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Gay Tantric Massage New York

Tantric Touch Full Body

Tantra & Sexual Kung Fu Essentials

Our session begins with gentle meditation, intention setting, and some blissful eye gazing. Then we move into our erotic healing bodywork journey. I employ a unique blend of Swedish/Esalen Healing Bodywork, Lomi Lomi, sensual and light tender touch to massage and honour all parts of your being. We will also work with Pranayama, Tantric yogic breath, as well as a Tantric yogic technique called mulabundha. All sessions include ambient relaxation music, candlelight, organic massage oils, a shower, and my skilled, loving, nurturing touch.

Group Tantra Massage Training Workshops

Note: For those who would like to organize these workshops among your friends, I offer the gift of free attendance in return!

Group Tantra Massage Training Workshops are an excellent way to explore Tantra Massage and also learn in a supported environment. The group itself brings a lot of energy to the teaching process, which is very powerful. However, I dont recommend that your very first experience be held during a group workshop. During your first Tantra Massage you should be focused entirely on receiving the massage, exploring your own pleasure, and having space held solely for you and your experience. Some women who chose to experience their first Tantra Massage during a training workshop reported feeling neglected and that they did not get the support they felt necessary while they were processing the experience, likely exactly because they were not the focal point of the session and were rushed on a timetable which was not their own. In addition, while this is a great training platform, it is a good idea to experience a professional Tantra Massage before you receive an amateur massage . You should know some taste of the highest potential for the massage before beginning to learn it.

  • You will learn to give from your heart and not ego
  • You will learn how to let go of your own self-criticisms and performance anxiety
  • You will learn how to be intuitive and go with the flow, realizing that the gift of massage is actually quite like a dance

What Is A Tantric Massage

It will leave you feeling happier and more confident in your everyday life, and encourage the healthy expression of your sexual self.

This combines breathing exercises and genital stimulation as well as full body massage into body to facilitate total mental and body relaxation and get you to a state of utter bliss. It will make you feel happier and more comfortable in your daily life, and will promote healthy sexual self expression.

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Health Benefits And Wellness

A tantric massage has tremendous health benefits as well as all the comfort of a general massage, you’ll even feel an improvement in your sexual confidence. Issues such as premature ejaculation can be greatly supported with this form of massage, and you will find that your faith and expertise will improve with frequent sessions. The breathing exercises you’ll learn will help you control your orgasm much better and you can use them to improve your lovemaking sensuality and intensity.

Tantric massage is deeply relaxing, which can allow you to better understand yourself. It means you’ll be better able to resolve problems of mental and self-esteem that are sometimes at the root of sexual dysfunctions. You’ll also find that you sleep better and longer, helping the body recover itself long after the massage results. If you’re having stress issues, you’ll find that tantric massage can also help with those that make you feel much more comfortable and secure between sessions.

Tantric Massage New York Male Clients

Gay Massage in New York Male Masseur For Men In New York ...

Our male clients have the option of a lingam massage which involves massage from body to body involving phallus massage. Lingam is the penis Sanskrit term and means ‘Water Staff.’ The phallus is an significant, and often overlooked center of energy within the body. Your masseuse will help you leverage this wonderful well of resources inside yourself with a full body and lingam massage and teach you how to use it to become stronger and more relaxed in your day-to-day life, as well as boost your sexual wellbeing and prowess. It is also the essence of tantra: using your sexual energy to enhance certain aspects of your life, rather than just releasing it. You’ve stored a well of incredible strength inside you that most people will never reach, but a full body massage and lingam massage will help you get in touch with that. Most people find they are feeling an emotional rush when their masseuse releases the energy – just let yourself feel it along with everything else the comes when part of one of the erotic tantric massages of our ladies.

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Gay Massage New York Sign Up For Free For More Details

Pizh gay massage New York is a second-generation masseuse and was trained in massage techniques at school in Thailand. school has been massaging clients for over ten years, performing well over a thousand massages during that time.

Pizh private studio is appointed to create the welcoming and relaxing ambience of a Thai Spa. All of the products used massages are organic and many are authentic products imported from Thailand. This ensures that clients feel the highest degree of relaxation and relief after their massage.

If you are looking for a great relaxing massage look no further.my experience and offer high-quality therapeutic bodywork at a convenient location in Manhattan!

I incorporate Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue and massage style.I have a comfortable massage table in my apartment. I use organic oils, aromatherapy, relaxing music in my well equipped restroom.Im looking forward to seeing you! Pizh

How Does ‘tantric’ Make It

Tantra art is thousands of years old, a technique which allows two people to unlock and completely experience both of their bodies’ dark, erotic strength. It literally means the expansion and spinning of energy, and focuses on meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises to use sexual energy to attain a higher consciousness. Tantric sex is about worshiping your partner as a goddess, and promotes reverent care of each other and their lovemaking.

The mind is at its quietest during orgasm-this is the aim of most meditation. Most people consider tantric sex to be a near-religious experience, mixing their spirituality with their body’s energies and enabling them to be completely present in every moment it happens. You may have learned about tantric sex as a tool for acquiring staying strength. The reality is that the common lovemaking arising from tantric sex is merely a pleasant by-product of the main ritual.

If you can stay awake for more than 30 minutes, you’ll start feeling this state of transcendence. This state is transient during ordinary sex, and only occurs during orgasm. This condition continues throughout, throughout tantric age. It’s this condition which will cause and maintain a tantric massage.

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Tantric Advice Cheshire Cat

I am so pleased with the whole experience! The topics and discussions came so naturally for her and she answered all my questions with ease and grace. I noticed she was intuitively landing on all the right places of emotional and physical resistance and I could feel a weight being lifted. I felt amazing afterwards

My Background + Healing Sessions Expanded

Shaolin Monk Instant Health Massage

My blog has undergone some important changes that will help you, I hope, understand better what I do, as well as more easily identify what session may work best for you.Please refer to the following link on my “Neo-Tantric Leather Shamanism” Blog for a more comprehensive overview of my work.All the best,

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New Hero Spa Gay Massage

If you are in search of strong hands, get yourself ready for enjoying this segment. This New York Spa is wonderful for people that want full erotic body massage Along with this the deep tissue massage is there to relax your body tissues and cells. If you have body pain, this can help you out.

If you want a four-hand massage, this service can be the best in the town. They promise to afford you 100% satisfaction with their astounding service. If you want to double your massage effect, you can try their Essential Massage. It will help you choose two therapists that will make you feel better.

Contact Details

Address : 300 West 56th Street, NYC, 10019

Tel : 29-507-9977

Setting Up A Gay Massage In Manhattan With Paco

Even though you have amazing options as Ruben and Valentino, some guys prefer me, Paco. Because you met me before or for any other reason.

It is really easy to set up a meeting with me. Please contact me on the phone no blocked numbers or skype calls though! You can also e-mail me to request or suggest the perfect day for your schedule.

Please have in mind I need to have a certain amount of confirmed bookings so the trip makes sense.

In-call gay massage in Manhattan

Ruben and Valentino can welcome you in a very nice apartment in Chelsea. Absolutely well equipped to pamper you into an extraordinary massage experience!

About Paco, when visiting New York I am usually staying at a hotel very conveniently located in Midtown, on 44th street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

This is a discrete and elegant Hotel with a nice library and a bar where we can first meet to have a chat and talk about the details of the massage you wish to enjoy.

In my room well have everything we need for the session: massage oils and creams, the right music to match the massage session and of course a nice shower you are welcomed to use before and after the massage.

Out-call gay massage in Manhattan

If you prefer Ruben, Valentino or me visiting you at your place we can also fulfill your travel request. Inside Manhattan we only charge one way of the cab expenses. We will provide you the official bill.

Convenient gay massage in Manhattan
Fetish gay massage in Manhattan
Euro vs. Dollar rates

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Gaia ~ Tantric Therapist & Transformational Guide

My Tantric Therapist service welcomes individuals and couples of all genders and orientations.I am based out of LIC, New York and often visit Northern & Southern California.

Greetings Sacred Souls,

My name is Gaia and I am an experienced Tantric Therapist & Intuitive Healer. I can help you experience TRANSFORMATIONAL BLISS as we incorporate: Breath Work, Sacred Rhythm, Crystals, Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing, and Sublime Touch. I am loving and warm. I am here to help you grow.

I have had success working with clients who were GROWING through:

  • Intimate Physical Challenges
  • Divorce, Cancer, Gender reassignment, and other life shifts
  • The overall need to receive supportive Love & Care

Be sure to read the testimonials at the bottom of my profile to get a feel of what it is like to grow with me.


Relax your body and your mind.Open your heart.

My one on one sessions are geared towards your personal empowerment and are tailored to help you expand in the areas that you most desire. Each session will include a variety of techniques such as:

  • sacred bodywork,
  • the power of being held,
  • deep breathing,
  • mindfulness practices.

Allow me to realign your energies, as I guide you towards bliss. My healing Sanctuary is filled with plants, light, Earth medicine and me.


Besides the above offerings, we can also focus on womb massage and other techniques specific to the feminine experience. These sessions are celestial.




Tantra Massage For Women Effects And Benefits

Relaxing 4 Hand Male Massage Astoria

When a woman is drawn to vaginal, or yoni, massage for its therapeutic benefits or ability to activate and magnify her pleasure potential, she does not always come boldly and directly. Many women are very hesitant, either because they have self-esteem issues which block their ability to receive or they have been subjected to some form of abuse or trauma which has closed them down physically and/or emotionally. In fact, many women come for yoni massage because they are non-orgasmic. Others are not fully satisfied and fulfilled in their sexual life and they want to learn how to expand their orgasmic potential.

Taking all of these factors into account, my invitation to women today and every day is to: be yourself, enjoy yourself, and love yourself! Allow yourself to stretch into the greatest openness within your personal universe, dropping everything related to conventions, expectations, and goals. If the orgasm comes, it comes. Letting go of expectations removes any boundary for the experience and allows the full and limitless range of potential to manifest.

In the right conditions, being touched in the right way, cradled within an aura of sacred space while you are loving and enjoying yourself, you will reach orgasm exactly because you are relaxed and enjoying, you can let go of control, and you dont expect a thing. When it comes, let Shakti come to you and through you, bringing the divine aspect of the massage deep within you like a river of love that reaches your heart.

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Stages Of The Teaching Sessions

I recommend beginning teaching sessions only after both partners have already had private Tantra Massage sessions. When your partner is there, you are not there just for yourself but also for him or her. Sometimes this may put you into a less receptive and open mood, as you may feel studied and therefore, not as free to either explore your feelings and sexual responses or to express them.

Sometimes other factors emerge, including jealousy , other relationship tensions, the wish not to disappoint ones partner, etc. It is more ideal to have a partner attend your second session, at which time he or she can begin to observe, learn how to offer, watch from beginning to end and take notes, and possibly become involved in the massage in small ways at certain points, trying out the techniques and allowing me to verify their correct practice and offer helpful tips.

In the third session : You will give the whole massage by yourself while I sit beside and guide you, giving you support and adjustment, tips, encouragement, and demonstrations if need be. You will thus give the whole session from beginning to end with my support, asking for my assistance whenever you feel it is needed, and I will support you in any way requested.

Tantric Massage A Bright Emotional Splash

Many men still do not suspect what vivid sensations can be experienced, how wonderful the rest is not yet familiar to them. It turns out that the combination of psychological relaxation, bright emotional outbursts, and complete physical relaxation is especially beneficial for health, for the human nervous system!

But even without asking questions about the state of the body, the physical component, the representatives of the strong half of humanity understand one thing: they lack erotic sensations, a real refined intim.

In the cabin in front of you open the doors to the world of pleasure! Tantric massage will give you not only unsurpassed pleasure but also a complete discharge. This is a great way to relax, relax, plunge into ecstasy just surrender to the hands of beautiful masseuses.

Of course, massage for men with tantra is better to order in elite salons. In this case, the atmosphere is important:

  • The light should be muted.
  • Aromatic lamps, aphrodisiacs, candles are welcome.
  • Warmth and comfort in tantra help to tune in the right way and surrender to the gentle hands of a masseuse.
  • But remember that sex in prestigious salons is not practiced.
  • Girls can not have sex with customers. This rule also applies to our erotic massage salon.

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Closing Thoughts On The Whole Experience

Tantra has always been a controversial subject, often mistaken as a type of sex-this is FALSE.Reviews“A person is guilty of prostitution when such person engages or agrees or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee.”personal embodiment and emotional and social developmentpurposefully and intentionally spiritual and educational in nature and scope.* LEGAL NOTICE

For Either Men Or Women A Tantra Massage Is Exactly What You Need If You Want To:

ASMR Male deep relaxation massage for stressful sleep and restart (No talking)
  • Free yourself of any shame, guilt, or fear surrounding your sexuality and release any past traumas
  • Love yourself and love your body exactly as you are right now
  • Awaken your sexual energy, bringing awareness to it, and enjoying and celebrating it
  • Control this very powerful energy and learn how to channel it toward the highest levels of your being
  • Gain more self-confidence, love, creativity, concentration, and awareness
  • Discover and increase your orgasmic potential, even to the point of having full-body orgasms without losing your sexual energy and using these orgasms to go beyond the physical realm.

At the end of the bodywork, I leave you peacefully without touch for a few minutes, so you can be present to the sensations in your body as a result of the massage, to enjoy them and relax. Then we will conclude with another short meditation before you dress to leave. We conclude together with some sharing and a hug. Namaste!

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Popular Cities And States

My massages are unique and incomparable to many as I blend different techniques together. Benefits of having regular massages can help reduce or wheel the. I offer erotic Shiatsu bodywork for men with some masseurs of Nuru mixed in.

Shiatsu emphasizes the use of the palms, fingertips, custom forearms to work the muscles while Nuru involves total body contact as I use my body to massage your body. If you want more or less of either, just let me know and I’.

Top 10 Male Massage Therapists Near New York Ny

Provide a lasting experience in a very serene and relaxing environment. Can also travel to you. Hi, I’m Justin, trained, licensed masseur, that’s highly skilled, talented, with years of experience, excellent reviews and have regular clients. I am a very nyc, masculine, non-judgmental, confidential and caring masseur. Experienced Body work, strong and Fit and nyc to talk about further therapists and preferences.

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