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Massage For Arthritis In Back

When Additional Care For Your Back Or Neck Pain Is Necessary

Easy DIY Dog Arthritis Massage at Home – Marc Smith DVM

When massage therapy or other non-invasive interventions arent providing you with relief, you may wish to consult with an orthopedic spine surgeon. Our dedicated team at New York City Spine can evaluate your symptoms and determine the most conservative course of action for your pain.

If surgery is necessary, then Dr. Daveed Frazier provides minimally invasive techniques designed to get you back to the comfortable, happy life you deserve. Schedule an appointment today so you can enjoy your lifepain-free.

Essential Oils To Help Relieve Knee Pain

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is one of the most effective treatments for various types of knee pain including arthritis. The use of essential oils not only helps with retaining the mobility of knee joints but also helps to ease inflammation and swelling.

You can use essential oils for knee pain in several different ways:

  • Apply directly on the affected area
  • Mix with a base vegetable oil to create an aromatherapy oil to be used during massage
  • Add 4-5 drops in bath water for daily baths

One effective way to use essential oils is in daily baths. You can try this method for 2 weeks to see initial results. This is a form of detoxification. To each bath add the following:

  • 2 handfuls of Epsom salts
  • One handful of rock salt
  • Add 4 drops of the synergistic blend you create using 3 essential oils

Synergistic blend of essential oils for knee pain:


Gluteus Medius Muscle Massage

The gluteus medius is a posterior hip muscle. This muscle is a hip abductor,3,4 allowing you to lift your thigh and leg sideways, such as while getting out of a car. It is also responsible for keeping your hips leveled while standing on one leg . The biomechanics of the hip and spine are interconnected a problem in your hip muscles can cause pain in your lower back.2

The gluteus medius muscle can become painful due to imbalance and/or weakness2 from several causes, such as5:

  • Repetitive trauma to the muscle form running on soft surfaces
  • Overuse of exercise equipment that requires hip abduction
  • Sudden, strenuous physical activity
  • Previous injury to the muscle
  • Blunt trauma from hitting

Gluteus medius muscle pain mainly affects your lower back and buttocks. The pain may also be referred into the back of your thigh. Stiffness and fatigue are also commonly present, limiting the movement of your lower back and/or walking capacity.5

Ask your therapist to focus on the quadratus lumborum and gluteus medius muscles when you decide to have massage therapy for lower back pain. The muscles of the lower back and hip are interconnected for proper functioning. Unless a specific muscle is injured from direct trauma, it is more likely that the entire set of muscles are affected by fatigue, stress, and altered function.1

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Dog Massage Therapy: What You Should Know

From puppies to seniors, all dogs can benefit from dog massage therapy, says Dr. Barrack.

However, its not quite as simple as giving your dog a shoulder rub. Dog massage therapy uses strategic, often intense pressure to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, so its important to have your dog seen by a professional.

When youre getting in and working with muscles, you want to work with someone who is trained and understands the anatomy and how much pressure is safe, says Brandenburg.

If youd like to try therapeutic massage for your pet, ask your veterinarian to refer you to a certified animal massage therapist.

What Is Massage Therapy

Can Massage Help Your Back Problem?

Chances are, youve received a massage before. Maybe a loved one gave you one to help you unwind after a long day.

Massage therapists take the casual massage to the next level. They manipulate your bodys soft tissues using different levels of pressure and movement with proven massage techniques. Their knowledge of human anatomy and how to treat musculoskeletal conditions makes them much more qualified to treat pain than a well-meaning loved one.

In fact, massage therapists must graduate from an accredited program. Although licensing requirements vary from state to state, generally a massage therapist needs to complete between 330 to 1,000 hours of training including practical experience. In addition, they must pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam or similar exams.

Extra training may be necessary for the massage therapist to become certified in more specialized types of massage such as shiatsu or prenatal massage.

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Is It Ok To Massage Carpal Tunnel

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage within the palm of your hand thats surrounded by ligaments and bones. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed, creating tingling, pain, weakness, and numbness.

Many things can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome: heredity, the way we position our hands, and rheumatoid arthritis are just a few. Repetitive movement can also cause carpal tunnel. The good news is, massage can do wonders for it.

A 2013 trial published in the Journal of Bodywork Movement Therapy showed that those who received 30 minute massages and trigger-point therapy twice a week for six weeks saw marked improvement in their arthritis symptoms. One of the best hand massagers for arthritis and carpal tunnel is the Breo iPalm520. It replicates a reflexology session, focusing on problem areas to bring relief.

Looking for even more options? Check out our other massagerrecommendations:

Pain Relief Like That Of A Massage Therapist

A massage gun provides you with the pain relief that you would get with a massage therapist. Whether your pain is in the shoulders, neck, fingers, or even feet, you can use a massage gun to gain fast pain relief, ease soreness, and quick recovery in the process. For hard-to-reach regions like toes and fingers, some massage guns come with convenient attachments, which allow you to reach even those tricky parts of the body.

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How Does Arthritis Massage Help

At Fulham Massage we often hear: Does massage help arthritis? There is no cure for arthritis, but Arthritis Massage is considered to be one of the most successful methods to manage this condition. It helps to relieve pain and slow down the degeneration of the cartilage. As it also releases tension in the muscles, it encourages people to stay active and mobile for as long as possible.

Massage is an effective way to relieve the pain caused by arthritis and it can help sufferers to lead a normal lifestyle. Massage can help the body to combat both muscle tension and pain. Poor circulation can also be improved with Arthritis Massage. Stiff and painful joints can become looser and pain-free.

Primary Causes Of Knee Pain

Dog with arthritis massage technique

Knee pain is common in athletes and older adults. Chronic knee pain is caused by arthritis which is a term that is applied to several diseases, the most common of which are:

Rheumatoid arthritis : The causes of this condition are uncertain and it often follows a viral infection or other illnesses. It is also suggested to be caused by a defect in the auto-immune system of the body or related to the glands and hormones. The pain is related to the inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue around joints.

Osteoarthritis : This is a disease in which the cartilage wears away leaving the bones exposed and causing the formation of rough bone deposits. It is usually caused by overuse and is often seen in athletes and weekend warriors.

Gout : This is caused by an overproduction of uric acid which causes the formation of crystals around the joints and these lead to pain in the joints including chronic knee pain.

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The Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Back Pain

Are you looking for new ways to help ease your back or neck pain? The growing popularity of massage therapy has many sufferers of chronic back pain taking notice. After all, just about anyone can get a massage. And, studies show that more people than ever before are benefiting from the advantages of massage therapy.

You Might Feel Worse Before You Feel Better

On a cellular level, massage is similar to exercise in the response it provokes in your body, which can lead to some temporary pain and soreness afterwards, Rose says. As the Cleveland Clinic explains, massage forces blood into the muscle, bringing nutrients and removing toxins. This process can temporarily increase inflammation to areas that the body feels need attention and this inflammation can bring discomfort. You dont have to be sore for it to be an effective massage but if you are a little sore the next day, its usually nothing to worry about, she says.

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Knee Lift Massage Technique For Knee Pain

The knee lift technique for knee pain is designed to help locate trigger points above and below the knee. During the massage you will need feedback from the recipient about any referred pain as you massage above and below the knee.

It is advised to use essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus for the massage. Using essential oils makes the technique more effective.

  • Have the recipient lie on their back on a hard, semi-hard surface, a mattress will do just fine
  • Have the recipient bend their knee and rest their feet firmly on the surface or alternately have them rest their calf on your thigh as you sit beside them
  • Apply a bit of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on your hands and gently start gliding your hands above and below the knee of the recipient
  • Place your fingers and thumbs above and below the knee and begin to gently squeeze the area above and below the kneecap
  • As you squeeze slowly slide off those areas away from the knee cap
  • Continue this technique of squeezing and alter the pressure as directed by the recipient
  • You can massage one knee for 5-10 minutes and then switch to the other

The knee lift technique combined with the knee friction technique often delivers quick results because you are able to affect the trigger points all around the knee.

Knee Friction Massage Technique For Knee Pain

What is Holistic Massage? (with pictures)

The knee friction technique is designed to affect the trigger points at the sides of the knee cap. As with other techniques, use of essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus is highly recommended.

  • Have the recipient lie on their back on a hard or semi-hard surface, a mattress will do just fine
  • Have the recipient stretch their leg out completely straight
  • You can stand or sit beside the recipient by their stretched leg
  • Apply a bit of eucalyptus or peppermint oil on to your hands
  • Gently start massaging the sides of the knee cap using long gliding strokes to warm up the area
  • Start the friction process by placing your thumb at the sides of the knee cap
  • Press in with your thumbs on either side of the knee and glide your thumb from the top to the bottom of the knee maintaining the pressure
  • Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes varying the pressure as per the needs of the recipient
  • Switch to the other knee

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Whats The Best Massage For Neuropathy Pain

Question: As a diabetic, I suffer from neuropathy that is sometimes debilitating. Ive tried drugs that offer some relief, but Im reluctant to take pain killers. A woman in my diabetic support group recently discussed the improvements shes had from massage therapy, and it sounds like something Id like to try. Whats the best massage for neuropathy?

Answer:Massage for neuropathy typically includes a combination of gentler Swedish massage techniques along with deeper pressure trigger point therapy and kneading of specified areas. Specific protocols are available to massage therapists to treat neuropathic conditions.

While more research needs to be done, the research on massage therapy to relieve pain is promising. A case report found that an individual with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy responded well to massage therapy and experienced a significant reduction in pain. That report has led to an expanded study funded by the Massage Therapy Foundation to evaluate the effects of massage therapy on neuropathy.

In addition to pain relief, regular massage therapy can lessen your anxiety and lower your stress levels, as well as increasing the flexibility and range of motion of your joints. Youll likely find youre more relaxed after a massage as well, which can improve your sleep patterns as well as your overall quality of life.

Massage Today: A Massage Protocol for Peripheral Neuropathy

Zyllion Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

This is the smallest Shiatsu massager suitable for your neck, ankles, knees, elbows, and it can also be placed under your lower back. Zyllion has an ultra-thin design and is only 6 cm thick. Simultaneously, it provides complete acupressure with 4 Shiatsu nodes and heat muscle relaxation. It is popular for office and car use, as within 20 minutes it relieves stress in the most vulnerable areas when performing sedentary work. It is a bestselling pillow neck massager with about 10,000 reviews.

HoMedics HHP-350: Check the current price

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Benefits Of Remedial Massage For Osteoarthritis

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is also known as Degenerative Arthritis of the spine, but can damage any joint of the body, like your hands, knees, or hip. It is a condition in which the protective cartilage that cushions the tops of bones degenerates or wears down, which often referred as a wear and tear disease. This causes swelling and pain. It may also cause the development of osteophytes, or bone spurs.

How does massage help with Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can be painful and for some individual may affect their flexibility and range of motion, weaken the muscles and induce spasms.

10 Benefits of Remedial Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Increased Blood Flow and Circulation. Which bring back critical nutrients and improve the strength to the strain muscles and tissues caused by the degenerative disc.

  • Increased Blood Flow and Circulation. Which bring back critical nutrients and improve the strength to the strain muscles and tissues caused by the degenerative disc.
  • and pain in the muscles
  • from firing
  • Reducecompression on the disc and nerves
  • Reduce pain and spasm and trigger points
  • Maintain tissue health
  • Improve sleep and immune functions
  • What you need to tell your massage therapist prior to your treatment:

    It is important that your massage therapist is aware of your diagnosed condition, as there are many forms of arthritis, each with their own treatment needs and precautions. You should advise them of your medical treatments and other medical conditions.

    How Do You Massage Your Dog With Arthritis At Home

    Spine Massage for a Healthy Back and Neck by Dr. King

    A dog suffering from arthritis is usually in pain and discomfort. Professional veterinarians can perform specific massage therapies for your dog to help, but you can also massage your pet at home.

    Heres are some of the most common techniques you can use when massaging your dog:

    • Use long, flowing strokes before you after the massage to promote better blood circulation.
    • Gently knead and twist your dogs skin and fur to reduce muscle and tissue tension.
    • Massage your dog with a pumping motion to relieve muscle spasms and encourage greater blood circulation.

    Below we provide you with important steps to follow when massaging your canine:

  • Stick to your schedule: Make sure not to overdo your massage. For example, massaging your dog once in the morning and evening is enough. By giving your dog physical therapy in the morning, you can help it relieve the stiffness after sleeping and prepare its body for the day ahead. In turn, giving your dog a massage at night can help relax its muscles before bed.
  • Choose a comfortable position: Find a place and position where your dog is comfortable laying down. Make sure theres enough space for you to roll it on both sides.
  • Pay attention to body language: Dogs in pain may be reluctant to receive touches. Prepare your dog for massaging by touching its body gently. Talk to them gently and call out their name calmly to relieve their anxiety.
  • Learn

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    Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager Back And Shoulder Massagers

    You can carry this cordless massager with you while you travel and get instant relief from lower back pain. This cordless massager reduces the hassle of detangling the cords so you can relax, sit back, and feel the massager soothe your sore muscles. You can charge the battery whenever it is not in use and can use it later for massaging your back.


    · The massager is covered with a high-quality skin-friendly mesh for breathability

    · Comes with a removable cloth wrap for easy and quick cleaning

    · Comes with an innovative motor and overheat protection tool

    · Offers 3 intensity levels to choose the speed you need

    · Wireless and portable massager

    · Comes with 15-minutes auto shut-off feature


    · Heat feature does not work effectively


    The massager comes with a long-lasting battery that lasts for 3 hours non-stop. The massager also features 2 heating levels with infrared heating to ease the sore and painful muscles. The massager improves blood flow and prevents fatigue. Its 8 deep bi controller kneading rollers can deeply massage targeted areas.

    David Weintraub Lmt And Owner Of Bodyworks Dw Writes About The Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Arthritis

    Arthritis is a scary word for most folks. It sounds like some kind of point of no return as we get older. Once we have it, the thinking goes, we just have to suffer with it. However, the reality is a lot more complex than that. The good news is that there are many ways to relieve the pain. Both at home, and with integrative medicine such as licensed massage therapy for arthritis. Getting massage therapy in New York for arthritis can be especially helpful. New York State has the highest education requirements for licensed massage therapy of any state. This includes hundreds of hours of training in medical massage.

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