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How Do You Get A Massage License

How Do I Get A Massage Therapy License

How To Become a Licensed Massage Therapist/ Schooling, Licensure and Continuing Education

Choosing to become a massage therapist can be a rewarding career. Competent therapists may choose to work for others or establish their own business. In either case, many jurisdictions do require all massage therapists to hold a current license in order to pursue business within the area. If you need to obtain a massage therapy license, here is some information you should keep in mind.

The fact is that not all cities and towns require that massage therapists have any special type of credentials. This means that if you want to work for an established massage parlor, health spa, or gym, you will not need any type of marriage therapy licensing from the local jurisdiction. When this is the case, all you really will need is your own business license if you plan on setting up your own business. In most cities and towns, this can be obtained for a small fee at the local city hall.

Indiana’s Title Protection Law

Those who would like to claim the title of a massage therapist in the state of Indiana must meet the requirements of “title protection.”

This means that anyone can practice massage without a license in the state, but they aren’t allowed to call themselves a massage therapist without first getting an Indiana state certification.

Medical Massage Therapy Certification

The Medical Massage Therapy certification comprises multiple classes focusing on different parts of the body. Medical massage therapy is a type of remedy for those experiencing pain from injuries or illnesses. It applies corrective and restorative techniques to patients. To earn this certification, complete 600 hours of supervised instruction and pass an exam.

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Mist How To Reinstate Or Reactivate Your Expired Massage License

Another exception could be if the state board changes its rules for maintaining certification.

Here is what you do to reactivate your massage license:

Go to your state boards website and see if there is a place where you can type in your massage license number.

Many state board websites allow you to find out the status of your license by simply typing in the number.

This step will confirm the status of your license.

Next, determine how many continuing education courses you need and obtain them.

This information is also on the state boards website.

Finally, prepare and send the evidence of continuing education along with the renewal fee to the address listed on the state board.

Some states may require a form to be filled out as well, which will also be available on the state boards website.

Massage Therapist Education Requirements

Fake Diplomas and Transcripts

Being a massage therapist requires a postsecondary degree award, normally in the form of a certificate or associates degree.

The amount of time required for educational programs are typical for the kind of degree 1 year for a certificate and 2 years for an associates degree.

Some massage therapy programs confer bachelors degrees, though this is not the norm and a bachelors degree is not required to get a job in the field.

As of 2014, 45 states regulate the activity of massage therapists. Most of these states require massage therapists to complete a training program, pass a license examination, and renew their license every 4 years.

The two main licensing exams used are the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination . Some states have their own licensing examination.

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Massage And Special Treatment Licence


Submit application via local council
  • Visit –
Implement public notice of application
  • Advertise application by means of a notice displayed at premises for 28 consecutive days
  • Publish notice of application in a local newspaper within 7 days of making the application
  • Prepare for site visit

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Understanding Federal And State Massage Therapy License Laws

Regulations about massage therapy certification and licensure are often misunderstood.

Massage therapists aren’t subject to any national regulations when it comes to running this type of business. There isn’t a national licensing or certification program that would allow a single massage therapist to practice anywhere within the United States.

Many states have a massage therapy board that sets educational requirements, testing requirements, and issues licenses. So, it’s important to understand and follow the regulations that apply to massage therapists in the state or states where the therapist practices.

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Practicing Massage Therapy Without A License

Wyoming, Vermont, Minnesota, or Kansas are states that do not require a massage license.

While these are the only states where you can be a massage therapist without out license, there may be additional requirements. Before setting up a practice, it’s crucial to check with local authorities to find out if there are licensing or education requirements that apply to massage therapists or their businesses. It’s also important to understand any local and civil penalties that may apply if you are practicing massage therapy without a license in the area.

One way to do this is to speak with other massage therapists in the area. The American Massage Therapy Association is also a trusted resource for up-to-date information about massage certification requirements.

Massage Education Requirements In California

*UPDATE! How I Lost My Massage License.

Applicants for massage certification in California are required to complete a minimum of 500 hours of in-class instruction from a CAMTC approved school. 100 hours of the approved program must be in anatomy and physiology, contraindications, health and hygiene, and business and ethics. Applicants who attended a massage school out-of-state must have a received education and training substantially equivalent to CAMTC approved schools. CAMTC does not accept out-of-country education.

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How To Get Certified As A Massage Therapist

You may be tempted to find the cheapest and quickest massage certification course so you can get practicing right away. In some cases, that may be the best option for you. However, the more widely recognized your certification is, the more employment opportunities will be available to you. It’s important to keep that in mind as you research massage therapy certification programs in your area.

Your local community college might offer a course, and that’s likely to be the most affordable option. Private, for-profit schools can be pricier. But the most important question to ask is what kind of certification you’ll be receiving, and what type of certification employers in your area require to hire you. If you’re confident about opening a private practice, it may not matter as much, but it’s always good to have more options.

The gold standard of national certification for massage therapy is NCBTMDB . Becoming board-certified is not a requirement to practice massage therapy, but it shows the highest level of commitment and professionalism to your clients and potential employers. It requires graduating from an approved school, passing a board exam, and a few other qualifications in addition to your regular license or certification.

Working As A Massage Therapist

No two jobs are made the same, and your experience as a massage therapist will depend on your career aspirations, personal schedule, workplace, specialty, and education level.

Like many other beauty careers, massage therapy is not always a 9-5 job, as evening and weekend hours may be expected depending on your employer. Many positions are held in rehab centers, nursing homes, or hospitals, while salons, spas, resorts, cruise ships, and homeopathic offices also offer opportunities. You could also provide at-home or mobile massage services.

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How Much Does Massage School Cost

Massage school tuition varies dramatically based on the type of degree or certification youre seeking. Even among massage-specific educational tracks, the difference in cost can be huge. For instance, annual tuition for a massage therapy certification for the 2018-2019 academic year is $11,700 at the Healing Mountain Massage School in Salt Lake City, Utah, while an associate degree in massage therapy costs $27,102 a year from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California.

What Does Camtc Do

How to Get a Massage Therapy License in the State of ...

Allows Portability

Before CAMTC was created, California massage professionals were often required to obtain a city/ county license or permit in every city they practiced. Mobile massage licenses could be pricey and complicated to keep straight. Or if a therapist worked in one city and got a job in a neighboring city, a new license was required.

CAMTC certification allows massage professionals to provide services anywhere in the State of California for one price, $150. There is no need to obtain multiple local permits.

Public Protection

Massage regulations exist to protect the public, since getting a massage by an untrained therapist can be potentially dangerous. Certified therapists must meet certain educational and examination requirements, as well as undergo background checks.

You can verify a certified massage therapist on CAMTCs website.

Protects the CMT title

CAMTC protects the professional title, Certified Massage Therapist , and Certified Massage Practitioner . Only CAMTC certified therapists can use this title in their advertising.

Whats the difference between a CMP and CMT?

Previously, there were two certification levels, Certified Massage Practitioners and Certified Massage Therapists. CMTs had more stringent requirements . Now, California only certifies CMTs.

Previously certified CMPs may only use the title CMP and can continue to recertify as a CMP, unless they pass the MBLEx and upgrade to CMT.

Certifying Schools

CAMTC does not:

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist In Hawaii

In order to become a massage therapist in Hawaii, candidates must complete 570 hours of on-campus training. After passing that test, you must pass the State of Hawaii licensing exam as well. A massage therapy license in Hawaii does not require passing a national exam to obtain certification as an instructor.

Obtaining A Los Angeles City Massage Therapist License

Obtain massage therapist information packet and all forms. You will need to go to Los Angeles City Hall downtown or a local Los Angeles City Finance Office to pick them up.

Bring completed forms to the Office of Finance, where you will be fingerprinted and you also must submit three passport-size photos.

Pay associated fees at the Office of Finance location. Currently the original fees for the two massage therapist licenses are $522 and the annual police permit is $131. There is a change of location fee of $361, if applicable. The current original fee for the massage therapist business–off premises is $478 and the annual police permit is $100. The change-of-location fee for that license, if applicable, is $478.

Take the written multiple-choice exam and the practical exam on the date that will be assigned to you by the Office of Finance. Bring a friend for the practical skills part of the exam. After you pass the tests, a background check will be conducted, and you will receive your license and permits in the mail.


Make sure you are getting the appropriate license for where you want to work. Los Angeles County has about 88 cities in it, many with licensing requirements of their own. To avoid delays in your application, make sure the address on the license forms matches the address on file with the California DMV. Make sure to comply with current license-renewal regulations and continuing-education requirements.

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Option : Massage Therapy Bachelors Degree

Bachelors programs in massage therapy are rarer than certificate and associates programs and are normally focused on training massage therapists to become specialized in a particular therapeutic technique.

Many who are working towards a bachelors degree in massage therapy are currently licensed professionals.

These programs also tend to involve courses focusing on alternative medicine and treatments, such as various indigenous and Chinese therapeutic techniques and substances, as well as various core college requirements such as English, psychology, and math. Many who complete an associates degree transfer those credits to work toward a bachelors degree.

The typical bachelors degree takes about 4 years to complete.

Pass A Camtc Approved Exam

Dual License Massage Therapy – Student Testimonial

This will not be a requirement after 1/1/2019! If you are seeking certification near the end of 2018 and do not want to wait until 2019, you still need to show proof of a CAMTC-approved exam to get certified. You can read more about SB 1480, which was signed into law, here.

The CAMTC accepts the following exams:

  • Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam
  • Board Certification Exam in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage
  • New York State Massage Therapy Examination

If you have passed one of the above exams previously in another state, you can fill out a mobility/ score request form from the NCETMB or FSMTB, pay a small fee to forward those scores to the CAMTC.

If you have not passed one of these exams, you will need to do so in order to get certified. The MBLEx is the most common entry-level exam used in other states.

The NCETMB and NCETM are no longer given. The BCETMB is not used by many other states for a licensing exam and has higher hour requirements than the MBLEx.

Need to Study for the MBLEx?

Massage Exam Academy offers unlimited practice exams to help you pass the MBLEx.

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Massage Education Requirements In Hawaii

Hawaii massage license applicants are required to complete a minimum of 570 hours of in-class instruction from an accredited school.

  • 50 hours of in-class coursework on human anatomy, physiology and structural kinesiology
  • 100 hours of in-class coursework on theory and demonstration of massage. This must include procedure, record keeping, hygiene, theory, draping, technique for specific conditions, contraindications, and client assessment.
  • 420 hours of practical massage training, either as a student or as part of a massage apprentice program.

Applicants who received their massage education out-of state must show proof of completion of the training program. The school attended must have been approved or licensed by an educational agency, accredited education institution, the AMTA or the Rolf Institute.

Can I Transfer Massage License To Hawaii

What is the process for transferring o Hawaii? ? It is not possible to transfer your out-of-state license to Hawaii. Obtain an application for a Hawaii license and meet the requirements that go into effect during that time. Another license, which is a state license, requires passing a licensing exam.

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Zero Balancing Certification Program

The Zero Balancing Certification Program gives students experience working with body structure and energy through touch. It helps students deepen their skills and gain access to mentorship and community. To become a certified zero balancer , complete 100 course hours. This may include one-on-one touch feedback and other activities.

Professional Massage Therapy Associations & Groups

How To Get A Thai Massage Online Certificate And CEUs

Building a massage business depends on professionals making connections. One way massage therapists can make connections with their peers, as well as possible clients, is by joining professional associations. Below are some of the groups that can help massage therapists succeed throughout their career.

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Massage Certifications And Degrees

The requirements to practice as a massage therapist are most often regulated at the state level, with four exceptions: Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Vermont. There are different massage education paths that will satisfy each states licensing requirements. These generally break down into two types: certifications that are focused on teaching you massage-related information quickly so you can get licensed and working as a massage therapist as soon as possible, and more general education degrees where massage or massage-related coursework features prominently as a specialization.

The variety of massage education options means that many different types of institutions offer massage therapy schooling, including local community colleges, so-called naturalistic colleges, and stand-alone massage schools. Make sure you confirm the program you choose is accredited, as many states require you to have attended an accredited program in order to be licensed. In addition, federal financial aid programs will only provide funding if your school is accredited.

Whats best for you depends on your educational goals do you want a well-rounded learning experience or are you more focused on obtaining exactly what you need to begin practicing with clients? You should also consider how much time youre willing to invest in your schooling, and remember that the minimum education required by employers varies based on your state.

Board Certification In Therapeutic Massage And Bodywork

The Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is the highest voluntary credential for massage professionals. Some benefits of this title include attracting more clients, gaining credibility and becoming more versatile.

To become board certified, you must graduate from a National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork assigned school and pass the board certification exam. The exam comprises questions on applied science, massage techniques, professionalism, ethics and law and business practices. You also must pass a criminal background check, verify your current massage therapy state license and agree to abide by the NCBTMB standards and code of ethics.

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