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Nrg Grasshopper Massage Chair Review

How Much Time Should You Use A Portable Massage Chair For

Best Massage Table Cart Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide)

Massage sessions, no matter if theyre done with a massage cushion or even on a top-rated portable massage table, should never last more than an hour. Since some portable massage chairs use electricity to do their job, its a good idea to start slow and gradually increase the time that you use them for. For instance, when you get the unit delivered at your doorstep, you might be a little too enthusiastic and you might start with the highest setting and try to use it for more than half an hour.

We suggest using the massage chair for 5 to 10 minutes at first, and if you think that you can handle more, you can increase the amount of time over the next few days. Its actually better to use the unit several times per day in short 10-minute sessions than to use it for a whole hour at a time.

Do Portable Massage Chairs Have Health Benefits

Massage chairs can reduce stretch, affecting your health, and increasing the natural effect on your overall wellbeing. Stretch can result in high blood pressure and poor appetite. Your portable massage chair can decrease the levels of cortisol in your body, which makes a difference to reduce issues with Blood pressure.

Best Portable Massage Chair For Every Massage Therapist

Wondering what is the best portable massage chair in the market? You have come to the right place. But Alert, this is not a review relevant just for the professional or licensed massage therapists.

Yes, we do review some of the best portable massage therapy chairs in the market for therapists who provide at-home or massage services at events, but it does not stop there.

You see, not everyone is a fan of big, bulky massage chairs which although they are jam-packed with wonderful functionalities, are heavy and cannot be moved around easily. So we have found some of the best portable massage chairs for ones own home use.

These portable massage chairs that we are going to review – not only are they easily movable, they have a small footprint that will fit in any home. They are very affordable and most importantly, do not compromise on quality and functionality.

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Best portable massage chair for tall person
  • Fold flat and compact
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    Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews: Best 7 Picks Of 2020

    In this article, were going to be looking at some of the best portable massage chair found in the market place. If you need portable massage therapy, this guide features the best products that you can consider. The list consists of units from popular massage chair brands, such as the Earthlite, Stronglite, NGR massage Chair Company and the likes of the others. For you to pick the right products that will meet your needs, our massage portable chair reviews are provided with details that differentiate them. From the comparison table below, it makes it easier to decide by scrutinizing the various features side-by-side given that the best massage chair portable from 2018 2019.

    Can You Use A Portable Massage Chair If You Are Pregnant

    NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair

    There is no particular evidence that massage chairs could cause premature labor, but that is a concern that has been mentioned by some manufacturing brands. Pregnant ladies experience a lot of backaches given the changes in their physical attributes. From our understanding, it seems that you can use a portable massage chair if youre pregnant, but you should always do it on the lowest possible setting. In this case, it might actually be a better idea for you to go to a massage therapist, a chiropractor, or just have a talk with your physician before doing anything in this sense.

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    Best Portable Massage Chair Roundup Review

    When it comes to the best portable massage chair, the very first question you have to ask is:

    Are you using it for yourself?

    Or are you a professional massage therapist who needs a portable massage chair for your clients? In which case, this summary may help.

    Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviews

    A portable massage chair is a perfect option for personal as well as business use. For professional massage therapists, it forms an integral part of their business and helps them take their services everywhere.

    Portable massage chairs are also great for personal use at home as they are easy to store and maintain.

    However, finding a good portable chair that will fulfill all your needs can be difficult. It is not something that a lot of people buy and it is hard to understand what really makes a good massage chair.

    To help you, we have provided prepare a list of the top ten best portable massage chair along with a comprehensive buying guide.

    Table of Content

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    Nrg Grasshopper Massage Chair Upgrade Package Best Reviews

    Description :: Grasshopper Massage Chair Kit The Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair is designed around the philosophy that the simplest design is often the best solution. The marks of a quality portable massage chair are its strength, ease of set up and adjustment, and its ease of transport. Starting with high quality aircraft grade aluminum, the Grasshopper offers professional massage therapists an incredibly light, strong and easy to set up solution for on-site massage. Available in agate blue, black, burgundy, purple, and vanilla creme. Kit includes accessories and tools to make seated massage sessions even more relaxing. Features: Aircraft aluminum frame Foam: 2 1/2″ thick Carrying case Adjustable seat, chest, head, and arm supports Upholstered in smooth, soft, easy to clean Levante vinyl Resists the effects of age and stains Chair Specifications: Weight: 18 lbs Working Weight: 300 lbs UL/CE Certified: NO : YES Continental U.S. Warranty: 1 Year Limited

    Customer Reviews

    Inner Strength Portable Folding Massage Chair

    MoI3d Voronoi Chair Tutorial

    Another impressive choice in the field of massage chairs is the Innerstrength portable massage chair. It is a versatile chair that is can be used by massage therapists, tattoo artists and even for personal use at home. It has an adjustable frame that is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and the 100% PU vinyl is CE certified.

    The Vinyl comes packed with a multi-layer 2-inch thick foam for amazing comfort. The whole massage chair weighs 16 lbs and has an operational capacity of 300 lbs. With the adjustable frame and a carrying case that comes with the package, it is very portable.

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    Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package

    Earthlite Vortex is a regular massage chair that combines luxury, style, comfort, and durability. For durability, it has a frame made of robust oval tubing construction. Therefore, it augments strength on standard frames. Its stylish curvy design gives you an impressive first impression.

    The chair is easily portable due to its frame construction. Since the frame is from aircraft grade aluminum, it is lightweight. Also, the chair is light hence simple to move around.

    Earthlite features Natursfot upholstery which besides being durable is luxurious and soft. The padding outdoes massage chairs with vinyl coverings. Moreover, the chairs pro-lite cushioning has an upholstery cover.

    The double layer support makes the chair more comfortable for the user. Therefore, the chair ensures you get the best massage experience. It can support 300 pounds working weight, which is more than sufficient for most.

    Since the Earthlite Vortex is simple to set up, you can use it when need be. Since it folds compactly, it is easy to store and takes up less space. It features a simple design which makes it simple to set up and adjust the seat for better comfort.


    • Expert engineering and innovative designs
    • Lightweight
    • The manual that comes with the chair may be complicated for some to comprehend
    • During assembly, there are complaints of some customers finding some parts non-functional



    Focus On The Shoulders

    Once you see that the client is comfortable, you want to get your posture so that your body is upright and not hunched over the chair. In this position, youve got a good angle to work on the shoulders, and you can even utilize the forearms to get some nice pressure on them. Find the edge of the shoulder blade and then use the elbow to give some pressure point work. This is excellent for releasing tension.

    You work down the spine of the shoulder blade, and then you can come back around the shoulder. Rub and squeeze the shoulders, and then you can take the palms of your hands and walk down on either side of the spine, making sure to stay off of the spine itself. You can walk back up and then return to the shoulders.

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    Ease Of Use And Adjustability

    How you want to use a portable massage chair will ultimately determine what level of adjustability and ease of use you need. Honestly, more adjustments are not always necessary. If you want a chair for home, then this is only a consideration related to which adjustments you need for comfort. If you only offer only short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes, then only basic adjustments are actually needed. If you are doing longer chair massages with breaks in between, then a chair with greater adjustability is more important.

    All portable massage chairs have the same basic shape and features: knee rests, seat, armrests, sternum pad, and face cradle. Despite these visual similarities, the adjustability of massage chairs varies wildly. Some of the adjustments available on portable massage chairs include: seat height, face cradle angle, chest pad height, knee rest height, and armrest height. Each model will have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to how adjustable they are.

    Also, some of these chairs are easier to adjust than others. If you are doing short chair massages with no real break in between , you dont want to waste time with fussy adjustments. But if you perform longer sessions with reasonable breaks in-between , then you can take your time with more precise adjustments. If you only want this for your home, then you may want to look for a combination of comfort and value.

    Massage Chair Portable Massage Chairs

    NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair w/Case

    At four positions we are coming with Massage Chair Portable Massage Chairs. Massage Chair made heavy duty grade. This portable massage chair is lightweight and tremendously strong. In addition, this tattoo chair covered a high gloss powder-coated finish, which greatly extend the massage chair service life.

    Its very hard when youre setting it up I like it because it adds an energy element that helps me relax. It was easy to assemble, the portable bag is durable, and it is easy to adjust the height adjustment and headrest coordinates.

    Massage chair cover PU leather. This is water and oil proofing. You can easily clean the tattoo chair. Portable massage chairs ensure a luxurious comfortable therapeutic massage experience for you. Adjustable angles and cushions provide the comfort of the massage chair. The height of the massage chair can be adjusted, such as cushions, leg pads, hand rests, etc.

    Install massage chair is very easy, publish massage chair, install head street and you can enjoy a comfortable massage in just 5 minutes. Massage Chair is equipped with a durable Oxford bag. By folding a massage chair you can take it anywhere.

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    Earthlite Avila Ii Portable Massage Chair

    At a weight of 22 lbs, this is one of the more heavier massage chairs on the list. However, this is due to its unique frame that is made from a patented carbon composite frame. This makes it even more durable than aluminum and will last for years to come. Along with this, the massage chair has sternum padding, 100% PU Vinyl and adjustable and removable velcro pads.

    It has a maximum working weight of 350 lbs which should be enough for more adults. When folded, this chair is very compact and easily fits into the ballistic nylon case that comes with the product.

    Stronglite Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro Ii

    This is another model that you should keep in mind, especially since its actually a package. This one, as well, has garnered some of the highest ratings at many online retailers. Apparently, its an excellent portable massage chair for a therapist who works with heavier clients or people who have sustained injuries.

    The unit can be rolled on a flat surface with ease, so it can make a good option even for indoor floors or paved areas. Since it is a little heavier compared to some of the other products in our selection, its not a good choice for therapists working outdoors.

    Whats truly impressive about this alternative is that it has a maximum working weight of 600 pounds. Therefore, it is compatible with all sorts of bodies. The ergonomic design is another aspect worth writing home about since it makes it possible for the client to be comfortable at all times.


    • Can be assembled and disassembled with ease
    • Durable T6 aluminum alloy frame
    • Adjustable seat, face cradle, and chest pad
    • Removable knee rests


    • It weighs in at a whopping 26 lbs, so its not as portable as other massage chairs.

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    Inner Strength Element Portable Massage Chair

    It is a Living Earth Crafts product, which is a renowned company. Inner strength massage chair is suitable for starters or beginners in the massage industry. The chair is affordable and offers high quality for its value.For the ultimo comfort of the user, the chair features a three-inch triple padding system. Also, the padding is of 100% Polyurethane which is pure leather thus resistant to oil and water.

    The chair comes with a carry case which makes the chair easy to transport. It also protects the chair against scratches and the carrier against cuts. You can adjust the chair from 23 inches to 33 inches, which is a wide range. Adjusting adds to the comfort.

    To make it easy for the user to transport, it is only 16 pounds. Despite the lightweight, it is durable and sturdy. It can support a maximum of 300 pounds working weight. The unit is effortless to set up and break down.Amongst available options in the market, Inner strength gives you the best value for a massage chair at its price. The package is inclusive of the chair, carrying case, and an adjustable deluxe headrest.


    • The face cradle is made of plastic
    • Lacks Shiatsu release cables

    Being lightweight makes the chair simple to transport as you attend to different clients. Its foldable design adds to portability while making it convenient to store even in small spaces. For ease of storage and portability, it comes with a carry case.



    Nrg Grasshopper Adjustable Massage Chair

    NRG ENERGY Radio | Chaud Patate 18 Prill

    The Grasshopper, as many would affectionately call it, is no stranger in the massage therapist world.

    It comes from NRG, a leading company reputable for producing high quality massage therapy chairs, massage tables, supplies and the likes.

    The Grasshopper offers professional massage therapists an incredibly light, strong and easy-to-set up solution for on-site massage.

    There are 5 colours to choose from, all upholstered in smooth, soft and easy to clean Levante vinyl that resists the effects of age and stains.

    All areas including seat, chest, head and arm supports are covered with over 2.5 inches of foam for comfort. There are 3 positions for you to adjust for the armrest and the chest plate can be loosened to adjust to the right height for your client.

    Made of aircraft grade aluminium, it is lightweight and comes with a carry case.

    At a glance:

    • Knobs need retightening from time to time
    • Upholstery not water and oil proof

    The NRG Grasshopper Adjustable Massage Chair is one of the best massage chair for massage therapist that is just starting out without a big budget to invest yet.

    It is a cheaper alternative with comparable functionality and quality as the more expensive ones in the market and it suits an array of different-sized clients that you may have.

    The only thing is that it is slightly heavier than chairs of a similar specification but nothing that will break the back so it is something wed happily compromise for the price.

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    Earthlite Portable Massage Chair Package Vortex

    The EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair provides a quick, easy, and comfortable means to massage your body. As we review it at the number three position. Earthlite Vortex massage chair is upholstered with high quality. Dual-density pro-light cushion and cylindrical soft nur soft upholstery for superior comfort and durability.

    We got a great deal of price because we really pleased with this massage chair. It has no bells and whistles but is comfortable, light, and easy to set up. Its high quality, just as you would expect from an EarthLight product. Be careful, rubber feet easily pop out on these chair feet. If we lost almost the last time, the case was born. Without that, this is perfect. All components work well in the face, the sternum pad, and the carrying case is all functional and well-designed.

    Most importantly, it provides a complete lifetime validity warranty. In addition, 3 years warranty on cushion and upholstery. Includes boring nylon carrying case, padded shoulder strap, and sternum pad.

    The durable nylon duffle-size and GPPrade carrier bag in the chair, which helps in adjusting the accessories and sprayers. It comes with a permanent shoulder pad and extra thick protection pads for your stair.

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