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4d Vs 3d Massage Chair

D Vs 4d Massage Chair Differences

What are the differences between 2D, 3D, and 4D Massage Chairs?

Todays advanced massage chairs allow owners to experience the benefits of massage therapy at home with a variety of massage chair features and programs. While both 3D and 4D massage chairs are incredible choices and there are a plethora of benefits of owning a massage chair, its important to learn how to choose a massage chair to fit your needs.

To help you do so, were taking a look at some differences between a 3D vs. 4D massage chair you may come across such as:

  • 3D vs. 4D massage chair roller capabilities
  • Typical roller track shapes for 3D vs. 4D massage chair options
  • Pricing for a 3D vs. 4D massage chair
  • Massage chair features of 3D vs. 4D massage chairs

Infinity Evolution 3d/4d Accessories

If youâre the type of person who loves fun extras, then we are happy to report that the Infinity Evolution 3d 4d is packed to the brim.

The highlight feature here is the Voice Control, which works by speaking into a tiny microphone built into the headrest.

To activate this function, say âswitch to voice mode,â and then you can tell it which massage you want.

While nifty, beware that some Infinity Evolution massage chair reviews have mentioned that itâsdifficult to get the technology to recognize your voice, so you may say one thing, and it will do another.

Besides Voice Control, it also hasBluetooth speakers, a USB port for charging your smartphone, anda downloadable app that lets you control the massage chair from your phone.

Another unique accessory is the Air Ionizer. Itâs a small vent located in the headrest that helps facilitate healthy oxygen flow during your massage. This ensures you only breathe in the purest oxygen for a truly refreshing experience.

Pricing For A 3d Vs 4d Massage Chair

Is a massage chair worth buying? Absolutely! It would be remiss of us, however, to not discuss the difference in pricing youll find when comparing a 3D vs. 4D massage chair.

Simply put, a 4D massage chair will cost more. That said, both 3D and 4D massage chairs are more than worth the investment and choosing the right massage chair for you will be a choice you wont regret. The reason 4D massage chairs tend to cost more is because they often come with more technology options and may offer more customizable features than 3D massage chair models.

While they do vary in price, both 3D and 4D massage chairs come with a full array of features, however, so youre sure to find something that meets all of your needs!

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Computer Body Scanning Technology

Body scanning is another useful feature to have in a full body massage chair for a more personalized massage. The computer will scan your body and adjust the rollers to reach all areas of your body. For example, if a chair was designed for a person who is 56 tall, the location of the neck, shoulders, and lower back would be different than someone who is 50 or 60. The body scanner feature means that you get a massage that targets your specific areas and gives you a more thorough, customized massage.

Which Track Is Better

Massage Chairs Osaki Pro 4D Encore

It depends. If you want your massage chair to excel in stretching your back for the best possible spinal decompression, and S-Track is the only way to go. However, and L-Track will provide a more comprehensive massage and a superior zero gravity position that also helps with spinal decompression. Most people will choose and L-Track for this reason. If you’re looking for a massage chair to help your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes, and L-Track is a must.

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What Is A 2d 3d And 4d Massage Chair

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If youre shopping around for a massage chair, you might have come across the terms 2D, 3D, and 4D along with a lot of other terms that are usually used for massage chairs. It can be quite confusing so well help you along with the below easy and short explanations.


Infinity Evolution 3d/4d Massage Chair Programs

We were happy with the selection of massage techniques and programs the Infinity Evolution has on deck. The rollers perform the basic set of Massage Techniques, including:

  • Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Sync

These techniques feel heavenly, thanks to the 3D/4D rollers. Theyâre combined with different intensities and speeds to create nine auto-programsfor massage on demand. This includes three specialized 3D massage programs for deeper, more therapeutic sessions.

Hereâs a sneak peek at what these programs can do:

  • Sports Refresh: Relaxes muscles and speeds up recovery after intense activity
  • Extension: Mimics Thai massage to relax muscles and invigorate the body and mind
  • Rest & Sleep: Gentle kneading calms the mind and prepares your body for sleep
  • Working Relief: Ideal for those who sit sedentary at a desk for hours by targeting tense muscles
  • Neck & Shoulder: Soothes pain and tightness with techniques specified for these areas
  • Waist & Spine: Utilizes specific techniques to relieve pain along the spine and lumbar region
  • Deep Shiatsu: A 10-minute deep tissue massage on the lumbar region
  • Healthy Breath: Rhythmic 5 minute massage coupled with deep breathing techniques
  • Massage Extend: Boosts energy levels in the morning or mid-afternoon

One of the standout features of the Evolution is the number of manual options you get to customize your massage from scratch.

You can manually adjust:

  • Width: wide, medium, narrow
  • Zero-G: If you want the chair to recline during your massage

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Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The BestMassage EC-06C shiatsu massage chair gives a full-body Shiatsu massage. As a result, it gives you relief from muscle strain, diminishes torment, and promotes a bodys unwinding.

EC-06C offers four preset auto rub programs. These include the Extend Program, Relax Program, Recovery Program, and Refresh Program. Each program conveys a relaxing massage. For instance, the Relax Program gives you a back rub that will loosen up tight muscles. So with the help of a button, you can get to these simple to-utilize programs.

The BM EC-06C Shiatsu rub seat utilizes four back rub styles commonly connected with the Shiatsu standards. These styles include Kneading, Tapping, Knocking and Shiatsu. All the auto programs utilize these back rub methods.

Moreover, 30 airbags all through the seat give massages to particular regions of your body. Twenty airbags have also been put inside the lower body segment of the seat. These airbags rub the thighs, hips, legs, and feet, which enhance blood flow. Moreover, the customizable air massage technology has several levels of intensity.

A back rub in this seat has a long range. It starts high up into the neck and down into the tailbone area of the seat. Moreover, the smart roller framework complies with a mans individual spine shape. As a result, it gives them an amazing back rub each time they sit down.

Furthermore, a high-control vibrating engine and air rub innovation give a profound back rub to your hip territory.

Our rating:

What Are 3d Massage Chairs

3D vs 4D Massage Chairs – The Massage Chair Dictionary

3D massage chairs have introduced an added dimension to their predecessor. The massage rollers in 3D massage chairs move in X, Y, and Z axes. Not only do they move up and down, side by side, but also back and forth. A 3D massage chair has the facility to move rollers deeper into the back muscle and push the tissues deeper. It helps in pushing the rollers deeper into the spine and retract them further away from the spine.

The 3D massage chair’s benefits are manifold. They provide deep tissue massages and give the experience of real human massage therapy. These massage chairs have up to 5 intensity settings for their 3D rollers. That means you can choose the amount of intensity with which you want the rollers to push deeper into the back. You can also pre-set how deep the massage rollers will go into your back muscles.

Osaki OS-PRO Honor 3D Massage Chair is one of the best 3D Osaki massage chairs you can buy for $5k. The massage rollers will expand and retract as per the intensity you set. The 3D+ and 3D- buttons on the remote control can change the settings in real-time. It also has a backrest scanning system that scans your back and helps you get consistent massage pressure depending on your back’s curvature. Osaki Massage chair benefits include the zero-gravity mode that aligns your back and thighs relative to each other. In this mode, the backrest supports your back’s entire weight, and the blood circulation on your hips gets intensified.

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Which Massage Chair Track Should I Choose

When it comes to choosing between an S-track vs L-track massage chair, you really cant go wrong. While the L-track does extend further and provide a more full body massage experience, these models do tend to come in at a slightly higher price point.

In luxury massage chairs, both options are likely to come with a wide variety of features, as well. This means youre not necessarily sacrificing luxury massage chair features like the benefits of heat therapy for back pain or light therapy treatments by choosing an S-track vs L-track model.

One area that may differ between these two choices is the type of massage rollers your chair has. While youll find 3D massage rollers in both S-track and L-track models, massage chairs with 4D rollers are most likely to be found only in L-track models. This may tip the scale in favor of an L-track massage chair if youre set on having added control of speed and rhythm over your massage program.

To learn more about luxury massage chairs, check out these resources:

D Vs 4d Massage Chair Rollers

As the name suggests, a 3D massage chair takes your full body massage chair experience to the next level from their 2D counterparts as the rollers extend outward from the track. This up/down, side to side, and inward/outward movement allows your massage chair to operate in all three dimensions. Three-dimensional massage rollers let 3D massage chairs offer a variety of massage techniques including custom programming for both light touch experiences and deep tissue massage benefits.

Whats the fourth D in a 4D massage chair, then? These types of massage chairs take the controls a step further and give the user the ability to adjust speed and depth in a single stroke. This advancement has effectively eliminated the difference between using a massage chair vs. human massage.

Both 3D and 4D massage chair options will give you an incredible experience. When youre debating between these two choices, it comes down to how much absolute control you want over the massage rollers. Even in 3D massage chairs youll find options for speed and intensity, but the 4D massage chairs will more identically mimic the movements of a live massage therapist.

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Features Of A 4d Massage Chair

4D massage chairs bring along all the features of a 3D massage chair as well as the ability of the rollers to turn and switch the intensity.

Due to the rollers ability to control the intensity and turn on their own, a 4D massage chair provides you with an extraordinary level of comfort. It reaches into the deeper layers of your body while eliminating bodily tension and stress.

4D massage chairs are especially recommended to people with backache and spinal issues. They can stimulate your muscles and improve the blood flow whilst alleviating the pain in the meantime. Amazing, isnt it?

Following are a few remarkable features of a 4D massage chair:

What You Need To Know About Osaki Otamic Signature 3d

Osaki Pro OS

Many people initially plan to get an advanced massage chair but end up not doing so. This is because of how confusing it is to operate them. Thats especially the case for those who arent very techy. If you want an innovative massage experience minus the complexity,Osaki Otamic Signature 3D Massage Chair might be what youre looking for. You can even purchase it for only $5,499, which is a fantastic deal for a massage chair of its caliber.

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D Vs 3d Vs 4d Massage Chair

Youve heard about massage chairs, youve probably heard the terms 2D, 3D, and 4D. These are terms that help us to describe the roller track systems in a massage chair.

Because the roller tracks deliver the actual massage, these terms are highly significant for understanding important functional differences between chairs.

In other words, when we talk about 2D, 3D, and 4D chairs, were describing three important functional categories of massage chair. These categories matter because they describe the kinds of massage you can expect from a 2D, 3D, or 4D chair.

Today well talk about those terms, define them, and explain why they matter.

What Are Massage Rollers

The rollers are the parts of a massage chair that do the massage motions, such as kneading and tapping. The rollers are able to move within the massage chair to reach different areas. The shape of the track and the type of rollers used greatly influences the type of massage youll get, and the quality of the massage itself. New roller technology means that you can have a deeper, more authentic massage from your massage chair, giving you all the benefits of a massage.

The rollers can be used to target specific areas of the body, directing the massage to where you need it most. The intensity of the massage can be varied using the rollers as well, so if you prefer a deeper or lighter massage, this can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Some massage chairs also adjust the rollers to fit your body shape, for a more personalized massage.

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What Are Roller Tracks

Before we hop into the differences between S-track and L-track massage chairs, what are roller tracks anyway? Roller tracks are what makes up the path massage chair rollers can travel along your body. Massage chair roller tracks start at your neck level and work their way down your body.

In decades past, 2D massage chairs had a linear roller track that caused occasional spots where the rollers would disengage from your back. Todays massage chairs have 3D and 4D rollers along S-track and L-track frames that keep them in contact with you at all times.

Luraco I7 Irobotics 7th Generation 3d Zero Gravity Heating Massage Chair

2D vs 3D vs 4D massage chairs | What’s the difference?

Few out of all the massage chairs out there can fit an extremely tall or an extremely short individual. This massage chair can fit a body as overwhelming as 300 pounds and as tall as 67. It can likewise suit a body as short as 47. Thus, this accommodation makes it a standout amongst the most adaptable models accessible.

Moreover, the accompanying remote control is truly straightforward to utilize. You can easily make sense of how to utilize it with the very intuitive interface.

The roller framework gives 3D usefulness, and it is double rollers . It infiltrates into the body and gives firm, exceptional profound back rub.

Moreover, there are 5 dimensions of force that you can alter running from extremely extraordinary to delicate power knead. You can alter and force of upper back and shoulders. There are additionally 5 diverse settings to modify the power of airbags.

The Body scan technology sets aside a long opportunity to change in accordance with your bodys tallness and so forth. You can recollect the program that you like and save it, so next time you dont need to experience the entire change once more.

Moreover, the chair is fitted with mixed media speakers. So, you can tune in to your most loved music while unwinding and getting a back rub. The power can also be tweaked in the shoulder, neck, and lower back freely.

Additionally, the warmth level can be altered autonomously in various parts.

Our rating:

  • Maximum weight of up to 300 pounds
  • Body Scan Technology


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Massage Chair Features Of 3d Vs 4d Massage Chairs

Speaking of massage chair features, last up on our comparison between 3D vs. 4D massage chairs is what each offers. When youre choosing a luxury massage chair, youll find no shortage of features available. So which might you find in each type of massage chair?

Common features found in both 3D massage chairs and 4D models include heat therapy, chromotherapy, and body scanning technology to adjust to your physical specifications and deliver optimal massages. The advancements in both types of massage chairs mean youll be able to choose from a variety of massage techniques like Thai massage, Swedish massage, and shiatsu massage, too! If you prefer more control over your full body massage experience, custom programming in both 3D and 4D massage chairs puts you in command.

When it comes to 3D vs. 4D massage chair features differences, however, youll tend to see the best of the best options in the latter. Thats not to say 3D massage chair features are lacking in any way, just that they may not offer some things their 4D counterparts are able to.

For example, you may find a 4D massage chair with AI technology. AI massage uses two different types of body scanning technology to deliver the exact massage experience you need every time. For those who want a more intuitive massage chair to help look after their body, a 4D massage chair with AI capability would be a great choice.

D Technology In Massage Chair

A 2D massage chair can be classified as a traditional massage chair that has existed for the longest time. It is the most standard massage chair widely available in the market, inexpensive, and primarily purchased by the majority.

These 2D massage chairs have a simple structure and are equipped with rollers that move right, left, up, and down during massage. These chairs offer a standard massage suitable for soothing your body and relaxing your tired muscles after a hectic day of work

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