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Best Heated Massage Office Chairs

Office Chair With Heat Cool And Massage

5 Best Massage Office Chair In 2021

Extra $15.00 off with coupon. The base configuration of the x3 starts at $930 for the standard office chair, or $100 extra for the massage chair option, which includes heat.

Executive Ergonomic Heated Vibrating Computer Desk Office Massage Chair – Black Homcom Business Office Ho Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Chair Office Chair

Healgen Reclining Gaming Massage Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A larger seat that measures 21.1 inches wide, with memory foam cushioning, and a massive range of color combinations makes this the most versatile option for a range of tastes.

  • Smallest reclining range 90 to 135 degrees
  • Armrests arent adjustable

For people who are fuller figured, not all office chairs are comfortable since they may have to squeeze into them. If you want one of the most comfortable office chairs, we like that this Healgen gaming chair offers one of the wider seat capacities we noted in our research. With a seat that measures 21.1 inches, more people can find a gaming massage chair thats comfortable. We also liked the overstuffed style of the memory foam cushioning in this chair and the fact that it can support up to 250 pounds.

Aside from seat width, this Healgen gaming chair is fairly competitive to other gaming massaging office chairs thanks to the lower lumbar massager thats USB powered, a retractable footrest, and fixed yet padded armrests. However, we did note that while this seat is height adjustable and offers a reclining mode, it has the smallest reclining range from our research. You can only recline the chair from 90 to 135 degrees.

How Does A Massage Chair Help You

Choosing the best quality massage chair has many advantages that not only expand not only comfort but also launch forward to capture a wide range of health benefits. Be sure to bring our brand-name chair brochures and choose the one that best suits your needs. They also observe several of the signs of a massage chair before making the final decision to buy them.

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Which Criteria Should Best Heated Massage Office Chair Be Taken Into Acount

Determining the best conclusion for a product purchase can take some time. As a result, we’re always here to help you with your Best Heated Massage Office Chair problem, no matter what time of day or night it is!

Prior to actually buying a product, customers should research the Best Heated Massage Office Chair thoroughly. After being evaluated and confirmed to be effective, the most useful ones were chosen. The below are some questions you might want to ask.

  • According to clients, what is the most popular item on the market right now?

  • So, what exactly is the point of purchasing it?

  • What, if any, advantages does the product offer?

  • Should I invest in it if that’s the case?

  • What are the benefits of shopping online for consumers?

We appear to be unable to respond to all client requests due to market developments. A thorough search for references should yield as many results as possible. Our purchasing recommendations are based on artificial intelligence and big data, as well as a well-calibrated product listing system.

Most of the other items on this list have been thoroughly tested and approved by innovators. Take into consideration the following:

Best Heated Massage Office Chairs 2020

Top 10 Best Heated Massage Office Chairs in 2020

Why feel uncomfortable when doing a little work at your desk?

You can be completely comfortable if you decide on one of the best heated massage office chairs. Theres plenty of these products to choose from too and you can find one that suits all needs and budgets.

Im sure by the time youre done reading this guide, youll see a chair that you want to own.

Lets take a look at my top picks now.

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Best Heated Massage Office Chairs

1.elecwish executive office chair with massage,video computer chair with footrest,office desk chair, ergonomic conference executive manager work chair, pu leather high back adjustable task chair, black. Kealive massage office chair with pu leather, high back ergonomic heated office chair with lumbar support armrest, adjustable tilt angle, reclining swivel vibrating computer chair, black.

Fotel masujcy Electric massage chair, Massage, Decor

Can I Clean My Massage Recliner Chair By Myself

Truly you can!

With no cleaning, much the same as some other gear, massage chairs similarly require a significant standard checking or upkeep. By dealing with your massage chair like those massage chairs, you are keeping up it in its best working condition consistently. Here are a few hints on coping with your massage chairs

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Benefits Of Heat Therapy Explained

Did you know that heat therapy has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians? Thermal baths and hot air caverns that are close to volcanoes are some of the common examples. Even Hippocrates said, Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease.

Today, heat therapy, or thermotherapy, is popular for providing pain relief, improving muscle flexibility, and boosting post workout healing. Plus, it is both non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical.

Here are some of the proven benefits of heat therapy, which as mentioned are found in the massage chairs in our list above.

Flash Furniture Massaging Heat Controlled Adjustable Recliner Best Office Recliner With Ottoman And Massage

Heated Massage Reclining Leather Office Chair w/Footrest

Next up in our best office chair with massage reviews is an office recliner with a nice design and style. And to add to that, it is also comfortable and offers a massage feature. It is a chair that will provide a soothing massage wherever it is, in the home or in the office.

The design

It has a reclining back that will make adjustments to your weight, an ottoman, and a swivel seat. As an alternative design feature, it has a circular base rather than legs with casters.

The armrests are wide and comfortable, and nicely padded, as are the seat and the back. All are filled with CAL 117 fire retardant foam. The seat measures 20 by 19.5 by 19.5 inches and the back 23 by 28 inches. The ottoman is 19 by 19 by 17 inches. It weighs a hefty 52 pounds.

Something extra

A useful addition is the side pocket for storing magazines or newspapers. That helps to keep any excess clutter off your desk whilst still keeping them at hand. This is a nifty feature not often seen on most chairs.

All of the surfaces are an imitation hybrid leather. That means it is about 20% leather and the rest made up of other materials. It is relatively thin, so care needs to be taken with it. It will wipe clean if there are any spillages.

Heat and massage

It is a comfortable recliner and exceptionally soft to the touch. The massage feature is operated by an electrical mains cord that needs to be plugged into a wall socket. It will need assembly, but all the tools are included.

Our rating:


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Avoid Cleaning Solvents And Abrasive Cleaners

These incorporate ammonia-based cleaners, blanch, varnish, saddle cleanser, and antacid cleaners. These specialists could damage your leather, demolishing the style of your massager. Additionally, however much as could be expected, place the chair away from direct daylight and cooling sources. This is done to keep the leather from blurring, cracking, and drying.

Relaxzen Executive Reclining Massage Chair With Heat

With 6 motors and a lumbar heat option, this massage chair is relaxing and quite comfortable. It is stylish and looks just like any other office chair, so you can easily hide the fact that youve brought your own massage chair to work.

It comes with 5 different modes of massaging and 3 intensity levels to choose from. The chair is comfy enough even when the body massage is off itll soothe your mind from daily stress and help you stay properly seated.

  • Noisy

This massage chair comes with all the benefits and amazing functions, but I dont recommend using it in an open office environment as it can get a bit noisy.

But overall, it is a solid massage chair on the budget, both stylish and effective, great for a home office! Use it to relax and unwind itll soothe tense back and improve posture with contoured armrests.

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Healgen Massage Office Chair

This product was recommended by William Taylor from VelvetJobs

This office chair has a detachable lumbar cushion that plugs into a USB port, making it vibrate. The chair is a standard high back office chair that has the recliner feature. But, it has a soft headrest pillow and adjustable and wider armrest which provide extra comfort for gaming, working, and studying.

What Do You Need

Executive 6 Point Heated Massage Reclining Leather Office ...

Would you prefer heat treatments or maybe a full Shiatsu massage function with plenty of nodes and adjustments? Or, will you need a footrest, or perhaps you might want to consider a chair that targets specific points on your body?

Possibly even a vibrating chair. The chairs we have looked at come with a variety of features and functions. Some may have useful features for you. But some may have things you dont need.

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Best Heated Massage Chair Pads

If youre not ready to ditch your current office chair for the added heat and massaging functions, all is not lost. There are many heated massage pads you can simply throw on top of your existing chair. Some are evenly highly flexible, allowing you to lay them on your couch or even completely flat on the bed for you to experience the benefits of a massage anywhere.

Do Massage Chairs Really Help

Massage chairs can help to ease back pain, especially if youre sitting in a chair for an extended period. In addition to easing physical discomfort, a massage chair can also work as a mental stress relief solution giving you a chance to take a short break from whatever youre working on and having a moment to relax.

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Massage On Chairs Will Help With Your Problems

The good news is that office workers across the country dont have to suffer in silence. New technology means that shiatsu massage office chairs are now more advanced than ever before. So, using them can reduce or even eliminate back pain. Besides, they will help you control the levels of stress.

The best types of shiatsu office massage chair mimic the motions of a professional masseuse. The rolling and kneading motions of the chairs can release tension from specific parts of the back and spine. So, this is the ideal solution for those who spend hours in front of a computer.

If youre evaluating a shiatsu office massage chairs, be aware that there are numerous types. Some of the more advanced models sensors make allowance for weight and width. They can even automatically sense height to provide the perfect shiatsu massage. These models will also allow the user to select certain preset massage routines to optimize the user experience.

Reviews Of Best Vibrating Massage Chair

TOP 5: Best Massage Chair 2020

If youre looking for a comfortable recliner seat then this is what you need. It is stylish and fully equipped with remote control, vibrating options, supple faux leather, and padding material to ensure it provides the ultimate comfort at the same time maintaining its stylish look. This is best suited for living rooms because of its Elegance.

The heating feature around the waist area alleviates you from pains and body aches which are not only relaxing but it is also important for your general well-being. It also offers sensational vibrations all through which is facilitated by the eight vibrating motors that target the calves, thighs, the lower and the upper back.

All these ensure you experience full-body relaxation. Additionally, this massage chair is very customizable with lots of levels and modes that allow you to program are based on preference and needs. This ensures every users needs are met precisely. It also has drink holders at the sides and a remote control adjusts the chair. Additionally, it can hold up to 330 lbs due to the supportive metallic frame which can swivel at 150-360 degrees.

Continuous use of this massage chair alleviates aches and pains. The airbags also work great on the waist and the hips which aligns the pelvis and the lower back.

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Benefits Of Using A Heated Massage Chair

Thermotherapy or heat therapy is a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical therapy dating back to the ancient greeks. It is proven to provide pain relief, improve muscle flexibility, and boost healing of the sore muscles. Vibrating massages, too, come with a lot of benefits of their own.

These are some of the scientifically proven benefits of using heated massage chairs:

  • Applying heat reduces muscle spasms while increasing blood flow.
  • Heat therapy effectively minimizes lower back pains.
  • Heat therapy can improve muscle and ligament flexibility.
  • It also reduces post-workout pains while increasing muscle healing.
  • Pregnant women can safely use the heated chair for reducing back pain.
  • Vibration mimics the effect of workout, benefiting those who have certain limitations and impairments.
  • Vibration also increases bone density and reduces bone density loss.
  • Vibration can relax tense muscles and relieve you from back, neck, and shoulder pains.
  • VIbration also improves blood circulation and oxygenation in muscles.

Based on the benefits of vibration and heat therapy, you can choose to buy heated massage chairs for your overall fitness.

Flash Furniture Black Chair Back Massager

A modern massage chair that easily fits into any type of office, Flash Furniture is not too powerful, but its just strong enough to allow relaxation and tension relief while you work.

With its high back, it fully supports your hands and back even if youre a bit taller. The vibrating option works well, especially for the lower back if you spend a lot of time sitting, this chair will soothe tense muscles.

If youre looking for a functional chair, this may be the one for you!

  • No pre-programmed massage modes
  • No heat

This chair is a bit short of features for the money, but with the vibrating feature , its a comfortable option for any office. Its not as noisy as some other chairs, and it may be suitable for those who find the classic models too strong or even painful with the kneading rollers.

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Controls And Ease Of Use

There are many options in terms of the available controls on these chairs. The best ones usually come with a remote control that puts all the controls handy. If your chair comes with a remote control, you will be able to adjust the settings easily while the chair is in use. That said, you may want to find buttons that are simple to read and simple to change. In fact, this will be particularly great for senior citizens or people with poor eyesight. You must also make sure that the batteries used by your remote control are easy to change as some controllers usually make this a problem.

Are Massaging Office Chairs Worth It

Vinsetto Heated 6 Points Vibration Massage Executive ...

Chairs are typically your most unfriendly, uncomfortable office furniture. Though they cant cure a bosss cold, they can make you feel better at the end of the day. You may even want to consider investing in a high-quality massage chair if youre like us and spend a lot of your waking hours in a cubicle. Not only can the massage chairs help to decrease stress, they can also help alleviate aching muscles. How could you say no to that?

All kinds of people visit my place for massages. Of course, I get most of my business from people coming to get a massage for either themselves or their partner. Since Im not a licensed therapist, I can only treat them to my services. But there are also my buddies that come on their off days for a massage from me. Its great seeing all of them because they dont even have to pay anything. I consider myself a friend.

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How Do Heated Massage Office Chairs Work

Heated massage office chairs need a constant supply of electricity to work.

They plug into a standard wall socket and can then be turned on or off using an attached remote control.

Some models use simple vibrating elements to massage your back while others use powerful rollers.

These elements, combined with heaters, help work out built-up tension in your back, shoulders, and hips.

What to Look for in the Best Heated Massage Office Chairs

As we reviewed each product, we kept an eye out for the following factors. Heres what you should look for too:

  • The number of massaging elements
  • Whether the chair uses vibrating or rolling massagers
  • The location of the heating element
  • The quality of the padding
  • Weight limitations
  • Additional accessories, such as leg rests

Chairs with more massaging elements ranked higher, as did chairs built with higher quality materials, more padding, and more accessories.

Be sure to explore each product individually to find a chair that matches your exact needs.

Blue Whale Big Tall Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support Best Vibrating Office Chair For Heavy People

This chair is advertised as a gaming chair. But dont let that fool you. It is just as suitable for most office seating requirements.

What appears to be the main difference with gaming chairs is that they often sit a little lower. Not the case with this one. Working at a standard 30-inch high desk will not be a problem.

The build

Chairs have to be secure and well-made to support the user. This particular chair has a metal frame and is fitted with aluminum armrests. The five-legged base is made from heavy-duty metal and is fitted with a gas spring that is explosion-proof. It has dual casters on each of the legs.

It is made from a faux leather material that looks quite attractive, scratch-proof, and is easy to keep clean. Plus, it is filled with a high-density memory foam sponge. This is designed to be extra thick, as is the lumbar support and neck rest.

The sitting size

The cushion for sitting is about twenty inches square. The cushioned backrest a total of twenty-three inches by thirty-three and a half inches. Plenty of room for even larger sized people. In fact, this chair will accommodate people weighing up to about 400 pounds.

Even the armrests have been designed to be spacious and restful. Measuring just under ten inches in length and three and a half inches wide, again, there is plenty of room. The armrests are adjustable, too.

Some great adjustment options

Lumbar massage

Our rating:

  • No adjustment of the base of the chair.

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