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Self Prostate Massage Therapy Benefits

The Science Behind Prostate Massage

Discover the Benefits of Abhyanga, or Self-Massage

Lets examine the make-up. The prostate gland is enclosed by many nerves and vessels and is linked to the brain through hormones secreted by the pituitary gland and the testes and to the nervous system through several internal organs. It is commonly referred to as the second heart of man.

When in good condition, the prostate gland remits a healthy signal to the pituitary gland which in turn remits the messages to other glands like the thyroid, testicles, and adrenal, to aid men in reproduction. This translates into abundant stamina, sexual energy and metal clarity in men. The testicles produce lots of testosterone and high quality sperms.

The passages could get blocked due to prostate congestion, inflammation or infection causing prostatic fluids to accumulate. These fluids attract yeasts, viruses and microbes thereby leading to inflammation and causing prostatitis. The accumulation of toxic fluids enlarges the prostate and irritates the nervous system causing tightness and pain. Once the prostate is engorged with congested fluids, a message is remitted to the pituitary gland to inhibit the process of reproduction. Consequently, the levels of testosterone and libido decline, men gain weight, begin to age quicker and become weak.

Similarly, prostatic massage improves microcirculation by eliminating adhesions and stimulating blood flow. As a result, the prostrate is nourished with plenty of blood, infections fighting white blood cells, vital nutrients and oxygen.

Prostate Massage And Cancer

Men suspected of having prostate cancer should not be treated with prostate massage, as this may cause tumor cells to break off and spread to nearby tissues.

There’s some evidence that prostate massage, prior to certain tests for prostate cancer, may increase the sensitivity of the test, making it more likely the cancer will be detected.

However, a prostate-specific antigen blood test should not be conducted immediately after a prostate massage, as this could lead to false-positive results.

Even if cancer is not an issue, it’s important to avoid injuring the prostate. The thin, pliable membrane covering the prostatethe prostatic plexusis full of nerves that serve the sponge-like corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Massaging the prostate too intensely can damage nerves in the corpora cavernosatwo chambers composed of erectile tissue that run the length of the penis. Damage to the corpora cavernosa can result in pain and erectile dysfunction.

What Is A Lingam Massage

Tantric massage has a long history of use as an instrument to help develop sexual and spiritual awareness.

Contrary to some modern interpretations of this tradition, tantric practices arent purely about sex. Instead, tantric massage therapy involves learning how to build up sexual energy to experience the pure feeling of pleasure.

Lingam massage, derived from the Sanskrit word for penis, is a type of tantric practice that involves massaging the penis and the areas around it. During a lingam massage, the body parts that get massaged are the:

The goal of lingam massage isnt only to reach orgasm. The ultimate intent is to experience full-body sexual and spiritual pleasure.

Being knowledgeable about technique is important for not only lingam massage but all types of tantric massage.

Heres the best technique for how to perform a lingam massage on yourself or your partner.

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Is A Prostate Massage The Same Thing As Trying For A Prostate Orgasm

Yes. If you massage the prostate in a way that feels good, youre probably going to have an orgasm if you keep at it.

Some doctors recommend prostate massage therapy to help relieve the symptoms of certain conditions, such as painful ejaculation prostatitis.

Yep! Though evidence on the efficacy of prostate massage for certain conditions is somewhat limited, it does appear to have some benefits.

Prostate Stimulation And Massage For Impotence

Prostate massage therapy benefits

Prostate stimulation has great benefits regarding sexual life, including impotence and erectile dysfunction. It helps men suffering from ED by clearing the prostatic duct during the milking process.

Men who experience ED symptoms have seen improvements in their situation after some sessions of prostate massage.

Although it is not a mainstream line of treatment for ED, prostate stimulation may bring great benefits. Combined with oral medication or other medication, the prostate stimulation turned out to be effective.

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Benefits Of Prostate Massage Therapy

One of the vital parts of male reproductive system is prostate gland. It is located in the front of rectum and below the bladder. The gland resembles the shape of a walnut and comprises of 2 sections. A tube passes through it, also known as urethra which is then joined with the bladder. Prostate gland is responsible for the production of prostatic fluid which makes up the major component of semen formulation.

In order to diagnose inflamed prostate, also called prostatitis, usually the conventional approach is to perform DRE . However, there is another approach known as prostate massage or drainage. It is like DRE but takes up more time. Some healthcare professionals consider milking the prostate can alleviate symptoms associated to prostatitis.

What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostatic massage is thought to help clear the prostatic duct. This duct, or pipeline, runs between your prostate and the rest of your reproductive and urinary system. Massaging may produce a spontaneous secretion of fluid. This secretion may help clear this duct of any fluids. This could help eliminate any symptoms youre experiencing.

Medical research findings dont widely support the use of prostate massage. Most reports of prostate massages benefits are anecdotal or result from

studies that have looked at the use of prostate massage have been very small and not decisive. For that reason, some doctors may not support the use of prostate massage.

However, certain groups of men may benefit from prostate massage. Men with the following conditions may find symptomatic relief when they use prostate massage:

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What Are The Benefits Of A Prostate Massage

Only a limited number of studies have proved the medicinal and therapeutic properties of prostate arousal. But, some statistics show that it has great potential to help people with their prostate-related health issues.

Some of its well-known benefits are:

Here is a more detailed analysis of each benefit.

Prostate massage is used to clear the prostatic duct. The duct is the one that moves between the prostate and the urinary and reproductive systems. According to the National Library of Medicine, the massage was one of the most popular maneuvers for treating chronic prostatitis.

The key to its effectiveness lies in stimulating the prostate to create an instinctive fluid secretion. The fluid secretion is used as a clearing duct strategy. It can help patients get rid of any of the uncomfortable symptoms they might be feeling.

Based on a clinical study, patients who got tired of traditional prostatitis therapy decided to try consecutive prostatic massage mixed with antibiotics. The goal of the study was to evaluate the effects of the massage on prostate health.

Reports show there was a significant reduction in symptoms severity in the first four months of treatment. For 46% of the evaluated patients, the uncomfortable symptoms decreased by 60%. This prostate massage with antibiotics seems like a promising strategy, particularly for alleviating symptoms.

Blood And Urine Tests

Ayurvedic Self-Massage | Clinical Trial on Abhyanga Benefits with Daily Massage Oil

A prostate-specific antigen blood test measures a protein that is produced by the prostate. Elevated PSA blood levels may be present if you have cancer, but they can also be elevated if you have prostatitis. And sometimes, PSA can be normal in men who have prostate cancer.

This blood test must be interpreted in light of your other diagnostic test results, and it cannot be used to rule any specific cause of prostate enlargement in or out.

A urinalysis can measure the volume of your urine and can be used to detect blood, inflammatory cells, or infectious organisms.

Keep in mind that it is often recommended that older men have screening tests, such as a DRE or PSA test, if there is a risk of prostate cancereven in the absence of symptoms.

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Prostate Cancer Massage Therapy

Prostate cancer massage therapy and a good diet can help to reduce symptoms, avoid surgery and help in the healing process. Masturbating with a semi erect penis or with a full one will stimulate the prostate glands with the blood flow and can be an enjoyable addition to your routine. Yogurt with active ingredients such as L-arginine, an amino acid known to stimulate production of testosterone, can also help promote healthy prostate function. Squeezing the prostate gland gently can help remove excess fluid and give the gland a feeling of well being. Caring for your prostate is important, and it can not only help to relieve the symptoms of the prostate gland, but also keep you healthy. Regular massages and exercises and proper nutrition can go a long way in this respect. Internal massage techniques are also used to increase flow of blood to the prostate, which stimulates the gland. This is a natural remedy in the treatment of prostate illness. Prostate massage can help to prevent prostate cancer cells from taking hold in the gland, and is generally regarded as a very beneficial form of therapy for those suffering from the symptoms of this condition.

How Do I Get Turned On And Ready For Prostate Milking

In his report, Levin, citing the Aneros community, noted that many of the discussion topics surrounding how to have P-spot orgasms stressed relaxation, time, and practice. Relaxing is huge, DeGrey said. If you canât relax, youâre never going to be able to enjoy the experience. And letting something inside you is a very intimate and vulnerable act. Even if itâs your own finger.

Exploration can tell you a little more about whether prostate pleasure is up your street to begin with. It can be extremely difficult to actually have a P-spot orgasm, and some people simply cannot. That doesnt mean its not worth a try, but it is important to have realistic expectations, especially for people who are beginners in prostate play,â said Baratz.

As with any kind of sex, it helps to keep the goal firmly on pleasure, rather than results . I encourage people to explore P-spot pleasure before seeking a P-spot orgasm, said Baratz. This exploration can involve playing with the prostate during other sexual activities you already enjoy, like masturbation, handjobs, or oral sex. It can involve trying out different sensations, movements, and toys with the purpose of seeing how it feels, not necessarily getting off.

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How To Do Prostate Milking Yourself

Self-prostate milking can be performed in the privacy of your home. You can do it alone, or with the help of your partner / spouse. If youre going solo, make sure to trim your nails and wash your hands and body beforehand. Here are the steps youll need to take:

  • You might want to consult your doctor before performing prostate milking. In some cases milking is NOT recommended and may cause harm particularly in case with acute or severe Prostatitis or being under increased risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Make sure to empty your bladder and ideally have a bowel movement to eliminate discomfort and provide relaxation.
  • Wash your hands and put on a rubber glove. Use water-based lubricant on your fingers.
  • Make sure your finger nails are trimmed to avoid injury.
  • Carefully insert your finger or fingers into your anus. Move your fingers slowly and gently at first in the direction of your navel. Be careful and get used to the sensation.
  • Move your fingers gradually back and forth along the area of the rectum.
  • Find the prostate gland, which is like a small round ball, size of a large walnut. Gently massage and dont press too hard, as it is very sensitive.
  • Continue for a few minutes. You may feel like you want to go to the bathroom, but ignore that feeling. When the prostate gland is stimulated enough for ejaculation to occur, you might even experience sexual pleasure or orgasm.
  • Is It Easy To Orgasm This Way

    Have you seen our latest #infographic? The benefits and ...

    Lets say it may take some practice and patience.

    Actual clinical research on prostate-induced orgasms is seriously lacking, so we dont know how common it is or if its possible for everyone with a prostate to have this type of orgasm.

    Every body is different, so some experimenting to see what feels good is in order. If you do manage to have one, reproducing it will be easy.

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    Top 3 Supplements For Stronger Orgasms:

    If youre not quite ready for prostate milking, consider one of the products above to start enjoying stronger orgasms and bigger semen loads. Maybe over time youll become more comfortable with the idea of prostate milking and consider giving it a try either alone or with some help from your partner.

    Prostate milking is really just the act of stimulating your prostate glands. Although you may never have heard of it up until now, prostate milking is proven to have many important benefits, and can add a very enjoyable new twist to your sex life. One of the great things about prostate milking is that it benefits men of all ages.

    We encourage you to explore this website for other resources and tips on improving both your overall sexual health and especially your semen production and sperm health. There are many things you can do to help improve your sexual pleasure and shoot more semen, enjoy stronger orgasms, and enjoy improved erections. Check out this website and find out how you can elevate your sexual performance right now!


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    Reader Recommended

    The Best Way To Perform Prostate Massage

    Using a prostate massager is the easiest and most effective way to perform a prostate massage. Prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, has been practiced for centuries, however a device that simplifies this process and allows for better results was invented only a decade ago. Sonic 3-D prostate massager was specifically designed to imitate prostate milking and deliver all the benefits and more! After extensive research this prostate massager was designed to perfectly fit the male anatomy and has the right vibrating frequency that stimulates the gland and delivers treasured clean blood to it. Click here to learn more.

    The prostate massager is easy to use and it is much easier to reach your anus with it, then with a finger, and you can turn it on and off with ease. It takes a bit of practice, but the more you use it the more comfortable it gets. You might experience slight discomfort at first but it becomes easier with each session. Definitely a preferable option to antibiotics or surgery to treat your prostate issues!

    Device is not rechargeable but you should expect it to run for 2-3 hours with good alkaline AA batteries. If youre planning on regular use get some rechargeable batteries and you are good to go!

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    Prostate Milking There You Have It

    Okay, so now you know that prostate milking can have several health benefits for you and your prostate. And in addition, it can be very erotic and lead to some incredible orgasms even without any additional sexual stimulation.

    But we are willing to agree that many guys will not quite be comfortable with this concept even if it can lead to some mind-blowing climaxes! So knowing that there will be a certain amount of guys who ARE NOT comfortable with prostate milking we should mention that there are natural climax intensifiers that will help increase your orgasm intensity AND increase your semen output as well.

    So, for the faint of heart that are not OK with the idea of prostate milking here is a cheat sheet of products that can also help improve your orgasms.

    What Is A Prostate Massage

    Self-massage for Constipation (Especially Stress-induced!)

    Prostate massage is a therapeutic practice that involves massaging the male prostate until its able to produce a milky or thin-like fluid, commonly referred to as prostate fluid. Simply put, it can help clear the prostate ducts.

    This gland in the male body is the size of a walnut, and its situated between the penis and bladder. The gland is responsible for secreting the fluid that protects and nourishes the sperm.

    A finger will be inserted into the rectum during the procedure until it effectively stimulates the prostate gland. The therapy has both therapeutic and medicinal properties. It was primarily used for treating prostate inflammation . But, today, it can also be used as an anal play for promoting sexual satisfaction.

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    Adding A Prostate Massager Is A Good Idea

    Anal sex toys, especially P-spot massagers can be a fun way to get a feel for how prostate stimulation feels. Prostate stimulation toys are often equipped with a slight curve. Some toys vibrate, which is a totally different feeling that some guys like while others dislike. If youre going to use a vibrator, make sure it has a variable speed setting so you can start slowly if necessary.

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    Self Prostate Massage Advantages

    The prostate gland consists of muscle tissue, glandular tissue and fascia, a connective tissue covering the gland. Glandular tissue is, unlike the other two mentioned, because it is very fragile and can be injured easily. While muscle and fascia are more similar in texture to chicken or steak, glandular tissue is akin to raw beef liver it can break and tear when pressure is applied to it. Massaging the inner prostate and the organ in general, can cause serious injury to the prostrate if performed too strongly, so anyone attempting self prostate massage should be careful.

    If performing self prostate stimulation, one can ensure that risks such as bruising and injury of the glandular tissue are greatly lessened. Correct instruments are required to perform a self prostate stimulation, as the finger cannot reach far enough for the full effect. An Aneros prostate massage device is a recommended utensil.

    Prostate exams are an unpleasant experience that leads to discomfort, and occasionally even pain. These feelings can sometimes last several days. The doctor is frequently not gentle enough, causing more uncomfortable circumstances.

    Self prostate exams, on the other hand, allow a person full control over the time period, location and magnitude of the prostate examination. The feedback prostate exams provide regarding pain or depth of the instrument are invaluable, as the patient is effectively treating himself, feeling what functions well for him and what does not.

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