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Human Touch Massage Chair Replacement Parts

When To Call An Expert

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There are some issues that even a handy massage chair owner cant fix. Heres when to call in backup:

  • Heat isnt workingHeated massage chairs utilize heating elements or coils that are complicated to service at home. Heating issues are best addressed by a professional technician.
  • Frayed or damaged cordAttempting to repair a damaged cord at home is potentially dangerous, resulting in electrocution or other injury. A technician familiar with electronics can help.
  • Motor isnt making noiseThere could be multiple reasons a massage chair motor has gone silent: upholstery could be jammed in the mechanism, or a part may have come loose or worn down. An experienced technician can quickly diagnose the issue.
  • Air pump replacementReplacing a faulty air pump involves acquiring new parts, which is best left to the original manufacturer or a certified massage chair technician. As previously mentioned, sourcing parts yourself from a third-party vendor is not advised.
  • Discontinued Massage Chair Problems What Can You Do

    I often get calls from massage chair owners who have a non-functioning chair looking to get their chair working again. I can usually help them if the massage chair brand is still in existence. But, therein lies the problem. Many of the calls I get have to do with massage chair brands that are not in the industry or brand companies who are not in business anymorethe US distributor of that chair model is either gone or they dont carry massage chairs as part of their line-up anymore. They are discontinued massage chair brands.

    Thats a real problemand I hate to say it, but there isnt much that can be done about the massage problems at that point.

    How To Find Massage Chair Repair Parts

    A massage chair rule of thumb: Always source repair parts from the original manufacturer. If your massage chair model is discontinued, check with the original manufacturer to see whether there are any comparable models with parts that could fit your massage chair.

    If neither of these solutions is viable, check your warranty terms, and contact the original retailer to see if you can order a replacement chair. Do not source your own parts from Amazon or Ebay! Its tough to verify whether youve found the correct parts for your massage chair model online, and theres no absolute guarantee that the right parts will be delivered. When in doubt, always consult the retailer or original manufacturer.

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    Discontinued Massage Chair Brands

    Here is a list of some of the discontinued massage chair brands that have become obsolete since I began my involvement in the massage chair industry back in 2005:

  • King Kong This brand was part of an arm of the American Lighting Industry

    Inc, which is or was a very big company. These chairs were sold primarily through Costco and seemed to have a pretty good stake in the industry. From what I remember, they, along with Premier Massage Chairs, lost a $4.55M lawsuit to Human Touch regarding a trademark infringement by both companies.

  • Premier Premier had been a player in the market for quite a few years. Apparently, Premier filed for bankruptcy at around the same time that King Kong did, thanks to the $4.5M lawsuit judgment mentioned above. They then later re-emerged as Elite massage chairs. Later still, Elite massage chairs changed ownership hands but that shift in ownership didnt last long, as Elite has since shut down as well.
  • I may have forgotten some other discontinued massage chair brands, but these are the ones we get the most calls about. If you are in this position of needing your chair fixed, but not being able to get connected with parts or support, I hope this information and these tips are helpful to you.

    Dr. Alan Weidner

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    Massage Functions Not Working

    Human touch Perfect Chair Replacement Parts

    Replace the backrest if the massage feature is not working or works on only one side. If the seat massage doesn’t work, replace the air pump or the chair base. The air pump must be replaced by an authorized dealer.

    Listen closely to the chair when you press a massage-function button on the remote. You should hear the air pump inflating the chair. If you hear the pump running softly but no inflation is taking place, check the air-tubing connection. Remove the tubing at the back of the left-hand armrest to make sure the connection is secure. If the plastic end is broken off, the tubing will need to be replaced.

    Pull outward on the left-hand side panel to pull it away from the chair if the pump is running loudly. Check to see whether the hose tube has detached from the pump fitting. Reattach the tubing and secure it with a zip tie.

    Listen for sounds of the motor. If you can’t hear the motor, the chair base or the pump may need to be replaced.

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    Foot And Calf Massaging Unit

    Have the foot and calf massaging unit replaced if it is not working or if it works on only one side.

    Have the foot and calf actuator replaced if it won’t raise and lower. If the problem persists, the chair base may need to be replaced.

    Press and hold the width buttons on the foot and calf massaging unit. These buttons allow for small changes in width and are not always noticed. If the LEDs don’t light, press and hold the minus button until it reaches the narrowest setting. Then press and hold the plus button until it reaches the widest setting. Verify that the LEDs are now working. If not, the foot and calf massaging components need replacing. See your authorized dealer for replacement parts.

    Massage Chair Store Is Here For You

    High-quality massage chairs are designed with longevity in mind, and are built to deliver years of satisfaction. Massage Chair Store understands that a massage chair is an important investment, and our excellent warranty program is designed to give you peace of mind once you make your purchase. All of the brands we carry come with a guarantee of world-class customer support and service, all included in your purchase.

    When you shop with Massage Chair Store, our team of certified massage chair specialists are here to guide you and ensure that your massage chair continues to deliver the highest-quality comfort.

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    Human Touch Perfect Chair Pc

    Home » human touch » Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-350 User Manual

    Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-350 User Manual

    welcome to human touch®

    You have just purchased one of the finest pieces of ergonomic furniture available. The Human Touch® Perfect Chair® artfully blends the best of aesthetics, technology and wellness in a seating experience that transcends the highest standards of comfort.

    The electric recline system eases the body into a virtually weightless position, as it elevates the legs above the heart and relieves weight from the spine. This remarkable chair relieves the soreness, tension and fatigue caused by the earths constant pulling, while its fixed-form seating position ensures maximum ergonomic posture at all recline angles.

    To ensure that you dont overlook any of your chairs features, and that you use it safely, read this manual carefully. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy!

    Register your product at to ensure your product is in our system to simplify the warranty process should you ever need it

    When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

    Read all instructions before using this appliance.


    • To reduce the risk of electrical shock
    • Always unplug this product from the electrical outlet immediately after using and before cleaning or servicing.

    WARNING: Risk of Electric Shock, Fire, and Injury.

    Safety Precautions


    Do not attempt to repair this product yourself.

    How To Know If Your Chair Needs To Be Completely Replaced

    Certus – Backrest Actuator

    If you have repeatedly addressed small repairs yourself or have already had a technician service an issue and the problem persists, it may be time to replace your massage chair. If you are within the warranty and the type of issue is covered, you can get a replacement massage chair at no extra cost to you.

    Here are some reasons to replace your massage chair:

  • A part is no longer manufacturedAs discussed in the previous section, if a comparable part cannot be found, its best to replace your massage chair. Close-enough parts found online will not be close enough, and will cost you unnecessary money and time.
  • Issue persists after repeated fixesIf you or a technician has addressed an issue multiple times, it may be unfixable. Its best to replace the whole massage chair rather than continue to pay for repeat fixes.
  • Permanent wear and tear on upholstery Small tears in fabric upholstery can be repaired, but issues like large rips, stains, or leather damage are harder to address at home. Damaged upholstery can also expose the internal mechanisms to further wear and tear, so its best to replace the whole massage chair to avoid having to pay for costly internal repairs down the line.
  • OveruseThe recommended use time for a massage chair is 15 minutes, though some models allow for up to 40 minutes. Give your massage chair 10-minute breaks between sessions. Overuse could result in irreversible wear and tear on parts.
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    Check The Motors And Massage Mechanism

    If the motors are making strange noises or grinding sounds something could be wrong with them. The motors may have burnt out or the gears or belts could have stripped or broken. If you can hear the motor spinning but nothing is happening, something has stripped out or come loose. At this point, you will need a replacement part. Consult the manufacturer of your massage chair to get replacement parts.

    There are several sets of limit switches on the robotic track to control how far the massage robot can go. The below video shows how to check the limit switches. Your particular massage chair may be slightly different.

    Heat Controls Not Working

    Turn on the chair’s power switch. Press the heat button on the remote and wait five minutes.

    Feel the left and right sides of the backrest for warmth.

    Find an authorized dealer in your area to replace the backrest. Parts can be ordered separately and replaced by the owner or the dealer, with the exception of the air pump, which must be replaced by the dealer.

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    Human Touch Massage Chair Parts

    Human Touch Massage Chairs Human Touch Novo XT The ZeroG 5.0 Immersion Seating massage chair from Human Touch offers every feature you could want:

    17.07.2009 ·My Human Touch Massage Chair Needs So, um, Human Touch told me about a fictitious conversation no replacement parts for the chair back.

    Japanese Massage Chair Uk History. Shiatsu evolved from anma, a Japanese massage modality developed in 1320 by Akashi Kan Ichi. Anma was popularised in the seventeenth century by India Massage Chair Welcome to INDIA MEDICO INSTRUMENTS. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Physiotherapy Equipment, Occupational Therapy Devices Deemark is one of the leading

    Buy Human Touch massage chair in Canada. special products whose aim is to offer you great relaxing moments when they work on particular body parts.

    Human Touch Novo Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner from $7499

    Human Touch Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Parts,US $ 1,380.99 1,430.99 / Unit, Massager, Shanghai, China , Morningstar.Source from Hefei

    The Human Touch Massage Chair and Recliner were designed and a NASA influenced chair that showcases the ideal seating angles for the human

    How To Troubleshoot Your Massage Chair

    Human Touch Massage Chair Repair

    As with any piece of electronic equipment that experiences glitches, the recommended first step is to restart the machine. Consult your massage chairs manual and follow the reset instructions.

    If the problem persists once youve reset your massage chair, its time to troubleshoot. Luckily, most massage chair manuals come with a helpful troubleshooting resource section.

    Be aware that, if you are not familiar with machine repair, dismantling any part of your massage chair may void the warranty if you proceed without first contacting the retailer or manufacturer. Here are a few clues that may point to specific problem:

    Symptom: The massage chair is making a clicking or popping noise, and the footrest does not close completely.

    Problem: The scissors may be bent, broken, or loose.

    Solution: The nut that holds the scissor parts together may need t be tightened if a scissor is bent or broken, it may need to be replaced.

    Symptom: The massage chair appears crooked.

    Problem: The seat pad may have been worn down through repeated use.

    Solution: Replacing the seat pad will likely solve this problem.

    Symptom: The massage chair motor runs, but the mechanism doesnt move.

    Problem: Inadequate space between the massage chair and the wall may have put undue stress on the internal framework, causing the T-bar to become disconnected or the scissors to bend.

    Symptom: The airbags do not inflate during a massage session.

    Problem: The tubing for the air pump may be broken or disconnected.

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    It’s All About Simplicity

    The movements of massage cause blood to flush in and out of muscles and joints, increasing the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients. This process can, in some cases, aid recovery time from injuries and provide the entire body with an improved sense of well-being.

    There’s a reason people say, “take a deep breath” when things get a little stressful. It’s because deep, easy breathing naturally puts the body at rest. Regular massage eases sore muscles and reduces stress that can constrict normal breathing.

    Have questions about our PediSpa chairs? Please contact our knowledgeable Customer Experience team, Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am – 4:30 pm PDT .

    How To Fix A Massage Chair In 5 Easy Steps

    If your massage chair stops working there are some simple things it could be. If you are using your massage chair and it starts doing weird things immediately stop using it. This could include weird noises from the motors, unexpected motions from the massagers, the heaters getting too hot or no heat. Stop the chair and turn it off. Continuing to use the chair could damage it.

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    Check The Power Cord And Connections

    The first thing to check if your massage chair stops working is the power cord. Make sure it is fully plugged in. Check the other end of the power cord where it connects to the chair. Is it fully plugged in there. Check the cord itself for kinks, cuts, chafing or other damage. Unplug it once and plug it back in if everything is okay. Some massage chairs will reset from being powered off and on again. Some have a more involved process.

    How To Fix A Massage Chair 8 Easy Things To Try

    Certus – Tablet

    Massage chairs can make you feel great. Occasionally something goes wrong and your massage chair might stop working. Dont panic. There are some simple things you can try to fix your massage chair before hunting down a repairman. Lets have a look at how to fix a massage chair.

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    How To Find A Technician For Your Massage Chair

    When your massage chair needs repairs, the best course of action is to contact the original manufacturer for guidance. Top-name brands like Infinity and Kyota have excellent customer support and service departments, so you can be confident youre in the best hands. A customer service representative can help you troubleshoot, provide technician resources or guide you if a replacement is the right solution.

    You can also contact the original retailer for advice. Though massage chair retailers are not typically equipped to handle repairs, their customer service teams will likely be able to point you toward a nearby certified technician.

    It’s All About Innovation

    We pioneer solutions that promote self-care, wellness, and better health. With millions of dollars invested in research, we lead the industry with revolutionary technology that simulates a professional touch, a Human Touch.

    Our BodyMap PRO® remote makes it easy for users to simply point to where they would like to feel targeted relief and instantly enjoy the benefits of a massage featuring patented Human Touch Technology®.

    HT-245 PediSpa Massage Chair

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    Have Questions About Your Existing Productinterested In Purchasing

    Our knowledgeable Customer Experience team is here to help you, Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am 4:30 pm PDT and Friday 7:00 am 3:30 pm PDT.

    Customer Service and Technical-Related Questions

    If you have questions about purchasing or need replacement parts for your Human Touch products. Please call us at 355-2762 or email us at

    Note: Perfect Chair and massage chair serial numbers can be found on the base or back of the chair and begin with a letter or alpha character. Foot and calf massagers and accessories do not have product serial numbers.

    Healthcare Sales & QuestionsIf you are a healthcare provider or distributor and have a question, please call us at 866-369-9426 or email us at .

    Business SalesIf you are interested in becoming a reseller or retail partner please submit your inquiry below.

    International Sales and Customer ServiceIf you reside outside the U.S. and would like to purchase a Human Touch product or have questions about your chair, please submit your inquiry below.

    Check The Wiring Inside The Massage Chair

    15+ Best Human Touch Massage Chairs 2020 in 2020

    If some part of your massage chair isnt working such as the back massager, heat, or vibration, check the wiring and connectors. First thing, unplug the power cord for your massage chair. Open the back up and look at all the connectors and wiring. Look for any loose connectors or any wiring that is damaged. Wiring that wraps around and edge or corner where chafing might have occurred.

    There are many connections that are made when assembling the chair. Check the owners manual for how to assemble the chair to find where all the connectors are.

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