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Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair 10

Full Body Automatic Scanner

Dr. Peter Kim, uses his Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair âAt least once a day.â? Zero Complaints

A body-scanner integrated within is always associated with high-end manufactured massage chairs.

A body-scanner embedded with the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Recliner makes a significant difference in the comfort level which is delivered to each user. It allows for all massage motions and techniques to be able to align themselves per the body type of its used correctly.

Human Hand Massage System

The last time you visited a massage specialist, you felt good as he/she touched your bodys many focal points. You loved how you felt. Rather than stiff massagers rolling down your spine, medical breakthrough incorporated a technology that has the human effect on users during massage.

While in the chair, you feel so comfortable with the massage that you forget youre in a massaging chair. When the massage itself feels natural and smooth, you are bound to shift into a place of serene and absolute rest. Your muscles are relaxed, oxygen flows properly, while blood is being carried to dead cells, and your body feels fresher than ever.

Everybody loves to vibe and enjoy good music. The Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs 8 can be connected to your phone or laptop to listen to good music. Sitting in the massage chair while listening to your spouses favorite music can ignite lovely memories. If there is any reason to get the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs 8, it is to truly relax while enjoying a massage.

Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs And Saunas To Buy

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This is going to be a very in-depth review of the best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy based on my personal opinion of the breakthrough massage chairs and saunas

If you are suffering from muscle pain and want to relax your body, this article will be very helpful for you. Here, you will learn ALL about medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas that you will love to buy. This high-end medical massage chairs and sauna company is best known for making the best of the best when it comes to massage chairs and saunas.

So, if only the best of the best will do to help cure your aches and pains then you are in the right place.

These high-end medical breakthrough massage chair models are for my readers who have caviar and champaign tastes when it comes to buying only the best of the best when it comes to buying a quality high-end massage chair.

Lets dive into my review of the best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy

Lets just start with the medical breakthrough massage chairs, and at the end, you will know more about the medical breakthrough saunas and which one to buy?

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Where To Buy Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

If you have decided upon reaping the benefits delivered to the anatomy by the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs via regular massage, and are not in the mood to make much effort of stepping into the physical market sphere, then an online purchase is your best bet. If it is a reliable seller, you are in search for later I have it fully covered for you via the link mentioned below.

  • – We spent 5 years studying different massage techniques from around the world in order to design…
  • â – The ONLY massage chair designed by over 25 doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and pain specialists.
  • â Better than a masseuse! When you sit in the chair, it scans your body then positions the massage…

Medical Breakthrough 8+ Massage Chair By Sole Purpose Foot Care

Official Medical Breakthrough 10 Massage Chairs®

The Medical Breakthrough 8+ Massage Chair is the first massage chair engineered to help fix posture and reduce pain throughout the entire body through the touching of all the pain points in the body. The chair has features such as:

  • Smart Full Body Scan TM
  • Head to Toe Back Massage System TM
  • True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System TM
  • Intense Lower Back Rollers
  • Engulfed Arm Massage System TM
  • Full Body Stretch
  • Foot Reflexology Massage System TM
  • Hand Reflexology Massage System TM
  • Human Hands Massage System TM
  • Champissage Head Massager TM
  • Chiropractic Body Twist TM Technology

Extreme Customization System

Some people like soft massages while others love them much stronger. A Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair adjusts to your specific needs. If you like a lighter massage you can start with 1 and move your way up to 5. You can also choose between 5 different speeds for your massage as well. Furthermore, you can also customize the width between the massage hands, and choose from three positions . Our Extreme Customization System allows you to get a massage that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Frequent and repeat visits are encouraged to enjoy the benefits of both services. Individual or multi-session pricing is available and starts as low as $20 for 10 minutes in the Salt Therapy Booth and $25 for 15 minutes for the Massage Therapy Chair


15 minute chair session $2530 minute chair session $45

Content credited to www.medicalbreakthrough.org.

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Reflexology Foot Massage System

As I review many massage chairs but this feature is unique in medical breakthroughs. This is one of the exclusive features of Medical breakthrough 6. It has a unique Reflexology Foot Massage System and it is the first system in the world that they have patent also. The massage chair does comprehensive Reflexology Foot Massage.

I know you all might wondering that what this REFLEXOLOGY actually means?

This is a massaging program, where each and every inch of your feet will be massaged by multiple techniques. For this, they have equipped their system with 3 rows of rollers that massage the entire sole of your foot. This massaging system comes with an Artificial Human Scraping Therapy Massage from heel to toe.

Treat Yourself Right With A Medical Breakthrough Sauna Order Yours Online Today Andsave Over 60%

I hope you enjoyed my in-depth review of the best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy and I hope you are now able to make an educated and informed buying decision on the right medical massage chair or sauna that meets all your needs and criteria.

Best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy review

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Manual & Automatic Massage Settings

A sheer total of six differently preset massage settings are incorporated within the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Recliner.

During the manufacturing process, medical professionals such as chiro-practitioners, doctors as well as therapists were consulted to aid in creating specially designed automatic massage settings to achieve optimal results.

Users Are also given the option to manually create many massage programs featuring different recline positioning, massage intensities, massage period as well as massage motions.

Kneading, Shiatsu, flapping, rolling as well as knocking or a combination of any two can be chosen as a form of massaging motion for creating customized massage settings.

Users can choose to further customize the manual massage by choosing upper body massages to target fixed points, partial areas or deliver a full-body massage experience whereas, regarding width, manual massages can be adjusted between extensive massage coverage, tight coverage, and even a medium to attain the midpoint massage experience.

Pros And Cons Of Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage Chair


A highly efficient heating system integrated within to target the lower back for achieving optimal results which can manually be controlled regarding the levels of heat being emitted.

For an optimal massage experience, the toeâs of users are also targeted via dual pairs of papillae.

Deep tissue rollers are integrated within the calf and leg massagers to deliver a compelling full-body massaging experience as well as to fully target core nerve endings within the feet of users for optimal relaxation and healing.

A 3-year warranty to ensure that manufacturers deliver maximum user convenience.


Featuring an aggregate weight of 200 pounds makes it difficult for a single person to move the massage chair around the house/workplace without any additional aid or help.

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What Are The Medical Benefits Of Breakthrough Massage Chairs

Medical Breakthrough chairs are more than just massage chairsthey were designed to help heal your body. Because of all the doctors that came together to help make Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs possible, and their 100+ years of combined experience, you can be confident in the medical benefits you will receive from a daily massage from one of our chairs.

Medical Breakthrough’s High Traffic Durability

If your business brings in customers by the hundreds or even the thousands everyday, we can assure that you, and your new vending massage chairs from Medical Breakthrough, will be ready. Our Massage Chairs are a combination of luxury and durability that is unbeaten by any compitition to ensure the longevity of your massage chair. We’ve reinforced our massage chairs to be built for continuous and commercial use throughout each day.

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Medical Breakthrough Vendor 5 Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

If you are inclined to look for a massage chair that can nullify all your body pain?

So you are introduced to this massage chair as it possesses above the average qualities and features of other models.

This massage chair is having an edge in terms of its price with respect to other massage chairs. However, it works smoothly to remove all your back pain problems and give you the best massage.

This model is known for its compactness which makes it viable to be used in offices or any other place comfortably. In the contrast, it somehow lacks all those advanced features found in other latest models. But the basic model which is a requirement for average patients will be fulfilled by this chair.

Features of Medical Breakthrough Vendor 5 are

Zero Gravity Mode:

You can easily sleep during zero gravity mode and allow the chair to give you the best massage.

Also, you can find some 10 Best massage chairs throughout the market in terms of features, design, and price.

Smart Body Scanning Technology: This feature will bear out all the pain nodes where massage is required. It will examine it quickly and will run different customizable auto programs to give a comfortable massage.

Lower Back Massage: The chair will give you the best lower back massage through its rollers. The 4D rollers will totally enhance your back and extract all muscle aches and soreness with its variant massage techniques.

What Customers think about this chair?

Common Question About The Models

Official Medical Breakthrough 10 Massage Chairs®

Q: Does the chairship in parts and pieces? Is it easy to assemble?

A: The chair is shipped in two main pieces or parts: the leg portion and the main chair. All you have to do is join the air hose for the leg portion and then fix it to the main chair. It can be easily assembled without any professional help.

Q: Do the chairs offer a full-leg massage?

A: The chairs offer a nice leg massage. This massage on both sides of the calves, the heels, the ankles , and the soles of the feet.

Q: How well do the chairs give a shoulder massage?

A: The chairs do an overall fair job of giving a thorough massage to your neck and shoulders. These massage your shoulder blades providing pressure at regular intervals.

Q: Are the chairs made of leather?

A: Yes. The chairs are made of fine quality leather.

Q: Do the chairs have inbuilt music systems?

A: The model 8 comes with headphones and a USB/MP3 player.

Q: How well do the chairs give arm massages?

A: The chairs provide a full arm massage from the fingertips to the elbows. The airbags gently squeeze the shoulders and the forearms simultaneously to balance out pressure.

Q: Can you turn the heat function on and off on the chairs?

A: Yes, you can turn the heat functions on and off on the chairs.

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Final Words Which One To Choose

Dont choose MB.

If youre thinking about getting the 6v4 or the 4 v2, get the Infinity instead.

If you want a hard-wearing chair, get the Kahuna LM 6800 instead of the 5 Vending.

If you are looking for a top of the range chair, dont settle for the MB 7, 8, or 9. Get either the Luraco or the Human Touch instead.

Can You Get A Prescription For A Massage Chair

Seeking to get more out of your massage chair experience? For many people, the best part of an at-home massage is the neck and shoulder work something that might be more difficult in a standard chair. But it turns out that there’s actually a way to get an at-home massage system without resorting to it: Think infrared and heated stones. If you are looking for the best recliners for sale, the variety you will find on Amazon is truly staggering. There is the $200 Ismco Massage Bed Chair with heat therapy and body scan, but it will only feel good if you are a side sleeper.

If you are a back sleeper, you will most likely have a more comfy experience with the $300 Ergohuman Mid-Tier. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Amazon listings are a cornucopia of recliners, and we’re trying to feature only the best ones. So with all this competition, how do you decide on the right model? It’s actually not that hard, just keep reading. The Basics. Unlike many chairs on the market, which incorporate merely luxurious features, it is designed to provide a deep, beneficial massage.

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The Medical Breakthrough 8 Features

Zero Gravity System

The Medical Breakthrough 8 offers you the chance to get some much-needed sleep. It has inflatable airbags which keep you snug in the best position. You can then put on the headphones provided, and drift off into a deep sleep to your favorite music or meditation.

Full Body Scan

The Medical Breakthrough 8 has a unique technology which can pinpoint exactly which areas of your body need treatment. It can then target those areas, so you get maximum effect from your massage.

Head to Toe Back Massage

The back can be one of the most troublesome, painful areas of the body. The doctors and chiropractors who designed the Medical Breakthrough 8 are well aware of this. They designed the chair so that each area of your back can be treated with the unique rollers and air cells to alleviate back pain and give you more ease of movement.

Deep Tissue Massage

Some areas of the body are hard to reach by conventional massage. The Medical Breakthrough 8 does not have this problem. Its intensive roller system penetrates to the tightest, deepest knots, and releases tension from them.

Lower Back Massage with Super Intensive Rollers

The lower back is part of the body we use so often. Bending, sitting, and general day-to-day movement put a strain on this area of the body. The Medical Breakthrough 8 has a special system of intensive rollers which target this area.

Enclosed Full-Arm Massage

Full-Body Stretch

Adjustable Leg Extension

A Quiet Machine with Wheels for Easy Movement

Best Massage Chair For Neck And Shoulders

Construction Site Supervisor, tries the Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage Chair

Hang Five Massage Chair With Recline Feature $147 Amazon See On Amazon Whether you want to relax in an easy chair or lie down on a sofa, this reclining massage chair with a massage feature will have you feeling all the benefits of a full-body massage. Best of all, its adjustable to five different degrees, so you can choose the exact angle that works best for you. Reviewers call it powerful,totally non-skid, and gentle. The low profile gives you a lot of privacy while youre getting your massages. Best Massage Chair For Low Back Pain. Harvard Biodex Super Quill Bath Massage Chair With Adjustable Back $200 Amazon See On Amazon If you have a physical problem with your back, this luxurious massage chair with adjustable back height is the way.

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Plenty Of Massage Techniques

I am really impressed by the number of massage techniques it offers. This is the ONLY massage chair which features many of the high-end massages. The list of massages it offers is as follows:

  • Japanese Shiatsu 3D Neck
  • Indonesian Deep Tissue Therapy massage
  • New Delhi Yoga Stretching massage
  • Swedish Air-cell Therapy massage
  • Hawaiian massage.

Medical Breakthrough Vs Kahuna Chairs

I like the Kahuna. As a company, they really listen to the needs of their customers. For example, they fixed basically all the customer complaints from the LM6800 on the upgrade .

For the price, Kahuna is your best bet in terms of durability, customer service, and features. They skimp a bit on the thickness of the upholstery, and their foot massage is a bit rough for this exact reason. But I have not come across a company that listens to their customers more sincerely than Kahuna.

Medical Breakthrough is the exact opposite. They use extremely high-quality upholstery and parts. I mean, theres a noticeable difference. But they also charge a huge amount for this supposed quality.

Also, go have a look at the reviews. Theyre all great for any MB chair. Im not saying these chairs arent good. But they certainly have some pitfalls. And yet, there are no reviews to show the problems with this chair.

In all honesty, I dont trust MB as much as I trust Kahuna. Kahunas value-for-money chairs blow me away. Medical Breakthroughs some of the most expensive chairs in the world strike me as average.

Key Takeaway: Id opt for Kahuna over MB any day because I admire their business ethics and initiative. MB may have better quality chairs. But they lack in authenticity. In the end, youre the one who pays the price. Literally.

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