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Bed Frame With Massage Chair

Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed

Ultimate bed frame with massage chair and Bluetooth speakers

While it is second to none, the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is another all-in-one ultimate enclosure system for those too lazy to get out of bed. Featuring a built in chaise like massage chair with nine different massage modes, three different intensity options, and even has a heating option. This is one bed you don’t want to miss out on! It also comes with built in Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, reading lamp, an air cleaning system and a desk. The built in charging station is perfect for never having to run out of batteries when having fun! A hidden ottoman is there for guests and can easily be stored away under the conditioning unit. Adjustable top headrests on the bed provide a maximum comfort to you when laying in bed. The frame is made of pine wood for long lasting quality and the leather is available in multiple colors!

We Guarantee Youll Leave Satisfied

The staff was exceptionally helpful and made ordering a mattress easy. As a busy mom, it means a lot to me to work with a business who is willing to go the extra mile to make something simple for me! And my daughter loves her new mattress!

Reegan R.

The best in relaxation/ therapeutic technology! The best massage chairs you will ever try, hands down! Plus, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly salespeople.

Andrea E.

Upgrade your life. You deserve it. This store has all the options to help you feel better and sleep better today! Seriously, head out there, you wont regret it!

Cody K.

Bought a hot tub and mattress! Very friendly staff, offered refreshments. They were all super helpful and the showroom was just an overall awesome environment.

Angie R.

They have done it again! Taken rest and relaxation to a whole new level! We all work hard, so we deserve the best in relaxation. Thats where they come in!

Nicole L.

This store is doing something uniquely different from the other stores I visited. In addition to selling mattresses, they are selling hot tubs and massage chairs, offering a nice line of therapeutic products. I visited the store to look at massage chairs and ended up spending about 2 1/2 hours with my salesperson, David Pratt. He was very knowledgeable about the products and the industry, and the experience was so positive i purchased a chair. I highly recommend anybody interested in these products visit this store before making a purchase.

Tom J.Bobby P.

Luxury Leather Multifunctional Smart Beds By Jubilee Furniture

Contact us and take advantage of our customization options to get the furniture you love. The way you decorate your home with our products relies entirely on your vision. Need a more contemporary minimalistic lifestyle? Dare to be bold with our unique style? The possibilities are endless at Jubilee Furniture.

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Albion Modern Leather Bed With Storage

Introducing our newest leather bed! The Albion Leather Bed with Storage is hand crafted with minimalist taste in mind. The expansive, recessed area on the side offers a larvae amount of storage space. The matching night stand includes a built in storage cabinet along with a subtle opening at the base for books and magazines. This leather bed is available to be made out of Top Grain Italian Leather and Bonded Leather. Choose your preferred color leather from our selection of 15+ distinct colors. Available in Queen and King!

Victor Ultimate Smart Multifunctional Bed

Luxury Smart Bed with a built

The Victor Ultimate Smart Multi-functional Bed. With its large, dramatic curvy edges and 2-tone color design, this bed will immediately make your room an ultra-modern haven for relaxation! The matching built in night stand adds on additional storage space that is great for when you need a place for books and magazines. The top headrests are adjustable for maximum comfort. Customization is available for the material and the colors. Choose from Bonded Leather, Top Grain Italian Leather, and Fabric! With 10+ distinct colors to choose from, you can match your bed to your style. Available in Queen, King, or Californian King! The beauty of a minimalist bed is that you can dress up your space with decorations or wallpapers without the bed contrasting intensely. The spotlight feature on the Victor has to be the ability to add on a Gas Lift Function. Never run out of storage space!

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Synca Circ+ Massage Chair

The CirC+ by Synca Wellness brings Japanese Shibui design into your home, Shibui design is subtly beautiful without being flashy, just like the CirC+. Its modern furniture-like design hides many features like long rail deep tissue robotic massage technology inside in a tastefully designed exterior.

The CirC+ is rated for users up to 300lbs and uses a full-size massage robot mounted in a long rail SL track frame, this technology ensures you have a relaxing massage from your glutes up to your neck. Unlike other similar chairs if you flip back the head pillow you will receive a deep tissue neck massage that will help melt the stress and tension of the day away. Its simple to control using its wireless remote, so you can sit and relax while getting a massage or just using it like a chair. You can recline back into a relaxing zero gravity position thats designed to take the pressure off your lower back, which lets the muscles relax, and helps stimulate blood flow. While in zero gravity add in the gentle hip compressions and lumbar massage therapy and your lower back will feel rejuvenated. The CirC+ lets you enjoy all the benefits of a large massage chair in a tasteful piece of furniture.

  • Full-Size Quad Roller Massage Robot
  • Compression Massage
  • 8 Auto-Courses
  • 5 Focused Region Massage Courses
  • Manually Targetable Massage
  • Long Rail Massage Track – 45in
  • Rear Pinch Avoidance Sensor
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    If youve been asking yourself, How much does a twin mattress cost?, then youre about to find out. When it comes to twin mattresses, there are two different sizes you can choose between. There is a regular twin-sized mattress, which is most likely the size you imagine. A regular twin-sized mattress measures 38 by 75. Then theres the twin-sized extra-long mattress. A twin-sized XL mattress measures 38 by 80. The extra five inches of length on the twin-size XL mattress gives you a little more room to stretch out. Check out our Mattress Size Guide for more information about mattresses sizes.

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    A Zero Gravity Cradle To Help You Find Relaxation

    Zero Gravity is a neutral posture position that was developed by Nasa where the seat cradles and supports your body at precise angles and provides balanced equal support from the legs up to the head. This reduces impact on the body by taking pressure off the lower vertebrae, reducing restriction points on your blood vessel, and it just feels good.

    Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed With Massage Chair And Speakers

    Naipo Portable Massage Table Professional Adjustable Folding Bed with 3 Sections Wooden Frame


    Delivery expected in 6 to 8 weeks

    The Hargen Ultimate Bed has fantastic features like a built-in massage chair, an integrated music system, an integrated bookshelf, a built-in safe to keep your valuables next to you while you sleep, a pop-up desk that you can setup to work right in bed, a built-in reading light, an area to plug-in and charge your devices while you sleep, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and even a remote to control the massage chair.

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    Monica Multifunctional Smart Bed

    The Monica Multifunctional Smart Bed is our most popular leather bed, and for good reason. This futuristic bed is the ultimate all-in-one bed! It comes with everything you need in a room. With a massage chair feature controlled by a remote, to built in Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, and a desk. You will never need to leave this bed due to having a low battery, as the built in charging station is perfect for night owls. Need more spaced due to having guests over, well a hidden ottoman provides the perfect moveable seating! If you would rather recline and watch TV, do not fret. There is a recliner attached just for you. Adjust the top headrests to get maximum comfort in your bed. This adult playground is revolutionary for many reasons. The frame is made of pine wood for long lasting quality and the leather material is available in multiple colors. Only make one purchase to have everything you need at your disposal.

    How Much Does A Queen Mattress Cost

    Find out how much it costs to buy a queen mattress, what factors impact the price, and which ones are best for your budget.

    If youve been asking yourself, How much does a queen mattress cost?, then youre not alone. The queen-sized mattress is the most common sized mattress people purchase, all around the world. Its not too big, its not too small, and its dimensions fit well in most bedrooms. A queen-sized mattress measures 60 by 80. Check out our Mattress Size Guide for more information about mattresses sizes.

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    Full Body Massage Chairs

    For the ultimate salon or home massage session, a full body massage chair is the answer to sore muscles and stress. Sit down in one of these chairs, align your body with the massagers and enjoy. You can relax in front of the TV, have a home spa session before bed or give yourself a break after a long day at work.

    Get This Ultimate Smart Bed And Youll Never Want To Leave Your Bedroom Again

    All In One Bed Price

    The Ultimate Smart Bed is the ideal system to add comfort to your bedroom with a combination of furniture and technology that will make you want to stay in bed.

    Todays modern homes include smart lighting systems, computers, and TVs with all of the data in the world at your fingertips, but when it comes to bedroom furniture, we are frequently living in the past.

    This futuristic king-sized smart bed features a massage chair with multiple remote control options and invigorating massage motors.

    The smart bed frame has an integrated entertainment speaker system with USB charger that allows you to cast a video to your TV while keeping the sound up close.

    The ultimate bed frame from Homary also includes a hide-away ottoman, a pop-up desk to browse on your laptop, and more storage than you can imagine.

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    Ultimate Bed : Bed With Massage Chairs Speakers And Tv

    Date Published:

    You’ve certainly seen the original Ultimate Bed that went viral last year, and has since become our most popular listing. Now apparently there’s another ultimate bed that China’s been working on, and we’ve aptly nicknamed it the Ultimate Bed 2.0, since yet again it’s filled with awesome features that I would surely want in any bed I sleep in.

    First of all, the Ultimate Bed 2.0 is circular like you’d see in a hotel for a Honeymoon suite, and just like the original Ultimate Bed, it has massage and vibration features built right into the two sides of the back rest of the bed for ultra-relaxation before you sleep, or perhaps do other activities in your new ultimate bed. The bed comes with a remote that lets you control the massaging bed with multiple gear vibration massage modules.

    Not only does it massage, the Ultimate Bed 2.0 is also filled with an array of surround sound speakers to have the ultimate listening experience whether you’re listening to music, movie, or TV show. The bed has multiple speakers throughout the bed frame, along with a sub-woofer built into the cabinet.

    If you don’t have a large screen TV hanging in front of, the Ultimate Bed 2.0 does have a small built-in screen along with a built-in DVD player right in the back rest. The remote lets you easily control and watch shows and movies in HD, which also connects to the surround sound speaker system.

    Multifunctional And High Tech Modern Leather Beds

    Beds are the center point of your relaxation area. This is where you spend your time relaxing and unwinding. Our leather beds offer you a spacious lounging area accompanied with smart add-ons. You can choose from our Top Grain Italian Leather or our Bonded Leather to configure your purchase to your liking. With either choice, our leather beds are stylish, comfortable, and made to last long.

    Being modern also means being automated! From high tech furniture to furniture that is tech smart, our Beds can do it all! Bed side tables are there for your convenience when breakfast is served in bed. The bluetooth speakers make for an amazing additional add on when it comes to listening to music or when watching TV. It truly is all-in-one

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    The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair Speakers And Desk

    Date Published:

    You’d have to be pretty confident to name something the ultimate bed. We’ve featured some pretty awesome beds, in the past, including a flip-up bed that doubles as a closet, along with a giant kind-size bed that has even extra room for your dogs. But to be honest, I think this “Ultimate Bed” might just take the cake, and is quite deserving of the name it was given!Check out the Ultimate Bed 2.0

    The ultimate bed is not just a bed, it’s like a little resort right in your bedroom. If it had an integrated toilet, and a microwave, I wouldn’t see why anyone would leave it. The ultimate bed has incredible features like a built-in massage chair, an integrated music system, an integrated bookshelf, a built-in safe to keep your valuables next to you while you sleep, plus a whole lot more.

    Other features include a pop-up desk that you can setup to work right in bed, a built-in reading light, an area to plug-in and charge your devices while you sleep, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and even a remote to control the massage chair.

    The ultimate bed comes in several different colors to choose from, and is actually modular so you can move around and connect each module where you’ll want it the most. For example you can move the foot stool to the side of the bed, or move the massage chair to the opposite side of the bed. You’ll end up making this an island that you’ll never want to leave.

    Check out the Ultimate Bed in action via the video below.

    Take Your Sleep To The Next Level With The Ultimate Smart Bed

    This Chair Turns Into Chaise Lounger and Bed!

    Which Smart Bed Is for You?

    The ultimate bed has fantastic features like:

    • A built-in massage chair,

    The Ultimate X250 Smart Bed has fantastic features like:

    • Bluetooth Sound System

    The Ultimate X400 Smart Bed has fantastic features like:

    • A built-in massage chair,

    Smart Bed

    Everything you need on your bed

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    California King Adjustable Bed Frame With Massage Chair

    Hargen ultimate smart bed with massage chaise lounge chair speakers the integrated speaker and desk headboard design new designs relx ra1005 adjustable frame interactive dual 19 ideas omne sleep os3 black grey king base head foot os3lpkg split serta motion essentials iv rc willey costway queen electric remote contro ep24950us lucid comfort collection deluxe full luccl6lpffab brookstone espresso

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    Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame Head And Foot Split Cal King Com

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    The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair Bluetooth Speakers

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    Sleep Zone Z400 Adjustable Bed Frame Split California King Com

    Motosleep Xsf350msa California King Adjustable Base With Massage Rc Willey

    Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed With Massage Chaise Lounge Chair Speakers

    Relx Ra1005 Split King Adjustable Bed Furniture

    Bed Tech 3000 California King Split Adjustable Base 2 Bases Mattress World Northwest

    Nestl Adjustable Massaging Bed Frame King Mattress Electric Base With Wireless Remote Usb Ports Led Light Com

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    Omne Sleep Os3 Black Grey King Adjustable Bed Base With Head And Foot Massage Os3lpkg

    When To Use A Massage Chair Mattress World Northwest

    Massage Therapy Chair Benefits

    What can a massage from a chair really do for you? There are actually a number of benefits to massage treatment from a chair. Massage chairs can help to align your spine properly for good posture while relieving tension in the back muscles. They may also reduce stress by encouraging better blood circulation and releasing endorphins.

    The best massage chair for you is one that you can sit in comfortably. You should be able to adjust it to your height, so that the rollers are massaging you in the right places. Look through our selection of chairs for full body and back massage options at exclusive prices for members.

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