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How Long Do Massage Therapists Go To School

Enroll In A Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy : How Long Does it Take to Be a Massage Therapist?

Prospective students that are interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy must enroll in an accredited massage therapy program. Massage therapy programs are offered from a variety of trade schools, community colleges, and specialized massage therapy schools. The success of the student often comes down to their education, which is the foundation for any career. Regardless of school or program, the student must complete a minimum of the following in order to receive a license in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • Must complete 600 hours
  • Program hours consist of 175 hours of Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology, 250 hours of massage theory and practice, 25 hours of business and ethics. The remaining 150 hours may be in other coursework appropriate to massage therapy study.

At the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks we have created the ideal education program that has proven to give our students the best chance at success in their career. Our programs are flexible for students who need school/life balance by offering day and evening classes, as well as part time and full time course offerings. The program at The Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks consists of:

Become A Massage Therapist

Now that you know the benefits of becoming a massage therapist, get the training you need to pursue a rewarding career in this field by enrolling in the Massage Therapy program at Fremont University. You will learn anatomy and physiology, and understand the mechanisms that cause muscular problems that lead to tension and serious health problems, preparing your for a career from the moment you graduate.How long do you have to go to school to be a massage therapist?A Massage Therapy diploma from Fremont University prepares you for a career in massage therapy in as few as 9 months. Each massage therapy course gives you a greater understanding of the workings of the human body and increases your skill as a massage therapist.How do you get a massage therapy license or certifications?After completing a bodywork and massage training school, a certificate or diploma can be issued. It is advised that graduates then take a license or certification test with the state.Get started as a massage therapy professional in as little as 9 months!If youre reading to begin looking for massage therapy jobs, be sure to get your degree at Fremont University first. Enroll in our Massage Therapy program today to begin a rewarding career as a massage therapist!*In no way does Fremont University promise or guarantee employment or level of income/wages.

“*” indicates required fields

Preparation Time And Methods

How do you prepare for the MBLEx when it has been 2, 5, 10, or 20+ years? Where do you start? And how much time do you need to prepare?

I have helped people pass the MBLEx before graduating, those that went to school 28 years ago, and everything in between. Even I took the MBLEx ten years after attending massage school and initially taking the NCETMB.

I am not saying this exam will be easy. In fact, it will be a very challenging exam. However, with focused study, I know it is possible to pass the MBLEx no matter how long it has been since you graduated. I see it all the time!

Once you have decided you are going to take the MBLEx, it is time to develop your study plan.

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What Kind Of Environment Will I Work In

There are many options when it comes to working as a massage therapist and you could choose from one of the following:


Spas a places where people go to have a soothing massage experience in a comfortable and relaxing space. The goal here is to make the client completely relaxed and create a pleasing experience.

Rehab clinics and hospitals

In a rehabilitation setting, you will be focused on injuries that need healing and pain relief. Massage techniques can help to relieve pain and restore mobility.


Many hotels and resorts have on-site massage therapists who are available to book for appointments during someones stay. This means you will have a wide variety of clients but rarely any long-term patients.

Wellness Centers

Health and wellness centers are becoming more and more popular and massage therapists play a big role in these. They can help aid in anything from muscle injuries to headaches to stress and mental health issues.

Private Practice

About 67 percent of all massage therapists work in private practice. This means setting up your own business and working to acquire a regular set of clients. You get to set your own hours and keep all of the profits.

What Is A Massage Therapy License

Bakersfield Spa Institute

A massage therapy license is exactly what it says on the tin it shows that you have completed all the necessary coursework and training to safely work as a massage therapist in your area.

Licensing requirements tend to vary state by state, but there are a few general requirements youâll be expected to fill wherever youâre practicing.

First, youâll need to have completed a massage therapy training program at an accredited institution. Virtually every massage therapy school will require you to hold at least a high school diploma or the equivalent to enroll.

Next, youâll need to pass a licensing exam. Some states have their own exam, though most require applicants to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination , administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards .

Once youâve passed your exam, you can register with your stateâs board of massage therapy and start down your new career path! The American Massage Therapy Association has a state-by-state guide of how and where to register.

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Working As A Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work in a variety of environments ranging from hospitals and health clinics to private practices. Most have a wide range of duties that include:

  • Creating a peaceful environment for clients
  • Determining the clients needs, whether it is pain relief, symptom management, stress relief, etc.
  • Providing a massage that addresses the clients issues
  • Respecting each clients privacy and comfort levels
  • Monitoring the progress of clients over time
  • Managing appointments and other duties associated with the particular environment you are working in.

Practical Requirements: Massage Therapist Certification

One of the many attractive and exciting benefits of becoming a massage therapist in Canada is hands-on and practical training. Whichever program you choose, you will have the chance to do practical work in an array of settings like spas, chiropractic offices, wellness clinics, sport injury clinics and other rehab centers.

Depending on which province you are in, the necessary requirements change. For example, The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba supports a minimum entry-to-practice education of two-three years of academic and practical/clinical education. Robertson College Massage Therapy program in Winnipeg is 2300 hours.

On the job, you will learn how to create a soothing and calming environment for your clients, what to ask when discussing a clients needs and/or medical history and how to provide the correct massage that will help your clients specific issues.

Doing a lot of practical training will help you become more comfortable with and confident in your massage therapy training, which is a bonus!

Advance Your Skills as a Massage Therapist

While not necessary, you could continue your education after receiving your diploma. With further education, you can specialize and hone in on a specific type of medical massage therapy like reflexology, stone therapy, deep tissue, and so many more. Many community and private colleges offer advanced courses and training.

Lets look at a few types of massage therapy you can learn while furthering your education:


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What Is The Difference Between A Certified Massage Therapist And A Licensed Massage Therapist

A certified massage therapist and licensed massage therapist are essentially the same the main difference depends on the terminology a given state chooses to use. They both have successfully completed a certificate or degree program from an accredited massage therapy school and have successfully passed a state-sanctioned massage therapy exam.

Technically speaking, four states currently do not require massage therapy licensure: Wyoming, Vermont, Minnesota, and Kansas. Note, however, that there may still be licensing requirements at the county or municipal level.

Also, there is a growing push to require licensure in every state. In Minnesota, for example, state legislators recently introduced a bill requiring massage therapists to be licensed.

Build Relationships With Clients

How Long Does It Take To Become A Therapist – Massage

Massage therapists build a relationship with their clients so they can provide the appropriate services. They answer inquiries and explain what they can do to help clients deal with muscle fatigue and pain. They listen to clients as they describe their athletic history and mention any previous injuries that might impact the treatment. Therapists explain massage techniques and help clients decide on a course of treatment. As they work, they ask clients for feedback and ensure that they don’t cause any unnecessary discomfort.

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Work Alongside Fellow Healthcare Providers

Would you like to be a valued healthcare professional? Integrative models of healthcare, which emphasize a team approach to each patients overall health, are becoming increasingly common. And thats great news for massage therapists.

With the appropriate training and credentials, massage therapists can work with acupuncturists, chiropractic doctors, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and others in the healthcare field.

Consider just how much massage therapy is becoming an integral part of large-scaleand influentialhealthcare institutions. Here are just a few examples:

  • Mayo Clinic has been a true leader in integrating massage therapy into its inpatient and outpatient services since 2002.
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City employs licensed massage therapists in various departments.
  • Michigans largest healthcare system, Beaumont Health, began a massage therapy program in its oncology department 15 years ago. That program has now expanded to numerous departments and the provider now has dozens of licensed massage therapists on staff.

See former NWHSU student Rachel Roller talk about her role as a massage therapist in a chiropractic and wellness center.

Enroll In Trade School For Training

Most U.S. states, including Illinois, require massage therapists to be licensed before practicing. The number of documented hours and other requirements vary by state, but your education should provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to take your states licensing exam.

The Midwest Technical Institute Massage Therapy Program provides the student the skills and hands-on clinical training needed to perform therapeutic massage utilizing a variety of techniques. Students will learn how to relieve clients soft tissue pains and connective tissue traumas, plus massaging for relaxation purposes.

Graduating students should be well-versed in wellness, nutrition, medical ethics, and trigger points of the body, and will have also studied lessons on therapy business management.

The MTI Massage Therapy Program requires 720 hours over the course of 36 weeks The Massage Therapy Program is offered at the Springfield, IL and East Peoria, IL campuses.

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Attend A Massage Therapy Education Program

The basic educational option for prospective massage therapists is to obtain a certificate from a massage therapy program. While a certificate will qualify you to take the state- licensing exam and gain employment, many massage therapists pursue an associates or even a bachelors degree in massage therapy for better career prospects.

Job Outlook And Earnings

What is a Deep Tissue Massage? (with pictures)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the massage therapist occupation will grow 32 percent between 2020 and 2030, much faster than the overall 6 percent projected for the nation as a whole. This translates to 46,500 new jobs for massage therapists. Growth should be fueled by an increase in new spas and massage clinics, as well as an aging population that has begun to accept massage therapy as a way of improving health. As of May 2020, the BLS reported that massage therapists earned an average of $43,620 per year, with the top-10 percent earning $79,150 or more.


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Practicing As A Massage Therapist

  • 1 In the past, just about all massage therapists worked for themselves. Now there are a growing number of salaried jobs in massage therapy at massage parlors, spas, hotels, and other establishments, so you have a lot of options. Most jobs are low paying and start at $15 an hour, but you can find some jobs that pay much more than that.
  • While you can usually make more money starting your own business, it can be difficult to get clients at first, and business expenses can pile up. If you want to start your own business, you’ll need to lease a space in a central location to pick up plenty of clients.
  • Another option is to contract with a health care provider or group of massage therapists to share a space. You’d still be in charge of your own services and business, but you’d have more security operating out of an established.
  • Your massage school should be able to provide some counseling to help you make your choice.
  • 2Take care of business items. Setting up a massage business is similar to setting up other types of small businesses. In order to legally operate as a business, there are certain requirements you must follow:XResearch source
  • Pick a business name and get it registered.
  • Texas Massage Therapy Careers

    Average yearly salary for massage therapy in Texas

    Some massage therapists are able to earn a full time salary working only part time. While the practice of massage therapy is fulfilling, equally important is earning a living wage doing something you love. The annual mean salary for a massage therapist in Texas is $40,090 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries in the Lone Star State range from $17,500 to $67,520 before tips. Texas also ranks third in the nation for highest employment of massage therapists. A career in massage therapy promotes health and healthier choices in massage clients. Is it time for you to investigate a Texas massage therapy school?

    Job opportunities for massage therapists in Texas include spas, salons, gyms, wellness and health practices of all kinds, country clubs, sports teams and events, hotels, resorts and more. Many massage therapists choose to open their own business and see clients in their home or in the therapist’s private office.

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    Is The Time Investment Worth It

    The time investment is worth the opportunity, which will only grow with time. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that massage therapy jobs will experience 21% job growth through the end of the decade a much faster rate than the average of other professions so youll be able to take your pick of exciting career offers in spas, resorts, medical clinics, cruise ships or even your own private massage practice. As the population grows older and as more benefits are realized through therapeutic care, professionals can expect increased opportunities in physical rehabilitation, hospice care and other wellness- and comfort-focused fields.

    The time is also worth the money. Licensed massage therapists earned a median annual income of $42,820 in 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. No matter the type of massage work youre interested in injury recovery, pain management, sports performance enhancement, stress reduction or a combination of several Cortiva Institute provides expert guidance to help you master any and all modalities.

    The Hardest Step Getting Started

    Licensed Massage Therapy as a Great Career Opporunity

    Massage is a truly rewarding career It allows for independence, workplace flexibility, and the joy of helping others. Unfortunately, taking the leap can be daunting. Many aspiring Massage Therapists spend months or even years trying to decide if its the right fit for them.

    Dont waitget the information you need to make an informed decision about your Massage Therapy career. Admissions Representatives at IBMC College are knowledgeable in all aspects of the program. They can even help you sit in on a class, take a campus tour, and meet instructors before making the final decision.

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    Is Continuing Education Required Once Im Licensed

    As with initial licensing requirements, the amount and type of continuing education you need varies by state.

    Some states require both a certain number of hours of continuing education, and education in certain areasfor example, on the subject of ethics or HIPAA compliance.

    For full details on the continuing education you need and how often it must be completed, contact the massage therapy board of the state in which you practice.

    Depending on your career aspirations, you may choose to take continuing education above and beyond what your state requires. Such massage education can allow you to expand the modalities you offer, reach a new clientele or become eligible to work in a different type of environment.

    For example, training in oncology massage might enable you to offer special massage sessions to cancer patients, market your practice exclusively to this population, or obtain a job offering massage in a hospitals oncology department.

    The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork offers a Board Certification program for therapists who want to distinguish themselves in the field of massage therapy. Board Certification, states the NCBTMBs website, is the highest voluntary credential attainable in the massage therapy and bodywork profession with a distinct level of achievement beyond entry-level licensure.

    Less Toxic Work Environment

    Today, many people deal with problems due to chemical sensitivities to cleaners and perfumes. In a massage therapy setting, you may have less exposure to toxic chemicals. You can choose your cleaning products, and you wont have to deal with many employees and the multiple smells they bring into the office.

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    Once I Graduate What Do I Need To Practice Massage Therapy Legally

    Graduating from massage therapy school is just the beginning. To practice legally, youll need to get licensed in any state in which you will practice.

    The first step to licensure is to graduate from an accredited massage therapy school with at least the minimum number of hours your state requires. For example, the state of Illinois requires graduation from a program of at least 600 hours, whereas Florida requires a minimum 500-hour program.

    Once you graduate, you will have to take and pass the MBLEx, or whatever exam your state mandates.

    Once you pass your licensing exam, you will submit an application and pay a licensing fee to your states massage therapy board, or whichever government entity handles massage licensing in your state. Most states also require fingerprinting or a criminal background check many also require you to carry professional liability insurance, which will protect you from financial loss in the event that you are sued by a client. See our Massage Liability Insurance Resource Center for helpful information on choosing a policy.

    For full, detailed licensing requirements, you will need to consult the website of the massage therapy board of the state in which you want to practice.

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