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Massage Oil And Personal Lubricant

Essential Oils For Love Relaxation And Arousal

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Self-Massage with Oil | Self-Love Practices | Ayurvedic Herbal Oils

Were not just biochemically linked to feel aroused through our senses. Essential oils reduce stress and elevate mood. This in itself can promote increased feelings of sensuality and energy. Think about it, the more relaxed you are the easier it is to get in the mood, right? So, Essential oils really have two roles in increasing libido.

Why Should I Buy A

You can tell if you need or want a massage oil and lubricant by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations. Let us show you how easy shopping for home audio equipment can be when you have an expert on your side!

Maple Holistics Pure Grapeseed Oil

Natural Oil as Lubricants

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Many people know of this oils amazing moisturising benefits for hair and skin and the question gets asked a lot, can you use grapeseed oil as lube? And, the answer is yes. Whoo! Maple Holistics Pure Grapeseed Oil is made from 100% grapeseed oil and nothing else, so you dont need to worry about any extra additives or chemicals.

Grapeseed oil is an ideal natural lubricant for couples as it is tasteless and odorless so can be used for all sorts of activities. And, it is safe to ingest, so dont worry if you end up with some extra on your tongue. Its good for you!

This is a light oil with a thin, silky texture that absorbs into your skin leaving your skin feeling silky, glowy and straight up lush! And as it is so light, it also has a low comedogenicity so it wont clog your pores. And, that means it is entirely safe for sex.

In fact, it adds moisture to the skin, so you will find that you are left with an amazingly smooth and soft vulva afterwards. So, I recommend clearing your schedule as you will likely be stroking that baby for hours afterwards too.

Now, due to grapeseed oil being so thin, you might find that it dries too quickly and you need to reapply some while you play. But being fast drying and absorbent means you wont need to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

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Exploring Other Erogenous Zones

Oil-based lubes can also be used for non-genital stimulation, including non-genital or hands-off orgasm. As the name indicates, a non-genital orgasm involves sexual orgasm with a body part other than the genitals. This can include stimulation of the nipples, nape of the neck and any other area of the body.

As a bonus, many oils smell good enough to eat, which can set the mood when youre looking to get extra close to your partner at the end of a long day.

Still Unsure Which Lube Is Right For You

1600mg CBD Massage Oil (8 oz)

If youre still uncertain which personal lubricant is best for you, why not check out our lube advisor? Plug in your preferences and browse suggestions to find the perfect fit. You never know you might find you prefer a couple of different options for different types of play. You can also get a free sample of ASTROGLIDE to try before you buy.

What types of lube do you love? Let us know .


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Top Tips For Using Essential Oils For The Bedroom

  • Blend essential oils with coconut oil for a sensual massage.
  • Apply essential oils to your neck and wrists for an alluring perfume.
  • When using the oil mix as a lubricant, If the sensation is too strong, dilute with carrier oil like coconut oil.
  • For the men Idaho Spruce is a great for a cologne and has been known to promote arousal.

What Are The Different Types To Try

There are different types of lubricants to suit different needs. Its totally normal if you favor one over the rest, or if you like to switch things up depending on the situation. Whether youre a first-time buyer or looking to expand your lubricant collection, theres one out there for you, guaranteed.

Water-based lubricants are the most common. They come in two varieties: with glycerin, which has a slightly sweet taste, or without glycerin.

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So Whats A Personal Lubricant And Why Use One

A personal lubricant or lube is a specialized semi-viscous fluid or oil lubricant used during sexual acts. There are many reasons why people use lube besides foreplay.

  • Dehydration
  • Those who have an autoimmune disorder
  • Taking antihistamines, antidepressants, and other medications that may cause dryness
  • Those in the perimenopause or menopausal stage

Women of a certain age can suffer from vaginal dryness. This can be unpredictable, or untimely in the least. Further, menopause can cause vaginal tissues to thin and estrogen levels to decline, causing intimacy to be uncomfortable and sometimes painful without lubrication. So, women who suffer from menopause-related dryness should try using a lubricant during sex to make it substantially more comfortable for you and your partner.

Gay men can also benefit from using personal lubricants to make sexual intercourse comfortable and prevent friction-related injuries.

Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil

How to Do Abhyanga, a Self Massage with Warm Oil

Natural Oil as Lubricants

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This Sweet Almond Oil by Now Solutions is another thin, silky oil that wont leave any residue on your skin. Or your sheets for that matter! This oil is made from 100% almonds, so it smells and tastes terrific, making it a great choice for delicious oral sex.

Being so light, it is also one of the safer options for genital use, as it is unlikely to clog pores and cause any bacterial issues. This is another natural lubricant that will dry out completely on your skin leaving it soft, silky and without residue.

It is also super popular as a face and hair oil so make sure you buy a big bottle! Almonds are full of antioxidants which soothe the skin, so if you are prone to irritation, sweet almond oil as lube is an excellent choice for your precious genitals. An extra benefit is that it smells and tastes pretty damn good too. But so does your pussy!

Now, dont forget that this is almond oil. If you are allergic to almonds, you will be allergic to this too!

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Other Things To Consider

There are lots of lubricants for a massage therapist to choose from, and each has its own pros and cons. A choice between one or the other often comes down to factors like the clients preference, allergies and what an employer decides to keep in stock. Many massage establishments keep more than one type of lubricant in stock since there is so much variation in massage techniques, so finding an alternative for you should rarely ever be an issue.

Another factor to consider is that certain lubricants may have fragrances to them. Aromatherapy lotions and oils obviously come with very strong scents, but sometimes basic lubricants do as well. I have seen some in pine, lemon or mint fragrance, all of which were not labeled for aromatherapy. While most establishments have their therapist use a general hypoallergenic lubricant that avoids most allergens, including fragrance related ones, it is still best to let the therapist know if there are any smells that bother you or cause you to have trouble breathing. This is important during a massage session since most occur in small, closed rooms where the smell often lingers heavily in the air.

The Best And Safest Ingredients To Use In Homemade Lube

So, you either realize youre out of lube and are a little desperate, or youd like to explore some natural alternatives to KY Jelly. Dont panic there are a lot of options! If you rummage around your closet, pantry, and fridge, youre likely to find some items you can use as lube.

Some household items that are safe for homemade lube include:

  • Coconut/olive/avocado oil. Againdo not use this if you use condoms. However, if using condoms isnt a problem, coconut oil is one of your best bets to reach for when you need homemade lube. It smells good, works well, and can even help prevent yeast infections. Avoid any oils that are flavored stick as much as you can to oil in its most natural and raw form to avoid any irritation.
  • Yogurt. While this may seem like more of an odd/desperate option, yogurt is perfectly fine to use, as long as you steer clear of the flavored kinds such as strawberry and vanilla. You should also make sure its sugar free only use plain, organic, sugar free yogurt if you have any around.
  • . Do not use butter. Margarine however is completely safe to use.
  • Primer. Surprisingly, you can turn to your makeup to try to find a solution for your situation. Primers that are oil based will be fine. However, you probably dont want to end up using your expensive, precious primer all the timeat that point, you might as well spend the money on actual lube, so this is another last-resort case.

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Compression And Stretching: No Lubricant

There are types of massage techniques that do not require the use of any lubricant at all due to the way the technique is performed. For example, if a therapist was performing a massage type that utilizes mostly stretching or compression techniques, then there is normally no need for a lubricant to help the hands or elbows of a therapist glide against the surface of a clients skin.

In the case of primarily stretching or compression-based massages, skin-to-skin gliding is not always used. Certain sports massage techniques may use this though most will use a mix of compression, stretching and traditional massage with lubricants. Also, chair massage can also be performed without a lubricant if only the back is being worked on and it is in a public setting like a mall.

There are types of massage techniques that do not require the use of any lubricant at all due to the way the technique is performed.

Top 10 Best Massage Oil And Lubricant Of 2022 Review And Buying Guide

Relaxing Massage Oil 100ml bottle

It is fairly typical to be perplexed regarding which massage oil and lubricant to buy. This difficulty occurs because to the wide variety of massage oil and lubricant available on the market. To help you choose the finest massage oil and lubricant available on the market, we have produced a detailed guide.

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Wet Platinum Pure Silicone Lubricant

Price: $

If youve got really sensitive skin, youre going to want to try a silicone-based lube, which is like silk sheets on your sensitive parts. Since silicone is hypoallergenic, most people wont experience a reaction. This type of lube also lasts longer.

If youre interested in something more long lasting that needs to be reapplied less often, you may have found your match.

When Kathryn, a 27-year-old whos tried several lube types, experimented with shower sex, she looked into silicone-based lubes.

It makes the experience much more enjoyable, since the water usually washes everything else away, she says.

An excellent silicone option is Wet Platinum Pure Silicone Lubricant. This lube is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and made with high grade ingredients.

The only downside? The silicone in your lube can deteriorate the surface of silicone toys. Blau says that when this happens, your toys become less sanitary, because it creates abrasions in the silicone where bacteria can grow.

If you share sex toys, she says, or use them with more than one partner, make sure to use water-based lubricant when playing with toys to ensure your safety.

On the plus side, silicone-based lubes are safe to use with condoms.

Nooky Massage Oil With Fractionated Coconut Oil For Massaging 16 Ounce

Features :

  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN FOR LONGER and feel great long after youre done enjoying a relaxation massage with our Nooky Coconut Body Massage Oil.
  • ENJOY THE BENEFIT OF EASILY ABSORBED Oil without that greasy residue or oily excess found after using so many other massage oil products on the market. Skin is left soft and kissable with this 100% best natural organic lotion, which is suitable for all and sensitive skin types
  • NO OVERPOWERING, UNPLEASANT SCENT, just the relaxing sweet aromatic aromatherapy fragrance, adding stimulation to your muscles and senses that men and women love.
  • OUR THERAPEUTIC GRADE massage oil is made from 100% natural ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Nooky Massage Oil is suitable for all skin types and now comes in a handy pump pack that men and women will love. We will happily send you a full refund if you dont love our Nooky Coconut Massage Oil. Thats our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Additional Info :

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Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

Price: $$

Known as the versatile lube, water-based lubes can be used in practically any activity you can think up even ones involving silicone toys.

Blau adds that water-based lubes are also safe to use with condoms, both latex and nonlatex. And according to Blau, they may decrease the risk of condom breakage.

For vaginal sex, theres Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant, which is pH balanced and reduces friction.

This type of lube is most popular for three reasons: It wont stain your sheets, its easy on the skin, and it washes off easily in water.

Dry Massage: Little To No Lubricant

A weed massage? Here’s how cannabis oil is taking the physical therapy world by storm.

A dry massage may incorporate compression or stretching, but this does not necessarily exclude the gliding of a therapist’s skin or other tools across a clients skin. A massage like a Himalayan salt stone is often performed with little to no lubricant due to the mineral properties of the stones breaking down easily when the stones are moistened. Massages like this are performed by slowly gliding the dry stones across the clients body, letting the heat of the stones warm the salts and minerals within it along with the skin of the client so that the body’s oils naturally move the stone along. This creates a unique massage where the drag and traction of the stone against the skin is a part of the overall impact of the treatment.

When a clients skin is particularly dry or does not produce enough natural oils, the therapist may select a specialty oil, like coconut oil or another type, and use a small amount on the skin of the client to help the stones along in place of the bodys own oils.

Each Technique Has Its Own Factors to Consider

Himalayan salt stone is often performed with little to no lubricant due to the mineral properties of the stones breaking down easily when the stones are moistened.

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Vaseline And Other Petroleum

For sex: “In some women, petroleum based products might increase risk of vaginal infection including bacterial vaginosis ,” says Alyssa Dweck, MD, who was named a top gynecologist by New York magazine.”With that said, many people use this without an issue as a lubricant for both vaginal and anal play.”

For sex toys: Because any oil-based lubricant can break down materials like some plastic and silicone toys, Dweck says it’s important to follow a vibrator manufacturer’s recommendations for what to use instead.

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For use with condoms: It’s important to know that most STI and pregnancy protection devices mix with Vaseline like oil and…well, pregnancy protection devices. “They canât be used with latex condoms, dental dams, latex gloves, cervical caps or diaphragms,” says Caitlin V., M.P.H., clinical sexologist for Royal, a vegan-friendly condom and lubricant company. If Vaseline is all you’ve got, use a non-latex condom.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Lubricant For You

Of course, not all vaginal lubricants are created equal. Some brands will work better for you than others, depending on your needs.

  • If youre dealing with dryness. Warming lubricants may not help, as they contain glycerin and can dry quickly. Long-lasting silicone lubricants are your best bet.
  • If youre prone to yeast infections. Stay away from lubricants with glycerin. The compound can irritate your vagina and kill good bacteria, triggering an infection.
  • If youre trying to conceive. Look for a lubricant that says its sperm friendly or fertility friendly on its packaging.

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Different Lubricants For Different Types Of Massage

Massage therapists use a wide variety of lubricants to perform massages. Sometimes the type they use depends on personal preference or therapy style. One therapist may prefer to use one lotion over another or gel instead of oil or cream, and this can come down to several reasons. One common reason is that they are accustomed to that particular lubricant or perhaps it is required by their workplace.

Often, the lubricant a therapist uses is determined by what type of massage they are performing, or whether the client has any allergies or sensitivities to certain things. The main reason why different types of massage need different lubricants is that some techniques, like deep tissue work, work best with a certain level of tackiness. For example, deep tissue requires a thickness that allows for better drag to give the right results.

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