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Massage Therapy For Hip Pain

Risks Regarding Massage Therapy

Sports Massage for Hip Pain

Certain precautions must be taken before getting massage therapy. Though there are few serious risks, there are certain individuals who should not get massage therapy.

People with the following conditions are not suitable candidates for massage therapy:

  • Damaged nerves
  • Infection and inflammation in the area to be massaged

Additionally, anyone with recent surgery should not get a massage. If you have a skin condition that could be aggravated by touch or pressure, massage is not recommended for you.

If you are pregnant, have cancer, have fragile skin, heart problems, dermatomyositis , or a history of physical abuse, discuss massage therapy with your healthcare provider before signing up.

Hip Flexor Strength Exercises

Theres limited scientific evidence that examines whether strength exercise can help reduce or manage hip flexor pain. One randomized-controlled trial with 33 healthy, female athletes finds that strength training of the hip flexors may be promising for future prevention and treatment of acute and longstanding hip-flexor injuries.

Given that exercise, in general, has someanalgesic effects, perhaps almost any type of strength training exercise can help alleviate the symptomssimilar tolow back pain studies where no type of exercise is superior to another for reducing pain.

Supine knee ups with band

For beginners, you can start by lying on the floor on your back with your legs together. Then bring your knees toward your chest and straighten your legs back to the starting position.

When this gets easier, progress to raising one or both legs straight to the air. Bring your knee as close to your body as possible and return to the starting position.

For another level up, try the exercise like in this video below. All movements are done in a controlled manner, so no swinging.

Standing hip flexion with band

Running high knees

For a more advanced level, this exercise can help improve strength and power production and motor control of your hip flexors, legs, and other hip muscles.

Faqs About Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Q: How is this different from other hip flexibility programs?

A: What makes Rick’s program unique is knowing how to unravel the tricky layers of tension with the very difficult psoas muscle in order to effectively loosen and train it.

Rick’s one-of-a-kind sequential flow is your surest path to looser, stronger and healthier hips.

Q: Why are you selling this so cheap? What’s the catch?

A: There is none. We’re so pleased with the number of our customers who have made the investment in this program and have enjoyed life-changing results.

Our aim is to make this available to as many guys as possible, firstly to welcome more people to our audience and secondly because we’re celebrating hitting a quarter million fans on Facebook.

Q: How long will it take me to do the program?

A: The program is designed to take between 10-15 minutes in total to complete.

We recommended adding the program as a daily practice to get the best results over a longer period of time. You may wish to add this program before or after your regular gym session or use it independently.

Q: How long until I see results?

A: Although everyone is different and results may vary, we know from experience how quickly it’s possible to feel and see a difference.

For some it may be as soon as their first session for others it may take a few sessions to really start seeing the benefits. Again, it depends on the body in question.

Q: Who is this program suitable for?

Q: Are the exercises hard to perform?

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Try A Massage Gun Or Body Massager

An electric tool like a massage gun or body massager can help you soothe tension in your glutes and hip muscles without tiring out your hands. Many home tools use oscillation or percussion technology, making regular massage easy and effortless.

Simply spend a few minutes running your device over the hip and glute muscles that feel tight or tender. Be sure to start on a low and gentle setting, and increase the pressure from there. This gives your muscles a chance to warm up before moving to a deeper massage.

Massage Therapy Relieves Hip Pain

Massage Therapy for Hip Pain Nassau County NY Eugene Wood

When pain results from spasms or trigger points in the muscles affecting the hips, massage therapy has been shown to offer considerable relief.

Hip pain can be a result of several things including arthritis, injury from overdoing various activities, or problems in the muscles in the legs, gluteal muscles, abdomen and low back. While massage will not eliminate pain from arthritis directly, it can often reduce it by releasing tight muscles affecting the area, eliminating them as a source of pain. The gluteal muscles are the largest in the body, and hamstring and quadriceps are also large muscle groups. Trigger points or spasms in these muscles, therefore, can cause significant pain in the muscles themselves as well as referred pain in the hips and low back.

When pain is a result from spasms or trigger points in the muscles affecting the hips, massage has been proven to offer significant relief, even allowing distorted gait and movement patterns to return to normal. Massage can reduce tightness and tension, and increase circulation which reduces trigger points and allows for improved muscle recovery after exertion. It also reduces scar tissue from tears and injuries, allowing for normal, smooth movement of muscle fibers. Read more about Six Massage Techniques to Remove Scar Tissue.

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Appendix A: Is Trigger Point Therapy Too Good To Be True

Trigger point therapy isnt too good to be true: its just ordinary good. It can probably relieve some pain cheaply and safely in many cases. Good bang for buck, and little risk. In the world of pain treatments, thats a good mix.

But pain is difficult and complex, no treatment is perfect, and there is legitimate controversy about the science of trigger points. Their nature remains somewhat puzzling, and the classic image of a tightly contracted patch of muscle tissue may well be wrong. What we do know is that people hurt, and it can often be helped.

The Perfect Spots are based on a decade of my own clinical experience as a massage therapist, and years of extensive science journalism on the topic. Want to know more? This is the tip of the iceberg. Ive written a whole book about it

Not too good to be true.

Just ordinary good. Trigger point therapy isnt a miracle cure, but it is a valuable life skill. Practically anyone can benefit at least a little & many will experience significant relief from stubborn aches & pains. The first few sections are free.

Tiffany Field12* Nicole Sauvageau1 Gladys Gonzalez1 Miguel Diego1

1University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA

2Fielding Graduate University, California, USA

*Corresponding author: Tiffany Field, Professor, University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA. Tel: +1-3052436781 Email:

Received Date: 21 August, 2019 Accepted Date: 06 September, 2019 13 September, 2019

Citation: Field T, Sauvageau N, Gonzalez G, Diego M Hip Pain is Reduced Following Moderate Pressure Massage Therapy. Chron Pain Manag 2: 117. DOI: 10.29011/2576-957X/100017


Background: The literature on massage therapy effects on pain suggests that it has been reduced in several joints. However, no studies were found on massage therapy for hip pain.

Methods: Medical school staff and faculty who had hip pain were randomly assigned to a moderate pressure massage therapy or a waitlist control group. Twenty-minute massages were given weekly for a month. Self-reports including the WOMAC and the PROMIS were given on the first and last days of the treatment period and at a follow-up day one month later. Pain was assessed for external rotation, internal rotation, sitting, standing and bending before and after the first and last day massage sessions.

Discussion: These data highlight the effectiveness of moderate pressure massage therapy for decreasing hip pain and sleep disturbances.


Hip pain Moderate pressure massage






Data Analyses




Figure 1: CONSORT Flow Diagram.

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Massage Used To Be Considered An Indulgence But Its Now Recognized As A Legitimate Therapy For Some Painful Conditions

Therapeutic massage may relieve pain by way of several mechanisms, including relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints relieving stress and anxiety and possibly helping to close the pain gate by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impeding pain messages to and from the brain.

Therapeutic massage is an active area of research. In particular, it has been studied for its effect on pain in the back, hands, neck, and knees, among other areas. A study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed a reduction in hand pain and an improvement in grip strength among people who had four weekly hand massage sessions and did self-massage at home. They also slept better and had less anxiety and depression than people in the control group who didnt receive hand massage.

A study published in Annals of Family Medicine in 2014 found that 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions two or three times a week for four weeks relieved chronic neck pain better than no massage or fewer or shorter massage sessions.

Special Note On Massage For Hip Impingement

Massage For Hip Pain? Is It A Waste? When Does It Work?

Remember my story about laying on the softball twice a day. When I first started doing this, it was to fix my hip impingement. If i can go back in time, Id take that softball and throw it at my face while yelling Go find a coach that will teach you how to move your hips!

I have other detailed articles and videos going over my journey with hip impingement. In those articles and videos, I explain that it wasnt the hip impingement that was causing my pain. It was my limited ability to move my hips with function and my psychological relationship with the pain.

& nbsp

Hip impingement is a diagnosis many people get when they are in hip pain. It is not the cause of hip pain. Multiple studies have demonstrated that there is no link between hip impingement and hip pain. You can have hip pain and no hip impingement. You can also have no hip pain and have hip impingement.

One of my mentors and former employer, the wise Matt Hsu from Upright Heath wrote a great article about this topic: Femoral acetabular impingement: what you need to know and what your doctor wont tell you. In the article, he lists some very helpful studies:

  • Gosgiv et al, 2008 – Out of 4151 individuals with no history of hip pain, 17% of men and 4% of women had hip impingement.
  • Reichenbach, et al. 2010 – 25% of young men in a Switzerland study with no hip pain had hip impingement.
  • Weir et al. 2011 – there was no correlation between groin pain and limited hip range of motion and hip impingement.

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How You Sit And How Long You Sit For

Sitting for long periods of time causes compression to your lower back and spine, as well as muscular imbalances in the hips and legs. Sitting causes the hamstring muscles at the back the legs, to be held in extension. While the quadricep muscles, at the front of the thighs, are stuck in flexion with the knees bent. When the body is stuck in this position for hours on end, it causing weaknesses and imbalances within the muscles and soft tissues through compression strains and inactivity for long hours of the day.

Why It Is Important To Take Action For Hip Pain And Bursitis

Especially if the pain is attributed to Trochanteric bursitis, it is important to take steps and find out why the pain is there in the first place, and what can be done to resolve it. Even though there are countless examples of hip pain coming and going, Trochanteric bursitis is not going to resolve itself without proper treatment.

Even if you believe that the hip pain that you are experiencing is not because of Trochanteric bursitis, receiving treatment is still able to offer you a number of different benefits that doing nothing does not. It can help speed up the recovery process, it can offer you greater range of motion while you are struggling with the discomfort, and it can help reduce the pain.

If you experience hip pain and are unsure whether it might be because of Trochanteric bursitis, make sure that you call Total Back Care today. Our qualified professionals are able to offer relief or at the very least identify the issue. Call today on 8357 8211 and schedule your appointment.

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Benefits Of Hip Massage Therapy

Not all injuries or scenarios benefit from massage therapy, however, many there are many people who get great results from regular massage. Here is a list of the potential benefits:

  • Increased blood circulation to promote healing of the injured tissues
  • Better lower body in the hamstrings, quads, glute, and hip muscles for alignment and improved coordination with daily activities
  • Improved hip range of motion for better tolerance for weight-bearing activities
  • Increased feelings of well-being secondary to the release of feel good hormones
  • A great adjunct to other treatment options like foam rolling, hip exercises, and hip flexor stretching.
  • Better quality of life and relaxation

How Do You Massage Your Hip Flexors

Pin on Self Care

Since the hip flexors lie deep in the abdominal cavity, is there still a way to treat hip flexor pain with massage?

Rather than doingdeep tissue massage and othertypes of massage that promotes aggressive force on the tissues, Ah Kit suggests a more pleasant and less invasive treatmentan approach based ondermoneuromodulation that addresses the nervous system and skin.

Photo: A therapist might use Dycem to help stretch the skin to change how you feel pain. Photo: Walt Fritz.

It is possible that pain in the area may be also related to restriction of the femoral nerve where it emerges medially to the ASIS and below the inguinal ligament, Ah Kit said. Using skin stretch techniques described byDiane Jacobs in her book, the area superficial to the iliopsoas attachment can be treated before attempting any deeper work.

Ah Kit suggested that treating the iliopsoas is usually done with the patient lying on their back and their knees and hips slightly flexed over a bolster or large pillow.

The belly of the iliopsoas cannot be easily accessed, despite what some therapists may believe, she said. Deep work superior and medial to the ASIS can be extremely uncomfortable for the client because there is pressure on the ascending or descending colon.

The belly of the iliopsoas cannot be easily accessed, despite what some therapists may believe, Rachel Ah Kit, RMT, said. Deep work superior and medial to the ASIS can be extremely uncomfortable. Photo courtesy of Rachel Ah Kit.

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Hydrotherapy And Physical Therapy

Hydrotherapy is a form of physical rehabilitation that can encourage movement and uses temperature and pressure to encourage blood flow throughout the body. This can reduce pain in the hips.

Standard physical therapy treatments can also help reduce hip pain in patients with arthritis, strains, tears, tendinitis, and other less severe hip problems.

Causes Of Hip Injuries

  • Imbalance in feet or knees can result in a misalignment of the muscle chain and thus cause hip pain.
  • Significant lower limbs and pelvis muscle tensions can cause pelvic angle changes, resulting as hip discomfort.
  • Similarly, excess weight can cause abnormal joint tension and abnormally tilt the pelvis. In the long term, this deviation can lead to joint denegation .
  • Arthritis or osteoporosis can cause joint degeneration, creating pain episodes.
  • Some diseases such as arthritis² and fibrositis³ cause transient inflammatory seizures, recognizable by hip pain, local heat and redness.
  • A trauma, a fall or an accident can produce functional joint disorders such as lameness, pain, mobility loss, etc.
  • Lumbar or sacroiliac muscle tensions can lead to hip pain.

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Whats New In This Article

2017 Science update Cited evidence of poor correlation between hip pain and radiographic signs of arthritis .

2016 Added footnote explaining contralateral gluteus medius and minimus action. Added footnote about the poor safety record of hip replacement surgery. Miscellaneous minor edits.

2016 Miscellaneous editing and improvements. Fixed a few minor errors, moved some details into footnotes.

2005 Publication.

Causes And Risk Factors Of Hip Flexor Pain

Lower Back /Hip Pain Massage Techniques

Sometimes its difficult to find a specific cause of a type of hip flexor pain. You might be driving and whistling to work one day, and when you get out of your car, you feel a sharp pain near your groin and you have no idea why that happened.

But pain always comes from multiple factors, so its important to consider that when you talk to your doctor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist.

Some of these factors include:

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How Does Massage Therapy Help Hip Pain And Bursitis

Especially if the hip pain is attributed to Trochanteric bursitis, it is important to have a massage therapist that understands that directly massaging the inflamed bursa may do more harm than good. The only time that massage benefits this discomfort is if the adjacent muscles are tightening or the person experiences muscle spasms.

The soft tissue massage is going to focus on the connective tissue such as fascia, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It can help alleviate any hip pain, aches, and injuries directly related to soft tissue. One of the primary reasons that massage is successful in the treatment of non-specific hip pain is that it can decrease the joint inflammation, speed up the healing time of strained muscular tissue and ligaments, relax muscles, and increase blood circulation.

Can Massage Help Hip Pain

If you are experiencing acute pain in your hip, its important to see your doctor to rule out sciatica or arthritis. Even if you are diagnosed with one of these conditions, massage may still be able to provide some relief.

A good way to test if the cause of your aching hips is muscular is to use your fingertips to apply pressure to the buttocks and side of the hips. Youll know if you come across any trigger points another name for knots as these spots will feel particularly tender. They may be quite deep, so prepare to get your knuckles involved.

If knots are the culprit, massage is a simple and effective treatment. Try a booking a Deep Tissue Massage with a professional massage therapist who can get into between the fibers and into the layers of your muscles. Massage works by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, as well as removing lactic acid. Your therapist will use their hands, forearms and even elbows to warm the area, and apply pressure to achieve relief.

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