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Internal Massage For Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Floor Massage Tool

Pelvic Diaphragm Myofascial Release

Serenity pelvic floor massage tool is ideal for intra-vaginal and intra-rectal use. The smooth tapered end allows for easy insertion, while the longer handle allows for more controlled maneuverability. Designed for the treatment of Coccyx Pain, Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Vaginal Scarring and other Pelvic Pain Conditions.

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Coccyx Pain: Commonly treated in pelvic floor clinical therapy by using a techniques called Thieles Massage can be adapted for home use with the aid of the Serenity-TMT-R.

Dyspareunia is one condition where internal pelvic floor massage would be helpful. Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse due to muscular or myofascial pain in the superficial genital muscles. The pain can primarily be on the external surface of the genitalia during initial vaginal penetration but can be felt on the vulva or all over the surface. By inserting the Serenity 1-2 inches in the patient or clinician would be able to reach the superficial musculature to begin the internal massage.

‘i Tried An Abdominal Massage For My Pelvic Painhere’s What Happened’

For the most part it felt good…”


To help ease a painful medical condition, Sharlene Styles turned to an ancient remedy, and ended up with more health benefits than she expected.

I had been dealing with interstitial cystitis , a chronic urinary issue that causes bladder and pelvic pain , for more than 10 years when my research turned up Maya Abdominal Massagea non-invasive external massage technique that manipulates the internal organs. Until that time, everything else I had tried was just a temporary fix. I was desperate to resolve the pain for good, and figured, why not try it out? So I made an appointment with a local energy healer trained in natural health practices.

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Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand With Vibration

The Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand With Vibration is the exact same size and shape as the Original Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand, with the added feature of 10 speeds of vibration.

Like the original wand, the vibrating pelvic wand is a beautiful product designed by a doctor of physical therapy and a certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist. It has the same unique design so that you can reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles.

The vibration feature is designed to improve circulation in the pelvic floor, vaginal, and vulvar area. This makes this tool particularly useful for women who can benefit from increased blood flow to the area. This includes women who:

  • Experience chronic long-standing pelvic pain,
  • Are recovering from vaginal surgery,
  • Are post-cancer treatment
  • Experiencing menopause
  • Experienced a significant tailbone injury


  • Designed with BPA-free, medical-grade silicone so that it is soft and smooth to the touch
  • 10 speeds of vibration
  • Designed with a unique shape that helps the tool reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles. This helps to better relieve pelvic pain deep within the pelvis.
  • Has two different shaped ends, to suit your particular anatomy
  • Both ends can be used vaginally or rectally to reach many of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Rechargeable with a USB wall charger


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What Is Pelvic Floor Muscle Tension

Pelvic floor muscles contract and relax in the same way all skeletal muscles contract and relax.

The muscles of the pelvic floor can become taut with spasm and overactive. Overactive pelvic floor muscles have increased tension and cant fully relax, just like having very tight and painful neck muscles that wont relax.

Pelvic pain associated with pelvic conditions such as endometriosis can cause involuntarily tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. This pattern often causes a cycle of ongoing pelvic pain and increased pelvic floor muscle tension or pelvic floor muscle spasm.

Gynecologists and physical therapists are seeing increasing numbers of women with pelvic pain associated with the inability to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic pain is often undiagnosed and inappropriately managed owing to the continued lack of understanding about this condition.

It Offers Real Health Benefits


Both forms of vaginal massage have been used to treat physical health conditions affecting the genitals or pelvic floor.

Like some people experience tension headaches or back pain from stress or physical injury, the same is true for pelvic pain. Tension can build up in the pelvic muscles as a result of trauma or anxiety, leading to pain.

While this pain is most common during sexual intercourse, tampon insertion, and similar situations, it can become so severe that it affects the patients day-to-day life. Vaginal massage can relieve, either temporarily or permanently, this tension and pain.

Some conditions that can lead to chronic pelvic pain include:

If youre experiencing pain or tension in your pelvis, you should seek out the advice of a licensed doctor before pursuing any type of at-home therapy. However, dont be surprised if pelvic floor massage is suggested as a form of treatment.

Another way both pelvic and yoni massage can benefit your physical health is by helping you familiarize yourself with your sexual anatomy. Not only can this make you more aware of whats going on with your body in the first place, but it will also mean your more likely to notice changes that may need a doctors opinion.

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What Is A Vaginal Massage Know The Health And Sexual Benefits

Aug 30, 2019 | Content

As the years pass, American women are becoming more and more open about their physical and sexual health. For some, this just means staying on top of their regular ObGyn appointments and advocating for themselves in their relationships. For others, it means exploring questions like, What is a vaginal massage, and what does it do?

On the one hand, your sexual well-being means undergoing cancer screenings, PAP smears, and other not-so-fun medical tests. On the other hand, taking care of your sexual health can also mean working on your physical and emotional relationship with your body.

For many women, vaginal massage is the newest way to explore their sexual identity. But, again, what does this actually entail?

Lets find out:

Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness

Pelvic floor muscle weakness results from the pelvic floor muscles contracting constantly and becomeing fatigued as a result. Pelvic floor weakness then contributes to problems such as stress incontinence . The supportive function of the pelvic floor muscles may also be compromised, increasing the vulnerability to other pelvic floor problems such as vaginal prolapse.

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Pelvic Floor Trigger Points

Trigger points are defined as areas of muscle that are painful to the touch . They are characterized by the presence of taut bands or knots in the muscle and the generation of a referral pattern of pain.

Tender points are areas of tenderness occurring in the muscles, muscle-tendon junctions, bursa, or fat pads but can also arise from the presence of . They are commonly present in conditions of chronic pelvic pain including vaginismus, vestibulodynia, vulvodynia, coccygeus, proctalgia fugax, endometriosis, post-childbirth, and after pelvic surgery, such as a hysterectomy.

Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand

New Adhesion Treatment Offers Pain Relief

The Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand is a beautiful product designed by a doctor of physical therapy and a certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist.

A strong feature of this product is its design. Its unique shape allows you to reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles. Many users noted that they could tell the tool was designed by someone with a good knowledge of pelvic floor muscles. And many reported that the tool reduced their pelvic floor tightness symptoms quickly.

One user indicated that they could not reach the piriformis muscle with the tool, but others did not report that issue.

This product also has the lowest price of the tools we reviewed, making it a great value for the money.


  • Designed with BPA-free, medical-grade silicone, so that it feels soft and smooth
  • Designed with a unique shape that helps the tool reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles. This helps to better relieve pelvic pain deep within the pelvis.
  • It has two different sized/shaped ends, to suit your particular anatomy.
  • Both ends can be used vaginally or rectally to reach many of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Most affordable of the tools reviewed .


  • Silicone coating can be damaged if left in a heated environment
  • Must avoid using silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lubricant is recommended to ensure the silicone doesnt get damaged.

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Is Pelvic Massage A Thing

Pelvic floor massage is utilized during pelvic physical therapy in order to loosen and stretch the pelvic muscles. Either you or a professional pelvic physical therapist can manually relax the flesh using a vaginal wand.

You also have the option to have the procedure performed by a licensed pelvic physical therapist. Pelvic wands and vaginal dilators are other names for the same thing as vaginal wands.

In physical therapy, stretching the muscles helps to strengthen them, which in turn contributes to the myofascial release that occurs as a result of the stretching. All of these things work together to assist increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and the diseases that are associated with their deterioration.

Pelvic physical therapy is helpful, but persons who want to enhance their sexual health may also benefit from combining it with other treatment modalities, such as medication, biofeedback, or counseling.

Pelvic Floor Massage Therapy

Pelvic floor massage may help relieve excessive tension in your pelvic floor. Discuss performing at-home pelvic floor massage with your doctor before attempting to perform this technique. This massage technique can also be useful for preparing your perineum for childbirth to prevent tears.

Vaginal massage can be more comfortable after youve had a warm bath or shower. Then, follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Find a comfortable and private position.
  • Apply this pressure until you feel a soft, tingling sensation.
  • Stop massaging if you feel any pain.
  • Massage for approximately 10 minutes each day.

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Making The Right Choice For You And Your Body

Image via Pixabay

Is vaginal massage, whether in the form of pelvic floor therapy or yoni massage, right for everyone? Probably not.

For instance, some patients may feel too uncomfortable or physically vulnerable letting someone else perform these types of massage on them. This is one thing if someone seeks out massage for physical pain relief. But its another thing entirely if theyre looking to treat symptoms of past trauma or abuse.

However, it is also important to understand that these therapies offer real physical and emotional benefits to many patients. Even in cases where professional massage is not an option, self-massage can still offer countless benefits.

Ultimately, vaginal massage is an extremely personal experience that must be tailored to the individual if its to be effective. And only you will know what does and does not work for you.

Do you have experience with pelvic floor physical therapy or yoni massage? Feel free to share your experience and personal feelings about these practices in the comments below.

Why Would You Need This Exercise

What Is Maya Abdominal Massage?

One of the reasons you may need PFPT, is if you are experiencing pain during sex, according to a 2019 review from Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology. About 75% of women experience pain during sex at some point in their lives, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists . PFPT is a great resource to treat this kind of pain and can also be used to treat the following symptoms and conditions:

  • Peripartum and postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Painful intercourse

Collectively, these issues are called pelvic floor dysfunction. Luckily, PFPT is a program that can help pelvic floor dysfunction by training the muscles of the pelvis to improve strength, endurance, and relaxation, according to a 2019 review from Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Pelvic pain can be a huge drag on a person’s quality of life, too. Pain during sex can be distressing and become a major strain on a relationship, explained Lauren Tadros, PT, DPT, a former physical therapist at Thrive Integrated Physical Therapy in NYC.

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Our Choice For Best Pelvic Floor Massager

When it comes to pelvic floor massage tools, there are only a few high-quality tools available to choose from.

Of the three products we reviewed, the Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand is our choice for best pelvic floor massage tool for most people.

With a beautiful design that gets the job done, many users appreciate this tool. It helps users relax and release their pelvic floors resulting in less pain and better functioning muscles.

And, at the lowest price of the tools reviewed, it is an excellent value for money.

Looking for more guidance on creating a healthy, balanced, pelvic floor?

Deep Layer Of The Pelvic Floor Muscles

The pelvic girdle includes two crescent-shaped pelvic bones. And these bones join at the front to form the pubic symphysis. Also, they join at the back on the triangle-shaped sacrum to form the sacroiliac joints. The coccyx, or tailbone, attaches to the base of the sacrum. Lastly, the ligaments secure each of the joints, which connect bone to bone.

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Newest Temperature Therapy Wand

You can also get the newest version of the Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand which is the temperature therapy one!

This wand assists in releasing painful trigger points in the pelvic floor using soothing warm or cold temperature in combination with the gentle pressure.

The warmth helps to improve circulation and relax the pelvic floor muscles and you may find this sensation generally soothing for you overall.

I have found this to be the case for most people who have tried it and shared their feedback. I mean, many of us LOVE being warm and cozy overall!

On the other hand, you may prefer the cold temperature instead some days.

I found the cold to be pleasant on the vulva, but I didnt prefer the cold internally. I found using it internally made it more difficult to fully relax my pelvic floor muscles and still, I can see how for certain bodies the cold CAN be soothing internally as well.

This is what it looks like its yellow!

Interestingly, it is quite a bit heavier than the standard and vibrating wands. Where the standard wand is the lightest, the vibrating one is slightly heavier and the temperature therapy one is quite a bit heavier than that.

How do you use it?

For heat therapy, run the wand under warm water for 1-3 minutes to warm it. Do not boil, microwave or use any other method to warm the wand.

For cold therapy, place the wand in the refrigerator or freezer.

For both cases, prior to use gently wash the wand with warm water and mild soap.

Breath Practice To Sense And Engage The Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Men

Now try to breathe down into where the ball was previously. Allow the breath to drop lower without forcing it. Seek a balloon-like sensation in the pelvic floor with the tissue softening on inhale. On exhales, sense your soft tissue/perineum/pelvic floor area come back up into the body.

Try this for a few rounds.

If you arent getting any feedback, on your next exhale actively LIFT the pelvic floor. Please do not clench or tighten. Picture an elevator rising up.

When you begin this work, sometimes it is easier to activate a few exhales before you will even feel the tissues release on inhale.

If you arent feeling anything, that is absolutely okay. I have had hundreds of students over the years unable to do this at first. Consider adding the above release and breathing strategy to your movement diet a few times a week. Consistency and patience is key.

As you continue to practice you will create new brain channels of movement for the body to wake up the musculature. The goal is to retrain this area and teach it both to release and engage, not just engage.

Practicing this style of breathing is strengthening your body. It is the piece I was missing I never learned the pelvic floor should release on inhale until I attended a yoga therapy conference four years ago. In many yoga circles, we are taught to release or let go on the exhale, so for me, activating my pelvic floor on the exhale was foreign and took time and practice to embody.

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Pelvic Floor Pulsator For Pelvic Pain

The Pelvic Floor Pulsator is a great first responder in the fight to relieve your pelvic floor pain and possibly beyond! The Pulsator is a flexible wand that can reach both surface and deep vaginal musculature. The wand can be used to massage the tissue fibres to release the trigger points either with or without vibration. The Pulsator also offers 5 different levels of vibration to further help relieve irritated muscle. This device requires C batteries which are not included.

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If you have pelvic pain, chances are you have trigger points somewhere within or adjacent to your pelvic floor muscles. Trigger points are a key factor in many pelvic pain syndromes.

A muscle is made up of numerous fibers. A trigger point is a small, taut patch of involuntarily contracted muscle fibers within a muscle. These tightly contracted fibers that form a trigger point affect blood supply to the nearby tissue, which causes pain when compressed.

There are three different types of trigger points:

  • Active Trigger Points These Trigger Points actively cause pain, like right now!
  • Latent Trigger Points These trigger Points are dormant but have the potential to cause issues later down the line.
  • Satellite Trigger Points These Trigger Points are the travelers which refer pain to other regions in the body these trigger points which can be connected to other tendons and ligaments can essentially pull on them causing pain in other regions of the body, even areas where there are no muscles.
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