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Sports Massage For Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain Massage: Exercise Ball, Sports Massage Techniques How To

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Physio Vs Massage For Lower Back Pain

by admin | Oct 15, 2020 | Physiotherapy

The use of physiotherapy vs massage for lower back pain is a common question that clients ask in our clinic, and often there is a bit of a grey area between the types of treatments available. Although both physio and massage have a place, there are reasons why we would choose one treatment over the other.

For Jaw Pain Bruxism Headache

Your masseter muscle is your primary chewing muscle not the only one, but the main one and it covers the sides of the jaw just behind the cheeks. Its also the main muscle that clenches your jaw and grinds your teeth, unfortunately, and its one of the most common locations for trigger points in the human body. It is probably an accomplice in most cases of bruxism and temporomandibular joint syndrome , plus other unexplained painful problems in the area.

for pain: in the side of the face, jaw, teeth muscle: masseter

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Additional Training’s Certifications And Modalities To Consider

When specializing in sports massage, there are a few additional trainings, certifications and modalities massage therapists may want to consider learning as practicing them can potentially take you higher in your field.

For instance, injury recovery and sports recovery techniques are critical in sports massage, says Waslaski.

Many elite level therapists have these additional trainings, making them more effective at serving their athletic patients. Learning good orthopedic assessment and clinical reasoning enables you to match your technique to the pathology of the athletic injury, Waslaski says.

Advanced skills in injury prevention and treatment can open more doors too, putting in in just the right position to work hand-in-hand with athletic trainers and medical staff, he says.

Alhough some massage therapists specialize in just one or two things, diversity is key, says Waslaski. Its important to have effective evaluation skills for different biomechanics if you want to be truly successful, he says.

For instance, in baseball, the biomechanics of a catcher are different than those of a pitcher. Being knowledgeable in all of these various areas helps you provide a better service to the individuals and teams who come to you to become better players.

Additionally, Waslaski recommends that massage therapists interested in sports massage specifically get trained by people whove done all these things.

Does Massage Help Back Pain

Physical Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

There is a lot of published research that demonstrates massage can help back pain. The American Massage Therapy Association points to the research to support the belief that therapeutic massage is effective for persistent low back pain and able to provide long-lasting benefits. The benefits of back massage include the following:

  • Reduces or eliminates pain
  • Assists with easing feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Speeds up the return to normal activities
  • Supplements conventional treatments, like taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers and applying ice or heating pads

A physical therapist or a massage therapist can provide therapeutic massages. A physical therapist will include massage as one element of a treatment plan that may include activities like light exercises and stretching. If the low back pain is due to muscle strain, many people find a massage therapist on their own. The massage for muscle strain is often all it takes to experience pain relief.

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Types And Styles Of Massage

There are two basic types of massage: whole body and structural. The whole body massage promotes general relaxation. The spine massage techniques that target specific muscles and connective tissue are called structural massages. A structural massage that targets the muscles from the buttocks and up to the neck is effective for relieving lower back pain.

Some massage styles include the whole body with a special focus on a targeted area. However, all massage styles have the likelihood of helping to relieve pain. The best style to have the most impact depends on what is causing the pain and preferences of the patient or client. The various styles of massage include, but are not limited to:

  • Swedish massage a whole body gentle massage for relaxation and to relieve muscle knots.
  • Shiatsu massage a Japanese style whole body massage using pulsing pressure and includes a focus on areas of the body needing attention.
  • Trigger point massage the whole body that includes an extra focus on specific areas of pain caused by tightness in muscle tissues.
  • Deep tissue massage a whole-body massage that uses pressure to relieve tension in deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles.

There are other styles of massage, like Reflexology and Sports Massage, but the ones listed are some of the more common. For people who experience back pain, massage therapy can bring much-needed relief. There is no set amount of sessions recommended because each situation is different.

Sports Massage For Lower Back Pain

A sports massage for lower back pain is one of the most frequent treatments Im asked for as massage therapist. Although there are many causes, prolonged sitting, poor posture, jogging and weight training are the most common. Plus if you arent stretching sufficienlty or correctly, tight muscles will probably have a lot to do with it too.

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Lower Back Pain When Standing

If your lower back issue comes on when youre standing or bending forward, there are a couple of things that commonly cause this. One is prolonged sitting, which can shorten and tighten not only your lower back but also your hips and glutes. When you stand these muscles then have to stretch, which they no longer want to do. The result is a pain that feels like its in your lower back when its actually your glute medius, and hip flexor muscles. Bending forward, even if its just to put on your socks, stretches them even further and can give you a jolt of pain to remind you.

Description Of Selected Massage Techniques

Too Ripped? Awesome Sports Massage for Back Pain, Tight Muscles, Poor Posture

Sports massage is defined as a collection of massage techniques performed on athletes or active individuals for the purpose of aiding recovery or treating pathology.8 Three forms of massage are frequently reported in the sports medicine literature: effleurage, petrissage, and deep transverse friction massage .7

Effleurage techniques are performed along the length of the muscle, typically in a distal to proximal sequence.13,8 These techniques are executed throughout a massage routine, with the strokes performed slowly utilizing light or gentle pressure.13,8 The petrissage techniques include kneading, wringing, and scooping strokes.13,8 These techniques are generally performed with deeper pressure to patient tolerance.13,8 Deep transverse friction massage is performed by using the fingers to apply a force moving transversely across the target tissue. 13,8,9

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Instant Pain Relief Singapore With Zack From Zen Room Therapy

Zack from Zen Room Myofascial Therapy provides Singapore pain solutions & Best Pain Therapy Singapore to ease all your chronic pains, sports injury and sprains.

Acute pain This can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It usually occurs as a sharp, shooting pain that is triggered from tissue damage or due to injury.

Subacute pain This occurs in the form of muscle or joint pain, where it is prolonged between 6 weeks to 3 months. It can be disruptive to daily activities such as walking, sitting, sleeping and working. In severe cases, medical attention is required.

Chronic pain If the lower back pain is persistent and lasts longer than 3 months, this is considered chronic and severe. This requires immediate medical attention.

Causes of Lower Back PainThere are several causes of lower back pain, which are mostly mechanical in nature:

Sprains Sprains can occur from carrying heaving objects incorrectly, or overstretching that leads to a tear in the tendons or muscles.

Herniated disc Due to aging, the gel-like discs in the spines vertebrae are prone to wear and tear. When the disc is weakened due to aging or injury, it puts pressure on the nerves that leads to lower back pain.

Pregnancy Due to pelvic changes and increase in weight around the abdominal area, it is common for pregnant ladies to experience lower back pain.

Physiotherapy Vs Massage For Back Pain

A Sports Massage Therapist is trained solely in Sports Massage skills over a series of weekends. They are not qualified to diagnose conditions in the same way as a Sports Therapist or Physiotherapist would be. Physiotherapists complete a degree and specialise in this area of expertise therefore are more qualified to assess and give advice safely if youre experiencing a new episode of back pain.

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Effect Of Massage On Blood Flow

Massage has been proposed as a treatment modality to increase blood flow.2,3,8,34 Proponents of massage argue that local circulatory changes occur as evidenced by the changes in skin temperature and superficial hyperemia.35 Initial studies measuring Xe-133 isotope clearance and venous occlusion plethysmography indicated that massage had an effect on blood flow, whereas more recent studies using Doppler ultrasound techniques have found that massage had no effect on arterial or venous blood flow.3640

How Does A Lower Back Massage Help Stress

Massage Therapy for Disc Pain

Stress is relieved through lower back massage. The body can be both mentally and physically affected by stress. A common sign of stress in the body is muscle tension. Muscle tension can become painful if not treated.

A lower back massage aims to reduce stress by relieving muscle tightness and psychologically relieving stress.

A lower back massage helps loosen muscles and relieve tension. Muscle tightness and tension is relieved as the temperature of the muscles is increased. Muscle temperature is increased due to an increase in blood circulation. When muscle temperature increases, an improvement in tissue elasticity and flexibility occurs. Improving tissue elasticity and flexibility reduces restriction, relieving tension and tightness in the muscles. Reducing tension and tightness physically reduces stress.

A lower back massage also helps reduce stress psychologically. A lower back massage decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a negative hormone that can increase levels of anxiety and depression as well as stress. During a lower back massage, cortisol is reduced allowing the body to mentally relax and become stress free.

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What Are The Best Types Of Massage For Back Pain

If you are new to massage, you could consider starting with a Swedish Massage. This treatment is relatively gentle and should be relaxing, but your therapist will be able to increase the pressure as needed in areas of particular tension.

If youre looking for something a bit more intense, think about a Deep Tissue Massage, which works intensely into layers of muscle.

If your back pain has been caused by an exercise related injury, consider a Sports Massage. This specialist massage takes into account your musculoskeletal system and lifestyle to promote healthy alignment, and can be incorporated as a part of a healthy training regime.

Treating Back Ache During Pregnancy

Back ache is a major symptom of many pregnancies, which can make it hard for you to get comfortable. Once youre in your second trimester consider getting a soothing and supportive Pregnancy Massage.

If you are pregnant, or suffering from any kind of injury, make sure to talk to your doctor before starting any course of massage therapy.

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Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain After Massage

Sometimes, inflammation causing lower back pain can occur after a deep tissue massage. This is not a normal, expected result of massage therapy. The reasons for this vary depending on the area of treatment and the reason you used massage treatment. Commonly, it is the result of aggravated injury from a poorly performed massage where too much pressure is applied. Its a good idea to speak with a doctor about your injury before getting a massage.

In some cases, there is a possibility that a deep tissue massage has caused a new injury. Most reported cases of this are in areas of the back and neck. It is likely a muscle injury, but also may indicate nerve damage.

Prolonged lower back pain is not a normal effect of massage. It is a sign that your massage therapist went too deeply and too quickly into your muscles and surrounding tissue.

Sports Massage & Exercise Therapy For Preventing Injury And Ending Lower Back Pain

Sports Massage, Back Pain Relief, Posture & Support Tips by Catz Austin

LOWER BACK PAIN: Most people will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. If you have suffered from lower back pain, we understand your frustration of having to miss out on activities you enjoyed and the difficulty in finding a reliable therapy to address your pain condition. While maintaining correct and good spinal posture can reduce the risk of a lower back injury. but when the body sways away from its neutral position, the movement is counteracted by muscle which contracts eccentrically. If poor posture is continued, this will lead to poor health of the muscles, muscle imbalance and dysfunction, loss of spinal mobility in the form of reduced muscle strength and muscular pain.

Weak links such as poor aerobic conditions, overweight, muscle imbalances are contributing factors to lower back pain.

The Sports Massage Clinic therapy of the lower back is invaluable.sports massage therapy can help to improve movement patterns and relieve pain irritation. Along with exercise therapy to strengthen the spine extension, flexion and rotation muscle, most people see improvement in their posture and reducing pain.

Sports massage and exercise therapy for lower back pain is suitable for desk-bound professionals and individual who engaged in high impact sports or lifting heavy weights. The Sports Massage Clinic provides our customers with a specific plan for treating and preventing sprains, strains, disk problems, arthritis and other injuries.

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Benefits Of Myofascial Sports Massage

If you are seeking for more natural healing methods for lower back pain instead of relying on painkillers, you can try myofascial sports massage for its numerous benefits.

Myofascial sports massage therapy is not only an effective way to relieve pain, it also helps to relax tense muscles, which will reduce the pressure on the nerves that is causing inflammation and pain.

Using focused pressure and long, deep strokes to reach myofascial tissues, which are the tough membrane that supports your muscles it is very effective in reducing pain and stiffness in the muscles.

Myofascial sports massage focuses mainly on the connective tissues that holds and supports the muscles in the body. Using kneading and long strokes on the muscles, this helps to relax contracted muscles and stimulate the stretch reflex in the muscles.

What Is Sports Massage

Sports massage is similar to Swedish massage, and research published in the North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy explains that sports massage refers to a collection of massage techniques performed on athletes or active individuals for the purpose of aiding recovery or treating pathology.

Simply, it is massage designed to help active people prevent and address injuries while engaging in their favorite sport.

James Waslaski of Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage, and a long time insurance policy holder of Massage Magazine Insurance Plus agrees with this definition, adding that sports massage serves other valuable purposes as well.

For instance, it helps athletes better prepare their bodies for an upcoming competition, and it can also enhance their performance during the event. But its also important to realize that each athlete has different needs with regard to sports massage services.

When I worked with the Yankees and the 1996 Olympic athletes, they would want specific, different techniques, says Waslaski, a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine who teaches approximately 40 seminars per year around the globe.

Each of these techniques provide different results, thus also providing the athlete with more individualized benefits.

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How A Sports Massage For Lower Back Pain Can Help

Although a sports massage would concentrate on reducing pain, this is usually just a symptom of a underlying issue. To treat this and help prevent it returning, massage could also be necessary to the QL or erector spinae muscles.

If you want to get a sports massage for lower back pain but need more information on them

If you would like to book a mobile massage in York please contact me on 07713 250352 or email . Includes sports massage, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. For more information on booking

Sports Massage For Lower Back Muscle Pains

Sports &  Remedial Massage

Understanding our body is the key to identifying the causes of the pains it feels. And one important muscle that manages its movement and posture is the one in our lower back. The muscles of the lower back act together with the abdominal muscles to enhance intra-abdominal pressure. While the muscles of the pelvic also help to boost this pressure which gives stability to the spine and trunk.

Causes of Lower Back Pains

Lower back pains are caused by impairment of the soft tissues that support the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The lower back muscles tighten or sore for several different reasons.

  • improper lifting of heavy objects
  • prolonged sitting at the desk
  • leaning over a sink
  • gradual overuse of muscles

Types of Lower Back Pains

  • A lumbar pain occurs when ligaments are stretched or ripped. Ligaments are hard, fibrous tissues that attach the bones together.
  • A muscle pain occurs when muscle fibers start to tear from being overused and stretched which is commonly known as a pulled muscle.
  • Both ligament and muscle pains almost have the same symptoms and get the same medication so a specific diagnosis may not be necessary. Luckily, you can help relieve your lower back pain with a good sports massage.

    Massage on Lower Back Muscles

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