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Relax And Recharge Massage Chair

Laidback Massage Chairs In Natick Ma

[ON SALE!] Synca Hisho Massage Chair

At the LAIDBACK massage chair store we know that physical and mental wellness is the foundation to having a full life. In todays go-go society, its more important than ever to relax, recover, and recharge, thats where we come in. Whether youre looking for an in-store chair massage in Natick, MA, or looking to take home a massage chair of your own, we have you covered.

Our mission is to bring the rejuvenating power of massage chairs to a wider audience. We provide a place for customers to come, try different chairs and experience how they reduce stress, ease pain, improve sleep, and contribute to overall well-being.

Did you know that massages are commonly referred to as one of the oldest health care services known to man? Thats because when you get a chair massage, your body naturally releases endorphins that help you deal with mental and physical wellness.

Increase Sales And Provide Your Business With Telemetry Remote Management And Other Benefits By Offering Cashless Payments

A chair massage should be a relaxing and welcoming experience for any pedestrian. Whether theyre a tired shopper or traveler at an airport, adding cashless payment options to your massage chair opens your business to a larger market, by providing consumers with payment choices that are convenient and part of their everyday lives.

For operators, cashless payments can increase sales by up to 30% and decrease the amount of time you spend on cash handling activities.

How To Reset A Massage Chair

If your massage chair has any of the above-mentioned issues, you can always reset it to the factory settings. First of all, make sure the massage chair is switched off, and it is not in use.

Okay. Now that you have the massage chair on its own, switch on its power as well as the kneading button. Be sure to hold the power and kneading button for 5-10 seconds.

After that, youâll get to see an error icon on the remote control system of your massage chair. Youâll also find your massage chair slightly vibrating at this point. Call it a diagnostic protocol of the device!

It will reset your massage chair and remove all the previously set massage programs. It is a pretty convenient step that will save you from getting into any further problems.

Furthermore, the process of resetting a massage chair varies from brand to brand.

A lot of massage chairs are switched on and off by a single button, while others bring along various buttons for different settings.

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How To Repair A Massage Chair

Letâs address the elephant in the room I hope weâre clear on it that you can encounter several issues while using a massage chair. It isnât anything to be worried about as you can quickly fix all the tiny bitsy issues at home.

Before going into the details, I would like to ask you something. Do you know what parts of a massage chair are repairable? Well, the following are the four parts of a massage chair that you can fix all by yourself:

  • The massage chair motor
  • The remote control system
  • The massage chair cord

Now let me shed light on a few common massage chair issues along with their fixes so that you know what you need to do in the following scenarios:

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Best Massage Chairs

Human Touch® iJoy® Active 2.0 Massage Chair by Human Touch ...

Browse the top-ranked list of best massage chairs below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars with 12 reviews

    Top comment

    Great MassageChair…All the features this chair has are awesome! Best buy ever!! …Awesome MassageChair…My husband who has never had a massage went next and he couldn’t believe a chair could make him feel so much better.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Indulge in whole-body treatment with this Titan Chair Osaki massage chair. Its lower-back heat therapy feature provides pain relief, and it has arm massagers and calf and foot massage areas for total relaxation. Select from the six auto programs of this Titan Chair Osaki massage chair for a fully pampered experience.See all MassagersTop comment

    Great MassageChair…All the features this chair has are awesome! Best buy ever!! …Awesome MassageChair…My husband who has never had a massage went next and he couldn’t believe a chair could make him feel so much better.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Indulge in whole-body treatment with this Titan Chair Osaki massage chair. Its lower-back heat therapy feature provides pain relief, and it has arm massagers and calf and foot massage areas for total relaxation. Select from the six auto programs of this Titan Chair Osaki massage chair for a fully pampered experience.$2,495.99Your price for this item is $2,495.99Add to Cart

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    Current Relax And Recharge Wellness

    2016 was our first time having a Massage Chairs Wellness Lounge at our conference and it was WOW WOW WOW. Participants loved it so much! It was consistently one of the busiest areas at the conference! We will have the massage chairs for WSPS every year! WSPS, 2016, Toronto

    Integrating a wellness area into conferences is a current and novel concept. It was a great success to have the massage chairs wellness area in our Corporate Conference! Event Marketer for PwC Partner Conference

    Massage Chair Problems You Need To Know

    First thing first, you donât need to be a massage chair expert in order to reset or fix minor issues related to your massage chairs. I have been using the Human Touch Super Novo for about two years now, and trust me itâs doing just fine.

    The only thing you require is to learn the basics and be mindful of what youâre doing when resetting a massage chair. Thatâs about it.

    Even though a massage chair is relatively smooth in its functioning, it is a machine at the end of the day. As a family, we have been using massage chairs for years now, so let me highlight a few issues that you may come across.

    Iâm mentioning it according to my personal experience, so it can be different for you. Still, I believe you should be aware of all these tiny bitsy details.

    Although rare, your massage chair can run out of power.

    You may experience a few temperature issues with your massage chair, considering the power source.

    It may create unfamiliar sounds that indicate an underlying issue.

    It sometimes may not respond well to the remote control system or mobile app.

    The wiring of your massage chair or the massage chair itself may get overheated due to the electric flow.

    The upholstery of your massage chair may fade away with time.

    Lastly, the auto timer of your massage chair may not work as well as it should at times.

    I know it may sound a little overwhelming but what you donât know is that you can fix all such issues by yourself without wasting any money on getting professional help.

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    How Do Massage Chairs Work?

    The best massage chairs work by using a combination of multiple types of devices that offer a variety of motions. Massage recliners should offer different techniques like kneading, rolling, squeezing, tapping and shiatsuthe function of pressing against one pressure point at a time.

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    Attract And Delight Trade Show Audiences

    Synca Hisho Massage Chair Features

    We attracted almost 5 times more traffic than before using Better Lounges massage chairs on our trade show in National security 2016!, 2016 Security Canada Trade Show, Toronto, Ontario

    Thank you SO MUCH for the chairs. They were a hit! We will definitely be using them again.- DLCS, 2017 AAD, Orlando, Florida

    Wonderful!!!! It turned out great. Thanks again!!! You will be our go to vendor for any upcoming events!!! -TBS Factoring, 2017 Mid-America Truck Show, Louisville, Kentucky

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    Knee Leg & Foot Massage

    Full foot and calf massage from your knees down to your toes helps loosen stiff muscles, stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling, and in general takes away the aches and pains in your legs.

    The open style footrest design makes it easier to get your legs in and out of the legrest than closed toe design footrests without sacrificing the quality of massage. The added reflexology foot rollers work to help reduce swelling and tight muscles in the arches of your feet after a long day on your feet.The air compression therapy system grips and massages the calves and air cells surrounding the feet fold over the top of the foot, pushing the foot deeper into the rollers for an improved foot massage.

    What Is S Track& l Track


    S Track the massage system follows the contours of your back hugging the lumbar and neck but the massage system does not travel and massage underneath your seat.A chair with only S Track provides a smaller coverage area.


    L Track the massage system travels directly up and down the back in a straight line and directly out underneath the seat, this system does not follow the natural contours and curvature of your body.A chair with only L Track provides an inferior massage.

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    Most Loved And Always The Big Hit

    They have loved it. When I have rounded on staff last week, they told me over and over how much they have enjoyed it. We always try to do something nice for staff during Hospital Week and this one went over really went because of the massage chairs! -Nurse Appreciation Week, 2017

    The chairs were a success! Everyone who used them loved them, everyone was buzzing about them! -Employee Appreciation Event, 2016, the Source

    Feeling Greatis Just A Massage Away

    Human Touch® iJoy® Active 2.0 Massage Chair by Human Touch ...

    If youre feeling drained from all the stress, treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage.

    A Business Built On Compassion

    During the Covid-19 outbreak,I got inspired to serve essential workers as well as others. Please let my experience provide you the peace of mind and trust being in the hands of a nurturing professional.

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    Auto Courses To Find Your Perfect Massage

    • Full Body Massage

      A perfect blend of every massage technique delivering relaxation from your head to your toes.

    • Boost Massage

      Uses a combination of deep tissue massage, stretch, and compression therapy to reduce muscle tension, promote fluid exchange, and stimulate blood flow.

    • Vigor Massage

      Relaxing kneading massage loosens muscles and reduce stiffness getting you ready for your day.

    • Relief Massage

      Combination of deep tissue massage techniques focuses on muscles from the neck and shoulder to the lower back.

    • Therapy

      Promotes muscle recovery post work-out by using kneading and shiatsu techniques to reduce stiffness and stimulate blood flow.

    • Night Massage

      Relaxing gentle smooth kneading massage slowly releases a daysâ tension coupled with soft compression youâll be ready for a good nightsâ sleep.

    Better Yourself From The Inside Out

    If you are searching for a new outlook to manage pain and stress within, look no further than the massage chairs for sale at Mattress World Northwest Furniture for Life Gallery. One of the best ways that you can achieve comfort, happiness, and peace of mind is by managing internal pain, tension, and stress. Let Mattress World Northwest guide you on your journey to a better nights sleep and healthy life with a therapeutic massage chair. You deserve it!

    Find out if you are eligible for FREE delivery:

    Comfort Guarantee

    Getting you the best nights sleep is our goal. If you are not completely happy you can exchange your mattress within 90 days of purchase.

    Employment Opps

    Are you a team player and looking for a great place to work? Give us a call today! 713-6572

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    In Case The Massage Features Are Not Working Correctly:

    If your massage chair makes unpleasant sounds or its features are not responding well, turn it off and perform a little troubleshooting.

    For the unusual sounds, refit the air pump by opening the hose tubes of your massage chair. You can also clean the air pump if it has dirt inside. Once done, monitor its sound for a few days to ensure it is correctly fixed.

    For the massage chair features not responding, try adjusting the position of the rollers and airbags a little. A lot of times, they donât respond well just because theyâre incorrectly placed.

    How To Reset And Repair A Massage Chair

    Chair Yoga to Relax and Recharge (~30min)

    How do you feel about getting a body massage after a long and hectic day? It would be amazing. Isnât it?

    As refreshing as the thought is, donât you think visiting a spa every other day is a hassle? Apart from driving to the spa or wellness club, thereâs also a hefty amount of money that youâd be paying.

    No wonder such practices can take a toll on your bank account. The question is, what can you do about it? How can you get a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home?

    Alright. Have you ever considered buying a massage chair? You may not be aware of it, but a massage chair is a complete spa on its own, given the technological advancements these days.

    A lot of people now have massage chairs in their homes. Although it seems like a pretty fascinating idea, do you know how much it takes to maintain a massage chair? After all, itâs a machine and requires regular maintenance. Oh, and it requires a little resetting too, not often, but once or twice after a few months.

    How can you reset a massage chair? The question is quite confusing in itself. Well, a massage chair doesnât really require frequent mechanical maintenance, all you need to do is learn a little bit of troubleshooting, and youâll be good to go.

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    Our Customers Love Us What Do The Clients Say About Renting Massage Chairs From Betterlounge

    The feedback Ive had has been nothing but positive from our employees. They all LOVED the massage chairs!We look forward to having you back next year! Thanks again!

    Amelia Duffy

    The chairs were a success! Everyone who used them loved them, everyone was buzzing about them ! Thanks again

    Melissa McCague

    The chair has been a huge hit for my associates!!! They love it and it has changed the dynamic of our building. Thank you!

    Scott Nelson

    Just heard from the client the massage chair was a huge hit and they loved them ! They are definitely keeping it in mind for future use.

    Thanks so much for your help and I will be sure to pass the information to my colleagues for their needs !

    Lauren Cole

    Does A Massage Chair Cost More Than Regularly Visiting A Massage Professional

    If you are currently seeing a massage professional one to four times per week you are ultimately spending tens of thousands of dollars throughout the year on the sessions alone. Not to mention the cost of gas, tips, and time spent driving and waiting for the appointment to begin. With any of our massage chair styles and financing, you will likely be spending less per month on the low payments than you would be on the cost of seeing a professional regularly.

    Monthly payments will start as low as $55/month with our deferred interest financing. Mattress World Northwest also offers No Credit Needed options to make your massage chair purchase easy. Having a massage chair to conveniently access in your home will save you money in the long run. If you decide to pay for the massage chair outright, you will expect your investment to be worth its weight in professional massages within a matter of months.

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    Full Body Massage Coverage

    The Hisho delivers a complete full body massage expereince.Its SL Track massage technology delivers therapeutic massage from your neckdown to your buttocks.The Hisho also has a full body air compression therapy massage system to gently wrap and massage your feet, calves, arms, and shoulders.You will also be treated with kneading reflexology foot rollers in your feet.This full body experience will treat your whole body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

    Synca Wellnessâs advanced body scan technology measures the length and curvature of a user spine tuning the massage to perfectly fit whoever is sitting in the chair.

    How To Choose A Massage Chair

    Human Touch Massage Chair

    The needs of the human body are incredibly diverse and may vary with each individual and their activity level or workload. It is very important to select the massage chair with the features that will help to alleviate pain in the areas that you need it most.

    For instance, if youre inactive at work, processing papers, or typing many hours at a desk you would find great benefits with a back massage chair with compression bags for the arms and hands. Both functions are found on Panasonic massage chairs. For those with very active hands like those of hairdressers, or typists and who are experiencing stiffness in the arms or fingers, rest assured a massage chair will not only help decrease back pain but also help to alleviate the tension. Several compression bags surrounding the forearms and hands will move old blood out and new blood in which stimulates healing and can also alleviate arthritis pain.

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