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Marketing Plan For Massage Therapy Business

Website Branding And Copy Should Speak To Your Demographic

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners 2018 from a Massage Therapist

Your website is very important for your brand and helps you create your online presence. Your website should include your logo, brand personality, and of course, should highlight your massage and wellness services in a compelling and clear way. Its also impactful to take time to optimize your website copy in a way that emotionally connects to your niche and keeps the reader engaged enough to contact you through a web form or phone call. You may want to consider hiring a copywriter as a resource, especially for powerful language, optimized navigation, and keywords to use that will help increase traffic and patient conversions.

A Free Massage Therapy Marketing Strategy

Published by Jeffrey Quinn on October 11, 2020October 11, 2020

Modern marketing has experienced expansive growth over the past few years and were living in an exciting, unprecedented time. With all the various social media and search engine platforms available, cooking up a truly powerful massage therapy marketing strategy is more accessible than ever before.

So yes, we can make a big splash but its essential that we have the right strategic approach.

This post will be part of my massage therapy marketing series and will focus on a free marketing strategy that massage therapy business can and should be using.

So thanks so much for stopping by today, now lets get started, shall we?


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Use A Referral Program

Create a referral program to enlist your clients help in promoting your business. To improve the chances of people telling their friends about you, offer incentives. Give clients a small discount on products and services for every successful referral. You could also offer a discount to new clients or run a two-for-one deal to encourage people to introduce their friends to your business.

To track referrals, you can offer physical coupons or discount codes. There should also be a section on your online booking program in which people can add the name of the person who referred them.

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Tips For Marketing Massage Locally

1. Know your local target market

Defining your target market begins by being clear about who it is that will be using your services. Consider the demographics of your local area and tailor your services to attract this specific clientele. Doing local market research can help you gain a bigger picture understanding of your local competition and the size of your market. You can use this information to determine the best ways to sell your services and promote your business to your local market.

2. Advertise your business

If you have a business website, you need to integrate search engine optimisation . SEO is a way to help people find your site online and is key for local businesses that want to appear on the first page of search engines such as Google. That way, when clients search for a service followed by their location, for example massage Sydney , your business has a better chance of appearing at the top of the search results and therefore attracting clients looking for local services.

Another way of targeting local audiences is through utilising both email marketing and social media. As a massage therapist, email marketing helps to foster a community with your existing clientele and is also a way of generating new leads. Social media is also an effective way of attracting clients in the local market, as you can specifically tailor your ads or hashtags to advertise your location and services, making it easier for people in your area to find you.

3. Manage reviews

Develop A Social Media Management Strategy

Do You Find Marketing Your Massage Business Overwhelming ...

By developing an effective social media management strategy, you can create brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and build a strong reputation for your business.

To get started with content ideas, think about why you got into massage therapy .

Social media is all about connecting with people on a personal level, and the best way to do that is to tell a kind of story. The theme of that story is why you got into massage in the first place.

Here is an example of this from a Facebook post:

This post does many things you want to see from social media. Its customer-generated content that tells a story that goes beyond just getting a massage. It shows why it shows the result. Its interesting, real and non-promotional the type of content that gets shared.

Use this as a theme that runs through your social media posts. Give advice, share useful articles, show videos that help people stay fit.

Social media is also the perfect place to network with businesses that have similar interests and cross-promote. Also, encourage your clients to tag you in posts, share their experience and leave you reviews .

Here are more social media tips to help you get started with content creation, scheduling and tracking.

Pro tip: use Facebook Messenger

If someone visits your , there is a good chance theyre looking to schedule an appointment. Many massage therapists have success getting people to ask for availability directly through .

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Consider Your Massage Marketing Options

Hey, lets face it. The message in your massage marketing can get confusing:

As you take into account the tactics listed in this post, you need to make a choice.

You can try to handle all these marketing tactics yourself. That can be difficult without time, training and experience.

Or you can hire a series of freelancers to handle each tactic for you. That can be confusing and costly.

A cheaper, more effective option is to use a solution, like Marketing 360® that offers everything you need to manage and grow your massage therapy business from a singular platform.

This is a robust solution that evolves with the constant changes in online marketing. Best of all, its backed by a team of marketing professionals that you can turn to any time to help you get it right, and that you can utilize as much or as little as you need!

Become An Expert Or Leave It To The Experts

This may be one of the most important steps you can take with your business. Either commit to becoming an expert in digital marketing or leave it to the experts. At MarketKeep we pride ourselves on being the digital marketing agency for small businesses. We look at ourselves as a partner within your business.

If you are ready to connect with your customers in the moments that matter most to them contact us today for more information and for a free digital marketing consultation.

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How Does Clv Impact Your Holistic Practice

The lifetime value of a patient is equated to the anticipated total amount theyll spend at your massage therapy practice. Knowing this figure for each of your patients is essential for planning your financial future and determining how much to invest in acquiring new patients or retaining current ones. Overall, CLV is directly connected to the profit level attached to each customer relationship if you estimate a patients CLV to be $500, you wouldnt want to spend more than that number to maintain the relationship since it wouldnt be profitable to your massage therapy practice.

Once you start consistently measuring customer lifetime value, you can begin to implement specific strategies around pricing, sales, advertising, and patient retention with the goal of reducing costs and boosting profit. After all, when you know what to financially expect from a typical patient over the course of their relationship with your massage therapy practice, you can make educated spending decisions to ensure you maximize profitability and continue to attract the right types of customers.

Basic Information That Should Be In A Massage Therapy Business Plan

How To Grow Your Massage Therapy Practice in a Saturated Market | Massage Business Marketing Tips

Being hands-on with the operations and management of a massage therapy business can help you not just retain your existing customers but also to consider the needs and reasonable wants or demands of all your stakeholders. A massage therapy business plan can help you become more prepared when it comes to handling your business and its operations. For a massage therapy business plan to be fully maximized, you have to ensure that you will come up with a detailed, organized, and presentable document. Listed below are some of the basic information that are commonly found in every massage therapy business plan.

Kindly take note that these details are only for referencing purposes. Hence, you can develop a message therapy business plan that works even with the addition or removal of any information to/from the list above. Just like when making a jewelry business plan, the content of your own massage therapy business plan will still depend on the jurisdiction or decision of the management as well as the scope and nature of your massage therapy business operations.

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Why Massage Therapists Have Difficulty Getting New Clients

There are many reasons why a massage therapist may have difficulty getting new clients. If you arent getting as many new clients as you need, dont panic. You can improve your success rate by identifying your weaknesses, and stepping up your marketing game.

Client retention is as important, if not more important than bringing in new clients. However, even repeat clients may eventually leave. So you do still need some new massage clients every month. Plus, it can get boring working on all the same clients month after month and year after year.

Here are a few common reasons new massage therapists have difficulty getting new clients, and marketing tips to solve these problems.

How To Market Your Massage Business Locally

May 28, 2019

If you own a massage clinic and are looking for a way to market your products and services locally, you need to think about implementing a location-based marketing strategy. By marketing your massage clinic and services locally, your business can become a household name in your neighbourhood, and this will drive in new customers and elevate your reputation in the local area.

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Massage Therapy Marketing: A Guide For All Skill Levels

  • Amber Ludeman

You may be an expert massage therapist, but perhaps the marketing part of your business often gets shoved to the backburner. No fear! Thats why weve created a guide for massage therapy marketing for all skill levels. If youre just beginning in your marketing efforts, theres plenty to implement and automate so that you have to spend less time feeling frustrated.

If youre a more skilled marketer, who has implemented promotions and email or text marketing before, scroll down to the advanced and expert sections to learn how to deepen your understanding of your ideal clientele and how to entice them!

Create A Digital Presence

FREE 10+ Massage Therapy Business Plan Templates in PDF ...

Skill level: novice

The number one way people find massage therapists in their area is through search engines. That could be through Google or a massage therapist directory, but regardless, its important to have a strong, branded presence that enables your clients to explore services and book appointments quickly and easily.

The easiest things to do to be found by potential new clients are also FREE:

  • Set up a Google My Business page for your massage therapy business.

  • Create a Facebook page for your massage therapy business.

  • Create a free MassageBook directory listing for your massage therapy business.

  • Ready to get started?

    Explore our guide to optimizing . This guide includes not only how to set up the page, but best practices for adding photos, services, hours, location, and even online booking buttons.

    Facebook is also a platform that your potential clients use often not only to find new businesses but to recommend businesses and share with friends. Positive Facebook recommendations and shares can grow your business exponentially, so its important that you stay active here.

    MassageBook offers the ability to set up a Facebook page integration complete with online booking thats included in our Simplify and other premium packages. The Simplify Plan is just $24.99/month.

    Lastly, you can list your business on the MassageBook directory at no charge.

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    Make Sure Your Target Audience Matches Your Target Location

    Sounds simple, but you wouldnt believe how many people miss the boat on this. If your business is based in Baltimore, Maryland and you only do business in Baltimore, Maryland make sure a majority of your website traffic is coming from there.

    Create content that will allow you to easily connect with your target audience in your target location for the best results. That means using location-based content ideas in your blog, and adding a bit of local SEO to your website.

    Invest In The Patient Experience

    Patient experience entails every instance of connection between your patients and your massage therapy practices brand, including visits to your practice, phone calls to your front desk, engagement with your online presence, and even their exposure to advertising and social media. Optimizing the patient experience is a practice-wide effort thats a process of monitoring, listening, and incorporating feedback from patients that add up to a continuous improvement of your massage therapy practice.

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    The Importance Of Using Digital Marketing Plan For Massage Therapists

    Massage therapy enhances wellness. Whether itâs a sports massage, regular massage, chair massage or mobile massage- it is performed to help improve a personâs health and well-being. But can it also increase your chances of achieving your goals?

    Well, it depends on a lot of factors. After all, it is a business, and you need to market it properly so that the right people will know about it.

    What Are Some Low Cost Marketing Ideas To Build My Massage Practice

    Stop Using DISCOUNTS to Market Your Massage Business! | Massage Therapy Marketing Tips

    This marketing guide has focused on low cost low cost marketing strategies. When people are in the early stages of starting a business, then usually have more time and less money. These resources will reverse as your business grows. So when you are just starting to build your massage practice, you need to get out there. Be face to face with potential clients. The more you can meet new potential clients in your target market and get your hands on them the faster your business will grow.

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    Do I Need Business Cards

    Yes. Some people say that business cards are dead, but they are not. Business cards are cheap. They are fast and simple to use when promoting your business. And they dont rely on phone compatibility or getting cell phone reception. You can get 500 at Vistaprint starting at around $10. You can get help on Fiverr designing it, or check out Canva to design it yourself for free.

    People often forget the name of the person they are talking to, or their business name, before the conversation even ends. And people dont want to seem rude by asking again what your name is. Forgetting something like someones name as soon as you walk through the doorway is a common phenomenon called the doorway effect. A business card will at least let them remember you until they can get home. They may keep your card for months before calling you.

    Many people still ask for a business card. It is better to have one to give them than to say, No but you can go to my website and expect them to remember it. A business card adds to the level of credibility and legitimacy of your practice.

    Requesting Paper Documents And Withdrawing Consent

    I understand that I may request paper copies of the Disclosures within 180 days of the date of the Disclosure, and that you will provide them to me by mail at no charge. I understand that I have the right to receive these Disclosures in paper form. I can request paper copies and/or withdraw consent by contacting you at: 2Book, Inc. #32459 Las Vegas NV 89126-9502 Any withdrawal of my consent to receive electronic Disclosures will be effective only after you have a reasonable period of time to process my withdrawal. I understand and agree that if I withdraw my consent to receive electronic Disclosures you may – though you are not obligated to – cancel my MassageBook Account and my 2Book Account.

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    Massage Therapy School Business Plan And Swot Analysis

    Massage Therapy School Business Plan, Marketing Plan, How To Guide, and Funding Directory

    The Massage Therapy School Business Plan and Business Development toolkit features 18 different documents that you can use for capital raising or general business planning purposes. Our product line also features comprehensive information regarding to how to start a Massage Therapy School business. All business planning packages come with easy-to-use instructions so that you can reduce the time needed to create a professional business plan and presentation.

    Your Business Planning Package will be immediately emailed to you after you make your purchase.

    Product Specifications :

    • Bank/Investor Ready!
    • 3 Year Excel Financial Model
    • Business Plan
    • 425+ Page Funding Directory
    • Loan Amortization and ROI Tools
    • Three SWOT Analysis Templates
    • All Documents Delivered in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Format
    • Meets SBA Requirements

    How To Get Massage Clients And Market Your Business

    20 Massage therapy Business Plan Template in 2020 ...

    Home » Blog » How To Get Massage Clients And Market Your Business

    Most new massage therapists dont have a full schedule and want more clients. Starting a massage business is exciting, but it can also be a frustrating experience when your client list is growing slower than expected, especially if you depend on this income to pay your bills.

    When it comes to marketing and trying to find clients, many massage therapists arent sure where to begin. In fact, one of the most common questions that therapists have when starting their massage business is:

    How do I get massage clients? Massage therapists can get clients and build their business by first creating a marketing strategy and plan. Then its a matter of putting that plan into action, measuring your results, improving and refining your plan as needed, and continuing this process until you reach your goals.

    Ive created this comprehensive marketing guide for massage therapists who want to attract and keep the best clients for their business. This information is for you if:

    • You are just getting started right out of massage school
    • Youre a massage employee but want to start getting your own clients
    • Youve started your massage business but are having trouble getting enough clients
    • You havent finished massage school yet but want to hit the ground running when you graduate, pass the MBLEx and get your massage license

    What youll learn in this massage marketing guide:

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