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The Original Magic Wand With Free Wand Essentials Travel Massager

Price Of Hitachi Le Wand And Doxy

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First, let’s compare costs. These are all within a $50 range of each other, so unless you’re really pressed for cash this won’t make that much of a difference.

The Doxy is the least expensive toy as it starts at just under $120, $15 less than Hitachi. One benefit of the Doxy, however, is that it’s highly customizable from the head to the collar to the buttons to the color of the wand itself. If you’d like to customize any part of your Doxy besides the wand color, they’ll charge you $40. This means that the customizable Doxy Original is more costly than the Hitachi, but still $10 cheaper than Le Wand.

What are you paying for? Each toy has a distinct look, but features differ as well:

Let’s Talk Vibrations And Intensities

Wands are known for their strong, consistent vibration. All three, however, have a variety of modes.

Doxy has two: vibrating and pulsing.

The toy doesn’t have a dedicated button for switching between the two. Instead, the user holds down on the power button for three seconds to glide from vibration to pulse, according to an instructional video on Doxy’s website. There’s no detail on the site how many intensities there are, but from use, it feels like four, from a hum to a roar. The pulsing mode goes from a slower start/stop to a rapid one the more you press the plus button.

The Hitachi Magic Rechargeable has four intensity power levels and four vibration patterns.

Both patterns and vibrations are controlled by a bar chart button and a wave button, respectively. This wand has the benefit of having a light display so you can see what level you’re on.

Hitachi’s vibration patterns range from a consistent vibration to a quick pulse to a rev-up-to-slow-down and repeat.

Le Wand, meanwhile, sports an impressive 10 speeds and 20 vibration patterns.

Like the Hitachi, Le Wand has a “wave” button to cycle through the patterns, but it has a plus and minus button to change the speed . Similar to the other toys, Le Wand has both vibration and pulsing available, just with more variety in terms of the quickness and intensity of the pulses these patterns are all laid out in Le Wand’s user guide.

The Original Magic Wand With Free Wand Essentials Travel Massager


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Item dimensions L x W x H 35.6 x 10.2 x 10.2 centimeters

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Which Is The Best Wand Vibrator Hitachi Vs Le Wand Vs Doxy

The sex toy market is run amok with gimmicks, some good and others… not so. There’s warm-up vibrators, rose vibrators, and even BuzzFeed entered the playing field.

Not to yuck anyone’s yum, but sometimes you don’t want to play with a toy that has gizmos or viral potential. You just want a toy that provides reliable orgasms a toy that’s magic, if you will.

I’m talking about insert sparkle emojis here wand vibrators.

Like the dual rabbit vibrator, the wand exploded after appearing on Sex and the City in the early oughts. Two decades later, Hitachi is still beloved, but now there are other contenders competing in the wand arena.

In truth, all of these wands are great and get the job done. Whichever you choose depends on personal preference.

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No
  • Product Dimensions :35.56 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm 725.75 Grams
  • Date First Available :May 22 2013
  • Manufacturer :XR, LLC
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The Original Magic Wand From Vibratex

The Hitachi Magic Wand was, for a long time, considered the gold standard in handheld devices designed specifically and solely for at-home massage purposes. The design has since been taken over by Vibratex, who sells this model with an accompanying travel massager, and the reviews are excellent:

“Because everyone needs to relax. And sometimes you don’t have time to relax in a leisurely manner. And this item will help you relax quickly and with great intensity … It’s not too loud unless you are the sort of person who cannot relax quietly.””Good product. Very relaxing. Very, very relaxing. You should buy one.”

“Kept ‘seeing’ these around & wanted to give her a treat. They are everything you have heard about & more in my experience. You can’t put a price on what happens by spending a few lousy bucks on this magic scepter of cosmic bliss.”

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Magic Wand Massager With Free Wand Essentials Speed Controller

Another entry from Vibrtex, this model comes with a special speed controller that reviewers really seem to enjoy. Once again it seems to have religious uses:

“The cord is long enough to not be a problem to me and when it’s doing it’s job…. one tends to forget about the cord, the sky… their bills etc. I don’t know too much about the durability because I can’t use it often as it tends to consume large parts of my day and I have other adult responsibilities to tend to… like the things I forgot about while I was using it. It is loud so if you want something discreet, this is not your product. However, you’ll be loud as well or whomever you gift it to. I didn’t attach pictures because that would be obscene.”

“Got it 30 minutes ago and gave it a test run … I *think* I was speaking in tongues, but I’m having trouble remembering stuff now.”

“Overall rating: OhmyGodyes … You won’t need to use it that long. )”

So Which Wand Should I Add To Cart

Trigger-Wand : In-Depth rectal release for pelvic pain in men and women. “The Pelvic Whisperer”

The world is your oyster. These toys are at similar price points and provide enough vibration to make you orgasm for years to come.

The choice comes down to a few questions: how many vibration patterns you want, whether you crave a wired or wireless experience, and if you care about the extras, such as customizing your wand or having a travel pouch.

Further, all three companies have more vibrator options than just these three, such as the petite Le Wand or corded Hitachi. If the three reviewed here don’t fit the bill for you, peruse their other offerings.

Whatever wand you choose, go forth and cast some spells on yourself.

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Original Magic Wand Rechargable Cordless Hv

One more Vibratex wand, but this one is cordless and still packs enough power to handle even the aches and pains of older users. Like some of the other wands, some reviews seem to suggest that it can tap into religious or occult forces, though it may have issues with leaking:

“If it blows an 80 yr – old woman’s mind, think what it will do for you.”

“The floor was drippy. recommend.”

“When it was charged and ready to go I invited my husband to come and help me ‘review’ our new friend. As we anxiously got started we both knew right away from the curling of our toes and the intensity of the ‘pain release’ that blew him clear off the bed and threw him against the bedroom door, this was not your normal run of the mill ‘Massager.’ This thing really does have Miraculous powers! Luckily no one was hurt.”

Yarosi Cordless Curve Therapeutic Device

The Yarosi curve takes the traditional massager form and adds some ergonomic design and a flexible massage head. Despite its cordless design, the reviews suggest that it’s more than powerful enough to work through your tension and actually finish the job:

“I have barely left my apartment in two days. #blessed”

“My new best best friend!!!!! If you know what I mean! I have a really hard time you know…. … Due to Medical issues… I’ve tired a bunch of different types and things. This is the best X10!”

“Good Vibrations Is An Understatement … the Yarosi is fricking phenomenal. More vibration options, better speeds, and the handle really helps. So far the charge time is less than the, ah, play time which I cannot say the Pheiho could match. That said, it does not sound quiet when in use and I keep thinking the rest of the house can hear it. The air conditioner and blankets do a well enough job of masking its sounds…I hope.”

“Holy hell, I woke up cuddling this thing and don’t even remember falling asleep. 100/10”

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Experience Of Three Different Wand Vibes

As I mentioned in my review of the internet’s top 10 vibrators, I hesitate to say that wands give a foolproof orgasm because everyone is different. If you climax with vibrators, though, it’s likely you’ll have a euphoric experience with any of these. The specifics, however, will determine which one is the best for you.

Of these three wands, the Doxy is the one that’s corded . While it almost seems archaic to have a wired toy, I see the appeal of using the Doxy. For one, you never have to wait for the toy to charge. Further, the cord is three meters long, so you also never have to worry about awkward tugging unless your outlets are far away from your bed, in which case you’re probably used to said awkward tugging moments when charging your phone.

If you’d rather be free of cords, however, the Hitachi rechargeable or Le Wand is for you. Both can go for three hours at a full charge, which also takes three hours to complete. After 20 minutes of consistent use, the Hitachi shuts off for safety reasons and to preserve battery life.

As for the heads, Hitachi’s appears smaller and boxier than that on Le Wand or Doxy the latter two are bigger and rounder up top. When using the toys solo it doesn’t matter, but a bigger surface area is desirable if you plan on using the wand with a partner.

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