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Massage For Stress And Anxiety

Best Massage Technique To Relieve Physiological Signs Of Stress

Vagus Nerve Massage For Stress And Anxiety Relief

Other studies show us that, while massage therapy does improve stress levels in a positive way, it does matter what type of massage the client receives. Diego, shows us that moderate pressure results in a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in relaxation while light pressure or vibration results in an increase in physiological arousal symptoms. In addition, Cambron, points out that, while Swedish massage reduces blood pressure significantly, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage actually increase blood pressure.

In other words, a moderate Swedish massage is far more relaxing, both medically as well as perceived by the client, than a deep tissue or trigger point therapy massage. Other forms of rigorous massage, stretching and movement are also shown to increase stimulation and therefore blood pressure and physiological responses in the body.

Essentially, studies have shown what most massage therapists already knew: that a moderate pressure Swedish massage can bring about a state of calm, blissful relaxation that lowers blood pressure and reduces stress for most people, making massage an important part of our healthcare regiment in our fast-paced, stressful, modern world.


Bunker, S. J., Colquhoun, D. M., Esler, M. D., Hickie, I. B., Hunt, D., Jelinek, V. M., & Tonkin, A. M. . Stress and coronary heart disease: psychosocial risk factors. The Medical Journal of Australia, 178, 272-276.

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Best Massage For Stress And Anxiety

Stress may be a natural response to disturbing things, and in tiny amounts will assist you to feel additional intended and driven. However, an excessive amount of stress will have a harmful result on your body it will keep you awake at nighttime, cause you to feel run down and tense, and may typically result in alternative health issues later down the road. Fortunately, there are a variety of massage techniques that are unit effective in relieving stress and anxiety. Regular massages encourage the assembly of 5-hydroxytryptamine and monoamine neurotransmitters, creating happiness and relaxation, which might then make stress easier to beat. If youre searching to facilitate relieving feelings of stress or anxiety, a visit to your native spa will do wonders for your health and welfare. Thus weve summarised our prime picks of the simplest massages for stress relief.

Stress Management & Massage Therapy

Receiving a massage has many health benefits, but today we would like to focus on one health problem that has an effect on everyone. STRESS. Did you know that receiving just one massage can actually reduce your heart rate and your cortisol levels? A Field Study found that when moderate and light pressure massage have been compared in laboratory studies, moderate pressure massage reduced depression, anxiety and heart rate, and it altered EEG patterns, as in a relaxation response. Moderate pressure massage has also led to increased vagal activity and decreased cortisol levels. In return, reducing the stress in your body and mind can offer you a vast number of health benefits. From reducing anxiety, restlessness, and sleeping problems, to increasing joy, productivity and motivation, do your body a favor and schedule yourself a massage today!

*Field Study can be found at

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Options To Reduce Stress

There are several ways of reducing stress and, therefore, cortisol in the body including meditation, learning coping skills, a strong social network of support, exercise and, of course, massage therapy. Massage therapy has been shown to reduce the overall effects of stress on the body and bring about a feeling of emotional well-being. This makes it a powerful tool in the fight against stress and tension.

Field, demonstrates that massage therapy is shown to reduce cortisol levels by an average of 31%, increase serotonin levels 28% and dopamine levels 21% on average. Similarly, Hernandez-Reif, explain that diastolic blood pressure and hypertension decreased after massage and that there was less reported anxiety, depression and hostility, along with reduced cortisol levels in urine and saliva.

Choosing The Best Massage For Stress And Anxiety

Massage Therapy in Sherman Oaks to Help Deal with Anxiety ...

Getting a massage might not be the first thing that pops into someones head when thinking about ways to combat stress and anxiety.

While this might be the case, a massage can be an excellent solution for managing issues in your tissues. Not only is massage good for your body, but it can also help you understand specific physical symptoms related to your anxiety.

If you get frequent migraines, chronic pain, and soreness because of stress and anxiety, massage can tackle all these issues. To experience all of these benefits, you should first do a little research and look at your various options.

If you suffer from decision fatigue, get some help from one of the best writing companies. They can send an email on your behalf to local massage businesses to see which therapy would be best suited for you.

No matter which massage establishment you choose, they are all bound to help you feel relaxed and renewed after just a short time.

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Patient Recruitment And Follow

We evaluated 667 potential participants for eligibility using a multi-step screening process: 69 were eligible and randomized . Among those not randomized, 79.9% were ineligible at some point in the screening process, with the majority found ineligible by the GAD screener or the telephone screen . The eligibility status of all 86 persons who refused to continue the screening process was unknown. Thirty-four persons were never screened for eligibility because the recruitment period had ended. One participant was excluded after randomization, but before receiving treatment, after we learned this individualâs anxiety may have been caused by a recently diagnosed serious health condition.

Participant Trial Flow

Our analysis included 68 participants randomized to therapeutic massage , thermotherapy , or the relaxing room . Follow-up rates were 85% and 94% at 12 and 26-weeks, respectively, and were similar across groups. These numbers include four persons later discovered to have had PHQ scores exceeding our inclusion threshold of 14 by 1 to 3 points .

Hand Massage For Stress And Anxiety

Today is April 20, 2020. How are you doing? Some of us have been under lockdown for 5 or 6 weeks and who knows how many more. This week I will show you several hand massages for stress and anxiety which I believe is useful for many at this time of uncertainty.

Lets start with fingertips. There are points by the edge of the nail bed. Outside of the thumb, thumb side on the index and middle finger, pinky side on the ring finger, and both sides on the pinky. But to make it easier, just pinch each edge of the nail bed with your thumb and index finger and massage. You can stimulate it 10 times or squeeze for a count of 10 as you take a deep breath. Repeat on all the fingers except the ring finger.

Here is why. When you stimulate the fingertips, you are working on the autonomic nervous system which controls the automatic bodily functions such as breathing, the heartbeat and digestive processes. When you work on the tip of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and pinky, you are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which helps you relax, rest and restore.

The tip of the ring finger works on sympathetic nervous system which raises alertness and the heart rate to prepare you for the fight or flight situation. So working on the ring finger is ok only when you feel down or lightly depressed or your blood pressure and blood sugar level is low during the day. Otherwise, skip the ring finger for de-stress and relaxation purpose.

Repeat on the other hand.

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Can Massage Help With Anxiety And Depression

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissues to promote relaxation, improve function, and decrease pain. It has been used for thousands of years to improve the state of the mind, body, and soul.

Today, massage is frequently used to promote feelings of relaxation and to decrease stress or anxiety, as well as treat chronic pain or injuries. In fact, there is a variety of evidence and research studies supporting the use of massage in improving depression and anxiety symptoms. This is widely attributed to massage therapy and its ability to decrease levels of cortisol throughout the body and increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is your rest and digest system. It is the opposite of your fight-or-flight system, which is activated during the stress response. By calming your fight-or-flight system and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, you are able to fully relax and put aside your worries, thoughts, and fears.

Interestingly, experts claim that these symptom-reducing effects associated with massage actually last long after your massage session has ended. Further, massage can help improve your sleep which can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

Massage Medical Aid For Anxiety

Hand Massage for Stress and Anxiety – Massage Monday #495

Anxiety is usually treated with psychological feature activity, medical aid, medication, or a mix of the 2. The dressing Clinic reports a 60-minute massage will lower the corticosteroid, the strain endocrine, by up to thirty p.c once only 1 session. A study revealed within the journal Depression and Anxiety found participants World Health Organization who received regular massage medical aid for twelve weeks had a fifty p.c reduction in anxiety symptoms. And also, the edges werent impermanent either.

Symptom reduction remained at fifty p.c at the 26-week mark even once the medical aid had all over. Massage medical help will relieve symptoms of stress, muscle tension, and sleep difficulties in addition to its relaxing benefits. Consultants advocate stepping into with Associate in Nursing open mind and not talking or puzzling over any sources of worry throughout the massage. Get a massage. Dont worry regarding not worrying, though, either. Instead, be ready to check out some image techniques like picturing yourself during a stunning place, imagining yourself being utterly relaxed, or specializing in the areas of the body being worked on and picturing the toxins being free. And bear in mind, whereas you will need immediate expertise edges, itll seemingly take many sessions to begin seeing an enduring distinction in your anxiety.

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Reiki For Stress And Anxiety

Reiki is a popular Japanese form of alternative medicine. Also known as energy healing, it employs specific techniques that transfers universal energy through the palms of the practitioner to the patients as a way of encouraging emotional or physical healing.

It is also a form of guided meditation that can promote relaxation and balance.

Reiki helps to turn off that fight or flight response caused by a spike in cortisol levels and activates the parasympathetic nervous system that quiets the alarm and allows you to return to a neutral state.

This is a hands-off form of therapy but can have amazingly profound effects such as less overall stress and the ability to handle stressful situations more effortlessly. It also helps patients develop a stronger sense of personal power that can help them overcome anxiety as well.

What to learn more? Check out our Reiki services here.

The Space We Create Matters

A massage therapist may assist clients with anxiety disorders by creating a healthy and safe environment. A session geared toward calming the bodys senses can greatly alleviate symptoms related to anxiety.

  • Lighting: Being mindful to keep lighting soft using a non-stimulating source like a salt lamp, as this will help ease visual stimulus.
  • Sound: Musical selections devoid of lyrics, using slow-paced tracks, melodic tones, and harmonic rhythms are ideal choices to help one remain at ease upon the table.
  • Listening: A massage therapist may end up listening to the concerns of their client during a panic attack or somatic-emotional response during a bodywork session. The therapist needs to remember to remain neutral in language tone, both verbal and non-verbal. Listen empathetically without becoming sympathetically lost in their story. Remain cognizant if you, as the therapist, are developing an emotional attachment to the client, either to help save them or if you overly relate to their situation . Use clear, concise, non-judgmental language. Resist the urge to offer professional advice on the clients personal, business and social affairs.

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What Is Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a type of complementary and alternative medicine practice that is often used to treat muscle pain, injury, and stiffness. Massage therapy has also been used for the treatment of mental and emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression.

Also considered a relaxation technique, massage therapy may be able to help reduce tension and elicit feelings of calm and deep relaxation. Additionally, massage may be able to curb feelings of fear and anxiety and assist in managing other panic disorder symptoms.

CAM practices have grown in popularity and are often used in combination with more traditional medical practices. Some other common CAM practices include acupuncture, yoga, and aromatherapy.

What Happens When Were Stressed

Natural Cure For Anxiety

Whether its an actual physical stressor or psychological stressor, our body reacts in pretty much the same way the Sympathetic Nervous System is triggered. The Hypothalamus is activated by the Cortex in response to a stressor. It signals the Pituitary gland to release what are commonly called the stress hormones. The Pituitary gland further signals the peripheral endocrine glands to release or inhibit secretion of other hormones this is known as the Endocrine Axis.

These hormones enable the body to very quickly make temporary changes that are geared to keeping you alive in a life-threatening situation. This includes shutting off long-term body functions, and diverting resources to systems required to keep you alive right now.

  • Get energy. Hormones release glucose from storage sites into the blood
  • Increase heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate
  • Inhibit digestions, growth, tissue repair, and reproduction
  • Activate the immune system
  • Increase glucose and oxygen to the brain
  • Increase blood flow to the hindbrain responsible for reflex actions
  • Enhance short-term learning, memory, and memory recall

You can see how these changes would help in a life-threatening situation but maybe not so when lying in bed worried about a project at work tomorrow.

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How Massage Affects The Muscular System

Massage not only positively affects the nervous system, but the muscular system as well. Stress, anxiety, and pain are closely related ailments. As mentioned before, muscle aches and pains are common for people with anxiety. Massage can help relieve the tension that causes these discomforts through muscle and tissue manipulation. Muscle pain relief is achieved when tissues that are tense, tight, or compressed are returned to their normal resting position, which can be achieved through direct manual therapy. Massage has also been proven to have a positive effect on headaches and migraines, which are common complaints for those with consistent tension. Headaches can occur because tense muscles of the neck put pressure on nerves and blood vessels in that area, which causes restricted blood flow and pain in the face, neck, and head. These muscles can be specifically targeted during a massage and the pressure can be relieved and normal function restored.

Overall, massage has many different positive effects on the body, but for a person struggling with an anxiety disorder, it can be a useful tool in achieving relief and managing anxiety symptoms.

What Techniques Are Used To Reduce Stress

Various techniques are used to reduce stress. The techniques most commonly used include:

The most common techniques used to reduce stress include deep strokes, trigger pointing and lymphatic drainage.

Deep strokes are regularly used to reduce stress. Deep strokes involve using a firm pressure to get deep within muscle tissues. A lot of muscle stress can often come from deeper tissues as well as superficial. Stress located deeper within muscle tissues can cause increased pain and restricted movement. Deep strokes increase muscle temperature to increase tissue elasticity. Increasing tissue elasticity, loosens muscles and reduces stress and tension. Reduction of stress within muscles also decreases pain and increases movement.

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Ways Swedish Massage Can Relieve Stress And Anxiety

We all lead stressful lives. The combined stresses of work, home, and everyday life can be overwhelming at times.

Thats where the healing powers ofSwedish massage come into play.

The most popular form of therapeutic massage, Swedish massages combine different techniques and strokes to work soft tissues and muscles. The result is a total restoration of balance and health throughout your body.

The External Ear Did You Know

Self massage and meditation for anxiety and stress relief

Our ears grow throughout our entire lifetime beginning in the womb and until the end of life.

Like our fingerprints, our ears are unique to each of us.

Ears can be an amazing indicator of health imbalances.

Our ears get crushed and tired from being slept upon, usage of cell phones, earbuds, and headphones.

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What Type Of Massage Is Best For Stress And Anxiety

  • Swedish Massage When youre looking for deep relaxation, you cant go wrong with a Swedish massage. Light, rhythmic tapping, and targeted rolling and kneading result in a clear mind and relaxed body.
  • Deep Tissue Massage Deep pressing and kneading of the muscles releases knots and melt away tension. When done correctly, this massage is one of the most effective at reducing chronic pain and anxiety.
  • Trigger Point Massage A well-trained massage therapist can find and release trigger points. Once released, pain in specific problem areas fades away, and clients can fully and deeply relax.

Bodywork Modalities To Include

Bodywork modalities with success at alleviating anxiety symptoms include:

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