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What Is The Best Foot Spa Massager

What Is A Foot Spa

â Top 5:ð¦¶Best Home Foot Spa In 2022 [ Best Foot Massager Spa ]

A Foot Spa is a device that functions to soothe your aching feet. It is a tube-shaped device that is filled with lukewarm water and various essential oils and bath salts of your choice. You submerge your feet in this mixture and let the device work wonders on the tensed muscles.

The unit massages your feet and gives you a spa-like foot treatment without you leaving your house to go to a spa. Not only does it relax your painful muscles, but it also tends to reduce all sorts of stress or uneasiness you might be holding onto. It gives your feet the attention and appreciation that they deserve.

Moreover, the device consists of different type of rollers and vibration features which give you deep tissue massage. Soaking your feet in water also tends to soften your feet which makes removing cuticles and dead skin very easy and painless!

Our feet require a certain amount of care that most of us forget to provide them with because of our busy routines. This device makes taking care of our feet much easier. It requires no hassle and does not take much of your time. Just soak your feet in the bubbling water all the while working on an assignment.

If you are someone that has to be on their feet for the majority of the day, a foot spa is going to save you from saying My feet are killing me. It is an easy and manageable solution for painful feet.

Top 5 Best Foot Spa Massagers For Large Feet

Foot spas give deep-kneading massage to the feet in the presence of treated water to relieve aching feet. Here is the list of the top five best foot spa massagers for large feet. The list is in no particular order.

This foot spa is one of the best folks with large feet can opt for, in fact, it is made for large feet size as it perfectly fit users with 14-inches mens size. It is big enough for both women and men.

All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massagerhas three preset program vibration massage, heating, and oxygen bubble massage, all working to give you the best foot spa experience.

It does not have a control panel and LCD screen. The massage modes are controlled through the control knob. You also get a good massage to the sole through its non-motorized rollers. Since the rollers are non-motorized, you will need to glide your feet on the rollers and control the intensity by how hard you press your feet on it.

The foot spa is compatible with massage salt, essential oils, and seaweeds. It also has an in-built PTC heater to raise the temperature of the water to your preference while it also keeps the temperature constant.

The body is made with high-quality plastic with high temperature and aging resistance. It is good for personal use and gift to loved ones.

Benefits Of A Foot Massager

If you’re still on the fence about your potential purchase, let’s examine some of the benefits of a foot massager:

  • Pain relief

Foot massagers can help relieve foot pain. They’re ideal for people who work on their feet, athletes, or anyone who suffers from aches and pains in their feet. A foot massager can also help lessen the discomfort associated with a range of foot-specific conditions, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs.

  • Blood flow

Massage promotes blood flow, so a foot massager can improve circulation in your lower extremities.

  • Relaxation

Many people find using a foot massager extremely relaxing.

  • Health

Having your feet massaged makes them generally healthier and can help prevent future issues. Whats more, foot massagers can reduce fluid retention in the feet, ankles, and lower legs, which can be an issue if you sit or stand for the majority of the day.

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Best Toe Touch Control: Conair Waterfall Foot Pedicure Spa

If toe touch operation is a must-have for you, the Conair Waterfall Foot Pedicure Spa has exactly what youre looking for. Three large buttons help you control settings with the simple touch of a toe:

  • light, heat and bubble massage modes
  • waterfall feature
  • the bubbles high or low settings

So when youre ready to turn on the relaxing blue LED lights, to make the water warm and flowing down on your feet in a waterfall, or to crank up the bubbles, theres no reason to bend way over to do so. The toe touch control is completely hands-free on the Conair foot spa so you can just lean back and rest.

Foot Spa Maintenance And Cleaning

All in one foot spa bath massager w/ motorized rolling massage, heat ...

The foot spa works wonders. It makes us thank mankind for being smart enough to create a machine that takes care of our feet and relieves them from aching muscles.

To ensure the hygiene and longevity of our beloved device, we need to take some extra measures to keep it shining in all its glory. We have described below the most basic and essential care tips that you should follow.

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The Health Benefits Of Using A Foot Massager

Foot massagers can help to improve circulation, immunity, performance, concentration and lead to reduced aches, pains, stress and tension. “A foot massage on a regular basis can help improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood circulation throughout the body and lessen the workload of circulation on the heart, keeping it strong and healthy,” says Miguel Cunha, D.P.M., a podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare. “Reducing tension in the muscles of your feet will reduce the muscular contractions of blood vessels in your feet. That will promote the circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain, and therefore improve concentration.”

A foot massage can also stretch muscle fibers to promote flexibility, which can improve circulation and therefore energy levels, says Cunha. On the flip side, a foot massage can also help you relax before bed ridding your feet of tension can also help you sleep better at night, he says. How exactly? Massages can interfere with pain signals being sent to your brain by stimulating competing nerve fibers with the sensation of pleasure. They’ll then override the signal of pain messages to and from the brain and any pain you’re having will be be less likely to keep you up, explains Cunha.

Beurer Mp70 Paraffin Wax Bath: The Best Foot Spa Alternative

Price: £77 |

This is a bit of a wildcard, again from Beurer, because it’s a paraffin wax bath. But if you’re looking to get supple skin on your feet as well as your elbows and hands this machine does a similar job to classic foot spas.

After melting the orange-scented wax in the bath, you put your feet in a number of times to create a coating of wax around each foot. You then wrap sheets of plastic film around your feet, leave for 20 minutes and then peel the wax off to reveal baby-soft skin.

The heat is also said to be good for relieving the pain of arthritis and injuries.

Key specs Massage type: Vibration and bubbles Heater: Yes Display: Yes Timer: No Number of pedicure attachments: None Warranty: 2 years

Price: £29 |

As a foot spa, this model from Revlon is fairly straightforward. Simply fill it with warm water, and let the bubbles do their work. The massage pressure is, by all accounts, decent enough for the price, but not the best available. Theres also the fact that theres no heater, so youll need to top the water up if you want a longer foot bath.

What makes this one stand out from the rest, however, is just how many pedicure accessories you get for your money. As well as the detachable pumice stone and massage roller, this kit includes a brush, a nail cleaner, two cuticle pushers, a pair of cuticle scissors, two toe separators, an emery board and a storage pouch to keep it all in one place.

Price: £100 |

Price: £40 |

Price: £40 | Buy now from Argos

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Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Best Overall

This best-selling foot massager proves that you get what you pay for. Its the cream of the crop of foot massagers, with a deep, powerful range of kneading. The five different modes can be adjusted to hit your feet, ankles and calves. It rolls, compresses, sways and heats, and even has a quiet mode for more of a spa-like session. Plus, the three different levels of intensity makes this customizable to your preference. It brings the shiatsu technique to your home, and is the closet machine that mimics a human touch. Several of the over 10,000 near-perfect Amazon reviews claim this machine has changed lives, especially for those who suffer from neuropathy, diabetes, plantar fasciitis and other foot-based aliments.

What reviewers say:Ill admit that my expectations were not very high for a foot massager, but when I read the reviews, and the chief complaint was that it was painful, I knew I had to try it. Straight to the bottom line: This machine is excellent! A massage therapist with exceptionally strong hands is the only superior alternative I can think of. But hiring a professional to come to my TV room every night for an hour would not be as convenient, and considerably more expensive. In two weeks, its significantly reduced my plantar fasciitis. I like it so much, Im buying another one for a friend.

Powmax Foot Spa Multifunction Heat Infrared Vibrating

Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager Adjustable Time & Temperature | Bubble Jet REVIEW

The PowMax foot spa is a multifunction massage unit that soothes your feet. To relieve fatigue and pressure from your feet, a heated warm spa is created and maintained by the use of infrared heating and insulation. Moreover, the safety design prevents overheating and allows reaching a maximum of 122F. Those who prefer manual shiatsu massage, this feature 4 massage rollers rolling down your feet with air bubble oxygen increases blood circulation and metabolism.

Also, the high-frequency vibration massage is no less! This all-in-one professional spa comes in a very stylish design made of high-grade plastic, a non-skid matt, handle, seal cover and universal caster for easy carrying and moving. PowMax foot spa is easy to use with just one touch start and the settings are monitored by an LED digital screen. The only drawback is that there is no water drainage tube.


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What We Think Of The Renpho Foot Massager

The high-tech RENPHO RF-FM059 foot massager has a variety of helpful features and customizable settings that allow you to reach yet undiscovered heights of foot relaxation. This unit can fit large feet up to a size 12 Mens and wont squish your toes to do it either. Though lacking a remote control, everything else about this foot massager boasts comfort and convenience.

The massager uses rollers with massaging nodes and heat to deliver an effective deep kneading massage to your poor pain-ridden feet. With three variable kneading intensities, you can adjust your massage to match your preferences as well as your foot sensitivity on any particular day. The unit also uses air pressure to expand your massage experience and provide lasting relief and relaxation after use. Another highly convenient feature of this foot massager is the removable and machine-washable cloth covers. Your foot massager will never smell like old socks!

I am a 511 woman with a size 12 mens shoe size. Finding any type of product for my feet is tricky, but this foot massager actually fits comfortably. This foot massager has a variety of effective massage settings that all feel fantastic, and I can control it with my foot when I dont feel like bending down. The heat is really great for relaxing after a long and the effect lasts until the next shift.

Kimberly H.

What Types Of Massage Machines Are Available

Discover myriad benefits of spa treatments, from improved sleep to sports recovery. There’s nothing better than a full body treatment to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Not sure which massager is best for you? From deep tissue sticks to electric models, find your match, fast:

  • Chair Choose from multiple settings and intensity levels for targeted relief
  • Roller These can help prevent sportsrelated strain injuries and reduce lactic acid for faster recovery
  • Foot and calf Utilise heat and vibration therapy with some adjustable models providing optimal comfort in various positions
  • Neck and shoulder Some have soothing heat technology which aids in muscle relaxation and recovery
  • Scalp brush Compact, easy to use and ohso relaxing, enjoy soothing circular motions to help encourage hair growth
  • Percussion Vibration therapy uses deep tissue pulsing to release knots and help reduce muscle tension

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Kendall All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager

Wrapping up our list of the 7 best foot spas for home use is the Kendall All in One. It has the heating, bubble and vibrating massage functions for when youre in need of relaxation for feet of any size. Having large feet myself, I felt at home with this one.

The positioning of the bubble jets and massage rollers is in line with the meridians of the body. This rejuvenates your general health as it combines with the heat from the foot spa which is kept at a constant temperature throughout the exercise.

It employs the PTC heating system which ensures fast heating of the water, maintains the temperature as set, and prevents overheating. The warm water comes from a set of jets on the floor of the foot spa for the best massage experience. The holes have nodes which further improve the massage experience.


  • Has functions for oxygen bubbles massage, heating therapy and high-frequency vibration rollers the last of which are removable.
  • Heats water fast then maintains the temperature without overheating.
  • Infrared heating to warm the feet and provide relaxation.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • No splash prevention.

These foot spas and foot baths provide the best experience when it comes to massaging your feet at home. They help provide relief from the likes of plantar fasciitis and even swelling due to pregnancy. They have average pricing and are the safest foot spas on the market.

Alleviates Edema And Arthritis Pain


Edema is the swelling of your feet due to the retention of water in your tissues. It usually occurs in pregnant women or people with underlying diseases. And it is very painful.

Arthritis is the painful swelling of joints. It is usually seen in people that are 60 years old or more. Though, it can also be seen in younger individuals as well.

A foot spa can help to soothe the pain caused by both of these diseases. The warmness of the water and the rollers of the device play a major role in alleviating the pain.

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Buying Guide For Best Foot Spas

For some individuals, foot care is the peak of luxury. A foot massage is at once relaxing and invigorating. For everyone else, you just haven’t had the right experience yet. A foot spa will make you a believer. But you can’t just purchase any old model, to experience the best, you need the best.

The ideal foot spa can heat the water to your comfort level, has a textured bottom, and is deep enough so you don’t make a mess while soaking. A foot spa that is easy to use and easy to keep clean is a foot spa that you will use more often. Look for a model that offers attachments or has desirable features such as a roller or a pumice pad.

Best Overall: Nekteck Foot Massager With Heat

This gadgets six massage heads and 18 rotating massage nodes work together to provide deep penetration for a well-rounded massage. Shoppers love that the open ergonomic design is super lightweight and portable, so they can bring the massager just about anywhere with them. In addition to heat therapy, the device also features a breathable fabric thats easy to clean, and its height is fully adjustable for added convenience.

With smart features like that, its no wonder more than 11,000 customers have given the foot massager a five-star rating. One of the best purchases I have ever made,raved one. I am on my feet all day long. Im a Veterinary Assistant and I work long hours on my feet. This little foot massager is amazing! I love that you can press hard on the rollers and they continue to spin without slowing down. Also LOVE the heating aspect of it. The heat really relieves the soreness.

Buy It: Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat, $55 with coupon, was $60,

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Homedics Bubble Therapy Foot Spa With Heat Boost Power

HoMedics Bubble Therapy Foot Spa features a plain yet effective design with 4 node manual rollers for a soothing foot kneading massage. The tub basin surface has small raised bumps called acu-nodes that stimulate blood circulation even when gliding feet on massage rollers. However, the basin is not deep but large enough for all foot sizes and comes with a toe-touch control that allows a hand-free operation and let feet handle the on/off.

The bubbles stream is very helpful for feet relaxation. Enjoy the benefits of bath salts and essential oils by adding in the spa material compartment. Moreover, to give you a more professional level pedicure, it comes with accessories like cleaning brush and pumice stone. Though the heating element works well to warm water to a favorable temperature, there is no thermostat.


Foot Spa Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Foot Spa Massager Machines Reviewed UK

A foot spa can help you fight against many health issues. Therefore, finding one that befits your needs is important.

You should not buy the first item that you find on a site. It is always better to research as much as you can before settling for a single device. Even then, it is preferable that you read through reviews so that you can see all of its plus points as well as its negative points. For ease of use, you can make a checklist of the type of unit you want and buy the one that ticks most of the boxes off your list.

But this seems too much of a hassle! Having to go through multiple sites and articles is exhausting so we wont let you suffer. To help you make a checklist, we have researched extensively and came up with a list of all the features and factors you need to take into consideration before buying a Foot Spa unit for your use.

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