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The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair Speakers And Desk

The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair Speakers And Desk

Ultimate beds come with integrated massage chair, Bluetooth speakers, a desk & extra cubbies

The ultimate bed is not just a bed, its like a little resort right in your bedroom. If it had an integrated toilet, and a microwave, I wouldnt see why anyone would leave it. The ultimate bed has incredible features like a built-in massage chair, an integrated music system, an integrated bookshelf, a built-in safe to keep your valuables next to you while you sleep, plus a whole lot more.

Other features include a pop-up desk that you can setup to work right in bed, a built-in reading light, an area to plug-in and charge your devices while you sleep, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and even a remote to control the massage chair.

The ultimate bed comes in several different colors to choose from, and is actually modular so you can move around and connect each module where youll want it the most. For example you can move the foot stool to the side of the bed, or move the massage chair to the opposite side of the bed. Youll end up making this an island that youll never want to leave.

The ultimate bed comes with no mattress, so youll need to provide your own, its made from wood, youll need to assemble it upon delivery, and when fully setup, it will measure 6.56 feet long x 5.9 feet wide. Plus, the mattress can even flip-up to get extra storage underneath.

The sleek modern design, customization, and good-looks ensures that this ultimate bed will look amazing in your home, no matter what else you have in it.

Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed

While it is second to none, the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is another all-in-one ultimate enclosure system for those too lazy to get out of bed. Featuring a built in chaise like massage chair with nine different massage modes, three different intensity options, and even has a heating option. This is one bed you don’t want to miss out on! It also comes with built in Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, reading lamp, an air cleaning system and a desk. The built in charging station is perfect for never having to run out of batteries when having fun! A hidden ottoman is there for guests and can easily be stored away under the conditioning unit. Adjustable top headrests on the bed provide a maximum comfort to you when laying in bed. The frame is made of pine wood for long lasting quality and the leather is available in multiple colors!

Victor Ultimate Smart Multifunctional Bed

The Victor Ultimate Smart Multi-functional Bed. With its large, dramatic curvy edges and 2-tone color design, this bed will immediately make your room an ultra-modern haven for relaxation! The matching built in night stand adds on additional storage space that is great for when you need a place for books and magazines. The top headrests are adjustable for maximum comfort. Customization is available for the material and the colors. Choose from Bonded Leather, Top Grain Italian Leather, and Fabric! With 10+ distinct colors to choose from, you can match your bed to your style. Available in Queen, King, or Californian King! The beauty of a minimalist bed is that you can dress up your space with decorations or wallpapers without the bed contrasting intensely. The spotlight feature on the Victor has to be the ability to add on a Gas Lift Function. Never run out of storage space!

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Ultimate Smart Bed With Speakers And A Massage Chair

Tired of your old, dusty, boring bed? Well, then the Ultimate Smart Bed will not disappoint! The ultimate smart bed comes packed with features that would put most other beds to shame. It comes with a built-in massage chair that is very cozy and multi-functional. The massage chair is equipped with multiple vibration points to put you at ease and a remote control to change settings.

Built-in speakers allow you to play audio through Bluetooth and the sound system also comes with an auxiliary port . The included power socket will provide power to charge your devices and power anything electrical. The pop-up desk lets you work on projects or have a dedicated place to work at home, and the built-in bookshelf and storage space can help you stow away plenty of items. The ultimate smart bed also comes with a safe to keep valuables secure and is the footstool and massage chair is modular and can be moved around to either side.

Watch The Video Of The Kazan Smart Tv Bed

The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair And ...

The Best Bed Ever.

The King of Smart Beds

The Best Bed ever packed with amazing features including a massage chair. Looks like youll have to simply take up a permanent residence in it and that sounds awesome.

With this bed, you can get a speaker system built right into the side of the bed along with bookshelves and even a safe.

Additionally, for those who prefer working on a laptop right in their bed, you can have a pop-up desk slide out of the armrest.

If youd rather read your favorite book curled in a cozy blanket you can use the built-in reading lamp. Lets not forget about the charging station that also comes as a feature of this bed.

With every Smart Bed, you’ll get:

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Monica Multifunctional Smart Bed

The Monica Multifunctional Smart Bed is our most popular leather bed, and for good reason. This futuristic bed is the ultimate all-in-one bed! It comes with everything you need in a room. With a massage chair feature controlled by a remote, to built in Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, and a desk. You will never need to leave this bed due to having a low battery, as the built in charging station is perfect for night owls. Need more spaced due to having guests over, well a hidden ottoman provides the perfect moveable seating! If you would rather recline and watch TV, do not fret. There is a recliner attached just for you. Adjust the top headrests to get maximum comfort in your bed. This adult playground is revolutionary for many reasons. The frame is made of pine wood for long lasting quality and the leather material is available in multiple colors. Only make one purchase to have everything you need at your disposal.

Entirely Customizable To Your Vision

Interested in creating the perfect bed for you? Now you can. From High Tech furniture to a more classical and simplistic design. Your bed is made for you. Maybe you want an all-in-one bed? Maybe something with an office like vide? A bedside table is perfect for wanting to get work done without leaving the comfort of your bed! What about a gaming bed? That can be done as well! Having a built in massage chair that comes with a USB Port and Cup Holder makes gaming in bed so much more convenient.

Our ultimate leather beds are handcrafted for you and our dedicated team will help walk you through the customization process so you receive the utmost perfect furniture.

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The Ultimate Luxe 20 Multifunctional Bed All In One Bed Is The Upgraded Version Of The Ultimate Luxe

This multifunctional bed has so many built-in features such as a bookshelf that allows you to not only store books, as many of us don’t have those these days. But, you could store snacks, it is a great place for a water glass, Maybe set up your gaming systems on the shelves. These shelves are within arms reach from the bed, so there is no getting up to grab something. Many younger people find it a great place to store snacks as well. Most importantly the neck massager that’s give you a indeed spa feeling.

Luxury Leather Multifunctional Smart Beds By Jubilee Furniture

The ultimate bed integrated with massage chair & bluetooth speakers

Contact us and take advantage of our customization options to get the furniture you love. The way you decorate your home with our products relies entirely on your vision. Need a more contemporary minimalistic lifestyle? Dare to be bold with our unique style? The possibilities are endless at Jubilee Furniture.

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The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair Speakers And Desk Platform Bed

  • Massage Chair – Built-in multimode massage chair with an adjustable head rest.
  • Bluetooth speaker Integrated 360º bluetooth speaker that works with any device.
  • Built-in Safe box Password protected, Unremoveable safe box, An integrated bookshelf Convenient to store books.
  • Pop-up Desk Built in pop-up desk that allows you to work without having to leave your bed. & More

Albion Modern Leather Bed With Storage

Introducing our newest leather bed! The Albion Leather Bed with Storage is hand crafted with minimalist taste in mind. The expansive, recessed area on the side offers a larvae amount of storage space. The matching night stand includes a built in storage cabinet along with a subtle opening at the base for books and magazines. This leather bed is available to be made out of Top Grain Italian Leather and Bonded Leather. Choose your preferred color leather from our selection of 15+ distinct colors. Available in Queen and King!

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Multifunctional And High Tech Modern Leather Beds

Beds are the center point of your relaxation area. This is where you spend your time relaxing and unwinding. Our leather beds offer you a spacious lounging area accompanied with smart add-ons. You can choose from our Top Grain Italian Leather or our Bonded Leather to configure your purchase to your liking. With either choice, our leather beds are stylish, comfortable, and made to last long.

Being modern also means being automated! From high tech furniture to furniture that is tech smart, our Beds can do it all! Bed side tables are there for your convenience when breakfast is served in bed. The bluetooth speakers make for an amazing additional add on when it comes to listening to music or when watching TV. It truly is all-in-one

Take Your Sleep To The Next Level With The Ultimate Smart Bed

The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers ...

Which Smart Bed Is for You?

The ultimate bed has fantastic features like:

  • A built-in massage chair,

The Ultimate X250 Smart Bed has fantastic features like:

  • Bluetooth Sound System

The Ultimate X400 Smart Bed has fantastic features like:

  • A built-in massage chair,

Smart Bed

Everything you need on your bed

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Summary Of Ultimate Smart Bed Reviews

Overall the bed itself is absolutely beautiful.


Very happy with my purchase.


I love my new bed. The color goes great with my wallpaper and carpet.


I love it. Very comfortable. Was very easy to set up also.


LOVE my new bed!! the quality is great and the color is even prettier than I pictured it to be.


Absolutely awesome! Just like the picture. Easy to follow instructions. I assembled it by myself took over an hour to do alone from start to finish. I wanted to surprise my husband before he arrived home from work so I took the day off. He loves it. I love it even more. Now I need more pillows and lighting!!!


Simply perfect! I love this bed, the look, the quality, the price, the fast delivery. I have never been able to assemble anything and I managed to put this bed together all by myself in a very short time.

I Am Happy With My Purchase

The bed is very nice. I am Happy with my purchase.


Brought this for my daughter and she loves it! It was way easier to put together than I expected and I was able to assemble it by myself. And you cant beat the price!!!! It looks really nice!


I absolutely love this headboard, ESPECIALLY for the convenient price.

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The Ultimate Bed Enclosure System

THE UBER BED is the ultimate bed enclosure system which comes with incredible features such as integrated massage chair with remote, inbuilt Bluetooth speakers, a safe, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, air cleaning system and a desk for those who prefer working on the laptop right in their bed. The Best Bed ever packed with amazing features. Looks like youll have to simply take up a permanent residence in it and that sounds awesome.

That’s right all these amazing features are actually built into the Uber bed. This is the ultimate bed with all kinds of features that turn your room into a modern-day hotel room. You will never want to leave. This enclosure system is loaded with built-in entertainment as well as set up to complete work tasks.

The Ultimate Beds Infrastructure

The Ultimate bed with built in massage chair, speakers, a safe, a bookshelf and a desk

Throughout the ultimate beds infrastructure, the interior design has many compartments including the shelves for small decoration pieces, books, and table plants. In the same way, the external boundary has also lid-based cabinets for restoring the volume of your room. The top view liberates an admiring design of the headboard design which is foamy and comfy. On foot-side, another internally designed three-cabinets closet appears. Along with the boundary of the ultimate bed, theres a fine stuff-covered sitting, manifest itself as a mandatory component of the entire functioning bed.

The customization of the ultimate bed frame is not so hard. The body composed of solid pinewood material is lite. So, you would have to adjust all the verticals after delivery. Right in the direction where it goes perfectly with the rest of the rooms theme. After uncoiling the ultimate bed will estimate 6.56 feet extended and x 5.9 feet extensive room space. The headboards substitute to settle on different locations. The mattress can flip-up for restoring extra volume for inventory.

Due to compensable size and almost most of the essential segments already installed, a mirror and television on the front wall will only come into the room. Hence, providing infinite space.

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Color Compositions Of All In

The ultimate storage bed comes in more than a single-color texture. Although the grayish setup will urge blackish colored furniture to boost up the theme contrasted with the home. But a cream-colored mattress part and partially the side-rails when joined with teal blue side drawers, footboard, and headboard slat of the ultimate bed frame, creates a vibrant and fresh environment of the room that every day-lover would admire. If you think that changing a bedsheet would draw hurdles with the bed, so dont be despair. The ultimate bed is an all-rounded invention with a focus on everythings perfection in its skeleton. There are compulsory spaces along the margins of mattress edges for smoothly fixing into the bed sheet that will not disturb the rest of the ultimate bed framework.

Most of the time when youve to go for each section dusting of an ordinary bed, you could not unpin it. While in the executive small bed case, all the integrated sections are detachable and replaceable. You can even decide the location of book-shelves, massage-chair, speaker, all yourself. It makes the subscriber of the ultimate bed more helpful in the selection perspective for right and stretchable furniture.

Selecting a bed refers to nominating a venue for better sleep. But with the Ultimate Bed, youre not only buying a bed for a comfortable nap but a lounge to constantly spend quality time.

Qualities Fixed Inside The Ultimate Bed Structure

Lets skip to the in-built features of the ultimate bed frame. It has an integrated shelf for placing a pile of your favorite novels, books, and important documents. This is due to extra storage compartments on an external panel. These shelves have internal coating of steel sheets that are cordless. A desk pops up from its margin to place up a Laptop or anything else. Specially integrated to provide user an ease to work instantly while lying on the bed. Whereas, the bottom block of the desk has an aperture for putting CDs, headphones, TV remote, etc.

On the arm side of the ultimate bed, theres a sleek body bedside lamp. Its relevant to the height of the bed with adjustable length. Same in the direction of the lamp, an in-built electric massage chair exists. It has an interloped automated remote extension. The concave surface of the portable massage bed is specifically designed to provide complete solace while having it. The wiring is completely located inside the core of the massage chair thus, its completely insulated.

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