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Online Ethics Course For Massage Therapists

Health Care Records: Standard For Patient Records And Privacy Legislation Course

Ethics in Action for Massage Therapy Professionals: Managing a Massage Therapy Session

This course, launched in 2016, consists of two modules that cover the principles of record keeping, and considerations related to privacy and security of patients health care records.

While the course is available to RMTs to take toward Cycle 13 continuing education credits, CMTBC recommends that RMTs instead complete the new Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice course, which includes current information on documentation requirements found in the newly enacted standards of practice and recently revised Code of Ethics.

Please note, however, that Cycle 13 continuing education credits will not be awarded for completion of the Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice course. The course is a requirement for registration renewal in 2023 for all RMTs, practising and non-practising, registered before November 1, 2022.

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Florida Massage 6 Hour Mandatory Courses Package

  • Ethics in Massage Therapy 2
  • Laws and Rules Governing Massage Practice in the State of Florida 2
  • Preventing Medical Errors 2

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Oregon Massage Ethics Boundaries And Communication Requirement

by Amy Stark on ·Continuing Education, Licensing

The Oregon Massage Board added this requirement for license renewal. 4 Contact Hours must be in Professional Ethics, Boundaries, or Communication. OSM offers the following courses that include content intended to fulfill the Professional Ethics, Boundaries and Communication requirement. Please note that all hours count towards Contact Continuing Education for Oregon & Washington LMTs.

To register for the following classes, please call 503-244-3420.


NCBTMB Approved Course:YesDescription: This interactive workshop addresses a variety of relational situations where boundary setting is needed with clients and clarifies what is needed in various dual relationships. The goal of the class is to obtain clarity in your professional boundaries and devise ways to communicate them to avoid ethical dilemmas. We will explore confidentiality, transference, client attraction, emotional triggering, friendships, business and energetic boundaries. Prerequisites: Comm/Ethics or LMT

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How To Enroll In And Complete The Documentation In Massage Therapy Course

Enroll via the Registrant Portal in 3 easy steps:

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for your records.
  • Follow the steps below to download your course completion certificate:
  • Go to your Brightspace homepage
  • In My Awards, click the Completion Certificate link

The certificate of course completion is for your records only. You are not required to upload it to the CMTBC Registrant Portal.

Code Of Ethics & Practice Environment Standard Of Practice Course

Massage CE Course: Boundaries in an Ethical Massage Practice Bundle ...

This course, launched in 2021, provides essential information on the Code of Ethics and the CMTBC Practice Environment Standard of Practice.

CMTBCs Code of Ethics and Practice Environment learning objectives are:

  • To understand the Code of Ethics and use it as a guide in making consistently professional decisions as an RMT
  • To ensure that your RMT practice is in compliance with the requirements outlined in the Practice Environment Standard of Practice.

RMTs have eight weeks to complete the course and final exam from the day of payment. Payment of the $100 course fee occurs in the Registrant Portal.

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Florida Massage 12 Hour Homestudy Package

  • Ethics in Massage Therapy 2
  • Laws and Rules Governing Massage Practice in the State of Florida Exam 2
  • Medications & Massage Therapy: Common Gastrointestinal & Pain Medications 4
  • Pathology of Chronic Conditions for Massage Therapists 2
  • Preventing Medical Errors 2
Florida Massage 6 Hour Mandatory Courses Package

Ethics Communication And Boundaries Through The Lens Of The Nervous System

Earn 4 CEUs in Ethics for NCBTMB,

New Mexico, North and South Carolina,Georgia, Tennessee, Florida,

Oregon Board of Massage Therapists, Oregon Board of Physical Therapy and Washington State DOH License Renewal

Welcome to Ethics, Communication and Boundaries Through the Lens of the Nervous System.

This is an interactive, online course designed for NCBTMB members, Oregon and Washington massage therapists, and Oregon and Washington physical therapists to earn their required four hours of continuing education in ethics.

  • 4 hours of Ethics CEUs recognized by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists , Oregon Board of Physical Therapists , Washington State Department of Health , Florida Board, state boards in New Mexico, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and NCBTMB.

  • Learn in the comfort of your home

  • Complete the class at your own pace

  • A certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours of completion

  • Learn about Polyvagal Theory and how it informs our practice as massage therapists

  • Coursework will be in a variety of formats:

  • short videos

  • somatic exercises

  • online interactive community

The Oregon Board of Massage Therapists requires that massage therapists take four contact hours of ethics, communication or boundaries classes every two years. This class follows those guidelines, as it is interactive distance learning course.

We are now also an accepted NCBTMB CE Provider .

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Ethics & Boundaries For Massage Therapy Course

Esthetician School | Nail School | Makeup School | Massage School

Continuing Education Units: 5

Most professions have ethical guidelines about how a person in that profession should or should not behave. Professional massage organizations and state and local governments that regulate massage often set down ethics for proper massage therapy. The purpose of massage ethics is to protect both clients and massage therapist from situations that can compromise the therapeutic relationship.

This is an approved course for:Massage Therapists

Ethics In Massage Therapy

Ethics Mini Roles & Boundaries Part 1 – Massage Therapy CE Course

While we can talk about ethics in general, were primarily concerned in this course with the ethics of massage therapy. Whats unique about professional ethics in the world of bodywork? How do we understand ethics in terms of our bodywork practice? After completing this program youll have the answers to these questions and more.

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Determine The Presence Of Ethical Behavior

What is ethical behavior? How do we define it and understand it, particularly in terms of the profession? Are we acting ethically in our practice? Are our co-workers in the field doing the same? After completing this course, youll have a thorough understanding of what ethical behavior looks like, and youll be able to determine its presence or absence in a variety of professional environments.

Welcome To Ethics Communication And Boundaries Through The Lens Of The Nervous System

This is an online course designed for massage therapists and physical therapists to earn their required four hours of continuing education in ethics.

  • 4 hours of Ethics CEUâs recognized by NCBTMB, state boards in Oregon, Washington, and Florida, and more. Also applicable to Oregon and Washington physical therapists for their CCâs.

  • Learn in the comfort of your home

  • Complete the class at your own pace

  • A certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours of completion

  • Learn about Polyvagal Theory and how it informs our practice as therapists

  • Coursework will be in a variety of formats:

  • short videos

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Is It Worth Getting An Online Massage Therapy Certification

It may be worth completing an online massage therapy certification if the program provides in-depth training, flexible learning methods, and teaches a variety of massage techniques. A good program is also valuable if it prepares you to take your certification exam.

A massage therapy certification can also open you up to career opportunities, either with a spa or massage center or by starting your own practice. A licensed massage therapist in the U.S. can earn an average of $43,620 per year.

Ncbtmb Massage Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Ethics for the Massage Therapist

It is our current understanding that for Board Certification renewal the NCBTMB requires massage therapists to complete 24 CE hours every 2 years. Of the 24 CE hours, 3 CE hours must be in ethics. Only 4 CE hours can be in self-care.

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider .

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What Are The Requirements For An Online Massage Therapy Certification Program

Some require students to come into the program with some college education already completed while others do not. Many programs are available to those 18 years of age or older with a high school diploma or the equivalent. Requirements for certification vary based on the state but may include completing a certain number of course hours of study .

Cmtbc Online Course Requirement For 202: Documentation In Massage Therapy Practice Course

A new CMTBC-authored course called Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice must be completed by all RMTs, both practising and non-practising, registered before November 1, 2022, as a registration renewal requirement for 2023.

Documentation requirements from the newly enacted practice standards, Schedule E of the Bylaws, the Code of Ethics, and the Personal Information Protection Act are explored in detail in the course through many examples drawn from clinical practice. RMTs must complete the course by October 31, 2022.

Please read important information about CMTBC online courses displayed on this page and contained within accordion boxes. Click on the bold text in each box below to read further information.

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What Device And Browser Should I Use To Complete The Course

Information below about the recommended devices and browser for online course completion reflects what CMTBC has learned from RMTs experience with College-authored online courses. The learning management system used by CMTBC, Brightspace, is available on electronic devices with web access however, there are optimal ways to complete the courses. The following advice is not designed to limit your options but to optimize the learning experience and enable you to get the most out of your investment in CMTBCs online courses.

Delivering curriculum online is a choice made by CMTBCs Quality Assurance Committee and Board of Directors to meet RMTs learning needs, and to ensure RMTs understand the practice standards and other regulatory requirements. Thank you for following these recommendations to have the best possible learning environment.

Please ensure the operating system of your device is updated. If you are having trouble upgrading to the latest version, it may be that your device is relatively old and cant be updated to the latest version of the OS. In that case, your browser will likely also be out of date. For that reason, you will not be able to update your browser. Please switch to a different device to avoid any technical errors.

Weve Added New Classes To This Bundle

NCBTMB Approved Online CE Classes for Massage Therapy – New classes added!

In this NCBTMB approved massage continuing education bundle, you will be able to choose a variety of CE classes. Complete all courses or just complete the classes that you are interested in or need for massage license renewal purposes. All classes are available for 1 year from the date of purchase and accepted by AMTA, ABMP and other national organizations.

Course Information

  • Review the exam questions before you read the course
  • Important exam information is in BOLD throughout course
  • Exam answers are multiple choice
  • Certificate is emailed to you when you pass the exam with 70%
  • Courses are pass/fail. No grades appear on your certification
  • Courses are available immediately
  • All courses are NCBTMB Approved
  • Massage CE Learning Tree has been a trusted massage continuing education provider for state and NCBTMB courses since 2015
  • Courses are accepted by AMTA, ABMP and other national associations for massage license renewal
  • View Our Approvals and Instructions on the top bar of the page or in the phone menu


  • Add to cart/View the cart/Proceed to check out
  • Fill out your billing details: name , licensing # and state
  • Place order . Please wait while it processes
  • All courses are immediately available in your account

Navigating The Courses

Courses in this bundle include:

Professional Ethics in Massage, 1 CE

Cultural Diversity and Professional Ethics, 1 CE

Professional Ethics, Roles and Boundaries 2 CE

Business Practices in Massage Therapy, 1 CE

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Immune System And Massage Therapy 2 Ce

As a massage therapist, its important to understand the basics of the anatomy and physiology of the immune system. You may be asked to provide massage for clients diagnosed with autoimmune conditions that may affect your treatment or therapy approaches. This course is designed to provide you with the information you need in order to:

  • Learn how the immune system and its components function
  • Understand the benefits of massage therapy for autoimmune disorders
  • Identify common signs and symptoms of immune system dysfunction
  • Differentiate between indications and contraindications of massage for specific conditions
  • Identify the most common autoimmune system disorders
  • Define which technique is most beneficial for your client based on condition or need
  • Understand the pros and cons of steam therapies and wraps for a client dealing with an immune system disorder

In your massage practice, youll often be relied on to make informed decisions regarding the safety and benefits of specific massage techniques for your clients that enhance immune system function, relieve pain, and provide physiological as well as psychological benefits. Your knowledge and understanding of massage techniques can very well enhance the quality of life for your clients diagnosed with psoriasis, lupus, lymphedema, diabetes, or irritable bowel syndrome, and other autoimmune disorders or conditions.

Exam Questions And Taking The Exam

  • Unlimited Test Taking
  • Review and download a copy of the practice exam questions before you read the course
  • Answers to important information for the exam are in BOLD throughout the course
  • Exam answers are multiple choice
  • Certificate is emailed to you when you pass the exam with 70%
  • Courses are pass/fail. No grades appear on your certification
  • All courses are NCBTMB Approved
  • Massage CE Learning Tree has been a trusted massage continuing education provider for state and NCBTMB courses since 2015

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What Is An Unlimited Subscription

Our unlimited subscriptions allow you to access and complete as many courses as you would like during your annual membership term. You will have access to all approved courses for your state and license as well as clinical resources, such as AssessmentPRO. Any courses completed during your membership term will remain within your account for LIFE – allowing you to access both the course materials and your certificates of completion at any time.

What Our Students are Saying:

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What Are The Next Steps

Oregon Massage Therapy Ethics CEU

Here at CE Massage®, we love to help and assist our customers. We have thousands of therapists who highly recommend us, and we really attempt to provide customer support that is above and beyond our competitors. Here are the general steps when using

1. Find your courses, package, or call to customize

We have a selection of courses that meet your needs as well as your interests. The very first step is to determine what you need and then what you would like to take.

2. Order and Access Your Courses

After you order, everything is assigned to your CE Massage account. From there, you will then access your material and exams all from inside your account. No third-party sign ins to remember it is all within your one account.

3. Study Time

Now it is time to study. You can view most of our courses directly on the website without downloading anything, but all of the courses do come as a PDF file for those who would like to download, search and print easily. We allow one year from the purchase date to complete courses, so you have plenty of time to get everything done.

4. Non-Timed Exam

Whenever you are ready, you can take the online exam. The exam can be saved and accessed later, so there is no need to stress out if you cannot get it done in one sitting. You can literally come back months later, and your answers are saved.

5. Certificates and Renewing

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Who Is This Class For

  • Massage therapists in NCBTMB, Oregon, Florida and Washington who need to earn 4 hours of CEUâs in Ethics, Communication or Boundaries

  • Physical Therapists in Oregon and Washington needing continuing competency courses.

  • Are you looking to learn in the comfort of your home, at your own pace, without the hassle of travel and rescheduling clients or family obligations?

  • Are you interested in learning how to regulate your own nervous system?

  • Do you ever struggle with saying âyesâ to clients or management and later feel resentful?

  • Do you ever arrive for a massage and realize youâre not in your body, present in the moment?

  • Do you fear drawing boundaries will create disconnection or disharmony?

  • Do you sometimes feel you âtake on other peopleâs stuff?”â

  • Do your reactions to cues of stress or danger sometimes bewilder or surprise you?

  • Do you feel you get stuck in depressive or anxious states and have difficulty moving out of them, and want to make sense of your patterns?

  • Are you a nerd like me and like to learn about psychology, neuroscience, or just being human?

Free Business & Marketing Ce

Attracting Business Clients: Part I- Start-up and Retention

$0 members / $0 non-members 2 CE credits

Specific actions can help get massage therapy clients in the door and ensure they return. Learn unique ways to plan your marketing for a start-up clientele and for repeat business.

Attracting Business Clients: Part II-Expansion and Recovery

$0 members / $0 non-members 2 CE credits

All businesses go through cycles. This course addresses the cycles of expansion and recovery and how to assess your business to formulate a plan you can use to address your business building needswhether for expansion or to recover from a decline in business.

A Massage Therapists Guide to Malpractice

$0 members / $0 non-members 2 CE credits

Learn how you can protect yourself from legal malpractice action. This course includes actions you should take if you suspect youll be sued or if it comes to pass that you are actually sued.

Grow Your Practice: Teach Wellness Classes

$0 members / $0 non-members 3 CE credits

Learn how to confidently deliver presentations and courses about health and wellness that will help to improve success with current massage therapy clients and cultivate new clients.

Growing a Thriving PracticeSystems for Success

$0 members / $0 non-members 3 CE credits

Effective communication with your massage therapy clients can be the key to a successful massage therapy practice. Learn innovative ways to build business success through personal interactions.

Taking Care of Your Taxes

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