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How Much Is Massage Therapy Insurance

How Much Does Massage Therapyliability Insurance Cost

Massage Therapy & Spa Treatments : How Much Money Does a Massage Therapist Make?

How much your Massage Therapist Liability Insurance policy costs depends on several factors, such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Level of education or training
  • Types of services offered

Weve partnered with Canadas largest insurance companies to provide the most competitve Massage Therapy Liability Insurance rates for you.

To find out how much Massage Therapist Malpractice Insurance can cost for you simply click on the button below:

Can I Add Cover For A Different Trade Or Profession To My Business Insurance Policy

Yes. Its important to make sure you have the right type and level of insurance for the different types of work you do. For example, if youre a plumber, you may also do building work on certain jobs youll need additional cover for this, but you can have it all on the one policy.When you start your quote, youll have the option to add another trade or profession to your policy. If you need to add a third trade, give us a call on 0333 043 8527 and one of our insurance experts will help you set up your policy in minutes.

Insurance Coverage For Massage Therapy

Massage therapists rely heavily on various types of insurance coverage to fund care for patients.

Massage therapists rely heavily on various types of insurance coverage to fund care for patients. Employee health benefit plans, claims for auto insurance and workers compensation are all potential sources of funding for massage therapy treatment. In a survey commissioned by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, 75 per cent of patients or clients use employee workplace benefits to pay, or partially pay, for their care.

With job-related stress accounting for an estimated $16 billion in Canada and repetitive strain injuries estimated to affect one in 10 Canadians, massage therapists have an opportunity to position themselves as allies with industry in keeping claims for workplace injury and ancillary costs in lost workdays, turnover and employee dissatisfaction down.

Despite the impact of these workplace-related illnesses, many employee benefit plans are being scaled back. Employers are wanting reliable outcome measures and proof that their invested dollars are yielding healthier, more productive employees. Coupled with an increase in massage therapy insurance fraud, RMTs are at risk for losing a major source of funding for patients.

Report from the Field I posed the question on Facebook, Have your workers-with-benefits changed their utilization of massage therapy? Respondents shared the following:

Threats to Employee Health Benefit Plans

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How Much Is Massage Insurance

The cost of massage insurance will vary depending on your individual circumstances and any optional covers you add. Typically, this starts at less than £55 per year, and includes public liability and treatment risk insurance. However, the best way to find out how much youll pay is to get a free quote from us when you call Salon Gold to make an inquiry.

Applying For Supplementary Benefits

Insurance For Massage Therapists Canada : RMT Insurance ...

MSP enrolment must be complete for you to qualify for supplementary benefits. To complete MSP enrolment, submit the MSP Application for Enrolment form and obtain a Photo BC Services Card by visiting an Insurance Corporation of BC driver licensing office. You can book an appointment to visit an ICBC driver licensing office at a location and time that suits you. For more information, please visit

In addition, to be eligible for supplementary benefits, you must:

  • be a resident of British Columbia as defined by the Medicare Protection Act
  • have resided in Canada as a Canadian citizen or holder of permanent resident status for at least the last 12 months immediately preceding this application and
  • not be exempt from liability to pay income tax by reason of any other act

Eligibility for supplementary benefits is based on your net income from last year as confirmed by the Canada Revenue Agency , less deductions for:

  • Your age
  • Family size
  • Disability and
  • Any income from the Universal Child Care Benefit and Registered Disability Savings Plan

The amount left is called “adjusted net income.” If it is less than $42,000, your family may qualify for supplementary benefits.

You only need to apply once if you:

  • Remain eligible for MSP coverage and
  • File your taxes every year

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Find A Business Mentor

One of the greatest resources an entrepreneur can have is quality mentorship. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get the help you need.

Having a support network in place to turn to during tough times is a major factor of success for new business owners.

How Do I Compare Massage Therapist Insurance Quotes

Our enlightened agents will review your needs and help you evaluate the best massage therapy insurance for you. Just like you want your patients to leave your massage table feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day, we want you to enter your business feeling the same. So sit back and let an independent agent take care of things, and for once you can do the relaxing.

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Why Do Massage Therapists Need It

While you help your clients unwind, rejuvenate and relax, let us help you relax with massage therapy insurance. With just a few clicks or a single phone call, youll get multiple competitive quotes from leading insurers. Select your preferred policy and youll be covered instantly, so you can continue running your business without any worries.

We know, sometimes you just want a quick idea of how much your insurance is actually going to cost. However, its important to note that the data included within this article was sourced from BizCover customer data during 2016/2017 and is intended as a guide only. It may not reflect pricing for your particular business as individual underwriting criteria will apply.Get a hassle-free quote for your business here.

Massage Therapist Insurance Requirements

How Much $$$ do Massage Therapists Make?

Massage therapists are almost always required to have insurance due to the risk of injury to clients and damage to commercial and personal property.You might need insurance to:

  • Start providing massage therapy services.Property owners might ask you to have active insurance usually general liability or workers compensation.
  • Hire employees. Most states require workers compensation.
  • Drive for business purposes. Business-owned vehicles typically need commercial auto insurance.
  • Repair or replace property you own or rent. Protect your inventory, equipment and even the building that you lease or own.

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Coverwallet: Best For Comparing Online Quotes

If you are interested in comparing several quotes online to select the best and the cheapest one for you, you might want to start with CoverWallet. They are a digital broker. They work with several insurance companies and are able to pull quotes from these companies for you to compare in one place.

You can choose to compare quotes of professional liability insurance and general liability insurance since these are the two most popular insurance policies that a massage therapist needs.

CoverWallet also offers several great digital features so that you can manage your policies conveniently. You can download the certificate of insurance, renew the policy, and file a claim in a min on their digital dashboard.

CoverWallet is a subsidiary of Aon, one of the largest business insurance brokers in the world, they have good financial backing. They also earn excellent consumer ratings .

How To Start A Massage Therapy Business

The first step to starting a Massage Therapy Business is getting certified. Most states regulate massage therapy so that some form of certification is required to become a massage therapist. Next, you will need to decide how you wish to market your establishment. Do you want to focus more on injury recovery or stress relief? Will you be paid directly by clients or through insurance plans? Lastly, you must acquire a base of loyal clients.

Learn how to start your own Massage Therapy Business and whether it is the right fit for you.

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What Kind Of Massage Training Have You Had

You’ll experience a big difference between a massage from a student at the local community college versus a student who went to one of the nation’s top institutions of healing arts. The longer they went to school and the more varieties of massage they’ve studied, the more you can expect a higher-quality treatment from them.

Employee Benefits Coverage For Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy Massage Covered By Insurance ...

There are two main types of private health insurance in Canada: employee benefits and individual health insurance plans.

Employee benefits are also called group insurance, and coverage is obtained through your employer. If you lose your job then you also lose your benefits coverage.

Massage therapy is just one of the coverages that come under what is called paramedical benefits. As mentioned previously, paramedical coverage consists of things such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, naturopaths and speech therapy.

The following summarizes employee benefits coverage for massage therapists:

  • Included as a paramedical coverage.
  • There is usually no per visit maximum .
  • Coverage is limited by annual plan maximums that are applied to each type of paramedical coverage .
  • Most group plans require a referral from a doctor.
  • Annual coverage maximums range anywhere from $350 to $750 per year.
  • Generally speaking, employee benefit maximums are higher than maximums with individual health plans.

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What Type Of Massage Do You Specialize In

Before you tell the therapist what your favorite massage style is, ask them what kinds of massage they specialize in. If they don’t automatically mention the type of massage you want, then you’d be better off booking a different therapist who can cater better to your preferences. There is a tremendous difference between specific modalities such as deep tissue and basic reflexology, for example, so don’t trust that any therapist is excellent at every type of modality because that’s generally not the case.

Do You Have Experience Working With My Health Condition

You should always discuss any chronic health conditions you have with your therapist before the massage begins. If you have any alignment issues or spinal injuries or conditions such as scoliosis for example, then you definitely want to work with a massage therapist who has experience working with these conditions in their past clients.

Get free estimates on Thervo from trusted massage therapists:

Jen K.

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Public And Products Liability Insurance

If you have a salon, parlor or simply a room in your home that you invite clients into, you also need to consider public liability insurance. This form of insurance could cover your legal costs if you caused any injuries or damages to third party property because of your negligence while carrying out work. For example, they slip on massage oils you forgot to wipe off the floor and twist their ankle or fall off the massage table you didnt set up properly and hurt their back, that type of thing.

You can add products liability to public liability. Products liability could cover you against claims arising from using defective products.

S After Getting Business Insurance

Does insurance cover massage?

Depending on where you are in your business building process, here are some other actions you may need to take before getting started:

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Health Insurance Copay Vs Deductible

Category: Insurance 1. Deductible vs. Copay and Coinsurance Learn the Difference A deductible is the amount you pay for most eligible medical services or medications before your health plan begins to share in the cost of covered services. If your Copays and deductibles are both features of most

Massage Therapy Insurance Policy Information

Massage Therapy Insurance. Therapeutic massage applies pressure to the muscles or connective tissues of the body using a number of techniques designed to relieve pain and stress and promote healing. Massage is generally done using the hands and fingers, but the therapist can also use elbows, knees, feet, or even mechanical aids.

Services may be provided at the therapist’s premises, at a spa, at the workplace or in the client’s home. Individual therapists may be certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Some therapists receive formal training while others serve an apprenticeship in order to learn the various techniques.

If you are a massage therapist, then you know how to relieve anxiety and stress for your clients, but what about the stress you’d feel if you were sued by a client? If you have the proper amount and type of business insurance in place for your massage therapy business, then the answer will be a resounding “yes.”

If not, you may be leaving your business and your own financial future at risk and exposing yourself to potential litigation and legal actions. Even if you work for a massage parlor, you are still at risk of being sued.

Massage therapy insurance protects your business from lawsuits with rates as low as $27/mo. Get a fast quote and your certificate of insurance now.

Below are some answers to commonly asked massage therapists insurance questions:

In-Home Massage Providers
Commercial Massage Businesses

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What Does Massage Therapist Insurance Cover

There are three main types of insurance that massage therapists need: general liability, professional liability, and business property liability.

  • General liability: Coverage for any accidents that occur before or after treatment. If Suzie comes in for her massage and trips over the cord to your lava lamp, she can sue you for personal injury.
  • Professional liability: The most basic form of personal protection from lawsuits. If you decide to use hot stones on Suzie but theyre so hot they burn Suzies skin, she could sue you for malpractice.
  • Business property liability: Protection for your furnishings and assets. If your lava lamp catches on fire it can burn down your office including your possessions inside.

Whether an accident is a result of a slip and fall on your property, faulty products like oils, blanket heaters, lotions, etc. or just from going a little too deep on that knot, the above insurances will cover the following:

  • Medical costs
  • Property damage including furnishings and decor
  • Legal fees
  • Building structure loss

Get An Effective Treatment Plan

Massage Therapy Coverage via Health Insurance Plans

The next step is to and get your treatments started right away. Our experienced recovery team will help walk you through the process of getting the necessary treatments needed to get you feeling better, fast.

We will require:

a) Your First and Last Name

b) Your ICBC Insurance Claim number

c) MVA Date

Our goal is to get your treatments started within a few days of your accident since this helps improve your recovery time. *Please note that approval depends on the speed at which your ICBC Customer Claims Specialist responds to the request and may take longer than 72 hours.

The following treatment limits are pre-approved once you have your claim number. These treatments must occur within 12 weeks of your accident date. After 12 weeks any new or unused treatments will require approval from your ICBC Customer Claims Specialist .

MVA after April 1 2019 MVA before April 1 2019

Massage Therapy 12 Treatments 12 Treatments

Physiotherapy 25 Treatments 20 Treatments

Chiropractic 25 Treatments No Limit

Active Rehabilitation 12 Treatments 12 Treatments

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A Treatment Gone Wrong

A massage therapist performed an ancient skin scraping massage on a client which involved an ox horn being rubbed repeatedly on their back. The treatment was applied incorrectly which resulted in the client having bruising to several parts of their back, as well as muscle damage.

The client lodged a claim against the massage therapist in relation to the injuries sustained. Following investigations, the client was awarded $10,000 in compensation including for ongoing medical treatment and loss of income. Luckily, the therapist had Professional Indemnity insurance to pick up the bill!

Massage Therapy Liability Insurance

If you are a massage therapy professional or an RMT, Massage Liability Insurance is necessary to protect you from claims of injury to patients due to alleged negligence or injury.

Join over 100,000 businesses that have trusted us!
Save up to 35% on your insurance
Just a few minutes to get your best quote
Join over 100,000 businesses that have trusted us!
Save up to 35% on your insurance
Just a few minutes to get your best quote
Partnerships with over 50 leading Canadian insurance providers

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Comprehensive Insurance For Massage Therapists

The Ultimate InRelaxation

Massage therapy is one of historys oldest healing methods, and can help treat a number of ailments. From Shiatsu to a deep tissue massage, each type provides unique benefits. However, there is always a chance that a treatment could go wrong. Although performing a massage is relatively low risk for professionals like you, its possible that it could have adverse effects on a client, or perhaps worsen a pre-existing condition.

If this were to happen, your client may take legal action against your business, leaving you with expensive compensation to pay, with a hefty bill of this nature liable to seriously harm your companys finances. Even if you do everything right at work, the only thing sure to keep you safe is a solid insurance policy. Here at Salon Gold, our dedicated massage insurance package ensures you have all of the protection you need. Whether you are a mobile or freelance massage therapist, or work from your own premises, you can carry on running your business in peace knowing that all of your assets are safe in our hands.

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