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Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Another area where MLD is becoming of interest is within sports medicine. Because of the claims that this modality can reduce inflammation and swelling, its natural that athletes would be interested since they get sprains and strains, similar to their interest in sports massage.

In 2009, researchers from Pennsylvania State University analyzed 100 peer-reviewed journals and concluded that there is insufficient and inconsistent ensemble of evidence to establish clinical guidelines for rehabilitating athletes.

Much like many limitations of massage studies, where its hard to establish a true control group, its hard to establish a solid baseline of measurable results.

However, with the expansion of interest in a wider pool of demographics , it may be possible to get a larger pool of subjects and eventually be able to establish better-designed randomized-controlled trials in the future.

All of these studies reflect what is commonly concluded to MLD and all massage techniques: its widely used, generally considered safe, but fairly inconclusive in regard to its results.

Although many practitioners use MLD, most conclude that research for its effects is limited with inconsistent results. However, a case can be made for the importance of having therapists stay current with research being done on this modality as funding and interest grow.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Techniques

The following strokes are the basis of most manual lymph drainage massages:

  • Stationary Circles: These strokes are applied with the palmar surfaces of the fingers or hand, stretching the skin continuously with an oval- or spiral-shaped motion. These movements are typically used on the lymph node areas in the groin or armpits, and also on the neck and face.
  • Pump Technique: Therapists use the entire palm of the hand and upper parts of the fingers to apply circular pressure to the skin. The pump techniques are used mostly to manipulate the lymphatic vessels in the extremities, using one or both hands.
  • Scooping Technique: Scoops are applied mainly to the bodys lower extremities in a spiral-shaped movement. Palms face up, fingers outstretched , this is a dynamic movement performed with either one hand or alternating hands.
  • Rotary Technique: This stroke is used on the larger surfaces of the body. The entire surface of the hand and fingers are performed using elliptical movements and applied in a continuous, dynamic way. Typically this is applied with one hand, but like scooping, if both hands are used, it is in alternating strokes.

As mentioned before, there are a number of MLD techniques that have been developed as specialized protocols. However, they tend to have these four basic strokes in common, along with other standardized features.

Stimulation of the mechanoreceptors in your skin may elicit an analgesic effect, which may decrease some level of pain relief.

What Does A Massage Cost In Chicago

A 60-minute full-body massage will usually cost between $50 – $90 at full price. However, the price of treatment will vary by massage type and session length.

With our massage deals, you could save up to 70% on the rates everyone else is paying and have money left over for a tasty deep-dish pizza afterwards.

We have foot massages for $20 or less, while our full-body massages won’t set you back much more. Looking for a birthday present for a partner, close friend, or family member? Our couples massage coupons are the perfect pamper treat for both of you.

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Post Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

My massage was AMAZING 1st time someone actually spent a full 45 mins to an hr giving me what I paid for looking forward to coming back


I got a facial and it was the most relaxing experience. I have gotten facials before from other places, but this was by far the best. I feel like all of my skin issues were addressed and taken care of. I highly recommend it.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Good For

Lymph drainage massage is based on the hypothesis that congested lymph nodes in a particular area of your body can be encouraged to be cleared out by performing a series of rhythmic, compressive strokes along lymph vessels.

Practitioners claim that it can reduce edema, swelling, and/or inflammation from lymphatic disorders or trauma to your body.

Historically speaking, all massage involves some sort of therapeutic touch. Unlike a traditional massage like Swedish and deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage focus on using feather-light pressure and circular movements no greater than the pressure itd take for your finger to move skin.

It also differs from traditional styles of massage because it focuses on the bodys lymphatic system instead of the skin, muscles, and joints. Where traditional methods apply movements as a full body massage, MLD work is performed in a specific and concentrated manner to one area or quadrant of the body.

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Best Place For A Massage After Bbl

I had such a horrible time finding a person that does lymphatic massages in the Chicago area then I came across this place on Groupon.Ms K was so patient, knowledgeable and she is a nurse which made me feel so much better about coming here . Definitely coming here for all of my massages


Best place to come for your self care needs. This place got my face right together for the nice and hot weather. Very nice and welcoming atmosphere. Ill be back, Highly recommended!!


How Often Should You Get A Lymphatic Massage


As with any type of massage therapy, there is no gold standard for how many sessions are recommended. Each client will have individual needs and goals and these should be discussed with the MLD practitioner.

Many practitioners will recommend anywhere from three to five sessions to achieve a particular short-term goal, and then recommend monthly or quarterly maintenance.

If clients are working with a medical practitioner for prescribed treatments, this will also be variable. For elective MLD work, each client can discuss with their practitioner what is feasible in regard to schedule, finances, and results.

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What Types Of Massages Are Available In Chicago

As the third-largest city in America, Chicago is rich with massage treatment options. Among the most popular types of massage in the Windy City are:

  • Swedish massage the standard practice for massages in America. Treatment involves relieving tension in your body to improve circulation and relax your muscles.
  • Hot stone therapy a more specialized treatment that includes placing heated stones along your spine, hands and legs.
  • Deep tissue massage mainly used for specific muscle pain resulting from a sports injury. Deep tissue massage treatment applies high pressure to your muscles to target pain.

How To Perform Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Its important to remember that manual lymphatic drainage varies in its techniques and applications. Generally, therapists take a continuing education course for their chosen method in this type of modality.

According to practitioner Sean Riehl, all MLD techniques have to preventing lymphedema: pressure, direction, rhythm, sequence and contraindications.

  • Pressure: Pressure should always be mindful of moving the skin, not the musculature beneath. The touch should be deep enough to deform the skin, but not so deep as to close any of the channels of lymph beneath the skin layers.
  • Direction: Lymphatic strokes should always be performed by pushing the lymph toward the correct nodes. Though a therapist would not necessarily do any harm, they would be negating the efficacy of the movements.
  • Rhythm: Correct speed and rhythm of the strokes is important to establish a type of pump for the fluid the initial lymphatics will be allowed to open and shut in a manner that the lymph can move down the vessels. Also, by providing a rhythmic protocol, this will help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the client to further relax.
  • Sequence: The order of strokes can be vital for this treatment to work. Therapists should always start near the node they are draining the fluid toward, then pushing the lymph toward that node.

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Feel Better Stress Less

Welcome to Chicago Touch, a wellness center offering a variety of massage therapy treatments, bodywork, acupuncture, medical massage, and therapeutic techniques to assist in healing from medical procedures, including scarring. Weve been in the West Loop for over 10 years. With our partner,Urban Care Chiropractic, located in our center, its easy for you to receive whole body care at one location.

Wody Willian Santana

super good experience! The therapists were very professional, gave me full attention and solved my problem. I really appreciate the place, we can see that everything is very well maintained, providing a pleasant, relaxed and warm environment.

Brian Knall

I received a massage from Alisia to help with a hamstring strain. I felt amazing afterwards and even better the next day after following her recommendations. My Physical Therapist even commented on how it must have been a great massage when conducting our next mobility assessment. Very professional, knowledgeable, and attuned. Can’t wait to go back, highly recommend!

Jessica Dangelmaier

Definitely the best massage Ive had in Chicago. Michael was fantastic he has been doing massage for 29 years and his experience shows.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage And Does It Work

Oasis Spa Chicago

Posted by | Apr 17, 2021 | Massage | 0

Massage modalities are frequently at the forefront of wellness trends, and manual lymphatic drainage massage has now entered the ring in a myriad of hot claims.

Developed as a method to combat lymphedema and lymph system ailments, lymph massage may be recommended as part of a Complete Decongestive Therapy plan, or as part of a post-operative breast cancer or other oncological treatment.

Outside of its medical applications, this technique is now being featured as a method for cellulite reduction, facial/jawline sculpting, and strengthening immune system function.

Looking at Instagram alone, the hashtag for MLD has more than 284,000 posts and is touted as being one of the top beauty crazes of 2020 and 2021.

Beauty enthusiasts are marketing to those who want to be slimmer and make use of the alleged aesthetic benefits, often with doubtful claims. Is this celebrity bandwagon only good for a passing phase like the current narrative of trigger point therapy, or does it have scientific merit?

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So Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work At All

Whether or not manual lymphatic drainage massage works, we need to examine the claims that are often made by practitioners. Many claims state that the benefits can include:

  • reducing swelling
  • removing metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins and other foreign substances from tissues
  • alleviating pain by greatly reducing pain signals sent to brain
  • calming the sympathetic nervous system to help relieve stress, and supporting/enhancing the action of the nervous system
  • lose weight or cellulite.

As the previous sections research citations show, many of the studies for the measured efficacy of MLD are inconclusive. Other studies may have slightly positive results, but the limitations of the studies lie in poor research methods, lack of control groups, or small clinical samples.

This has not prevented this technique from being prevalently used in medical treatments for edema and lymphedema, in part, because its such a gentle technique that its relatively safe, even if its application is a placebo effect or resulting in positive feelings after treatment.

If you seek out this modality for beauty reasons, you need to weigh the realistic aspects of MLD. For example, in weight loss, look closely at the before-and-after pictures and you may find that there is a reduction in localized fluid rather than actual weight loss.

There may be alleviation of bloating and water retention, but these results are only temporary.

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Is Massage Good For Lymphedema

Current evidence say that massage for lymphedemamight not add any effect to treating or preventing this disease among breast cancer patients, based on a 2020 systematic review of 17 studies that was published in Medicine.

Having analyzed the results by various factors, like the age, sample size, and the type of breast cancer surgery, some of the trials found no benefit to the prevention of lymphedema compared to other treatments, like compression garments and exercise.

While the technique might not work well, touch itself and having the presence of another person would likely alleviate stress and loneliness that cancer patients often experience.

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of fluids under the skin that becomes so severe that it begins to obstruct lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes. It can be caused by any disease that damages the lymphatic system itself.

Over time, the fluids released from arterial capillaries are incapable of being drained properly, resulting in fluid accumulating under the skin. Most instances of lymphedema occur in the extremities, but it can develop in the breasts, genitals, head, neck, or torso.

There are two distinct types of lymphedema: primary and secondary.

Cases of primary lymphedema involve lymphatic damage that is present at birth. In the case of Milroys Disease, swelling is seen at the time of birth. However, symptoms of primary lymphedema often appear later in life, beginning in early teen years or adulthood.

How Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Supposed To Work

Tutorial: Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage for Detoxification

Lymphatic massage focuses on taking advantage of lymph circulation. In a normal system, lymph fluid circulates in a one-way trip around the body. Its transported by lymph capillaries, collected by larger lymphatic vessels, and circulated all the way around to veins near the collarbone .

Because it doesnt have its own independent pump system, the fluid is moved upward against pressure by the pumps created by the active and passive muscle and joint movements. Specialized valves ensure theres no back flow of fluid.

During this journey, lymph nodes filter the fluid as it passes through them and makes its way to the base of the neck. Once this cleaned lymph fluid reaches the subclavian veins, its returned into the bloodstream.

The premise of MLD is to assist the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body, which stimulates the lymph nodes and reduces stagnation of fluids in specific areas.

Although there are various methods that have branched off the original set of techniques, most of the modalities focus on four main strokes.

Each of these strokes is performed at a level of pressure that is rather light, often described as the pressure one would use to stroke a newborn babys head. The intention is to stretch the tissue beneath the skin enough to manipulate the lymphatic structures, but not enough pressure to close off the lymphatic valves or affect underlying muscular structures.

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About A Chat With Vata Massage

What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition?I’m offering Lymph drainage massage at a discount for anyone in need of resolving swelling issues. I work hard to ensure each client is well taken care of during each session. Let’s work together & resolve your bodily issues together.

What was the inspiration to start or run this business?Helping people heal always inspires a positive change mentally, physically & emotionally. It’s a blessing & a gift to be apart of the co-healing massage treatment with each individual. This is why I continue to run my business.

What do you love most about your job?I’m in it for the functional outcome!

What is the best reaction you’ve ever gotten from a customer?When a client come in with chronic pain & leaves feeling thankful and appreciative because their pain is relieved.

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Who Is The Intended Audience For This Class

This course is offered specifically as continuing education for massage therapists. It is assumed that you have 500 hours or more of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, contraindications and massage technique.

Health care professionals who are licensed to provide touch, such as RN, CN, CNA, PT, PTA, DC, etc., are able to attend this course. Please check with your licensing board to see if you can self-report CE’s for this class. Please confirm with your state that board that provision falls within your scope of practice.

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