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Massage Therapy For Weight Loss

Stomach Massage And Constipation

Weight Loss Massage Therapy – How To Lose Fat – 6 Abdominal Weight Loss Massage Therapy T

Getting a stomach massage may help speed the passage of food through your digestive tract and help treat constipation, according to a review article published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies in October 2011. While removing any blockage isn’t actual weight loss, it may help you look and feel a little better. Constipation can cause your stomach to be bloated or swollen, so treating the problem may help you appear thinner.

Massage Reduce Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is usually produced in the body during stress. But its overproduction can affect the body negatively. It increases appetite, which leads to overeating. It is associated with fat deposition in the abdomen area. Both increased appetite and fat deposition are associated with weight gain.

Massage is an effective way to reduce the fat around your belly. It decreases cortisol levels. An article published in the Journal of neuroscience suggests that massage lowers cortisol levels in the body. Reduce cortisol levels, in turn, lowers appetite, reduces fat accumulation and stress, which helps to lower your weight.

Thats Just The Beginning

This therapeutic process can essentially reset the appearance of your face and body to turn back time, allowing for overall weight loss, figure reshaping, and the rejuvenation of aging skin. Enjoy a dramatic reduction of facial wrinkles and the welcome firming of sagging underarms, thighs, neck, and chin.

Youll notice the positive change in as little as 60 minutes.

Now you, too, can safely benefit from these extraordinary results!

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Relieves The Complaints Of Stress

Studies have found that higher levels of stress and cortisol in the bloodstream affect the bodys metabolic rate and enhance the risks of weight gain.

Not just that, stress has also been associated with overeating, which is a very common marker for weight gain.

One of the most common benefits of massage is that it helps calm your mind and reduce the high-stress levels in the body.

Effective stress management contributes to an overall better well being and helps in reducing weight over time.

Massage also promotes the release of the endorphins and the feel good hormones into the bloodstream which have positive benefits in helping get rid of the risks of stress and possible weight gain.

Proper management of stress has also been found to help regulate the levels of the hunger hormones, further aiding in weight loss.

The Truth About Massage And Weight Loss

Weight Loss Massage

Most of us would like to lose a few pounds. But its easier said than done. No matter how many fad diets, exercise crazes and herbal remedies we try, the pounds just dont seem to fall off.

Whatever your shape, size and motive, losing weight is a hard slog. And unfortunately theres no magic formula. Different methods work for different people.

One lesser-known method to add to your weight loss routine is massage therapy. Yes, relaxing massages can help facilitate weight loss. But before you get too excited, its important to stress that you cant book yourself a massage and expect the weight to fall off. To lose fat you need to do two key things, eat well and exercise.But thats not so say massage cant play an important role in your overall health plan.

So how can massage help you lose weight?

Reduces cortisol levels

Released in response to physical and emotional stress, the hormone cortisol has been shown to increase appetite and cause fat deposits in the abdominal area. While exercise is the best method for lowering cortisol levels, massage has been proven to reduce circulating levels of the hormone, which helps ease stress, decrease appetite and reduce accumulation of belly fat: all of which support a weight-loss programme.

Supports digestive function

A smoothly functioning digestive system is critical to achieving your target weight.

Relieves stress

Promotes better circulation

Fights cellulite


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Promotes Better Blood Circulation

It is likely that you must be thinking how improved blood circulation helps with weight loss, right? Well, correct and optimal pressure on the body and the muscles, in general, helps amp up the circulation, promoting better oxygenation of the cells too.

The same has been found to have positive benefits in promoting the burning of the calories and prevents the unnecessary fat deposition in the body too, thus keeping your weight in check.

Improved blood circulation also impacts the metabolic rate of the body, further promoting the weight loss results effectively.

How To Use Massage For Weight Loss

If youre looking for a way to lose weight that doesnt involve diet or exercise, youll find plenty of information on the internet about massage. Many websites recommend abdominal massage and other forms of massage therapy as effective weight loss methods.

Before you call your local massage therapist to set up an appointment, you should find out what massage can and cannot do if you are trying to lose weight.

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Weight Loss And Bodywork

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring/Summer 2010.

Massageanything this good must be fattening, right? Wrong! Scientists now confirm what massage therapists have always known: massage can be a powerful and effective weight-loss tool. By improving your bodys resilience, aiding muscle nutrition and flexibility, and supporting your mental and emotional well-being, massage can take your weight-loss plan to a whole new level.

The relationship between massage and weight loss is the result of many subtle improvements working together, including better injury prevention and healing. Jeff Wooten, founder of, explains: Massage helps to heal existing injuries by breaking down scar tissue and other adhesions. This creates a more functional muscle and improves joint integrity. Massage therapists also work to improve your flexibility and range of motion. This makes you less likely to hurt yourself, meaning more productive and pain-free hours in the gym. But the benefits dont end there.

When you receive a massage, youre directly impacting the circulatory system. By constantly moving blood to body tissues, your massage therapist increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients your muscles receive. This soothing cycle eases you into much-needed rest and relaxation time.

Swedish Massage For Weight Loss

Traditional Massage – Abdominal massage for weight loss – Massage Therapy Techniques #35

A study reveals that deep tissue Swedish massage has weight-lowering effects in obese patients. Another study published in the New York Times suggests that both deep and light Swedish massage are involved in reducing cortisol levels, which is beneficial in weight reduction.

Swedish massage uses long kneading strokes or tapping on the top layer of muscle. Your massage therapist may focus on particular areas of concern. You can also expect to have a full body massage.

Swedish massage may loosen up your tight muscles. It stimulates your nerve endings and improves blood flow. It also improves your lymph drainage. All these mechanisms collectively enhance your weight loss.

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A Good Massage Will Help In The Enhancement Of Exercise

Massages are underrated as not many people know the benefits of a massage and how it can complement your hectic daily routines. When an individual exercises, there is a good chance that they will have sore muscles that may be a problem and may become a hurdle in exercising the next day.

Many different trainers are fond of massages and recommend it to anybody who trains under them. A massage can help in reducing the stiffness of the muscle and the body. It can help relax the tension. They can prevent injury, they can normalize the movement of the body, and as a result, the motion of the body increases. Lastly, they can reduce any swelling on the body that can be seen after exercise.

A massage and exercise go hand in hand as one benefit and compliments the other. A good massage after the exercise session will get the individual motivated and fixated on achieving the goals that they have set for themselves regarding their weight.

When an individual is losing weight, they must know that it is a slow journey, and in between the route, there are many different points when a human being can become unmotivated and not interested in losing weight anymore. At that point, anything that helps them stay motivated is welcome. Massage is a great way to relax too, so it can keep others motivated towards exercising so that they lose weight.

How Can Massage Help With Weight Loss

Massage may help you lose weight by increasing your bodys metabolism, decreasing stress, and improving your mood.

Massage therapy is a non-invasive type of treatment that can be used to promote relaxation. It also helps to decrease muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Massage therapy is often used as a complementary treatment to help with weight loss because it can have these benefits for the body.

Massage is a great way to lose weight. It is a low-impact workout that can help you lose weight and improve your mood. Massage can also help with sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve your immune system.

When you massage fat cells in your body, they release their stored contents which are then eliminated through the lymphatic system or the circulatory system. This process helps to release toxins from the cells.

This article will provide some tips on how to get a massage for weight loss and how it can help you in other ways too!

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Reward Yourself And Stay Motivated

Finally, although losing weight and regular exercise are rewards in themselvesimproving your health, your self-esteem, and morethe results are not instant and it can be easy to feel discouraged. Therefore, if you are working hard, its important to find healthy ways to reward yourself regularly to maintain your motivation. Massage is an excellent way to do that because, not only does it feel great, but it can also be an important adjunct to any exercise and diet plan.

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Weight Loss Massage Therapy

A more tangible way massage can help you lose weight is it can make exercise much easier. If youre physically uncomfortable moving, weight loss isnt going to come easily. Nothing can be more de-motivating than being bedridden for six to eight weeks while you heal an Achilles tear or a torn labrum, says Lewis. Massage therapy keeps muscles tuned up, eliminates the tension before it turns into an injury, and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. When it feels good to be in your body, it makes it easier and more fun to sculpt your body.

Reshmi Srinath, M.D. and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease at Mt. Sinai agrees that for those with chronic pain, massage can alleviate that pain and a generally improve lifestyle. Improved quality of life can lead to people making better choices in regard to food and activities, she says. While there arent controlled, randomized studies showing a direct link between massage therapy and weight loss, there is data showing that pain alleviation lowers stress levels, she says. And as we know, stress can be a major contributing factor to weight gain. Another positive effect of massage therapy is that it can help people wean off pain medication, another factor that can lead to weight gain, she says.

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Types Of Stomach Massage

There are different types of massages that can be used to lose weight in your stomach.

Each type of massage targets a specific set of benefits. Depending on what your goals are, there is a specific massage technique that you should be using.

Below are the most common types of massages that are used to lose weight.

Skin Fold And Vacuum Massage For Weight Loss

Cellulite is mainly found in the thighs, hips, and abdominal area. It makes the skin look dimpled. And, getting rid of it can be a task. Thankfully, a skinfold massage can help get rid of cellulite. A vibrating device is used to massage the affected area.

Research shows that a skinfold massage could help smoothen the skin . Sixty minutes of vibration massage five times a week also showed promising results in reducing cellulite .

Vacuum massage is another non-invasive technique to reduce cellulite. It helps in collagen restructuring, releases tension in the muscles, improves skin elasticity, reduces skinfold thickness, increases collagen, and decreases muscle pain . Go to a professional vacuum therapist to do this massage.

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Improves Your Muscle Strength

Post-workout massage not only helps in easy and speedy recovery of muscles but it also helps in toning and strengthening your muscles. When your body has strong muscles it is likely to workout harder without facing many difficulties or overload injury risk which are associated with weak muscle overuse.

People who are indulged in vigorous strength training exercises for them after massage help in revitalizing their tired and sore muscles in a very effective way.

While a daily workout practice work on strengthening your muscles a good after workout massage help in maintaining your elasticity or flexibility and muscle strength that is vital for long hardcore exercise practice on the next day without any injury risk to the overused muscles as they are strong enough to sustain extra pressure.

It s a good relaxing and intense massage that makes an athlete so strong and irresistible as it gives protection like a shield against injury risk.

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Traditional Massage – Abdominal massage for weight loss – Massage Therapy Techniques #12

Beyond making weight loss more accessible, there are certain advanced massage techniques that Lewis says can help improve a person’s physical appearance and mobility. One example is manual lymphatic drainage which aims to reduce edema and swelling, specifically swollen ankles, legs, and waists. If you feel like you’re retaining water, lymphatic drainage is a fantastic tool to flush out the extra fluid and make you feel less puffy, he says. Studies on the efficacy of this treatment are limited, but one study from 2014 found that while it didn’t reduce cellulite, there was a small reduction in hip circumference in women who got the massage weekly for 14 weeks. Beyond the physical results, researchers noted high increases in the women’s quality of life due to stress reduction. Those who practice lymphatic drainage massage typically hold a certification from institutes such as the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.

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Weight Loss Benefits Of Massage

Massage therapy can work wonders for people who are trying to lose weight, but massage treatment alone doesnt make weight loss occur.

If you are hoping that a massage will reduce your cellulite, decrease your belly fat, or shrink your thighs, youre likely to be disappointed.

However, massage can make it easier for you to stick to a diet and an exercise program. These are just some of the benefits you might experience with massage therapy:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced back pain

“Massage is also a wonderfully healthy way to reward yourself for all of the hard work you are doing! says Bethany O’Shei of Clay Health Club + Spa in New York City. O’Shei has been a licensed massage therapist for eight years. She works with many clients who use massage along with a comprehensive program of diet and exercise to lose weight.

Massage helps release endorphins in the body that give us that euphoric happy feeling, she says. And by doing healthy things for our body we build a better relationship with ourselves and treat our bodies with the respect we deserve.

Several research studies support her claims. In one report published in the British Medical Journal in 1999,researchers explained that the healing power of massage is especially helpful for people without a strong support system.

So Can A Massage Gun Break Up Fat

In most gyms, you see massage guns used after a workout.

This gadget breaks fats down through its head that transmits a hot and cold kind of pounding, which generates an immediate muscle domino effect, a process called PERCUSSION THERAPY.

Now, you are deliberating if they help with weight loss? Yes, a massage gun through its rippling vibration transmissions helps boost your metabolism, which invariably results in the breakdown of calories.

Never forget that the breakdown of calories leads to weight loss because the fewer the calories, the lesser the weight gain.

Its also important to note that only massage guns cant help you lose weight. You need additional exercises and weight-loss diets to speed up the process.

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Massage Therapy Can Increase Your Metabolism And Blood Circulation

Amongst many different reasons for weight gain, one of the biggest is a slow metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical reaction that helps food break into small particles for digestion. Massage can help increase the metabolism rate due to the constant release of endorphins.

Endorphins are hormones released after the exercise, and after a massage, they are known as the happy hormone or the pain killer. Endorphins are addictive as they give a pleasant kick due to which one wants to stay active and motivated towards exercising and massaging. It is usually assumed that a massage is required only after a hardcore interval training or weight lifting in the gym, but this is not the case. You can enjoy massage therapy even after cycling, walking, or just mild running.

The key is to stay motivated as when the muscles are relaxed from the soreness that can bring an improvement in the blood circulation throughout the body leaving you feeling less stressful and motivated,

No Meals Right Before The Session

Belly Therapy

Massage definitely stimulates digestion, so a full-blown dinner right before your session is a no-go. You might have a light snack right before the massage, and a whole meal a few hours before the session. Obviously, you shouldnt starve yourself as you might fill dizzy and light-headed during the session. However, eating lightly one to two hours beforehand will allow the food to be digested while not making you feel uncomfortably full.

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