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Kyota Kenko M673 3d Massage Chair By Infinity

What Do You Figure Can You Tell How Each Roller Type Functions Based On The Images Above

Kyota M673 Kenko 3D/4D HUGE SALE!

Its not that straightforward, so lets take a moment to break it down:

2D AKA 2-dimensional3D AKA 3-dimensional4D AKA 4-dimensional

The rollers themselves are important, but just as important is the track the rollers travel on. The track is essentially a long span of steel designed to allow the rollers to move from point A to point B. Just as there are different types of rollers, there are different types of roller tracks. The main 2 are an S-Track and an L-Track.

The biggest difference between both is that an L-Track has the added advantage of giving extended coverage down to the glutes and hamstrings, something that you wont find in a shorter S-Track, but.

S-Track chairs have better stretch routines because the track is shorter and therefore the chair can stretch out much further than an L-Track could. If stretch routines are important, you may consider an S-Track!

All that being said, the M673 Kenko comes equipped with a high performing 49 L-Track. Because its 49 long, you get massage coverage from the neck basically all the way right down to the glutes and hamstring muscles. To most people coverage is more important than stretch, therefore an L-Track chair is usually more preferred!

Kyota M673 Kenko Overview


We stand behind our products with a 30-day return policy. Please, read our complete Return and Refund policies here: Returns & Refunds


5 Year Residential Limited Warranty.

  • Unlimited USA-based customer & technical support
  • 5 Year structural framework warranty
  • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 3 years
  • Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor for 1 year.
  • Great deal, Easy to setup.

    Shoulder Compression And Reflexology

    However, it doesn’t stop there since Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Massage Chair also focuses on the major pain groups mostly reported by people all across the US. It has been reported that shoulder pain cases have risen due to the change of lifestyle brought about by the pandemic. This massage chair knows the perfect remedy to that since it comes with a handy accu-shoulder compression feature that can easily relieve your tired muscles.

    Basically, it uses compression massages to soothe the stiff muscles to prevent soreness from building up due to stress. On the other hand, the massage chair also takes note of another equally annoying pain case reported all across the nation, foot pain. Kenko has a unique feature called reflexology which basically uses rollers on the soles of the feet and compression tech. This allows maximum relaxation for your feet.

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    Shipping Rates & Policies

    All standard shipping is a curbside delivery service. This offer covers most items shipped by ground within the contiguous U.S. By curbside delivery, massage chairs will arrive in its original factory boxes unless otherwise mentioned. The trucking company will deliver the items to your driveway or entryway, and you will be responsible for entering it into your residence or business. Since massage chairs are heavy, you may require assistance from a friend or a family member.

    Threshold Delivery: With threshold delivery mode, massage chairs will be delivered to the nearest ground-level entrance of the home, business, or apartment building.

    White-Glove Delivery: With white glove delivery, massage chairs will be hand-delivered to your destination and assembled together. Choose the shipping method as White Glove Delivery if you want the service.

    All White Glove Services is a one-time service that is non-refundable nor do they cover any return service. Once the service has been signed off for completion of service, the delivery agent will not return to do further services that may not have been completed on their initial visit. It is vital for the customer to fully inspect and test the product before signing off the completion of the service.

    Just As The Engine Is The Main Contraption Of Cars Rollers Are The Main Contraption Of Massage Chairs

    Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Massage Chair

    Heres What Rollers Look Like!

    Which explains why all the massage chair salespeople love to talk about rollers. They could probably talk about them from morning to night. Does that mean everything else is not important? Absolutely not! As well see there are several other aspects one should carefully consider when buying a massage chair, and rollers are only one of them, albeit an important one.

    To get a full appreciation of 3D rollers, you need to have an understanding of 2D rollers. And since were talking 2D rollers, we might as well throw in 4D rollers so you get a full picture of what all is available at the current time!

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    What Are These Auto Modes And What Are The Steps To Access Them

    The 10 auto modes are rest and sleep, working relief, extension, neck and shoulder, waist and spine, sports refresh, all air, deep shiatsu, healthy breathing, and massage extend. All 10 can be accessed by following the steps outlined below:

    One of the things that most impresses me with Kyota chairs is the sheer number of auto modes they come loaded with. This was evident on the E330 and is also true for the M673. Kudos to Kyota for taking user experience seriously!

    D Technology And Body Scanning

    One major feature Kenko M673 excels in is its innovative use of 3D technology when it comes to its massage rollers. Normally, most massage rollers can only go up and down and side to side. However, if 3D tech is incorporated, it’s something else. This technology allows complete depth changes when it comes to the intensity of the massage allowing the rollers to go in and out.

    Essentially, this adds a new dimension of depth to the massage, which makes this model mimic human hands in massages. In addition, with the total body scanning tech, Kenko M673 has, and you’ll have a smart massage chair treating you like you’re in a spa. This massage equipment is one of the most advanced ones in the market now since all the technology installed in it is used efficiently.

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    Kyota Kenko M673 3d Massage Chair

    The Kenko M673 3D/4D was designed with daily massage in mind. The Kenko uses a 3D back mechanism and 40 strategicaly placed air cells to simulate human hands and give you a full body massage experience. Why travel to an expensive spa when you can massage anytime you need it from home.

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    It Basically Means That You Get Way More Coverage Than You Would On Other Chairs This Coverage Is Made Possible Because Of The Extra Long Calf Airbags

    Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair – Quick 1 Minute Overview

    These airbags are able to provide massage from the knees right down to the feet. It is pretty impressive no doubt, but for me its not the best way to massage the calves.

    If you ask me, the best design is to have independent calf rollers working in tandem with calf airbags. This approach works best because it massages the calves using rolling, kneading, and compression massage. This will be much more effective than massaging the calves just through air compression.

    But thats not to say Kyotas design is not a significant improvement. It most definitely is, but it would be even better if they would have integrated calf rollers as well! I guess you cant have everything.

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    Auto Modes Keep Things Interesting Each Time

    When it comes to massage, theres 2 types of people:

    Those Who Love To Experiment!Those Who Prefer Consistency!

    If youre someone who likes to have many options to choose from, you best pick a chair with lots of auto modes! The M673 Kenko doesnt disappoint as it comes pre-loaded with 10 pre-programmed auto massage modes, all of which can be easily activated directly from the remote control.

    If youre someone who prefers consistency, then a large number of auto modes might not be super important to you. Even still, its never a bad idea to opt for a chair with more auto modes versus one with fewer.

    You Also Need To Protect Your Bottom Line And To Get The Same Excellent Customer Service You Offer In Your Own Spa Or Business

    During our 10 years of offering everything from spa equipment to compact massage tables and chairs, we have been proud to provide all of these things, and more.

    We have personally vetted each of the brands that we sell, from the viewpoint of our founder, a massage therapist himself. We offer a price match guarantee for six full months after your purchase, we will honor our commitment to giving you the lowest price possible.

    You are what’s important to us. Here are a few reasons to choose us for your needs:

    • We are an A+ rated BBB Accredited Business
    • We have over 1000 5-Star reviews & thousands of satisfied customers
    • We offer you hands down the largest selection of massage equipment
    • We won’t price match, we’ll price-beat any competitor!
    • We offer easy-to-get financing, up to $50,000

    Our helpful and highly trained customer service team is here to ensure that you want to come back to us for all your massage supply needs.

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    Out Of The 3 What Chair Should You Get

    In terms of price, the cheapest option is the Kyota M673 Kenko, and that too by quite a bit! However, both the Pro Admiral and Pro First Class eclipse the M673 in terms of overall features and specifications. Its obvious that these 2 are the better chairs, that theres no question.

    However, you will have to decide whats more important you: spending an extra $1-2K for a superior chair with a lot more auto modes, and some additional features, or forgoing those in favour of cost reduction?

    The Kyota Promise: 4 Year Residential Limited Warranty

    Kyota Kenko M673 3D Massage Chair
    • Unlimited USA-based customer & technical support
    • 4 Year structural framework warranty
    • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 2 years
    • Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor for 1 year

    For In-Home service, Kyota will arrange all covered parts deemed necessary, to be sent to the consumer and, if necessary, an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer’s residence, at no charge to the customer. If a particular part is no longer manufactured, Kyota may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Kyota is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage.

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    Year Residential Limited Warranty

    • 4 Years of USA-based customer & technical support
    • 4 Year structural framework warranty
    • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 36 months
    • Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor for 12 months
    • Infinity Care PLUS: Covers 3 Years of Labor, 3 Years of Parts, and 4 Years Frame – $399
    • Infinity Care Max: Covers 4 Years of Labor, Parts, and Frame – $599

    Complete Care Warranty Period

    For In-Home service, Infinity Massage Chairs will arrange all covered parts deemed necessary, to be sent to the consumer and, if necessary, an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer’s residence, at no charge to the customer. If a particular part is no longer manufactured, Infinity Massage Chairs may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Infinity Massage Chairs is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage.

    Warranty Exclusions

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    A New Dimension Of Bliss: Explore The Kyota Kenko M673 3d Massage Chair

    The Kyota Kenko M673 3D Massage Chair is a smart choice when you want to fit as many feel-good features as possible into a massage chair that can seamlessly fit into your space. After all, while you can find this chair at Massage Chair Store, its roots are in Asia, the birthplace of massage. Lets explore what makes this seat a massaging must-have.

    Kyota M673 Kenko Assembly Video

    Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair
    38″L x 29″W x 48.50″H
    Dimensions Reclined: 57″L x 29″W x 38″H
    Shipping Box 1 Dimensions: 23″ L x 19″ W x 25″ H
    Shipping Box 2 Dimensions: 65″ L x 33″ W x 35″ H

    Warranty Options:

    For Home Use:

  • Free 4 Year Limited Warranty – Includes 1 Year Parts & Labor, 2 Years Parts Replacement, and 4 Years Structural Framework Coverage.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty +$399 – Covers 3 Years of Parts & Labor, & 4 Years Structural Framework.
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty +$599 – Covers 5 Years of Parts & Labor, & 5 Years of Structural Framework.
  • For Non-Residential Use:

    • Free 3 Year Non-Residential Limited Manufacturer Warranty – Includes 1 Year Parts & Labor, 2 Years Parts Replacement, and 3 Years Structural Framework Coverage.

    Note: You must choose the Non-Residential Warranty if the chair will be used in a Commercial or Business environment.

    Useful Info:

    Thank you for shopping with us at, we really do appreciate your business. If you’d like to talk to us regarding the Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair feel free to give us a call at 800-566-2798.

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    You can apply for financing on the last page of checkout. To learn more about how to apply for financing .

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    How Does The Kyota M673 Kenko Compare To Other 3d Massage Chairs And What Should You Buy

    At the present time and with 2020 coming to a close, theres tons and tons of massage chairs to choose from. Of course this is a good thing because it gives consumers lots of options! However, it can become stressful if youre looking at 20 massage chairs and have not the slightest of clue what to pick.

    Research Is Paramount When It Comes To Buying An Expensive Investment Such As A Massage Chair Itll Save You From Serious Disappointment

    To give you a quick and dirty idea on how to compare and contrast, we will be comparing the M673 Kenko to 2 other massage chairs, both from Osaki.

    One of my favourite 3D chairs for the longest time! Just like the First Class, its got a good balance of features!

    • Osaki OS Pro First Class
    • $$$$$
    • Heating Pads

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    How Fast Will You Receive An Order

    All orders are processed between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. , Monday through Friday. Your order will try to be shipped within 24 hours unless otherwise noted. The order is then shipped and delivered within 7 to 10 days.

    Thank you for shopping with us & if you have any questions just ask below, Live Chat, or at

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    What Is Space Saving Recline And How Does It Function In Theory

    Infinity Kyota Brown M673 Kenko 3D Full Body Massage Chair

    Its pretty simple. As the chair reclines further backwards, it simultaneously slides forward on a base. Its this sliding forward action that ends up saving a ton of room from backrest to the wall, and as a result you require less clearance. For the M673 Kenko, the required clearance is 4 inches. All things considered, not too shabby!

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    What Are Rollers In Layman Terms And Why The Heck Are They So Important

    Ever been to a car dealership before? Most of us probably have! For those of us who havent, weve probably dealt with a car salesman at one point or another. Anyways, a car salesman looooves to talk engines! Oh its got so many horsepower, and this sort of camshaft, and this much torque.blah blah get the point!

    Calf System And Arm Therapy

    Most massage chairs available online often neglect the limbs when it comes to massages since they focus more on the major muscle groups. Due to this, the limbs such as the arms and legs mostly feel left out and underworked since there’s not much going on there. However, with Kenko’s calf system, you can enjoy an air massage and pressure point relief from your knees all the way down to your feet.

    It’s worth noting that M673 is best known for having the longest calf massage currently available in the market. Moreover, it doesn’t forget about the arms as well since it has an equal system for that through its innovative targeted arm therapy. This feature uses a unique arm compression therapy type of massage, which helps increase the blood circulation from the arm, wrist, and hands.

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    Innovative Massage Features Installed In M673

    From a total body scan that can map out your back to fully supported lumbar heat therapy, Kenko M673 is highly advanced. It’s even more surprising that a chair priced at $4,999 has so much in its system, which further proves that price doesn’t entirely mean performance. Aside from the price-performance ratio, the controls for this chair are incredibly user-friendly, making it conveniently easy going through the features.

    Warranty Limitations And Exclusions

    Top5Best 3d Massage Chair Review-Worth it?Can perfectly fit living room,hometheater,balcony & office

    Warranties do not cover any loss or damage resulting from: improper installation unauthorized repairs use in a commercial or corporate setting alterations or modifications of original condition improper use of electrical/power supply loss of power electrical disturbances and power surges dropped product, including but not limited to remote controls a malfunction or damage resulting from improper use or unreasonable use or maintenance failure to follow operating instructions transportation damage theft abuse misuse neglect vandalism or environmental conditions loss of use during the period the product is at a repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts or repair and products purchased or acquired from unauthorized dealers. This warranty is not transferable. Damage incurred due to shipping and handling does not constitute a defect under this warranty. Softening/ hardening of foams and filling composites in pillows and pads does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those items naturally change with use. Fading, wear, and pilling of fabrics does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those conditions naturally occur with fabrics. Natural markings and grain and dye variations in leather do not constitute a defect under this warranty. Failures of attach points, such as, but not limited to: stitching, Velcro, and zippers, do not constitute a defect under this warranty.

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