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Compact Hammer Massager Percussion Massager 3000

Q: How Should You Use A Percussive Massage Gun

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Before you start using a percussive massage gun, Sriram recommends that you first confirm with your healthcare professional that its safe for you to use one. Also, I would advise you to avoid using the gun over bony areas of your body, she says. Try the softer attachment heads first to ensure your body can tolerate the pressure. She recommends that you start using it with a muscle group for 30 seconds on the lighter setting. Slowly increase up to 60 seconds, and vary the intensity once your body is used to the device.

How Do You Use A Massage Gun

Using a massage gun couldn’t be easier. Simply switch it on, move it slowly over your muscles and let it do its stuff. There’s no need to apply extra pressure to enjoy an effective massage.

“Like any piece of medical equipment, you have to be careful when using a massage gun,” says Paterson. “It should come with instructions for safe use, but in short: don’t turn it up to full and stick it on your neck!”

“Start at the lowest setting and avoid bone, because that’ll hurt. Instead, concentrate on the big, meaty muscles like the biceps, triceps, thighs and glutes, and don’t use it for too long – it’ll only make things sorer! Don’t use it on strains or sprains and speak to your doctor first if you have osteoporosis or high blood pressure.”

The Final Word On Selecting The Best Percussion Massager

The best percussion massagers can help you relieve sore muscles and recover faster. The right one for you could be based on several factors, including how much it weighs, how much noise it makes, how many pounds per minute it delivers, and, of course, price. The 4th-generation Theragun Pro is expensive, but its also a smart device with an OLED screen and four distinct arm positions to help you reach muscles in awkward places. But if you dont want to pay that much, the other percussive massage guns on the list are also among the best on the market.

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Do Massage Guns Really Work

The best massage guns help aid muscle recovery after exercise. We asked Vic Paterson, a soft tissue therapist and co-founder of State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, to explain how they work in simple terms.

“Its called a massage gun, but it’s not a massage as you might get from a professional,” she says. “Instead, it’s percussive therapy – pounding, jigging and whacking the muscle. This helps reduce muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the area, which in turn can help reduce inflammation and soreness.”

Tested: The Best Percussion Massagers To Relieve Muscle Soreness


These therapy devices are easier to use than a foam roller, making postrun recovery a cinch.

Percussion massagers are among the easiest ways to recover your legs after a hard run. The handheld devices are effectively jigsaws, using a reciprocating tip to strike your muscle tissue about 2,000 to 3,000 times per minute, which facilitates blood flow to the targeted area. More blood flow tends to reduce inflammation and soreness, expediting your recovery and making you ready to hit the pavement the next day. And yes, you can just buy a massaging tip for your jigsaw, although it wont have purpose-built features like a big battery, rotating heads, and customizable settings. Get some quick facts below on five of our favorites, and keep reading to find out how ten leading devices performed in our test.

Long handle and multiple grip options

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How To Choose The Best Body Massager

In todays day and age, everyone needs a good body massage every now and then. Body massages can help relieve stress and rejuvenate you. However, with our busy schedules, it is very difficult to take time out for frequent body massages. This is where an electric body massagers step-in. You can find a range of pocket-friendly body massagers on online shopping sites. However, before you buy a body massager online, here are a few things you should focus on:

Massage Types and Modes

Online shopping sites are full of different types of body massagers, and each of these offers certain fixed modes, which relax your body in different ways.

The following are a few types of body massager machines you may find online:


Acupressure massagers apply pressure on specific points on your feet and palms. These points on your body have the maximum number of nerve endings, which helps rejuvenate your nervous system and improve blood circulation. Some acupressure massagers may also come with separate head massager attachments to effectively activate nerve endings of specific areas.


Infrared massagers offer instant relief to people suffering from muscle pulls or aches. They are especially beneficial for those who complain of a burning sensation on their shoulders and backs. this can be of many shapes, but they employ the same process, which is to provide heat to the affected spot and the area surrounding it. Infra-red massagers are effective substitutes for hot stone massages.

How To Use Your Massager

Dr. Tavel has four tips to get the most out of your massage gun. Start by holding the device at a 45-degree angle, with the application head in contact with the target muscle. Depending on your current goals and run routine, youll vary your usage slightly.

  • Use it prerun to stimulate muscle activation and potentially improve power, and postrun to improve recovery and reduce DOMS.
  • For muscle activation, spend just 30 seconds on the target muscle prior to your workout.
  • For muscle re-activation , you can apply it for just 15 seconds.
  • For pain relief and recovery, she recommends two minutes on each muscle.
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    Best Percussion Massager Overall: Theragun Pro 4th Gen


    Why it made the cut: Its expensive, but the Theragun Pro 4th Generation is smart, has a long battery life, and includes an OLED screen. It can even charge wirelessly.



    • Expensive

    The Theragun Pro is the most expensive item on our list, but we think its the best percussion massager. Conrad also considers the Pro and the simplified Theragun Prime as the two best on the market. It has a professional-grade motor that works quietly, yet effectively. With four unique arm positions, its easy to go underneath and around to reach wherever you need to, and the ergonomic handle means your hands and wrists wont get tired.

    The Theragun Pro also has five speeds between 1,750 and 2,400 ppms. Two swappable batteries each last up to 150 minutes and can charge wirelessly. The device includes six attachments: supersoft, dampener, standard ball, wedge, thumb, and cone. The included carrying case makes it simple to lug the whole kit on a trip or to the gym.

    Which Type Of Massager Is The Best

    DIY Percussion Deep Tissue Massager Jigsaw (for free)

    Massagers are the kind of health device that everyone loves. Not only are they great value, but their technology can make a big difference to people of all ages. And that technology comes in a heap of different models and styles, all with a special job to do. Whether its to work your sore muscles or target specific parts of your body after a long day, weve got massagers that will hit the spot, including:

    • Joint massagers
    • Wellcare

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    Best Mini Percussion Massager: Theragun Mini Gen 4


    Why it made the cut: Percussive massage guns can sometimes be tiring to use, but the Theragun Mini is just the right size for those who want a smaller option.



    • Only one ball attachment

    As the best mini percussion massager, this compact Theragun Mini is great for small hands, or for people who dont want to be bothered with a heavier percussive massage gun. This also makes it easier to transport, and the ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle. The massage gun has three speeds and, like the Theragun Pro, it also includes the companys QuietForce technology, so it wont be irritating to your ears or those of anyone else close by.

    Its not only smaller but it also has a shorter battery life still, 2.5 hours is probably enough for the average person looking for a more compact model. In addition, it only has one standard ball attachment, compared to the numerous head attachments youll find with other models. The percussive massage gun also comes in a soft case.

    Why Is It Good To Massage Your Feet

    Most people would agree that it feels good to get a foot massage, but does the practice have any other benefits? The answer is a resounding yes. To name just a few:

    • Improved blood functionMassage boosts circulation, thereby removing toxins from the bloodstream
    • Recovery from injuryThe therapy helps to repair tissue damage
    • Muscle stimulationKeeps the feet strong and supple
    • Pain reliefEliminates the achiness that accompanies stiff muscles
    • Body AwarenessMakes it possible to check for corns, bunions, ingrown toenails, and other potential issues

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    Compact Power Percussion Massager


    Our Compact Percussion Massage Gun is designed to provide the rapid, short duration pulses to the user. The New and Compact form allows for an even easier use and improved portability.

    Percussion Massage Use the constant repetitive pressure to help relieve tense muscle 4-Included Massage heads Target different body parts with the included massage heads 3600rpm Motor Powerful motor designed to deliver impactful results 6 Speeds Choose the intensity of the massager as it fits you Cordless Operation Easily use the massager on different parts of your body without any hindering cables

    Ready to bring on a new form of recovery?

    The Compact Percussion Massager is designed with comfort, recovery, and mobility in mind.

    With 5 speed level and 4 massage heads, you are sure to find the perfect setting for your recovery.

    What Is The Best Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

    High Quality Compact Percussion Massager Therapy Device ...

    As handheld deep tissue massagers go, we think the Miudaml earns the top spot. The attachments are designed to probe up to 10 millimeters deep, and there are six of them available, which offers variety as well as power. Be forewarned that this is a gun-style massager, which can make some areas difficult to reach.

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    Are Vibrating Massagers Safe

    As long as they’re used correctly, vibrating massagers are indeed safe for most individuals. That said, the experience may be too intense, especially if the massager has an especially powerful motor that runs at high speeds. Anyone with circulation problems, nerve damage, or other underlying health conditions should talk to their doctor before embarking on any new treatment plan.

    Compact Percussion Massager With Heat

    Minimise stress and maximise relaxation with the Compact Percussion Handheld Massager. Using dual pivoting nodes, we’ve mastered the deep tissue technique and paired it with our favourite handheld design to create rapid percussive pulsations and treat aching muscles. Perfect for achieving the best personal massage experience all over the body, with changeable massage nodes, variable intensity and an easy reach design.

    Key Features

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    Best Percussion Massager For Athletes: Hypervolt 2 Pro


    Why it made the cut: The Hypervolt 2 Pro includes customized options and recommendations based on individual fitness levels.



    • Doesnt include a carrying case

    The Hypervolt 2 Pro is the best percussion massager for athletes for several reasons. It has a pressure sensor to let you know how hard youre pushing into your muscles. The percussive massage gun also connects to the companys Hyperice App, which allows users to select their current level of activity to get personalized massage programs. It can also suggest certain regimens to target specific parts of your body. In addition, it also scores your progress, based on how often you use the massage gun.

    The app includes guided routines and exclusive content from professional athletes, trainers, and physiotherapists. The massage guns battery has a 3-hour life, and it includes five speeds. There are also five head attachments: fork, ball, cushion, flat, and bullet. A pouch contains the attachments, but theres no case included for the gun itself.

    How We Selected The Best Percussion Massagers

    Cheap Theragun Alternative! | Review of Flyby F1Pro Handheld Percussion Massage Gun (2021)

    As a freelance journalist for over 10 years, Ive reviewed technology for publications including CNN Underscored, Popular Mechanics, Toms Guide, The Daily Beast, Architectural Digest, Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and Bob Vila. In addition to conducting extensive research, Ive tested over a dozen of the best percussion massagersincluding those on this listand also considered recommendations from colleagues, and reviews from other users.

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    How Do You Use Handheld Massagers

    Theyre called massage guns for a reason. Its literally point and shoot. Hold it where you need it, adjust it to the settings you need, and let it do its work. Make sure you read the instructions on each one, and chat with a medical professional to see if a handheld massager is suitable for you.

    ^Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate on price, products are likely to have sold below ticketed/advertised price in stores prior to the discount offer. Prices may differ at airport & express stores.

    What Features To Consider In A Handheld Massager

    Not all handheld massagers are created equal. The best units should earn high marks in each of the following categories:

    • Cost Look for a quality unit with a reasonable price tag, and stick to a set budget
    • SpeedA minimum RPM of 3,000 is preferable
    • ModesThe device should offer several different massage modes or styles
    • AttachmentsThe more attachments there are, the more versatile the unit
    • Corded vs. CordlessThe massager will be easier to transport if it runs off a rechargeable battery rather than electricity
    • Heating FunctionThis can add an extra element of relaxation to the massage experience

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    Best Budget Percussion Massager: Sportneer Deep Tissue Massage Gun


    Why it made the cut: In addition to the longest-lasting battery, the Sportneer also has numerous massage heads and speeds.



    • May not be intense enough for some

    The Sportneer Elite D9 Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Gun proves that you dont have to bust your budget to get a quality device. Not only does it have a great price , but it also has the longest battery life of all the items on the list making it the best budget percussion massager. Depending on the intensity level, it can last from 2 to 6 hours on a single charge. The device has six intensity levels, so you can choose the best frequency to meet your needs at any given moment. The Sportneer also has six speed levels, and it includes six attachments heads: spherical, bullet, fork, flat, metal ball, and metal flat. And, if youre looking to save a little more and willing to drop down to only five speeds, the Sportneer K1 is another excellent choice with a long-lasting battery, available for under $100.


    • Only 2 head attachments

    Its the second least expensive, and the second quietest, but all things considered, the Hypervolt GOs combination of price and quietness make it the best value. It has a percussion range that can go up to 3,200ppm, and only weighs 1.5 pounds. The quiet glide technology significantly suppresses any noise.

    How Often Should You Use A Massage Gun

    HoMedics Compact Percussion Handheld Massager with Heat ...

    Massage guns can be used pre-, during and post-workout. Incorporate yours into your warm-up routine to promote blood flow, focusing on each muscle group for 15 to 30 seconds. If your body feels tight while exercising, pause for another short massage to help force lactic acid and toxins out of your muscles. Once you finish your fitness session, use the massage gun more intensely, spending up to two minutes on each muscle group.

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    Best Professional Percussion Massager: Homedics Therapist Select Plus


    Why it made the cut: The reasonably priced HoMedics Therapist Select Plus is the lightest device on the list, but delivers a powerful punch.



    • Lacks 4 arm positions of the Theragun Pro

    If you want to get the best professional percussion massager for home without spending an arm and a leg on a percussive massage gun, consider the HoMedics Therapist Select Plus. Its lightweight and portable, with six adjustable speeds up to 3,000 ppm. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grasp, and the LCD touch screen makes it easy to choose the desired intensity level. In addition, the rechargeable battery lasts for 4 hours.

    The six interchangeable heads include flat with acupressure, u-shape, trigger point, large round, small round, and wedge. Theres also a convenient storage case to keep everything in.

    Benefits Of Using Handheld Massagers

    Why buy a handheld massager in the first place? As it turns out, there are numerous benefits to this type of massage, in addition to the fact that it’s far cheaper than visiting a spa every week. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in a handheld massager:

    • Relaxation Eases tight and stiff muscles at the push of a button
    • Convenience Can be used anytime and anywhere
    • Improved Circulation Massage therapy boosts blood flow, which helps to release toxins and promotes better muscle health
    • Self-Administration No need to enlist a second person to help alleviate muscle aches
    • Endorphin Release A stimulating massage can go a long way toward improving a foul mood

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    Dr Physio Active Hammer Percussion Massager

    Suggested Retail Price


    The Dr Physio Active Hammer Massager offers instant muscle pain relief by massaging targeted areas of your body. It comes with a powerful motor with four interchangeable heads to customize your massage. Each head pin points deep in the aching muscle and break up the knots. The massager has an easy to operate control panel to switch between variable intensity level so that you can have more relaxing massage as per your comfort. The ergonomic massager offers deep kneading therapeutic massage on the arms, legs, lower back, upper back and feet etc. It relaxes and reduces your muscle tightness increases blood flow and oxytocin level with decreasing inflammation.

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