to 4.7 inches, which is pretty good considering most competing chairs can only do about 3.3 inches or so!

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Full Body Stretch Program

This stretch program is one of my favorite programs on this chair and one that you will come to love. The Titan Pro Executive stretches your back, waist, and legs. It uses the 3D roller technology to stretch the upper back and pectoral region and then uses the seat air compression to provide a torso twist stretching the lower back. The chair then will recline back to stretch out your lower back and waist. This is one of the best programs on the Titan Pro Executive, and it is more advanced than comparable chairs.

Q4 How Simple Is It To Operate The Chair

Incredibly straightforward. Osaki & Titan user interfaces are basically foolproof. This chair features a fairly small LCD remote thats quite easy to navigate. Below is a video that goes over the remote functions and how to use. If youre interested in buying this chair, you should definitely check it out!Go to top

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Who Are Titan Anyways

Titan World LLC are a massage chair importer and distributor based out of Carrollton, Texas. The chair design, engineering, and manufacturing are all done in China .

Interesting fact: did you know Titan and Osaki are brands that belong to the same company?

In fact, Titan, Osaki, and APEX all come from the same company! Thats one reason theres a lot of similarities between all of the different chairs. Anyways, I figure you may wanna know.

About Titan Brand / Company

TITAN Pro Jupiter XL Series Black Faux Leather Reclining ...

Titan LLC is among the leading massage chair distributors, differentiating itself from the competition by the fact that it delivers affordable and high-quality products.

The Titan Quality shines over the Osaki massage chairs brand too because now theyre the same.

Osaki comes with the advantage of low prices considering the chairs are manufactured in Chine, while Titan comes with the advantages of experience in massage chairs and top quality craftsmanship.

Keep in mind that there are only few other reliable brands in the current market worth considering such as: Infinity , Human Touch , Brookstone .

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Types Of Massage Chairs We Offer

At we offer a complete range of advanced massage chairs which includes two major categories,the traditional massage chair and the robotic massage chair. The traditional massage chair requires masseuse to provide you massage while the recipient lie or sit on the chair and the chair is operated manually.This type of chairs is usually used in malls, offices and events. The another one is the advanced robotic massage chair which do not require an operator. The chair is equipped with sensors and smart vibrators that replicates the same feeling as a human masseuse.These type of automatic massage chairs are large and comes with a remote control.

Q6 Are There Any Special Deals Or Discounts

If youve made it this far, youve probably come to realize that I am an affiliate. In other words, if you buy from one of my links, I will make a small commission. My links redirect you to massage chair deals where you can buy the chair. As a special thank you for supporting my site and reading this post, enter MAM5 during checkout to score an extra 5% off.Go to top

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Our Massage Chair Expert Recommendation

The Titan Pro Executive is the best 3D massage chairs for the price. We recommend it to anyone looking for a massage chair with all the bells & whistles, a deep pressure massage, and a great price tag. This is perfect for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage, but not for anyone needing a lighter massage. If you are looking for the best value and a deep massage, then you will not find a better 3D massage chair for the price. Check out all Titan Massage Chairs.

Brand New Osaki Titan Pro Jupiter Xl 3d L

Introduction – Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

The Titan Jupiter is first of its kind to specifically cater to the taller person, handling up to 66 in height. Most massage chairs have a maximum extension of 8-9 inches. The Titan Jupiter has engineered its tracks to extend out an additional 12.6 inches from the default position. Finally, a chair truly for the taller person! Although designed to accommodate the taller person, it still fits like a glove even at 5 feet. The seat base has also been widen by 2 more than the standard, giving it a total of 21 of seat clearance.

SPACE SAVING TECHNOLOGYMost typical massage chairs consume a lot of space, especially when in the recline position. Massage chairs require up to 3 feet behind the backrest for the chair to fully recline. Titans innovative design team has engineered a space saving technology that slides the chair forward as the chair reclines. Only 3.2 inches of space is required from the wall when reclining back!
FULL BODY AIR MASSAGEHip MassagersThe hip massagers inflate and deflate creating a multitude of different massage actions. When only one side inflates, it promotes a twisting action. When both sides inflate, it compresses the hips inward providing a firm squeeze. Located on the seat base are airbags to prop one side higher than the other adding a new dimension to the hip twist.

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